How You Seduced Me Ch. 01

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Allie Haze

I’m a bit nervous and shy. We each have a beer, and exchange small talk, while sitting at a kitchen table. When some of the shyness has worn off, you offer to rub my shoulders.

“OK,” I say.

You move behind my chair and start to knead.

“Mmm,” I say, “that sure feels good.”

You start rubbing my neck, and then slip your hands down my shirt and onto my pecs, hard from working out at the gym.

“Unnh,” I say. “Don’t stop.”

You lean down and whisper in my ear that you’re getting hard, and ask if I am too.

“Yes,” I say. “Yes.”

You slide your hands back up, stand straighter, and start rubbing my scalp, while pressing your cock (still inside your pants) against my cheek. I feel the hardness and open my mouth to object, but you put a finger on my lips to silence me. The warmth of your finger and the hard cock slowly rubbing through the fabric against my cheek make my cock swell and harden. You brush the finger across my lips, tracing the outline, then gently press the tip inside my lips. Turned on, I touch it with my tongue tip, promising more. I hear a quiet sliding sound as you unzip your pants. Now it is your bare cock rubbing izmir escort against my cheek.

“No,” I say, but my voice is husky and I don’t try to stop you. You slowly pivot to the side of my chair, and your cock is now at the corner of my lips, and then brushing sideways across my lips. I open my mouth to say no again, and you take advantage of the opening to press your hard cock against the tip of my protesting tongue. You knead my hair and whisper, “Lick it. Lick the shaft.”

I feel a buzzing in my gut of pleasure mixed with alarm, but I’m so turned on — yes, I want to do this. I lick the shaft, tentatively. You moan. It feels so good to have this hard yet velvety skinned cock rubbing against my tongue. I lick the sensitive underside of the cockhead.

You moan, then move in front of me. “Let me slide it in,” you say. “Just the tip. Please. Please.”

I open my lips wider.

You inch the cockhead into my waiting mouth. My tongue laps at the underside, causing you to moan softly. You slide your hands onto my cheeks and say, “Take it deeper. I know you want it.”

I slide an inch of the shaft into my alsancak escort mouth. I feel a sense of wonder at how good it feels to have a stiff excited cock in me, it’s warmth filling my mouth. You start to push it in deeper, looking me in the eyes to make sure I consent, your pupils wide open. I nod my head, and then you slide your hard, eager cock further in, pausing halfway while I struggle to take it all. You push deeper and deeper, groaning now and pushing on the back of my head, bucking for dangerous entry.

I can’t believe I let myself get talked into sucking your dick, letting you fuck my virgin mouth with your eager, thrusting cock. I’m not gay, I try to say to myself, but I’m on my knees with a mouth full of bulging cockhead and a shaft that’s sinking deep between my open, waiting lips, and I’m loving it, loving the salty taste of precum and the thought of giving a man such pleasure, and it’s hard to reconcile that with being not gay, so I quit thinking about that and just give myself up to pleasing this grunting, lustful man pumping his dick the last inch inside. Your balls slap against my chin. You’ve bottomed buca escort out in me. You hold it there, moaning, and I reach up and stroke your hairy balls.

Your hands stroke my cheek and you whisper, “Run your finger up my asscrack and push it into me. Get me ready. I want you to fuck me with a dildo until I spurt cum down your sexy throat.”

I slide off your shaft, inch by inch, my tongue wiggling side to side as I rise off, until your cockhead escapes my full lips.

You groan from the release. “Please, you say. Please run your finger up my asscrack, slide it in and let me fuck your mouth some more, and then screw me, fuck my ass with a dildo.”

“I don’t know,” I say. “I’m a straight married guy. I –”

You take my hand and put it on your hard buttcheek. “It’s OK,” you whisper. “No one will know. It’s our secret. Say yes. C’mon. Just say yes.”

You guide my hand up, and my finger slides inside your cheeks, fucking them, and I imagine you sliding your big rockhard cock into my asscheeks like that, getting ready to bang me like a woman, and I’m incredibly hard and turned on, and so I say, “Yes. Oh, yes.”

I inch my finger up your crack, my asshole tingling from imagining that it’s your cock approaching my virgin hole. I engulf your cockhead with my lips, and then you thrust deep inside …


Let me know if you want to read more. Feel free to email me, talk dirty to me, whatever you want. I’m waiting for you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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