Hot Soles Heidi


It was a dreary Saturday afternoon in February, shortly after the start of busy season at work. That meant working heavy overtime, including half days on Saturdays, totaling about 70 hours a week. The year before, while that brought me a lot of money, it also wore me down. But at least this year, I had Heidi to come home to.

Heidi was a shy but ultra-sexy girl from Norway with the stereotypical light complexion, long blonde unstyled hair, and blue eyes. She was 5’6″ with a medium bone structure and weighed a solid 150 lbs. She didn’t have a lot on her chest, but that was no big deal to me, since I’m much more of a below the waist guy. And there, she was fantastic.

She had a sensational ass — not fat, not thin, strong and well padded. I often kiss, licked, sucked and rimmed it, rubbed my faced on it and even used it as a pillow. One time while walking to the bathroom, she grabbed one cheek with each hand and alternated squeezing them as she walked. I told her how much that turned me on, so she made it a regular practice.

Her thighs were almost as hot and felt so good when she wrapped them around me during foreplay or fucking, or when she squeezed them on my head while I was going down on her. Her cunt, whose cherry I popped, was very bushy and very tight. And then there were her feet.

She had a soft, luscious pair of 6.5s. For her height, they were a little below average in length but they were probably a little above average in width, and I prefer wider ones. She never wore any nail polish, on her toes or fingers, which I liked. I think the natural look is best. And her soles turned me on even more than did her ass. The sole is my favorite part of the female body and I could look at hers for hours and still be massively turned on, especially when she slightly curled her toes.

On this day, I entered our apartment about 12:30 PM and went straight to our bedroom, where I was happy to see that Heidi was in the same condition that she was in when I left six hours earlier — nude. She was lying on the bed, on top of the blankets, relaxing and listening to a CD. I think she’d gotten up just for breakfast, then gone back to bed.

Heidi’s nude body drove me crazy. She knew it and she used it to her advantage. She and I slept nude every night except that she wore a thong whenever she was on the rag. And often we stayed nude as long as we were indoors. If it was cold, we’d turn up the heater and/or use an extra blanket. And as Gaziantep Olgun Escort closely as we cuddled every night, we also did a good job warming up by using each other’s body heat.

As I entered the room on this day, our eyes connected and I casually stripped while we made the usual comments about having missed each other and being glad to see other. I then lay down on my right side and took her in my arms. I already had a hard on, which was sandwiched between our waists.

As I stroked her back and her long, blonde hair, our lips met and quickly opened, resulting in lots of tongue action. While my right arm went around her back and I cupped the hand on her right shoulder, my left hand glided down her back to her ass, where I gripped her left cheek.

I suspect that Heidi had been thinking about sex for at least a few minutes before I got home, because after only a couple of minutes, I felt her cunt juices rub onto my thighs and, just a few seconds later, she rolled me on my back. Usually she likes to kiss and cuddle for 5-10 minutes before going further.

As soon as I was on my back, she got on her knees, took the head of my fuckstick with the biggest three fingers on her left hand, gathered a huge chunk of saliva between her lips, and dropped it the head. From there, she began stroking it.

For being only 19 years old — 10 years younger than I was at the time – and sexually active for only seven months, Heidi already had very good sexual skills. And because I often told her what to do rather than showing her what to do, she came up with some unusual ways of doing things. For example, when stroking my fuckstick, she used only her fingertips, not her palms.

Heidi rarely lets me come with her fingers and this time was no exception. By this time, she had developed a pretty good sense of how close I was and after about a minute, before I even got close to coming, she rolled me over onto my front, got down between my legs, and began licking the back of my scrotum, which is my most sexually sensitive area. As she worked her tongue magically and filled my entire body with total euphoria, I repeatedly gasped over and over, sometimes speaking her name in the process.

After a couple of minutes, my gasping calmed down a lot, so Heidi could tell that my scrotum was losing its sensitivity. She then rolled me over and gave me regular blow job, just stroking my fuckstick with her lips. That put me in the mood for a 69, so I reached down, grabbed her left calf and maneuvered her lower body until her cunt was right above my face. The whole time, my fuckstick remained in her mouth. But as I was about to lick her cunt, I noticed that her feet were at the sides of my face — she was on her knees.

Usually, both Heidi and I were very unselfish during sex, but this was an exception. I knew she would love me to go down on her, but this time we ended up doing a very unusual 69 — she gave me a blow job, but I licked her soles instead of her cunt! I let my fetish completely take over. I kissed, licked, and sucked her soles all over. I got so lost in the intense pleasure of having the two most awesome things in the world pressed against my face, I almost forgot that I was getting a blow job at the same time!

But after a few minutes, I realized I was about to come and, while I still kept working on her soles, I now concentrated heavily on what she was doing to me. I shot a big load in her mouth, which she swallowed, as she always did.

As soon as she finished swallowing, she reached down on the floor next to the bed, grabbed the jug of water that we kept there, and took several big gulps. She sometimes found the taste of my come to be salty.

I then lay her on her back, spread her legs, and then went down on her, rolling my tongue all over her hard, swollen clit — up and down, left to right, around and around, over and over, starting slowly but getting much faster. As she usually does when I go down on her, Heidi lay her head against the pillow, had her eyes tightly shut and left her mouth hanging open and moaning in pleasure, several times saying in ecstasy “That’s good.”

I’ve gone down on Heidi for over three hours at a time, sometimes going until her clit either gets too sensitive or her cunt becomes numb. But this time, after about 15 minutes, I realized that my hard on was back and longing to be completely inside her cunt. She was still reacting very strongly to the face job I was giving her and I wanted to leave the door open to keep doing that, if that’s what she would prefer, so just slid up to ask her, face-to-face. But as soon as my face got within a few inches of hers, she took me aggressively in her arms, opened her mouth wide, and put her lips on mine.

My lips opened instantly and we swished her juices around in our mouths for a few seconds. Then, I grabbed her by the hair and aggressively asked directly into her right ear “You wanna fuck?”

“Oh yeah,” she gasped, sounding like she wanted it was much as I did.

So I placed my left hand on her right hip and made an upward motion. She knew what that meant — both her and my favorite position — and instantly rolled over and got down on all fours with her ass sticking up in the air. I quickly grabbed a condom out of the box that she and I kept on the shelf of our bed’s backrest, put it on, took one of her ass cheeks in each hand, spread them as far apart as I could, and entered her.

I thrust in and out at moderate speed, making sure I slid myself in 100% each time. As the bed shook, Heidi held her head down while her mouth still hung open and her hair bounced all around. I spent much of the time with my eyes alternating between her ass and her soles. Because I had come just a few minutes earlier, I was able to keep going for a long time. And for that very reason, I usually don’t fuck a woman unless I’ve already come at least once that day.

Heidi kept moaning the whole time and had a few silent orgasms, during which her body shook and her already tight cunt contracted; the extra tightness giving me even greater pleasure. But I held her in place through it all. After about 15 minutes of going at a constant speed, I realized I was about to come. I didn’t speed up, because I’ve found that often, the slower I go, the better the orgasm. That was the case here as well. I had a very intense orgasm that lasted about 45 seconds and shot a big load into the condom.

As soon as I stopped, she lay down on the bed. I took off the condom, lay on top of her, and wrapped my arms around her, looking forward to someday shooting a load into her instead of a condom. She and I lay there for a few minutes, kissing and cuddling, before she reminded me that we had shopping to do.

But before going out, we took a hot shower together in which she washed her hair and then I poured body wash over my hands and washed her entire body from her shoulders to her soles. She then repeated that process on me and, while washing my fuckstick, I became hard again. She smiled and, with the body wash serving as a great lubricant, she used the biggest three fingers on her left hand to stroke me into an orgasm. I shot a moderate sized load onto her left thigh.

The three orgasms I had after getting home from work would be enough to get me through at least until we returned home that night. And as Heidi and I finished our shower, I marveled at how good she’d gotten in only seven months and wondered how much better she might still get.

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