Hot Coed Needs to Find Her Way! Ch. 03

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As Pamela wiped the big load of jism from her mouth and proceeded to lick it all up, Tommy got dressed with a huge smile on his face!

He was so happy that she had just sucked him off! He found a piece of cardboard, from a shirt collar on the dressing room counter, so he jotted down his cell phone number and pushed it thru the hole in the wall.

He said, “thanks so much, please I hope you call me sometime!” as he walked out of his dressing room, leaving Pamela in hers, naked, with cum on her face, and her pussy so wet!

She could not believe how much she enjoyed sucking her first cock! It was amazing!

The next morning, she forgot to set her phone’s alarm clock, thus only giving her 5 minutes to get ready for class. She got up quickly; she brushed her teeth, washed her face and brushed her long flowing hair into a tight pony tail.

As you know, Pamela, is a natural beauty, she doesn’t need make up. With that long flowing mane of hair, those dazzling green eyes, pouty full lips and beautiful soft skin, she looked radiant just as she was.

She thru on one of the short skirts she had purchased the day before, over her light blue thong panties, along with pulling one of her tight tops over her head. Since she was in a rush, she didn’t think about putting a bra on underneath, so she just grabbed a light jacket, and slipped her feet into her pretty flip flop sandals as she scatted off to class.

The class that she was going to be late to was her Speech 1A class. She had taken that class, as her counselor requested, to help her with her public speaking skills. The teacher of that class was Dr. Roberts.

You see Professor Roberts had finished his obtaining his Doctrine, so even though he was not a medical Dr. He could use the title Dr. which of course is well earned and respected. Well he taught Pamela’s speech 1A class, and he adored the beautiful little coed’s that took his class.

After seeing who took the class, he always gave assigned seating to the class. Of course, no one knew it, but he didn’t that so that he could get some of hotties to sit up in the front row and he usually had at least one or two, in every class.

So, he assigned Pamela to sit in the front row, the 2nd seat from the left. Even though she normally dressed conservatively, he enjoyed her pretty smile, and he gawked at her magnificent looking breasts, thru the blouses and tops that she would wear to class.

Since Pam didn’t have a big wardrobe selection, she sometimes wore her tight white stretch pants to class; she had four pair of them for work. Oh Dr. Roberts, loved seeing Pamela’s nice round firm ass in those pants, as she usually wore tops that only came down to her waist, so her perfectly beautiful butt, was on full display to him!

Anyways, that morning, as she rushed to class, he was pleasantly surprised to see her in such a short, pretty, little jean skirt. “She must be getting used the style of the campus” he thought, as she pranced into class, taking her seat in front, and saying “Sorry I’m late Dr. Roberts, my alarm didn’t go off.”

“It’s quite alright Pamela, you are just in time for class,” he told her.

As he stood up there speaking for the first fifteen minutes, as he usually did, before 3-4 students go up there for their turn to give different speeches, he couldn’t help but notice that he could see Pamela’s light blue panty crotch as she sat there.

You see, since Pamela had never worn such a short skirt before, she was unaccustomed to keeping her legs together. In her pants or longer skirts, that was not an issue. So, as she sat there, oblivious to what she was doing, her legs slightly parted, from his viewpoint, he could see right up her small short skirt, all the way to her beautiful panty crotch!

He tried his best not to stare at the sexy, voluptuous coed’s panties, but it was hard. He was doing such a good job though, that Pamela didn’t even notice. As a matter of fact, she had completely forgotten that she wasn’t wearing her bra that morning, so very nonchalantly; she moved her shoulders and removed the small jacket that she had on, to get more comfortable.

As Dr. Roberts turned back towards her direction, because he was addressing the entire class and would move around a bit, he saw her. He almost chocked on his words, up there in front of the class as she saw Pam removing her jacket.

Since her tops was very tight and form fitting, it completely showed the entire shape of her big, beautiful, full, firm boobs! Her top was molded to shape her nice tits!

Remember, Pamela, is athletic, a small strong back, she only wears a 32″ bra. She is thin and shapely, of course a 32C, meaning her back is small, but her tits are full! Oh those beautiful mounds of flesh, only concealed by a thin piece of material, there in her tight t shirt!

He gulped hard, and then requested the first student to come up front to give the introduction for the first speech of the day. As he did, he glanced down again at Pamela’s open legs, those firm, bursa escort bayan toned, beautiful legs, and right up her small skirt, to her pretty panties under.

As he did, Pamela noticed this time. She immediately and instinctively closed her legs and he got a bit embarrassed. He looked away and kept talking, as Pamela thought to herself, “was Dr. Roberts looking up my skirt? Oh my, was he looking? I mean, he is a handsome man, and well I’m not sure if he was, but wow, I mean, I guess it’s ok…right Pam?” she asked herself.

So as the class went on, and all of the students gave their speech, none of them saw up her skirt. Now that she was aware of it, she kept her legs closed and just listened. When class was dismissed, she sort of lingered around, taking her time, there were on a couple of students left, when Dr. Roberts said to her, “Pamela, may I please see you after class?”

She was a bit startled, but she didn’t want to say no. I mean sure Dr. Roberts was in his 40’s, late 40’s she guessed (he was 47,) but since she did have a thing for older handsome men, she actually wanted to talk to him.

“Ok, Dr. Roberts, sure,” she replied.

As the last of the students left, he approached her. He had two hours before the next class, so that was plenty of time to speak to the sexy coed alone.

“Pamela, I noticed on your introduction speech last week that you seemed rather nervous, is that correct?” he asked.

“Yes, I admit, it did make me nervous” she said.

“Oh that’s quite common and really the reason that most students take this course, but if you like, I can teach you a way to overcome your fear of public speaking.” He told her, as he looked down at her magnificent tits in that tight top that she had on.

It was then that Pamela realized that he was looking at her boobs. She bit her bottom lip and shook her leg a bit, she was nervous, and she said, “Well, that would be great Dr. Roberts!”

For some reason, she didn’t mind him looking down at her chest, she actually felt good about it. She wanted so badly for Ross to admire her boobs and if wasn’t going to do so, then she would allow other men, in this case, Dr. Roberts, to openly ogle at her fine breasts!

“Hmmm, ok then, let’s see here,” he said, “I know you’ve heard of the old rumor about picturing the audience in their underwear, correct” he said to her with a grin.

“Oh well,” she laughed a bit, “yes, I have, is it true? Does that really work?”

“Well not exactly, you see Pammy, may I call you Pammy?” he asked.

“Oh sure, that’s what some of my family calls me back home,” she replied.

“Oh great, you see Pammy, it’s really the one who is speaking who should be in their underwear, that’s the secret.” He told her.

“Oh? So you mean the person who’s speaking? Why I have never heard of that before, Dr. Roberts.” Pam said.

“Oh it’s true, you know, we can practice that if you like, I mean right here, right now. I don’t have another class for the next two hours. If you would really like for me to help you with public speaking, then I suggest that we give it a whirl, ok?’ he told her.

“Hmmmm well I mean, you are the teacher, and well ok, I think that I can imagine that, I mean being in just my underwear.” She said.

He smiled, got up and walked over to the door locking it, he returned. She had a puzzled look on her pretty nineteen year old face.

“You see Pammy, in order to really overcome your fear, you shouldn’t just be imagining it, and you really do need to speak, while just in your underwear. I mean, it is ok, you see I am a Dr., oh I see have seen plenty of women in their underwear, it’s no big deal”

As he said that to the pretty young woman, he could feel his penis stirring in his pants, oh sure his title was a Dr. but he had not seen any women like that, and he was hoping that the young naïve college freshman would not have the sense to question him about that.

“Oh, in my underwear? Well, you are a Dr., that’s true, oh and it will help me overcome my fear of speaking you say? Well then I guess it’s Ok, Dr. Robert’s I can do that.” She said with a smile on her beautiful face. With those pretty green eyes looking at him as she did.

It was then that she realized that she had not put on her bra earlier that morning, so she spoke up saying, “Oh Dr. Roberts, I’m sorry, but I am not wearing a bra today, you see I normally do, but today, I was running late, and I forgot to put one on. I think we may have to do this another day.”

“Oh Pammy, you do not have a bra on today? Why I hadn’t even noticed,” he said, back to her, although secretly he knew and he wanted so badly to see Pamela’s big naked boobs.

As he looked down at her magnificent chest, her big tits so beautifully outlined against her small tight top, he smiled saying, “Well that means that you most likely don’t even always need to wear bra, at your age, oh your breasts must be so firm and prett…oh I mean, so firm.”

“Was he going to say pretty?” she bursa anal yapan escort thought to herself.

“Remember Pammy, I am a Dr. Oh seeing a woman’s breasts is not a big deal to me, I say, we are here now, so please go ahead and just be in your panties, I mean surely you didn’t forget to wear panties today also, did you?” he said jokingly.

A bit embarrassed, Pamela said, “Well of course not, I always wear panties.”

“I’ll tell you what Pammy, I’ll turn around, so you can have some privacy, and you go ahead and take off your skirt and top, just leave on your panties and shoes, that way you won’t feel like you are almost nude. That way you will be comfortable, ok sweetie?”

Maybe it was the way he called her Pammy, like her family does, or perhaps it was the way he just called her sweetie, but something in his strong voice and in his seemingly sincere gesture towards wanting to help her, made Pam want to do it, so she made up her mind, she would take off her pretty little skirt and top right there in the classroom.

As Dr. Roberts turned so his back faced away from Pamela, as she slowly unzipped her small skirt and neatly folded it. She then placed it upon a nearby desk. She then pulled her top over her head, as her full voluptuous boobs sprang out of that tight top. She looked over to make sure that Dr. Roberts wasn’t peeking; she then folded her top and placed it upon her skirt.

So there she stood, this sexy hot nineteen year old coed, in just her pretty little tight light blue thong panties and her sandals on.

“Are you ready, can I turn around now, Pamela?” he asked.

“Well, I mean, yea, I guess so, Dr. Roberts,” she replied.

He was taken aback by her sheer beauty, even though she had crossed her arms in front of her chest, hiding her beautiful breasts, she looked amazing! He immediately felt his cock string in his pants as he looked at her.

Not wanting to startle her, he said, “There now, it wasn’t so bad right?”

She smiled, and said, “Oh I guess not, but you’re sure this works to help overcome the fear of speaking huh?”

“Oh it does, Pammy, it helps tremendously!” he told her as he smiled.

He looked down at the crotch of her light blue panties, and he could see the shape of Pamela’s pretty little mound. Since she had become accustomed to shaving her small twat, the shape of her small bald pussy was completely molded into those tight fitting little panties. Her pussy mound looked beautiful!

“Now then, we just have think of a theme, hmmmmmm, let’s see, oh I got it!” he told her.

“I am going to write down a word on a piece of paper, and then we will have to come up with all of the other words that may mean the same thing, ok.” He told her.

So he grabbed a sticky note off of his desk and he jotted down the word cat. He then walked towards her, hoping that she wouldn’t notice the hard on that was in his briefs. His penis was moderate in length and thickness, so it wasn’t like some huge tent out in front of his pants.

“Is his dick hard?” Pam thought to herself as she watched him walk towards her.

“Here you go Pammy,” Dr. Roberts said, as he reached out to hand Pamela the piece of paper, and just as she stuck out her hand to grab it, he dropped the paper, as he had planned, and she instinctively and without thinking about it, reached down the grab it.

Because of that, she had to move her crossed arms from in front of her chest, thus allowing her big beautiful full and firm tits to bounce forward, in all of their stupendous glory!

Oh his eyes widen, as he looked upon some of the most wonderful naked tits he had ever seen!

She was smiling when she stood up with her arms at her side and the paper in her hand; she had simply forgotten that she was nearly naked! She stood there for a couple seconds, arms at her side in those tiny panties, and her boobs sitting up so high on her chest, completely exposing those gorgeous tits to her teacher.

He could not hide his gaze and the lustful look in his eyes as he stared at Pamela’s magnificent tits! She then realized what had happened, so she quickly covered her arms over her boobs once again.

“Um hmmm…” he cleared his throat, oh he did not want to scare her, so he calmly told her, “Oh, it’s ok if I see your breasts Pammy, remember, I am a Dr. and I have see many breasts, it’s really no big deal. Besides, you will need to have the proper posture to speak correctly, meaning that both of your arms are either at your sides, or you holding up a note card, ok sweetie?”

She signed, and thought to herself, “Well I guess he is right, he is a Dr. so there is no harm in me being topless here, besides, it seems that he really wants to help me with my public speaking techniques. Oh he’s a nice teacher.”

So she placed her arms at her side and let her delicious big tits be seen right there by her horny and hard professor.

“Good, ok then, what word can you say that means the bursa rus escort same as cat?” he asked her.

She said, “Well, um, there’s kitty?”

“Very good Pammy, yes, ok my turn, let’s think, hmmmm, oh I have one, some people call their cats, their pussy.”

“Oh they call them their pussies?” Pamela said in surprise.

“Well sure Pammy, you’ve heard of pussy cats, right?”

“Well sure, but I mean, just the way you said, pussy, well….I thought of, well never mind,” she told him.

He smiled, saying, “Oh you probably thought of another use of the word pussy, you mean when it’s used to reference a woman’s vagina?”

“Oh Dr. Roberts!” she said.

“Oh it’s ok Pammy, yes I know I’m a older man and a Dr., but sure, I’ve heard that term used, it’s quite common and actually I sort of like that word, pussy, yes pussy…hmmm” he said.

Pammy enjoyed how it sounded too, and soon she felt that familiar feeling between her legs, she wasn’t sure why, but her own pussy was getting moist from this conversation. Of course she didn’t want Dr. Roberts to know, I mean what would he think of her? If he only knew that her small shaved little pussy was getting wet.

As he said that, he glanced down between her firm legs, down her panty crotch, and now he could clearly see that the light blue material of her tight panty covered mound, was forming a small dark wet spot, oh he had to gulp hard before looking back up at her pretty face.

“So where were we? Oh other names. Well you know Pammy; since topic of our conversation has switched to the word pussy and it is good to mix up your words while learning to speak publicly, let’s go with that word.”

He kept speaking, “so pussy, another word, well I guess I already said one right? I said Vagina, but to give another example, well hmmmm let me see, oh I know, how about twat? Have you heard of that word used to describe a woman’s pussy Pamela?”

Her face flushed, she had heard that word used on the some of the adult videos she watched in her dorm room on her computer, so she replied, “well yes, I mean, sure Dr. Roberts,” she didn’t want to sound as naïve as she was.

She wanted to show him that she was indeed a adult a college student, no less, so she said back to him, “well, how about the word, cunt, Dr. Roberts, I have heard the word, cunt, being used to describe a woman’s vagina.”

He smiled, and said, yes, “cunt is a nice word, I do like that word cunt, I mean to describe a woman’s pussy, yes, Pammy, oh you are doing very well at this!”

She was glad he thought so, and she smiled at him. Standing there in those small panties, her small naked cunt in her panties, getting wet, as her nipples began to harden on her those big firm tits of hers!

That did not go unnoticed by Dr. Roberts also, he glanced down at those prefect fucking 32 Full C cup tits and he could have sworn her nipples were growing. He liked that!

“You know Pammy, come up her, and stand in the front of the class, I’ll sit in front row desk here so you can practice. Oh and one more thing, in order to really overcome your fear of public speaking you need to……well, oh never mind, you are doing just fine sweetie” he said.

Now she was curious, “I need to do what Dr. Roberts?”

“Well, I was going to say something, but I am not sure if you are quite ready to really overcome your fear Pammy.”

She had her mind made up and that she wasn’t a child, “I’m nineteen years old!” she thought to herself, and wanted to be treated like an adult. “What Dr. Roberts? Oh I can handle it, I’m ready, please tell me what would help me even more.” She almost demanded.

“Well ok, Pamela, well if you really want to learn to be comfortable, it would be best if you were completely nude. I mean, you would have to pull your panties down and stand up their naked, I just didn’t know if you were ready for that, sweetie” he told her.

“Oh please let her be ready, oh please” he thought to himself.

“Oh nude? As in completely naked? Up here in front?” Pamela asked.

“Well, I mean not completely naked, that wouldn’t be too professional, so you just leave on your shoes and your jewelry, that way it isn’t like you are completely naked, ok honey.” He told her.

She did have on some pretty earrings that her parents had given her for graduation earlier that year along with a pretty necklace that she had received from her grandparents on her birthday, so the naive student thought, “oh he’s right, if I leave my shoes and jewelry on, I won’t be completely naked now will I?”

“Well, I’m an adult Dr. Roberts,” she said

“Oh of course you are Pammy, I hope I didn’t make you think otherwise, you are adult, and I’m sorry for misjudging you, and thinking that you may not be ready, please go ahead and pull down your panties, then and hand them to me, I’ll place them right her with the rest of your clothes.”

The young woman, then smiled, thinking, “Finally, some respect, good!” as she put her thumbs into her panties waistline and she slowly wiggled out of her pretty little thong panties.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” is what went thru Dr. Roberts as this beautiful young woman, actually pulled down her panties, right there in front of him, exposing her most intimate and pretty spot to him, her lovely little shaved twat!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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