Howard Pt. 03

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I wondered how many men and women Pete had observed in Room 101. What was his story? How did he get into the motel business, and how did this whole sex thing get started? What had he seen taking place in this room? I knew nothing about him, other than what Howard had said, and you usually can’t believe most of that. Clearly he enjoyed the role and that’s about all I knew.

Howard got up from the bed, repositioning his stretched and cum stained faded purple bikini so that it was more or less back in place over his spent cock and round ass, and then retrieved the camera from Pete. Ready to capture Pete’s climax. Pete moved closer to the edge of the bed, his long hard cock just out of reach. He stroked it with a steady but quick pace, not fooling around, eager to finish, his big balls, bouncing in unison.

One of Pete’s hands rested against my head. The other stroking his dark cock. Every so often angling it up against my lips so I could run my tongue over it, swirling around the uncut head, causing Pete to shudder, then he’d back off, taking a few more strokes, before giving me his cock again. Each time, I wanted it more and more, hoping he would shove the whole thing deep down my throat. I wanted to taste him, and his cum. Show him the intimate gratitude of a man taking another man’s cum in his mouth. Howard was inches away, wearing nothing but his skimpy underwear and socks, capturing it all with the camera. I wasn’t sure if it was Pete’s hairy chest and churning load that was driving me crazy or if it was doing it all in front of Howard, at his command, that was driving me on. Either way, I was loving it.

Pete’s body grew increasingly tense as he stroked. Sweat rolling down him. Finally, he let out a stifled yell and shoved his cock deep in my mouth, banging into the back of my throat. His big balls smashed up against my chin. His two hands holding my head in place. A powerful blast of cum splashed against the back of my mouth. It was hot and heavy and rewarding. Pete milked his cock with my mouth as the cum emptied into me. I was a slave to his cum. I could taste the sweetness as I swallowed. Some of it spilling out between my lips. Howard focused the camera on my face, and my obvious pleasure, as I savored Pete’s pulsing cock, his cum, and the thrill of doing it all in front of the camera, and in front of Howard.

Eventually, Pete withdrew his dark cock, leaving the tip against my lips. I stuck my tongue out, cleaning his glistening head, the sensitivity causing him to squirm. The taste of his cum delicious and lingering.

“Damn, I needed that.” Pete exhaled.

“Nice work,” Howard added. “Impressive.”

It took a few minutes for everyone to catch their breath. Finally, we took turns getting cleaned up in the bathroom.

When we were done, Pete said, “I’ll edit the footage for your intro video and create another video containing the good stuff, just for you, as a souvenir.”

“Hopefully I passed the test.” I said nervously. “Though honestly, I don’t really care. The experience alone was worth it.”

“Well, all I can say is don’t quit your day job” Howard offered.

“What? Was it that bad?” I replied, worried and a bit deflated.

“No, you were great. I just got to thinking how nice it is to have someone around the office to blow me whenever I wanted. That’s all I’m saying” Howard said in a causal matter of fact way.

“Yeah, in your dreams asshole.” I shot back with a smile.

“You two.” Pete said, rolling his eyes. “Andy, why don’t we get together in a couple of days, after I’m done editing, we can talk about what you like, don’t like, fantasies, that sort of stuff. Build up a profile of sorts so I can make a few introductions.”

“Gee, thanks. I think” I replied, unsure of where this might lead.

On Wednesday after work I met up with Pete at the motel. I wasn’t as nervous as my last visit. After all, I wasn’t about to have sex, but still, talking about my sexual preferences with a stranger is an uncomfortable experience. Even if it was a stranger who dumped a load of cum into my mouth.

“Hey Andy, come on back.” Pete said, motioning me to an office just behind the front desk. Inside, the office looked ordinary except for several large computer displays on the desk that looked out of place. I imagined these were to watch various cameras on the property and do some of the video editing from Room 101.

“Is this where you work your magic?” I asked with a wink.

“Sometimes,” Pete replied with a smile. “if I’m on desk duty. Though I have a better setup in my apartment around back.”

“You have an apartment here?” I asked, surprised.

“It’s a couple of connected rooms that have been modified into an apartment. I guess you could say it’s a perk of the job” was his reply. “Either that or you could say I don’t have a life outside of this place. I tend to think perk sounds better.”

“Gotcha. Yeah, I’d go with perk too. Though if you don’t mind me asking, how did you end up here?”

“Actually it was my uncle. He built the place back in the day, just an ordinary motel. The curious thing is that kaçak iddaa people have always been coming here for sex, probably just as much for that as for spending the night. My uncle got to know some of the regulars and soon was making introductions, playing matchmaker. It was good for the business to keep renting out rooms, whatever the reason. Though he came from a conservative background when he immigrated here and started the place. So it was strictly male-female sex. When I took over I relaxed some of the rules, to keep up with the times. I also brought in the camera setup. What went on back then was all behind closed doors. Now of course everything is on the Internet. Everyone is an exhibitionist. Video seemed a natural. People really go for it.”

“Interesting.” I said.

“My uncle can’t wait to meet you. He’s seen the video.”

“He has?” I said, nervously.

“Don’t worry, only the intro video though. He likes to review the videos, out of habit I guess. Normally he doesn’t take much interest in the performers, but for some reason you piqued his interest. We can talk about that later. First, let me show you the videos.”

He started up the intro video. Clearly I wasn’t a professional, but it wasn’t bad. Pete had done a nice job of combining the handheld and fixed camera footage.

“Now I’ll show you some of the other video, just so you can see what the typical end product looks like.”

He started up the video and there it was, all over again. Howard, me, stuff I remembered, stuff I didn’t remember. Views and angles I had never seen. It was hot and raw, even if it was me at the center of the action. My cock was stiffening, just from watching myself. I must have turned red from embarrassment because Pete said, “Relax, don’t worry man. You were great. This is fantastic stuff. And remember, there isn’t anything here I didn’t already see with my own eyes.”

After watching the video we talked for a while. Specific sex acts, genders, races, ages, fantasies, toys. You name it. It seemed nothing was off limits.

Pete said, “Okay great, I’m glad to hear you’re open to so much. That gives us a lot more options. I tell you what. Let me reach out to a few people. Send out the intro to some regulars, see what opportunities come along.”

“Sounds great, but I have to be honest, I’m a little nervous about all this. Of course if Howard can do this, I suppose I have nothing to worry about.”

“Relax, you can handle it. Plus, you’re going to enjoy it. I know you will.” Pete reassured me.

“Thanks Boom Boom.”

“Boom Boom. What’s that?” Pete asked, puzzled.

“Howard said that’s your nickname. It’s what all the ladies call you, because of your, …, well just because.”

“I’ve been called many things, but believe me, I’ve never been called that.” Pete said.

“Fucking Howard, he’s such a bullshitter.” I said, pissed for believing him. I should have known better.

The next day at work Howard was full of leading questions. “So have you got any hot prospects? Something kinky? Come on you can tell me.”

“Yeah right, you’re the last person I’d share any of that with.” I replied, still miffed over the Boom Boom bullshit, that I fell for.

“I’m just going to tell you now, that whatever it is, it won’t be as good as me.” Howard said with confidence and a wink.

He was probably right. I still couldn’t take my eyes off his round butt and the way it was framed so beautifully by his skimpy underwear, and today was no exception. He was wearing khaki pants that hugged his ass perfectly, with the obvious outline of a bikini that struggled to cover half his beefy ass at best. “I’ll take my chances.” I said reluctantly. “But if for some reason I get desperate, I know where to find you.”

“OK, but just remember, I’m a very popular guy. Stiff demand you know.” He said glancing down at his crotch.

“OK, OK. I give up. I’ll let you know when I hear something. Now, could we just get back to work?” I replied, as images of him naked except for his skimpy underwear ran through my mind.

A couple of days later, I got a call from Pete. “Hey Andy, I sent your intro video around and there’s quite a bit of interest.”

“Wow, really?” I asked.

“Now remember, don’t feel obligated, do only what you want to. I’ve had two requests so far. I’m not sure the first one is really right for your first time, but out of fairness, I told them I’d extend the invitation. You never know.”

“Sure, let’s hear it.”

“It’s a group of older guys, four of them, mid 60s, but in great shape, clean cut, really interesting guys. I can send you photos. Anyway, they’re former professors or librarians, or something academic anyway. They get together every month and read Greek poetry while a younger guy performs oral on them.”

“Greek poetry?” I asked, confused, because I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Well, they focus on the homoerotic. Lots of steamy stuff written centuries ago apparently.” Pete explained. “They read out loud, masturbating and getting serviced, the tension builds as they take turns reading, the passages more kaçak bahis and more erotic, then the big climax, synchronized to some ancient orgasm I suppose. Something different, that’s for sure, but I give them credit, they do a lot of research, and seem to really enjoy it, in a serious scholarly way of course.”

“Do I have to wear a toga and sandals?” I asked sarcastically as my mind flashed to all the professors I had in school, wondering if it was any of them. There were a few hot ones as I recalled, and a few steamy fantasies as well.

“Good, nice one.” Pete replied. “I don’t think so, but I’m sure the tips would go up if you did! You’d make out quite well.”

“I’m not going to say no, but let me hear about opportunity number two first.”

“This one is what some might call a local celebrity. I won’t tell you his name, but he’s handsome, in his thirties, pretty normal as far as sex goes, versatile at role playing, and quite selective about who he partners with. Shares a common interest with you I believe, you’ll have fun, trust me. I think he’s a perfect match, plus he tips well too. Only thing is, he wants to meet up tonight at 8.”

“Let’s start with the celebrity,” I decided. Why not go with Pete’s recommendation, especially since it was my first time, “And tonight’s no problem. I’ve got nothing planned. I will keep the Greeks in mind though, it’s intriguing, unexpected, but intriguing.”

“Great, I’ll let him know. What are you wearing?”

“You mean right now?” I asked, puzzled.

“Only because he asked for business attire, instead of jeans or something more casual.” Pete explained.

“Oh, OK got it. Right now I’m wearing navy dress pants and a blue striped button down dress shirt, pink tie.”

“Should be perfect, wear that. Just come by a little early and I’ll fill you in on the remaining details.”

“OK. Sure, no problem. See you then.”

I wasn’t really sure what to expect and I didn’t know what he meant by celebrity. I thought about it throughout the day as I tried to focus on my work. I didn’t say a word to Howard, afraid of the questions and relentless harassment I would get. I’d fill him in later on the details.

I got to the motel a few minutes early, and stopped in the office to check in with Pete.

“Hi Andy, thanks for coming, last minute and all.” Pete said. “You’re looking good. He’s in the room already. Name is Mike.”

“You said he’s a celebrity? Who is he?” I asked.

“You might recognize him. I’ll leave that for you to figure out. He’s got something specific in mind. Nothing out of the ordinary. So just go with the flow, you’ll be fine, and remember, have some fun. Oh, and I won’t be filming. He likes to keep things private.”

“Got it. Will check back in with your later. Here goes” I said as I left the office and made my way to Room 101 and knocked on the door.

After a short wait, the door opened. “Hi, you must be Andy. I’m Mike.” Said an attractive guy about my height, bald with a full ginger colored beard and mustache, muscular, well built, wearing a smart gray suit with a white shirt and orange tie, with a familiar face. “Come on in.”

“Thanks.” I said. Are you…”

“Yeah, if you were going to say Mike Becker, weatherman for channel 9. That would be me.”

“I thought maybe you would look different in real life, compared to TV, you know, but you don’t.” I said stupidly.

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” He asked, not sure how to take it.

“No, a good thing, a real good thing. You’re fucking hot. I wouldn’t change a thing.” I smiled, recovering nicely.

Looking me over, Mike replied “I have to say you look just as good in person as on video, even better really, you’re one sexy guy. This is going to be good.” He smiled as he leaned in for a kiss, one hand holding on to my tie, the other resting on my hip, pulling me in towards him. “Pete said you had a big cock. I can’t wait to check that out too.”

It didn’t take but a few moments of heavy kissing with Mike before my cock was rock hard. I ran my hands over his muscular ass, impressed by the firmness. I could feel the outline of his back pockets under the thin suit material, and more importantly the taught lines his underwear made against his cheeks, suggesting some kind of low rise brief. Pete was right. I was finding this very interesting indeed.

Breaking away from our embrace, Mike said, “I want you to fuck me, hard, but first I’m going to go down on my knees and work on your big cock. You call the shots and direct the action, take control, push me, surprise me if you like. Have some fun yourself. I’ll let you know if it’s too much. Oh, and I want you to video the whole thing too, on my phone.”

“Sure” I quickly replied, excited where this was headed but a little confused by the request to make a video on his phone instead of using the cameras in the room. Apparently he led a public life in front of the camera as weatherman, and lived a secret sexual life in front of a camera as well, even if it was his phone camera. Whatever, I was more than willing to play along. As Howard would say, give illegal bahis them what they want.

Mike handed me his phone, then knelt down fully clothed in his suit and tie in front of me, placing his hands on my belt buckle. I started recording and playing along.

“Look up here. I want to see that handsome face of yours.” I commanded. Mike looked upward with big brown eyes. The kind of eyes that say they can’t wait. He pressed his cheek against my bulge, kissing softly against the fabric, making sure I captured it all on video.

“That’s right, go ahead and unbuckle that belt.” I said, as he dutifully obeyed, then gave my stiff cock a long rub through my dress pants, keeping it entertained. “Nice, now the pants.” He unbuttoned the pants, and then started working the zipper downward. As the zipper descended slowly over my bulge, the first glimpse of the bright pink waistband of my briefs came into view. Mike let out an audible moan and glanced up at me with an unmistakable hunger. My briefs were dark blue with contrasting pink waistband and trim. They were high cut on the side, and barely covered my ass. Howard would be proud.

Mike continued with the zipper, lowering it in increments, pausing to take in the view, increasingly hypnotized by desire. Finished with the zipper, Mike deliberately lowered my pants and pressed his face up against my bulge, caressing it with his nose and lips. His beard crushed up against the fabric. Inhaling the scent, with his eyes closed, transported to some far away place, as his body shuddered in response. I was capturing it all on video. He was one sexy man, down on his knees fully dressed in his business suit, going after my swollen package, starved for another man’s cock.

I placed my free hand on the back of his bald head, forcing it forward, pinning it against my bulge, holding him there. I ground my stiff cock into his face. His hands griping my ass for support, as he pressed back against me, wanting the rough contact, wanting to be fed.

“You like that, don’t you?” I asked suggestively. “Another man’s big cock, in your face.”

Mike moaned in agreement. Holding on to me tightly, as I continued to rock back and forth, giving him more of what he wanted. My cock enjoying the ride.

“I bet you’re a good cocksucker too” I encouraged him.

Another moan of agreement.

Skillfully pulling away the fabric of my briefs with his lips, the tip of my long hard cock poked through one of the leg openings. Mike wasted no time going after it. Putting his lips directly on the red flesh. Licking and nibbling the head, his beard scratching my sensitive skin, driving me crazy with sensation. To slow him down, I grabbed my cock with my free hand and pulled it away from him, while capturing the scene on video. Letting him try to lick and suck it, teasing him and denying him, making him beg. Eventually I gave in and let him swallow. He was a good cocksucker, clearly enjoying giving another man pleasure, while satisfying some deep craving of his own. After a few delightful minutes, I turned my attention to his muscular ass that was sticking out so seductively, covered by that thin layer of suit material, that hugged every curve.

“Unbuckle your pants. Drop your trousers, I want a better look at that ass.” I ordered.

Unable to pull himself away from my cock, he kept working it with his mouth, while he struggled with his pants. Eventually loosening them and sliding them down over his meaty ass, revealing bright orange satiny smooth briefs stretched beautifully across his firm cheeks. Damn, I could have shot right there, the sight was so erotic. All I could think about was mounting him, forcing my thick cock deep inside that perfect ass, punishing him for being so fucking sexy. Instead, I put my free hand back on his smooth bald head and pushed my cock into his mouth, as far as it would go, causing him to gag. Wanting to pull back, but not wanting to let go, he tried to take as much as he could. His nose and forehead pressed against my briefs. I refocused on my camera work, trying to get as much of this on video as I could. His eyes glanced up at the camera, his mouth stuffed full of cock, his expression one of submission and immense satisfaction. His shiny orange ass begging to be fucked.

“Climb up on the bed, it’s time to give me what I want.”

Mike gave a sad playful look to the camera, disappointed to give up my cock, but eager to obey, knowing what was coming next. He got up, and positioned himself on the bed. The sight was magnificent. I took a full body shot of him half-dressed with his pants bunched around his ankles, his black shoes still on, his muscular ass upturned, his bright orange briefs just peeking out from below the tails of his suit jacket and dress shirt. Ready to be mounted. Willingly giving himself up for another man. Then I moved in closer. Close enough to run my hand over those firm cheeks covered by that tight silky fabric. Mike exhaled sounds of approval as I felt the smoothness, the stretched tension, the firmness of his flesh. Tracing the outline of his briefs, dipping my fingers down, caressing his balls with my touch, then returning to his bright orange ass. I tugged upward on the waistband, causing the briefs to slide ever so slightly up his crack, somehow making it even more magnificent.

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