Hockey Rookie

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Ally considered herself lucky despite the events. Five weeks prior, she and her boyfriend had decided to split. With the split, he’d bought her out of the house they’d shared and she’d found a condo within a week and it was available for quick possession. They had split up the furniture and she had driven to the city to shop for the furniture she needed for her condo.

Her luck was in the fact that The Brick had a sale and she’d quickly found what she needed, it was all in stock and all at sale prices. She would take possession of the condo on Monday and the furniture would be delivered on the Friday. That gave her at least three full days to paint and clean and move in her boxes and other furniture.

So by the end of the afternoon, Ally decided to head over to Chapters to peruse the books. She was in the store maybe 10 minutes when she heard a male voice say “Pretend you don’t know me.” She looked up to face Trevor, a former Jets player. The Jets were a junior hockey team in her home town, about an hour and a half east of the City. Trevor had played three years for the Jets while Ally had volunteered for the team. Her responsibility had been to open and close the door for their team so she’d gotten to know all the players by face and name. She had not seen them outside the rink, other than during the playoffs when a fan bus traveled with the team to the away games and then would wait after the games to encourage or cheer the players.

Trevor had been somewhat of a scrapper so Ally had to open the door for him quite a few times as he’d been ejected from games. Once, he’d been ejected from the game and the other players had given her his gloves, helmet and stick and as she had gone to give them to him at the dressing room door, had found him walking down the hall towards the other team’s ejected player. She’d dropped the stick and had run to stop him and the only way she’d found was to get ahead of him, stop, turn around and walk into him so he’d have to back up towards his own dressing room while another volunteer did the same with the other player. Both players continued to talk tough to each other for a while but then it stopped, probably because the other player had gone into his dressing room. As they’d neared the dressing room, Ally had asked “Are you ever going to take your gloves and helmet off my hands?” He’d then realized Ally had the gloves and helmet up against his stomach the whole time and grabbed them and said “I just wanted to talk to him.” Ally had said “Yeah, that’s really what it looked like. Here’s your stick.” Trevor had replied “Thank you.” Ally had then said “Now hit the shower.” Trevor had smirked and playfully said “I’d go faster if you came with me.” That’s when Ally had exclaimed “I’m old enough to be your mother, don’t make me act like it! Hit the shower now and don’t you dare come back out and go anywhere but come stand next to me to watch the rest of the game! I don’t want any more trouble back here, you hear?” Trevor had laughed and had gone to the shower, saying “You don’t know what you’re missing!” Trevor had showered quickly and had come to stand next to Ally to watch the rest of the game. They had spoken that time and many times after that. Trevor continued to playfully flirt with Ally whenever he’d be ejected from a game but it had never gone past that. Ally knew that Trevor had been accepted at university this year and would try out for their team.

So Ally, remembering the playful Trevor, played along and asked if she was in the way of something he wanted to look at.

Trevor said “I was wondering if you’d be willing to help me.”

Ally smiled and said “I’m sorry, I don’t work here.”

Trevor looked nervously above her head and then back at her. “I know and I can’t really ask someone who works here. If you’ll hear me out, I’ll explain.”

Ally simply said “Okay.” By then, her curiosity was peaked. She wanted so badly to look behind her to see who Trevor kept glancing at.

Trevor took a deep breath. “See I’m a rookie player for the University Cougars and as a Rookie, my initiation into the team means I have to complete a list of tasks if I want to play in tonight’s game. I’m almost out of time to complete the tasks. I’d really like your help so I can play tonight and from now on.” He then whispered “I’m so glad you’re here, I can’t imagine doing this with a complete stranger but the other guy needs to think you’re a complete stranger.”

She held out her hand and said “Hi, I’m Ally, what’s your name?”

Trevor smiled, shook her hand and said “Trevor”.

Ally then asked “Sure I’ll help you. What do you need to do?”

Trevor then said “I have a whole list. But I had to pick a woman of at least 40 years old with long hair. And you fit that description.” Indeed, Ally had long dark brown hair that went down to her waist.

Ally asked “In the rules, is there anything that says you can’t show me the list?”

Trevor bursa escort shook his head.

Ally then said “Show me the list and I’ll help you.”

Trevor hesitated. “Part of what I need to do involves touching you and kissing you.”

Ally smiled “I can handle that. Show me the list.”

Trevor reached into his coat pocket and took out a folded piece of paper and handed it to Ally.

Ally read.

“Your task, if you want to play on our team, is to pick a woman, at least 40 years old, with long hair. You are to engage in conversation, touch or play in her hair at least five times. You are to get this woman to recommend a book from the erotica section and you are to buy this book. You are also to obtain the woman’s phone number and e-mail address. Finally, you are to caress her ass and French kiss her. All of this has to be witnessed by a senior member of the team.”

Ally was a fast reader so she had time to read the whole description before seeing a hand reaching for the paper. She quickly pulled back the paper and looked up to see another young man, looking very much like a hockey player.

“You can’t read that!”

Ally asked “And who are you?”

The young man held out his hand to be handed the paper but Ally ignored him and asked again “Who are you?”

The young man said “I’m Brandon. I’m the senior player from the Cougars here to witness him performing a task. You’re not supposed to read that paper.”

Ally folded the paper and put it in her own pocket. Then, she looked at Brandon and, putting her hands on her hips, said defiantly “There’s nothing written on that sheet that says he can’t show it to me so he’s not in violation of any rule.” Then, she turned to Trevor and asked “What’s your name again?”


“Yes, Trevor.” Turning to face Brandon again, Ally said “Now, I think Trevor here is kind of cute and in serious need of help so I want to help him. And I will. You did say you’re here to witness Trevor doing the task, right?” Brandon nodded.

Ally continued “And on the paper it also says ‘witness’, so you can witness, no problem. But what it doesn’t say is ‘document’. So you are not here to obtain proof and document the task, you are here to witness. So you shall be an eye witness, not a photographer. You are NOT to take any picture whatsoever of me or of the task being completed. If you take any pictures, I will make sure that you are the one not playing tonight. Are we clear?”

Brandon, despite towering over Ally, seemed intimidated and said “yes m’am.”

Ally then took out the paper again and read it one more time. She then turned to Trevor and said “Trevor, come with me, we’ve got some shopping to do.” Then she turned to Brandon “You, stay far enough to not hear us but attentive enough to be a good eyewitness.” With that, Ally walked towards the erotica section in the bookstore.

When they got there, Trevor turned a deep shade of red. Ally tried not to laugh and finally had to tell Trevor “Relax, they’re only books!”

Trevor asked “Have you ever looked through these?”

Ally smiled “Of course!”

Trevor seemed shocked. Ally continued. “Trevor, do you plan on keeping this book you have to buy?”

Trevor said “Not really.”

Ally then said “How about I pick one I’d like, you buy it and then sell it back to me in the parking lot? There’s nothing in the paper you gave me that says you have to keep the book.”

Trevor was stunned “You want an erotic book?”

Ally replied “Don’t be so shocked. A girl has to get inspiration sometimes! So let’s look here. And why don’t you play with my hair a bit and make sure Brandon sees you.” While Trevor reached for her hair and stroked it a few times, Ally looked at the book shelves and was surprised to see a new book from an author she’d read before. “This one here should be good.” Ally picked up the book and turned it over to read the summary. She then handed the book to Trevor. “I’ve read this author before, she’s really good.”

Trevor was still incredulous. “I can’t believe you know this stuff!”

“Well, the book is 22 dollars and I’m willing to buy it from you. Now, hug me, play with my hair with one hand and let your other hand go down to my butt so we get that out of the way.”

Trevor did as he was told, making sure that Brandon saw him doing so.

Ally then said “Let’s go towards the check out.”

When they got to the check out, Trevor looked around and after making sure that Brandon could see them, he played in Ally’s hair again. Ally then leaned into Trevor and said “Keep some of that hair playing for when you get to kiss me.”

Trevor said “I’ve got two more to go. Besides, I can always play in your hair more than five times!” And he played in her hair once more. Then he remembered “Could I please have your phone number and e-mail address?”

Ally reached into her purse and found her business card holder. bursa escort bayan She removed a card from the holder, grabbed her pen and wrote her cell phone number as well as her personal e-mail address on the back of the card. She then handed the card to Trevor. “Here you go!”

Trevor took the card, showed it Brandon and put it in his wallet.

After Trevor bought the book, they headed outside. Brandon caught up with them and said “You’re forgetting about the kiss guys.”

Ally turned to Brandon “No we haven’t. There is nothing on that paper that says the kiss has to happen inside the store and I don’t want to be seen by all kinds of people so we’re going to my car.”

When they got to Ally’s car, she turned to Brandon and said “Get into the back seat on the passenger side. And Trevor, get in on the front seat.”

Once inside, Ally leaned over the middle console as Trevor did the same. Their lips met and Trevor reached up to cup Ally’s face and play in her hair while he kissed her. And what a kiss it was. Ally felt current run through her like never before. Just with this one kiss, she was getting more turned on than she’d ever been. She was shocked at her own reaction. When Trevor pulled away, Ally was disappointed. She could have kissed him for hours.

Ally opened her eyes and looked at Trevor. He seemed disappointed too. They stared at each other for a few moments and the spell was broken by Brandon. “Well, Rookie, you’ve done it. I’ll tell the coach you can play tonight.”

Ally asked “At what time is the game?”

Trevor replied “It’s at 7:30. Want to come see us play?”

Ally smiled “I don’t know about watching ‘us’ but I’d like to watch you.”

Brandon was getting impatient. “Come on Rookie, we have to go or we’ll both be in the stands tonight.”

Trevor looked at Brandon “Yeah, I’ll be right there. Give me a moment?”

Brandon got out of the car and Trevor reached for Ally and kissed her again. Then he pulled away and said “I’d love to see you there tonight.”

Ally smiled “I’ll think about it.”

Trevor gave Ally another quick kiss and said “Please?”

Ally said “I’ll make arrangements to stay in town tonight. I’ll see you at the game and maybe after?”

Trevor grinned “Usually, I really look forward to games but tonight, I think I’m more excited about the after game!” Trevor reached for the door and Ally stopped him. “Wait! I need to buy the book off you!”

“You can pay for it after the game.” And he left.

Ally saw that he had left the book behind. She smiled and put her seatbelt on. She now needed to go to Walmart to get what she needed to spend the night in town. She made quick work of getting her supplies and then headed over to the motels close to the university. There was about five or six of them to choose from and Ally quickly got a room for the night. She then called home. Even though they were splitting up, they were still sharing the house and Ally figured she should at least call. However, she wasn’t going to tell the whole truth, just that she wanted to stay in the city so she could shop some more the next day.

Ally ate dinner and then went over to the university for the game. She was pleased to see Trevor playing. Although Trevor only got one assist in the game, Ally cheered for him as loud as she could. After the game in which the team lost, Ally stuck around discreetly and waited for Trevor. When Trevor walked out, Ally said his name just loud enough for him to hear her. He turned around and smiled when he saw her.

“I need to pay for that book.”

Trevor reached her and said “You do.”

Ally crooked her finger and said “Follow me.” And she led him to the parking lot and to her vehicle. There, they got in and were soon kissing. Ally pulled away and said “Hold that thought.” She then reached behind her seat and grabbed her purse. She took twenty five dollars from it and handed it to Trevor. “This is for the book.”

Trevor said “I don’t have the change, I used it to buy a pop earlier. Sorry.”

“That’s fine, I don’t care about the change.”

“Maybe I can make it up to you in another way.” Trevor had this charming grin on his face as he said it. He reached for her and kissed her. The kiss got deeper, more demanding. Then, Ally pulled away. “Trevor….”

Trevor stopped her. “Shhhhh. I know what you’re going to say and I don’t care if you’re old enough to be my mother. You’re hot. We both want this. Just give in to it.” And he kissed her again. Ally responded. He was right, she did want it. She hadn’t had sex in months even though she’d been living with her boyfriend, things had deteriorated to the point where they simply weren’t doing it anymore. So yeah, she wanted it. Again, she pulled away and said “We’re not going to do this in the car. Let’s go to my room. But from here to there, you keep your hands to yourself, okay? We need to be discreet.”

They made escort bursa their way to Ally’s room. Once inside, Trevor pushed Ally against the wall and kissed her, rubbing his immediate erection against her lower abdomen. Ally was impressed with what she could feel.

Both of them, without having to say anything to each other, started undressing. Ally stripped down to her undies and bra and Trevor got down to his boxers. They kissed and caressed each other’s bodies, hungry for each other.

Trevor maneuvered Ally towards the bed and pushed her onto the bed. He made his way down her body, barely pausing to kiss the top of her breasts and making his way to her pussy. He pulled down her panties and kissed the top of her shaved pussy. He then started licking her slit and finally, pushed his tongue deeper to reach her clit.

“Ahhhhh, that feels nice.”

He focused on her throbbing clit and pushed two fingers into her wet pussy. Ally lifted her butt off the bed and against his eager mouth. Trevor intensified his licking and soon, Ally was pushed over the edge of her release.


Trevor eased up on licking her pussy. And started kissing his way back up. Finally, he reached under her and undid her bra and started kissing her breasts. He lay light kisses all around both breasts, teasing his way around her nipples. When he finally focused on her left nipple, caressing the other with his hand, Ally curved her back and pushed up against his mouth and moaned her pleasure.

Then, she said “I want to taste you too.” Trevor turned around and straddled her face, letting his thick cock dangle to her lips while his own lips got back to work on her pussy lips. Ally kissed the tip of his cock and then engulfed him in her mouth. Ally could barely get a third of him in her mouth and was impressed with his size. She nonetheless moved back and forth on his cock, licking the head and shaft as much as she could. Meanwhile, Trevor was focusing on her clit again and also finger-fucking her with two of his fingers. Soon, Ally was on the brink of her second orgasm. Ally moaned and then had to stop sucking on his cock to cry out her release once again.

“Oh God, Yes!!!!!!”

Trevor stopped licking her pussy and climbed off the bed. He reached into his back jeans pocket and took out a condom. He quickly tore through the package and rolled it onto his hard cock. He then got back onto the bed and positioned himself between her legs. Ally had barely come back down from her orgasm-induced high when Trevor pushed his thick cock against her pussy opening. He pushed in slowly, now moaning himself at her tightness. When he had pushed as much of his cock as he could inside her pussy, he laid himself on her and gently kissed her. Then, he started slowly pulling out and pushing back in. Ally wrapped her legs around his hips and her arms around his torso and kissed him passionately. After a few minutes, Ally told him “You can speed up if you want, I’m used to your size now and I want you to fuck me.”

Trevor didn’t need to be told twice. He increased his speed and pushed himself up on his elbows, reaching to her tits to play with her nipples. Ally had never felt so full. Trevor pulled out and had Ally get on her side. He penetrated her from behind and fucked her like that for a few minutes. Then, he had her turn toward him so he was on his side and she was on her back, with her legs over his midriff. He reached for her head and turned it towards him and kissed her deeply while his hand went to her breasts and played with her nipples. Ally moaned when he took the left one and gently pinched it and started rolling it between his thumb and forefinger.

After a few moments, he reached for her clit and stroked it, never stopping the kissing. He was pounding in and out pretty hard by then and he broke the kiss to whisper in her ear “I want you to come on my cock. I want to feel you squeeze my cock as you come.” Hearing that pushed Ally over the edge for a third time and she did as asked. She came and squeezed his cock rhythmically. That was his undoing and he groaned his release too. He stopped stroking her clit and simply let his hand rest on the top of her pussy while he slowed down. When they were both done, he pulled out, got up and went to the washroom to remove the condom and throw it out. He came back with a warm and wet facecloth and gently wiped her face and her torso, to cool her down.

“Wow.” Ally said. “You’re amazing!”

“Glad you enjoyed it.”

“I certainly did.”

“As nice as this is, I really should get back to my room. I can’t miss curfew.”

“I’ll drive you.” Ally started getting up but Trevor stopped her.

“No need. It’ll be faster for me to simply jog home. I live really close to here.” He then kissed her tenderly and said “I hope to see you again at my games.”

“I’ll try!”

“You do realize something, don’t you?”

“What’s that?” Ally asked.

“We’re both cougars now.”

He then left and Ally locked the door behind him, smiling. She went back to bed and fell asleep with a huge grin on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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