Hot, Sexy Librarian Ch. 12

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Since both my roommates were out most of the weekend, Megan and I planned to spend the whole weekend together. Having a free weekend was unusual, but with Darin visiting the parents and Ben working in the lab most of the weekend, we decided to make the most of it. I guess we were excited to have the place to ourselves.

Anyway, it was a long day and a late night; we were both dead tired and we almost went straight to bed. Before coming home, we met for a quick bite at this diner just off campus. We were laughing about our wild Friday night, but I do remember spooning her, having her warm body nestled into mine…before falling asleep.

I woke up around two in the morning to find her rubbing my cock through the covers, with candles burning on the nightstand. I already had a semi when we started making out and it was on its way to becoming more serious. She ducked her head down under the covers to take it in her mouth. I felt a tender, wet kiss and then her lips on the head. When she parted her lips, her tongue flicked and swirled over the head, probing into the slit. Stretching her lips wider, she held the head in her mouth, and moaned into the spongy flesh. The taste of my arousal drove her crazy and I continued to feel her moans traveling through the hard flesh; they were echoed by mine when her sensuously, full lips worked their way down the shaft.

Soon she reached her limit, with it nudging her throat. She groaned and threw off the covers, to look up at me with begging eyes, “Sweetie, I need some help…it’s right at my throat. Can you pump it forward?” She grinned, “Do it gently, though, until it goes all the way?”

She was so beautiful, her angelic face glowed warmly in the candlelight. As if it was precious, I watched her gaze, wide-eyed and worshipping, while she stroked with both hands.

After a few seconds of working throat, I could pump inside, burying her nose in my pubes. I groaned with intense pleasure as her throat caressed the shaft. Once she got going, she would, over and over, pull off to the very tip, and drive it back into her throat. I could tell she wasn’t letting up, till she felt my fertile warmth coating her throat.

When I started thrusting into her face, I wasn’t far off. Fuck, she was good, I thought…this girl’s a keeper.

My pleasured moans echoed through the room, as seed boiled up from my balls; it flooded from the tip and straight into her belly. Her head kept bobbing, and I kept meeting her lips until my balls were completely drained. Wildly sucking at the tip, she used both hands to finish the job, stroking out every last drop.

Satisfied with a hot load in her belly, she crawled back under the covers and kissed me…her lips were wet with cum. Before we both fell back asleep, she got a sexy smile, “Just needed more cream for that coffee I had at dinner.”


Waking up on the weekend can sometimes be a longer process, and after I made the coffee, I slipped back into bed and dozed off. Just awakening, I decided to do her; I was looking up at her with an eager smile and positioning myself between her legs. My hot breath warmed her creamy thighs, and I treasured her soft, begging moans. It was my turn to satisfy her and my hands dug into her ass cheeks, spreading her wider to work her over. Teasing her lips apart with my tongue, I fucked into the tiny slit between her labia. Spreading her legs, a little wider, she rolled and bucked her hips as my lips closed around her clit.

She wanted to do me, too, so I flipped around to get over her face. Gripping my cock, her fingers tightened on its pulsing girth. Before taking it into her mouth, her tongue played over the head and traced the corona. As she worked her mouth over the shaft, I groaned each time her soft lips tightened around the head and worked down the shaft; I couldn’t help but pump her mouth.

Thirsting for her sex, I pumped my fingers and tongue into her insatiable pussy. To ramp things up, I fucked with my fingers and sucked her throbbing bud between my lips. She wrapped her legs around me and started grinding my face, as heated waves of pleasure moved through her body; my fingers pumped harder and I wildly tongued away at her clit. Not wanting to miss a drop, I wanted to feel her grinding atop my face…I wanted her on top.

We shifted around, with me underneath and her pussy centered over my lips. The view was really breathtaking; I adored that firmly muscled ass, with its tiny, rosy pucker…and her tight little pussy…the view was cock-hardening to say the least. I grabbed hold of her hot, little ass and just kissed her pussy for a few.

She went right back to my dick; again, her lips held the thick plum in hungering embrace. Grinding into my face, I licked her out and she shuddered, moaning through a mouthful of hard flesh. Letting me savor my time with her pussy, she rode my face slowly, and rhythmically. My tongue explored, flicking over her clit, dragging through her lips bursa escort and fucking into the wetness; it sparked my tastebuds.

We quickly fell into a satisfying rhythm, pleasuring each other in the warmth of the morning sun. With my tongue working her clit, she worked her lips up and down my cock. Covered by a tiny grinding pussy, I was anxious to feel her orgasm on my face. I could feel her body tensing up, even quivering, and it seemed inevitable when her clit pulsed against my tongue. But then she abruptly rolled off and flipped around, flashing me with a big sexy grin, “Honey, I wanna ride you!”

All I could think about was the ecstasy of her pussy’s embrace, “Do it then! Ride me, baby girl…ride me hard!”

She giggled with excitement and layered on some lube, stroking the long shaft; I held it upright, while she lined herself up and sank slowly down. Settling into my lap, she groaned with the red-hot pleasure, hard and throbbing inside. To get every last inch, she wiggled her ass and spread her knees a little wider; her head nodded back and she shuddered with delight, “Oh…Rob…oh my god…yes…yes…yes, that’s what I need…mmmm, that cock!”

I recognized what she felt…I’d felt it with Darin. I had experienced the same sensory explosion of being completely full…full of hot, thick cock that stretches you just right; you just want to be pleasured…you wanna be fucked.

She immediately started fucking herself, and I savored the mesmerizing dance of her tits; her puffies were amazing from my angle, looking more prominent in profile. As she pumped and rolled her body, I could feel the same arousal on my cock, that lingered on my tongue. The desire to thrust upward and meet her ass was overwhelming; when I did, the slapping wet flesh was hot as fuck.

When she saw my infatuated gaze, she grinned and cupped her tits, “Sweetie, I’ll ride harder, so they really bounce for you!”

I worked my hands up over her body to grab them; squeezing and rolling the nipples between my fingers, I savored her puffies with my fingertips. Her impassioned moans grew louder, and she rode me with one thing in mind…she had to get some relief…she was ready. She was rubbing her clit and grinding her pussy into me, pushing my dick as deep as it would possibly go.

Gazing up at my sexy cowgirl, impaled on my cock, all I wanted was to hold her tight, and watch her ecstasy. She was riding with serious urgency, slamming hard into my lap and shuddering each time the tip kissed her cervix.

Yearning for a release, I felt it building in my balls and, by the way she was riding me, she was surely in that same place.

Finally, humping up to meet her, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I flooded my sexy cowgirl with seed; it was that intense rush of ecstasy, that can’t be stopped…one of those wild passionate moments couples share. I felt her tight, little body writhe and squirm, grinding to get it as deep as she could.

Feeling it covering the walls of her pussy, she screamed and squeezed even tighter. The mounting pleasure tensed every muscle in her body and took her over the edge; I felt orgasm sweep through her, and she screamed, “Ohhhh gawwwwd! Fuck…fuck me…that’s it, fuck meeee…please fucccckkkk meeeee…pleas…pleas…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhhhhhhhh!”

The urgent screams faded to soft, sexy moans and she leaned forward to kiss me. Resting in my lap and impaled on my dick, she probed deep with her tongue and kissed her way up over my face. She started slowly, sensuously riding again; each time she dropped back down onto the solid flesh, she savored the pleasure.

When she finally got up on her knees, her pussy hovered over my chest and seed came dripping out…I watched her flex it out…the warm pleasure from her pussy felt good on my skin. Then, she rolled off to the side and scooped with her tongue…greedy for every salty drop, she could get. She dipped her tongue into the slit to collect the last drop and bobbed, up and down, to clean her pussy from the shaft.

Pleased with her good fortune, earlier that morning and now, she smiled when I poured her a cup, “Mmmm…more cum with coffee.”

She held up her cup and smiled, like she was doing a TV commercial, “Mmmm…hot man cream with your coffee…it’s the very best way to greet the morning!”


Later that morning, we headed out for some hiking; it was only about a two-hour drive…and the weather was amazing. We were up on a cliff overlooking the river, talking about the layers in the rock; yeah, call us geeks, but we had just listened to a geology talk at the visitor’s center.

With outrageously short shorts (they were sort of sexy cargo shorts) and the skimpiest of tank tops, it was little difficult to control the leering. I brought up the rear, just so I could enjoy the view. She couldn’t have looked more delicious…or fuckable, but it only got better.

She grinned as she slipped off bursa escort bayan the tank, “This’s beautiful, but let’s see if we can’t add more peaks.” Then she pulled the bra off, causing her breasts bounce free. Big mounds, crowned with puffy areola, they jiggled erotically with her movement. They were really breathtaking; she had head-turning tits that attracted men, walking down the street. We were fairly remote, so I thought it was unlikely that we’d meet any other hikers, and it was an opportunity that wasn’t passing up…you know?

Now topless, she spread the shirt out over a long boulder and laid back, forcing her chest out. Her dainty hands overwhelmed, she teased me by cupping her tits and sinking her fingers into the flesh. Sensuously caressing, with both hands, “Check out these peaks, sweetie,” and chuckling. “I bet if you shoot a picture from down there, they’ll be taller than that outcropping over there.”

She tugged at my belt, “But, you know, I see another peak forming.”

Eager to play, my penis sprang forward when I dropped my pants, “How about that…it does look like another peak?” I had a semi and my dick looked good in the warm, afternoon sun; the veins rapidly worked their magic, pumping the shaft closer to erection.

“I think there’s something geological happening,” she laughed, “your peak is growing.”

She couldn’t tear her eyes away and I was smiling ear to ear, “It is geologic…look, it could even erupt! I bet you know how to make it erupt!”

I kicked the pants aside and sauntered up to her, with my cock swaying. I grabbed her hand, putting it on the growing shaft, “Here, check out my peak!”

She gave me a wild, sexy look, of absolute devotion and stroked it; I leaned in for a kiss and she stretched up to lock her lips with mine.

Stroking faster until I was rock hard, she rubbed spit over the shaft with her hand, sensuously moving higher up the shaft to work the head. She gripped the base with the other hand and stroked with both hands. Double fisting and working the whole cock, I looked into her eyes, “Mmmm…I see you like the geology…a lot.”

Responding with soft moans, she could feel it flex in her hands. She playfully teased herself, thumping it against her face, a couple times.

Surging with life, the head glistened like a shiny, ripe plum, but the eye glistened with a pearl, destined for her tongue. The pearl grew as her hands worked up and down the shaft.

Our shared hunger grew as her pussy pulsed with the same arousal, she felt in her hands. Grinning and teasing, “Mmmm, baby girl, I see your panties look wet, too.”

My moans grew when she leaned in, to scoop the tiny slit with her tongue. Sliding it over the head, she let out a sexy moan as musk delighted her tastebuds.

I groped her titties…they felt amazing in my grasp. Using both hands, I dug my fingers into the delectably firm flesh, “Mmmm, smokin’ hot…smokin’ fucking hot!”

Stretching her mouth, she wrapped her lips around the head, and stroked with one hand…and then two. As she worked the head, I ran my fingers through her hair and pushed her to take more. I wanted to drive it into her throat, and she knew it; she pulled off and tipped her head way back, smiling, “Push it in, honey…gimme all that big guy.”

I planted my feet wider apart, grabbed her head with both hands, and thrust forward. I started pumping, pulling out to the very tip before gently pushing back in, and sinking it deep; my balls covered her face.

Pumping into her throat, I moaned, “Fuck! Megan…Megan…uhhhh…uhhhh…mmmm, that’s perf…perfect…yeah…yeah…fuck yeah!”

I watched her lips, stretched tight and sliding over down the shaft, taking it all the way, into her throat. She loved the precum, and having her face fucked, but she knew all that wasn’t enough. Megan was a cumslut and she wanted a hot load…she wanted to feel it spill over her tongue…and warm her tastebuds. I knew exactly what she needed, and I was close; that thick, musky mouthful, was on its way…I could feel my balls aching. They were heavy and slapping her face, while my dick pumped her throat.

My pleasured moans echoed over the peaks and I grunted hard, as a rope painted her throat. “Uhhhhhhhhhh…uhhhh…fuckkkk! Uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…Meg…oh god…cum…cumming…cumming…cummmm…cumming!” Pumping wildly, I dumped more over her tongue and she kept working it, milking out the last rewarding drops.

It wasn’t a huge load, but she had cum in her belly and coating her insides; it was enough to satisfy her tastebuds, but she was still crazy horny. Savoring the warmth in her belly, she shoved a hand into her panties (very wet panties) and rubbed like there was no tomorrow.

She gave the head one last tongue swirl, before I dragged it back and forth over her face. When I pulled away to stroke it…and watch her go at it, I could see the sexy twinkle in her blue eyes.

I pumped my dick, “Yeah, fuckin’ do escort bursa it…do it…make yourself cum, baby…yeah…yeah…yeah, that’s it!” My hand worked up and down the spit-covered shaft, not as hard after release, but still feeling heavy in my fist. Rising majestically from my pubes, it glistened in the afternoon sun, and I rubbed the ruddy head over her cheek, a couple more times.

Watching me work my cock, she rolled her hips and fucked her fingers. Desperately pleasuring her clit, it really didn’t take long, before ecstasy took over. Her soft moans filtered over the rocks like an erotic breeze, “Ohhhh…ohhhh Rob…oh god…yeah…yeah…so…so…so fucking good…so goooood!”

The sensuous buzz of climax slowly subsided and we both relaxed in the warm sun; I leaned back on a boulder and she looked cashed, with her limp body sprawled over the rock.

I broke the silence, “Holy fuck! That was hot!”

She grinned, “Sweetie, you got some tasty geology in those pants.”

I laughed, “And I need to explore your caves more, baby girl!” I rubbed my hand over her crotch, “Especially this one!”

About the time we got dressed to head back into the woods, we passed some other hikers, two women and a guy.

“Did you see the way they leered?” She giggled, “The blonde was totally checking you out…and the guy checked me out. He even looked back to check my ass…I think!”

“No, I didn’t notice anything, but I think they were at the visitor’s center.” I laughed, “I did notice they were both kind of hot…and I would’ve checked you out, too.”

“You would…she was checking out your package…do you think they caught us?”

Grinning, with a big ass smile, “Maybe they’re exploring the peaks, too…we should circle back.”

“With three women and two guys, that’s six peaks and two rocky erupting spires…that’s a whole mountain range…a geology orgy!”

I felt her tweak my ass, “I got my geology right here.”


The guys were still out Monday evening, with Darin coming back late Tuesday. Score! We still had the place to ourselves. Megan snuggled up to me and grinned, “Sweetie, I wanna use all three of my guys”

Puzzled, I asked, “What three guys?”

She pulled the box of dildos out of her backpack, “These three guys…all three dildos, silly! I wanna use Darin, Benji and Rob…and the real one, too! It’s sort of a gangbang!”

“Well, it’s good to hear I’m not being replaced by a toy!”

We got all three lubed and ready to go, but I was a little shocked when she asked me to do her ass with the Benji dildo. We had explored almost everything else, but never anal; she’d watched Darin and I go at it, but never showed an interest. Anyway, I greased the dildo, but while pushing lube into her tiny pucker, I knew it wouldn’t work. “Baby, this’s not gonna fit…I can barely get two fingers in you.”

She wanted to start with the smaller dildo first but, after a couple tries, we gave up and she grinned, speaking to the dildo, “Sorry Ben, sweetie, you’re gonna have to sit this one out…maybe later.”

She shrugged, “I’m gonna have to go smaller back there.” “I thought Benji would be a perfect,” she giggled, “because he’s not gonna like it in my pussy.”

Anyway, we started screwing around and I used the Darin dildo to fuck her; the real thing is beautiful and long, but the toy looked pretty damn good…you know. I started gently pumping into her…she leaned back on her hands and splayed her knees out, super wide. She loved watching it sink inside and squirmed to get it deeper; she moaned, “Mmmm…that’s good…mmmm, yeah…yeah, deep…yeah…yeah…Darin’s always good…good in my pussy.”

“Honey,” she begged, “fuck me harder…yeah, fuck me…fuck me hard!”

I laughed, “You know we have to tell Darin…his dildo got lucky, while he was at his parent’s…you know he’s not getting any there.”

“Ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…yeah, that’s perfect, baby…pleasure that pussy…yeah, pleasure my pussy!”

I kept pumping her with the big dildo, and her pussy lips were stretched tight around the shaft. They moved in and out with the dildo, dragged along by its movement. She was groaning with a big lusty smile, but it wasn’t long before I wanted something, more.

I looked at the big suction cup on the end of Darin and decided to put it to use; I remembered spit roasting Benji with a dildo and sized up the options. We shoved an ottoman up to the patio door and mounted Darin and Rob to the glass; it was the door to a tiny deck. Fortunately, it looked out on trees and nobody could see us, but watching her ride a dildo, from the other side, would’ve been smokin’ fucking hot.

Just teasing herself, she rubbed the dildo through the tight folds of her pussy. Working the head up and down the tiny slit, “Mmmm…Darin feels good…sweetie, watch me fuck this big toy!”

Pressing it between her pussy lips, she exhaled as they parted to hug the shaft, just past the head. She eagerly started rocking her hips forward and then back, to sink it deeper. Once she had it all, she pleasured herself slowly, but then she looked up with a wicked ass grin and started rolling her hips faster and riding harder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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