Hot , Steamy Shower After Hockey

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As the full-time whistle went, the team walked over to shake hands with the opposition. Looking over, Emma saw Liam take off his helmet and lay it on the floor. The sweat dripped from his forehead. He reached down behind the goal and picked up his water bottle. The cold water inside was so refreshing as he poured it over his head and it trickled down his spine, right to the base.

Emma had collected her jacket and was now walking over to join the rest of the team who were gathering to talk by the goal. Her eyes could not move from the soaking long hair of the goalkeeper, whom she had been lusting over, ever since the beginning of the season. As she got nearer, she could see the sweat rising off his kit and wanted him there and then. So busy was she in the fantasy in her head, that she didn’t notice Liam glance over and smile back at her – the girl who he could not keep his eyes off. For as long as he could remember, Emma had been the forbidden fruit that he badly wanted but could never have.

As she walked passed him, she flirtatiously hit his pads with her stick and winked. He winked back. “Do you always spend that much time on your back?!” he asked, referring to the few slips she made earlier. “Only under certain circumstances! Do you always have women falling over you then?” She replied, feeling in an extra cheeky mood.

The goalkeeper looked back and laughed. “Only when I’m doing my job properly, cause at least it stops them scoring!” Trying to be as innocent as possible.

Liam reached down and picked up his helmet from the astro turf floor before placing it in his kit bag. Emma turned around and walked off, slowly putting on her jacket. Liam started to walk slowly back to his goal line to pick up some kit, eyes still fixed on the magnificent sight of Emma’s backside, wrapped tightly in a short shirt which was just too long.

As he started to take the pads off, Emma could not help herself. She walked over and pretended to gather balls, just so she could feast her eyes on the bare muscular body of the goalkeeper. Liam could also not help himself, as when she bent down to retrieve a ball, he managed to look right up between her legs to see the crisp white underwear that was between him and heaven. He neatly packed everything into his bag before walking back with Emma to the car park where the team had met to discuss what was next. It was the general idea of the group to head straight back to the clubhouse for the food, and to get on the drink early.

Liam turned to the group “If its ok I’ll stay here and have a shower as I am dripping” His body clearly exhausted as his head and neck were covered in sweat. “I’m gonna head home, lots of work to get on with” replied Emma, knowing full well she had other ideas planned.

Liam took his kit and headed off down the alley to the changing facilities. He heard the cars turn and head back down the road on their way to the clubhouse. “See you soon” Chirped Liam to Emma, who was walking in the opposite direction. “The sooner the better” murmured Emma under her breath.

He carried on through the alley, till he came to a double door. Opening it, he pulled his kit in and made his way down the corridor. Looking at the first door on his right, he could see that this was Male changing but everyone knew that the Female facilities were so much cleaner and inviting. He carried on down the corridor, turning right and going into the abyss that was Female Changing.

Although knowing it was wrong, Liam continued in as no-one was around anymore, or so he thought. Emma had turned and headed straight for the facilities, hoping to catch a glimpse of the goalkeeper showering. Liam selected a bench near the pendik escort shower and proceeded to remove his clothing. First his trainers, then socks, then shorts. He reached behind him and pulled his t-shirt up and over his head, revealing his toned body once again. Liam stood up and walked over to the shower, turning it on as to allow time for heating up.

He walked back to the bench and took out his towel and shower gel from a bag, before reaching down and pulling down his boxer shorts past his sweaty legs. Completely naked now, he turned once again and headed back to the shower where warm water was now crashing on the tiles below. He walked in and submerged himself in a shower that he had been longing for ever since he put his kit on.

Emma had now caught up with Liam and was peeping through the keyhole, trying to view as much as she could. Peering through this was no use, so carefully and quietly she opened the door and made it inside to hide behind a wall. Liam had now begun to wash himself, and was covered in a soapy lather from head to toe. Emma popped her head out around the wall to this sight and her jaw dropped. This was better than she had ever expected.

Liam had tilted his head back and was allowing the jets to massage his head, moving his neck from side to side and showing off his perfect shoulders. Suddenly he turned. Emma darted behind the wall and was now in a frantic rush to turn off her ringing phone, in her jacket pocket. She knew her game was up.

She walked round the wall and confronted Liam who had taken a step outside of the shower. “I was….er…um just…um…looking for my…er…socks” she said, saying the first thing that came into her head. “I’m so sorry, really sor” she continued before being interrupted by Liam who said the words she thought she would never hear. “Join me”

Liam stepped back into the shower, eyes fixed on the legs of his new guest. She walked over slowly taking her jacket off. It was thrown in a heap on the floor. She bent over right in front of Liam and removed her trainers, before walking over and stepping in with him. He looked down at her as the water soaked her top, making it cling to her skin as if it was pvc. She looked up at him, and then down to see him standing completely naked, and extremely wet in front of her.

Liam went in, his lips closed tight around her skin and kissed her neck right from her left ear, all the way down and around and back up to her right ear. he did this again, this time using tongue flicks just to hear Emma moan slightly. He reached down and pulled up her red hockey top, drenched, and sticking to every part of her petit body before moving down and kissing all across her shoulders, then down and above her breasts. Not a single square inch was left unkissed.

His hand reached behind her back and undid her bra, slowly pulling it off and exposing her perfectly formed breasts. Once again his mouth started working as firstly he kissed around both breasts, before focussing wholly on the right. He kissed all around, right underneath. He moved upwards to the nipple, his tongue circling around, going out, then coming back. Emma’s moans were getting progressively louder, and she was starting to run her hands through the back of his hair.

Liam’s teeth softly clamped on to her nipple, and his tongue flicked back and forwards across the tip, barely touching it. She pushed his head harder into her breast.

This was as much as Emma could handle for the moment. Pushing Liam back she could see that her moans were getting through and he was nearly as turned on she was. Her hand went down, stroking back and forth, the whole length of the shaft. Gently she got escort pendik down on her knees and licked the underside the whole way up, just tickling it. Her hand kept massaging his balls as she put her mouth into good action and licked around the tip of Liam’s hard cock. She licked her lips before throwing herself onto him, her head moving forwards then backwards at an ever increasing speed.

Liam’s head tilted back and he looked up towards the ceiling. Emma was really getting into it as her mouth was in overtime and her hands were massaging so well that Liam didn’t think he could last much longer. He pulled her up and stood her against the wall. His hands stroked down over her breasts, down her sides to her skirt. His hand found the zip and with no difficulty, this was undone. The skirt was now around Emma’s ankles. she stepped out of it and kicked it out of the shower.

Liam stood up and pressed his body firmly against hers on the wall, his cock rubbing up against her white underwear, now see-through due to the ever increasing wetness. His hand slowly reached down, and underneath and rubbed her from top to bottom and back up again. His fingers gliding through, never had she been so wet before.

He played with her clitoris before entering her, 1, then 2. His fingers slowly moved inside her while his mouth kissed around her neck again, and down to her breasts. She was starting to pant, as if she couldn’t get enough air. Liam kept going, the shower, raining down on the back of his neck as he nibbled on Emma’s left nipple this time.

While his right hand was busy darting around inside her, his left began to pull down her tight, wet underwear. The further they came down, the more Emma could open her legs to allow Liam’s fingers to penetrate further inside her.

Finally, they too were around her ankles. This time it was Liam’s turn to get down on his knees. He knelt down and looked up at heaven. His mouth went in, slowly at first, his tongue licking the very tip, the whole way around. Once he got to the top again, he circled her clitoris, his fingers stroking the outside. His mouth picked up pace slightly and moved down. His tongue entered her as far as it could go, he licked around as much as he could before heading north again. His teeth found her and nibbled just as his fingers were thrust into her as far as they could. She let out a yelp as Liam’s fingers were left to dart in and out of her wet pussy, as his teeth clamped onto her clit, and his tongue flicked at it, at an alarming rate.

Emma’s breathing was nowhere near normal now as she moaned and panted due to the fingers being thrust up into her, and it wouldn’t be long before she had to have Liam inside her.

He slowly stood up, licking his way up the whole of Emma’s wet, glistening body. When he reached her lips, Liam gave Emma the best kiss she had ever received – she had no idea whether it was the attention he paid to each of her lips, or if it was just his perfect mouth, but it was amazing.

He reached down to her bum while still kissing, and each hand gently grasped a cheek. Liam stopped the kissing and looked at her for a second. Emma looked back with a look like she would do anything for him. He slowly lifted her off the floor by her bare bum, and she wrapped her legs round him.

Liam’s stiff cock rubbed against Emma’s begging pussy as she grew in excitement. Finally the time had come and she couldn’t wait anymore. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” she cried, as his cock found its home and was thrust deep inside. A sharp yelp followed from Emma. She lent back and her legs tightened around his waist. Liam’s fingers pressed into Emma’s buttocks harder as he settled into pendik escort bayan a rhythm of lifting her up and slamming her back down. With every slam her yelps got louder and she lent back more. Only her arms around his neck stopping her from falling backwards. Liam pushed her against the wall so that he could control some of the thrusting and pushed deeper into her. The shower thundered down on and between their connected bodies. This feeling made everything that much better for the two.

Emma sensed that Liam’s arms were now getting tired. She kissed him and made him put her down. He slowly lowered her to the floor, his hot strong erection flicked out of her pussy and pressed against her stomach so close that she could feel the heat and the pulsing. Emma turned her body round and bent forwards slightly, the shower now pounding on her back. She reached out and held a water pipe below her, inviting Liam to take her from behind. Never one to be asked twice, Liam stepped behind her and took his cock in hand. His other hand reached down and rubbed Emma’s clit making her moan, as he slowly entered her gaping hole.

At first just the head was in, thrusting back and forward making her moan in delight. Suddenly he thrust everything in, making her scream and every bone in her body trembled. He pounded back in and out, in and out. In so hard that it felt like more than just Liam was inside her. His hands moved round and fondled her tits hard. This feeling of absolute pleasure was a new experience for Emma. Her teeth grinding together so tight as she didn’t want to scream too loudly. A shivering took hold of her body, at the same time she was so warm due to the shower.

Her excitement grew and grew as the water rained down on her back and ran down past her arse hole all the way down to Liam’s stiff cock which was still firing into her incredibly wet and hot pussy. Her nipples were like bullets and her cunt was on fire. The pulsating in her body kept growing and she felt her entire body getting hot. Slowly a trembling took over and started small but grew larger with every time that Liam’s shaft was slammed deep into her dripping pussy.

The trembling got worse, his waist pounding into her backside, her screams gradually getting louder even with her teeth grinding together. Pounding into her hole a few more times was all that Emma could handle as the trembling took full control of her body and shook her out of control. Liam could feel everything get wetter inside her and new she had reached her first orgasm as she screamed out loud, not being able to control herself. He slowly stopped as she continued to shake and eventually took it out.

Emma stood up and without saying anything dived at Liam’s cock and started sucking like she never had before. It was now Liam’s turn to moan as she eagerly tugged on his hard cock with her mouth, occasionally looking up to meet his eyes. Her hand came round and fondled his balls once again. He looked down at her and his face said it all.

She first felt his balls tighten and then, with incredible power Liam shot his load into Emma’s mouth. She loved the taste of his hot spunk as she swallowed and felt it slide down her throat. Her tongue licked around and cleaned up, not wasting a bit.

Certain that everything was cleaned up, Emma stood up and looked at Liam with the huge smile on his face. She bent down and picked up the shower gel, pouring it across her front then reaching to Liam’s hands and getting him to rub it in for her. His hands glided across her body, flowing over her breasts then back over them, playing with her still, rock hard nipples. She reached across and turned the water off before taking Liam’s hand and walking to the bench outside the shower. She sat down, lent back and spread her legs revealing her soaking, open pussy to him.

Looking up, her eyes met his and she reminded him of how it started. “Join me”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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