His Professor Aunt Pt. 06

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Friday came, and Sarah offered to take Mike to the nearby pizza place. They sat in a booth where they could talk in private. The two talked about the week at first, but the conversation drifted to their sex lives and the conquests of the week. Mike teased her about bedding two of his friends, and she egged her nephew about his prowess in seducing an older woman. The banter and innuendos continued, interrupted by the occasional appearances of the waitress, until the check arrived.

It was dark by the time they walked home. The darkness and the two glasses of wine made Sarah a bit brazen. She put her arm in her nephew’s and they walked back as lovers often do, arm in arm. Sarah was reminiscing back to her younger days, of young love and lovers.

Inside, jackets were barely off before they were in each other’s arms, kissing passionately.

“Sarah!” Mike exclaimed, between kisses.

“You mean, you’re not tired of me yet?” she teased.

“Never! I want to make love to you all night,” he replied, before plunging his tongue deep into her mouth.

Sarah pulled away, and with the smile that always pulled at his heart, took his hand and led him to her bedroom — to the bed that had become their bed. At the bedside, she pulled his shirt off then pushed him to the bed. She stripped for him, before getting his pants off.

Sarah lay next to him, and after a kiss, she said, “Then make love to me!”

He moved Sarah to her back and began kissing her, slowly, tenderly. She surrendered herself to him, as he continued kissing her; his hands exploring every inch of her body. And Sarah felt she was surrendering not just her body, but also her soul, to him. She loved it and feared it. She loved his sensuousness, his attentions to her needs. Yet, she feared becoming too bonded to him, and losing the thing she loved, her sexual freedom. And she could see that this relationship was doomed, sooner or later.

As his lips found her nipples, she put these feelings aside. All she felt in this moment, was Mike making love to her.

And make love he did. His lovely Sarah, Mike could never get enough of her. His only thoughts were to please her; to show her his love, even if she forbade the word. He lingered on her tits before moving between her legs. His hands caressed her body, while his lips found the soft flesh of her thighs. He learned how to play her. Her body tensed, as she felt his breath on the entrance to her core.

“Oh, God!” she gasped, as his tongue slipped through her entrance. Sarah thrilled at the touch of this young man — her own nephew! As he fondled her breasts, his tongue adroitly worked her lovebox. It was as if he had a line to her inner desires. Every gesture drove her passion higher. Her writhing body told him she was on edge, and he slowed his pace.

“Fuck! Mike!” Sarah screamed. “Fuck! Do it!” she begged. Yet Mike slowed down, enjoying leaving her dangling like this. Sarah grabbed his head, pressing it to her eager slit. Still, he held off. “Oh, fuck! Mike!” she begged again.

Suddenly, he drove two fingers into her pussy, as his tongue worked her clit.

Sarah gasped and shuddered, as a deep orgasm hit. Mike loved bringing her to this point; to see her in such passion was everything to him. Her body continued to convulse; the spasms barely allowed her to breathe. When the climax eased, Sarah caressed his head, muttering his name.

But he wanted more. He let her rest a moment, before driving his tongue deep again.

“Fuck!” Sarah exclaimed. “No! Fuck!” Sarah squirmed, both wanting more, as she tried to push him away. His fingers drove deep into her womanhood, and Sarah tensed to another orgasm. He could feel her spasm with each wave of ecstasy, taking satisfaction in bringing his beloved Sarah off.

“Mike! Stop!” she laughed uncontrollably, pushing him away.

As Mike kissed her thighs, taking pleasure in bringing her off, Sarah tried to recover. She laughed at herself now. Thinking she would have a fling with him, she found herself drawn to him — not just to his lovemaking, but to his very soul. She tried to collect herself, as he lay between her legs kissing her soft skin, patiently letting her recover. His patience only made him more desirable.

Sarah sat up, and pulled Mike to her. She looked deeply into his eyes — eyes filled with affection. She kissed Mike passionately, driving her tongue into his mouth. She wanted to please him now, to show her own affection for him.

“Lie back,” she said softly, pushing him to his back. Sarah knelt by him and stroked his lean body, admiring it. And she did admire both him and his body. The body of a virile, passionate man, not quite nineteen yet. Her hand found his erection and she ran her fingers up and down it, feeling it pulse with eagerness.

“You are beautiful, Mike,” she said, before planting a kiss on his lips. Her lips continued to his neck, then chest, as Mike closed his eyes, enraptured by his aunt’s sensual skills. Her tongue traced a line down to his tight abs, then his hips. She spread his legs and knelt sarışın gaziantep escort between them, admiring the look of bliss on his face. Sarah’s hands scooped up his manhood like a delicate object and kissed it, almost reverently. Next, her tongue began gliding up and down, as Mike sighed.

Sarah was going to give to him what he gave to her. She wanted him begging for release, and was going to take this slowly. Her tongue continued to glide on his manhood, stopping occasionally to swirl around its head. She watched him, his eyes still closed, lips trembling with anticipation.

Up and down, so slowly… Finally, with great delicacy, she let his shaft slide between her soft lips, plunging it to her limits, as Mike moaned. She withdrew her lips before slowly descending again. She did this a few more times, until she felt his cock quivering, when she stopped and planted kisses on it.

“Sarah…” he moaned.

“You have a beautiful cock. I could do this for hours,” she told him. When she felt he had pulled back from the edge, Sarah let his rod slip past her lips one more time, again gently plunging down. Over and over, until he was close again. And again, she stopped and kissed his pulsating cock.

“Sarah…” he murmured, again.

“Yes, Mike?” she whispered, seductively.

“Sarah! Please!”

“What Mike? Tell me!”

“Oh, fuck! Sarah!” he repeated, bucking his hips eager for release.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth? Tell me!”

“Yes, Sarah! Please! Oh fuck! Yes! Agh!”

Sarah had slipped his rod into her mouth and sucked on it furiously, followed by the first eruptions of his sperm into her mouth. He groaned and gasped, hips bucking as his seed filled his lovely Sarah’s mouth. More came, and she swallowed joyfully, feeling his deep orgasm.

When the last spasms ended, she let his manhood slip from her mouth. And cradling it in her hands, kissed it lovingly, as she admired the look on his face. She rubbed it on her cheek, feeling the essence of his manhood, as he recovered from his climax.

She also admired his virility, as his erection was still in its glory. “Fuck! Mike! I want you inside me!” she declared, as she straddled him.

He opened his eyes to find Sarah lowering herself on his rod. “Oh, Sarah…” he mumbled.

“I love feeling you inside me,” she hissed, as she began riding him while Mike’s hands fondled her breasts. Sarah rode him a few minutes, before Mike pulled her to him for a deep kiss, then began sucking on her luscious tits. He was pounding his shaft into her soaking pussy, as Sarah took in the pleasures of his erotic attentions. She sat upright and was grinding on his cock, when she felt his thumb at her clit.

Her ardor rose by the minute, as she ground her clit on his thumb and her lovebox on his cock. With his free hand, Mike gently pinched her nipple, tipping her over the edge. He watched, as Sarah gasped and spasmed, grinding away on his manhood.

Finally, she collapsed on his chest, where he wrapped her in his arms, adding to her post-orgasmic bliss. He started driving his cock inside her, when Sarah opened her eyes and looked at him. His eyes were blazing with passion for her, and it gave her a shiver. Her goal now, was for him to release his seed deep inside her. But she wanted to feel his body on hers. To feel all of him.

“Roll over,” she whispered. He rolled them both over and was on top of her, his cock never leaving her sheath. Their eyes met again, followed by their lips. Mike began thrusting deep inside her core, as Sarah wrapped him in her arms, feeling him in the throes of passion.

“Do it, give me your seed,” she whispered, looking into his eyes. And with a groan, he planted his face in her neck, as his sperm filled her womb. Sarah grabbed his butt, willing him deeper with each thrust, each spurt of his cum inside her.

His body relaxed as the last of his seed was expended, and he felt Sarah caressing him in the bliss of having cum inside her again. “Mm… Mike, that was wonderful,” she whispered in his ear, her hand feeling his neck.

Mike looked at her. “But you didn’t cum!”

“Oh, Mike!” she laughed. “I came enough tonight.” Then her face turned serious, “No, just feeling you cum inside me is enough sometimes. I love feeling you cum in me — to know I have your seed deep inside me. I don’t know. But there’s something about it. I can’t explain it.”

He kissed her gently, as Sarah’s words struck deep into his heart. His mind understood her admonition against the word ‘love,’ but at that moment, his heart felt otherwise.

After readying for the night, the two snuggled back into bed, content in their secret, forbidden relationship.


Saturday morning started as what was becoming routine–Sarah in her robe, and Mike in boxers and tank top–making breakfast; all the while flirting, touching, and kissing. Mike’s basketball games had dissolved, as most of his friends found girls; a better way to occupy their weekends.

“Why gaziantep sarısın escort don’t we go museum hopping today?” Sarah offered. He agreed and they spent the day together taking in museums. And occasionally, while in an out-of-the-way area, stole kisses like young lovers. That evening, they curled up in front of the TV, Mike doing his best to let Sarah just watch.

And so, another week started. Sarah worried again about becoming too attached. And with no new liaisons coming, thought about an old one. Tuesday morning, she asked Mike about Juan and Evan. “Evan has a girlfriend now. Don’t know about Juan.”

“Juan may do,” Sarah replied. “I’m thinking of Katie. She needs some lovin’ and, well, I may join in, if Juan can handle us both.”

Mike smiled, knowing he couldn’t deny Sarah her sexual freedom. He gave her Juan’s number and that afternoon, Sarah asked Katie if she could come Saturday. Then she suggested to Juan a special rendezvous that day, which he eagerly accepted.

“I’ll tell John I’m having lunch with my good friend Saturday,” Katie told her. “What’s on the menu?”

Wednesday morning, as Mike was walking on campus, he heard his name called. He turned to see Katie walking toward him. “Mike! I was hoping to run into you,” she said, as she caught up with him. “I gather I have you to thank for this get together on Saturday.”

“Well, I just made the introduction, let’s say.”

“A friend of yours? And will you be joining us?”

“Uh, one friend. And you understand why I can’t join you.”

“I understand; yours and Sarah’s secret. But you made me a promise. I haven’t forgotten.”

Mike looked at her quizzically.

Katie looked around to see if anyone was in earshot. “You said you wanted to spend an afternoon making love to my tits! See, I didn’t forget.”

A sheepish grin fell on his face, as he eyed her blouse. “I haven’t forgotten,” he said, before reflecting. “Umm, today is my short day. I usually hang out in the library until Sarah is ready to leave. But if you could give me a ride home at, say three-thirty?”

A devilish grin formed on her face. “I would be happy to give you a lift,” she told him.

A rendezvous spot was set, and Mike texted Sarah he had a ride home that day. And at the appointed time, Katie pulled up to the curb and found Mike waiting.

“Thanks for the lift,” he said, trying to suppress a smirk.

“Oh, my pleasure, Mike. My pleasure.”

She parked in their driveway where, with faux formality, Mike asked her to come in. Inside, he took her jacket, then Katie put her arms around him. “I don’t have much time,” she said, before planting her lips on his. He put his arms around her and pressed his tongue into her mouth, before taking her hand and leading her to the sofa.

There, they kissed again, before Mike removed her top. Next came her bra, and her pendulous breasts fell free. “Beautiful,” he sighed, as his hands felt their heft. Katie took his T-shirt off then sat on the sofa, patting it to have him sit.

As he sat, Katie moved him, so his head was in her lap. He found Katie’s voluptuous breasts inches from his face, and immediately latched onto a nipple. “Mm, fuck yes!” Katie sighed, as he sucked on one while kneading the other. “That’s it! Suck on them,” she hissed. “I like that you’re a tit man. I like having my tits made love to.”

Her words barely registered with Mike, but it was true, he loved sucking on tits; especially, ones like these. His mouth moved to the other and sucked on it hard, as Katie held his head to it with one hand, as the other stroked his chest, watching his pleasure.

The lovemaking to her tits continued, as Katie closed her eyes — both benefiting from this sensual encounter. As he licked and sucked her tits, Katie undid his belt and jeans, her hand groping for his manhood. Some time passed, while he continued to suck on one or the other breast, unrelentingly. And Katie was happy to let him. It was something her uninspired husband wasn’t interested in. Plus, to have this eighteen-year-old man make love to her tits, made it more incredible.

Still, he made love to them! Katie stroked his hair lovingly. It was so pleasurable to her, as she lost track of time and didn’t care.

Eventually, he seemed satisfied and so was she. “Feel better?” Katie asked. His smile was his answer. “Mm, well I feel better,” she continued, as she stroked his face. Katie pulled his lips to hers, giving him a sensual kiss.

“I’d like to make you feel even better,” Mike smirked, as he stood. He got out of his jeans, and naked, knelt before her, removing her skirt. With both naked, he spread her legs and knelt between them. He pulled Katie’s lips to his, kissing her passionately, as her breathing bespoke her anticipation of what was coming. His tongue worked its way to her cleavage then lingered on each nipple before planting kisses on her soft belly. He moved on to a thigh, kissing it before his tongue traced a line to her essence, as Katie could gaziantep sarışın escort bayan barely breathe, waiting.

She felt his warm breath on her moistening entrance, then closed her eyes and moaned, as his tongue parted the lips to her core.

Sarah arrived home and found Katie’s car in her driveway. A grin formed on her face, expecting what she was about to find. As she entered, she heard gasps and sighs from the living room. She kicked her heels off and quietly entered where she found her nephew, his head buried in Katie’s crotch. Sarah let down her hair, then sat in the loveseat to watch, the lovers not even noticing her presence.

“Fuck…” Katie was moaning, as her body fidgeted. Mike had one hand kneading a tit as the other slipped fingers into her sopping pussy, and worked her clit madly.

“Oh, shit!” Katie gasped, before her body spasmed to an orgasm. She continued to gasp and convulse as waves of ecstasy hit. “Mike!” she called when the climax ended, “Come! I want that cock inside me!”

Mike sat, and Katie moved to straddle him, when she realized Sarah was watching. “Sarah!” she declared.

“Don’t mind me. I’m just enjoying the show.”

Katie returned her attention to Mike, and lowered herself onto his erection. She sighed, both feeling a young, hard cock inside her and his arms pulling her closer. Mike suck on her nipples for a second, before looking into her eyes.

‘Oh, shit!’ she thought to herself, ‘So hot.’ She ground on it, feeling him deep in her core.

Mike struggled not to cum. Sucking on her tits, then eating her pussy had him ready to blast his seed into her. Katie could see it in his face. And she wanted to feel him pump his sperm inside her. “Fuck, yes, Mike! Cum in me!”

He groaned and thrusted his hips, pushing his manhood as deep as he could, while the first of his semen splashed into her womb. “Mike, oh…” Katie cried out, as another orgasm hit her. This young man, filling her with his cum, drove her wild.

When the orgasms passed, Katie gave him a soft kiss, before turning to Sarah. “In your bed every night? So jealous,” Katie said, as Sarah just grinned.

Katie lifted off Mike, as his cum dribbled out of her well-used pussy onto his spent cock. She scooped it up and licked it off her fingers, looking at him seductively.

“Wish I could stay longer. But gotta get home,” she said, as she gathered her clothes. “Oh, stay where you are, Mike. Let me admire my lover’s naked body as I dress.”

He watched as Katie dressed, their mingled juices soaking her panties. With some help from Sarah, she made herself presentable, then leaned to him for a last kiss. “Bye lover. Another time, I hope.”

“Stay there, Mike. I’ll see her out,” Sarah added.

At the door Sarah told Katie, “See you Saturday. I think you’ll like him, but we’re sharing.” Katie gave her a knowing look and headed to her car.

Sarah returned to the living room to find Mike still sitting naked, eyes closed, basking in the aftermath of passionate lovemaking. She sat next to him and gave him a kiss. “You sent her home happy,” she smiled.

“I’m feeling happy myself. She is pretty passionate. She let me suck on her tits a long time.”

“You like older women. And I can safely say they like you,” she replied, touching his glistening cock. “Pity, that was so hot to watch, I was hoping to get some action.”

“I’m always here for you, Sarah,” he replied, before kissing her. His fingers began unbuttoning her blouse, when she stood.

“No, stay there,” she ordered, before letting him watch her strip. Then she knelt between his legs and held his cock, still wet from his and Katie’s lovemaking. He sighed, as his semi-hard cock slid between her lips.

Mike watched, as his aunt’s head bobbed on his hardening shaft. Sarah could feel it come to life in her mouth. She knew his virility, and that he hadn’t had sex in a few days. As she sucked on him, her fingers played with her pussy, already wet from watching them fuck.

In little time, Sarah had his cock ready for action, and was eager to feel it in her pussy. She knelt on the sofa, bracing herself on its back, “Do it, Mike!” He quickly got behind her, and holding his cock to her inviting slit, and pressed it in deeply.

“Yes!” she hissed, feeling her nephew drive his cock deep into her womanhood. “That’s it, fuck me! Just fuck me!” she cried, as he began pounding her. Mike grabbed her hips, pumping his cock hard into her, stopping occasionally to grind on her, as she pressed her head onto the sofa back. “Yes! Fuck me hard, Mike!” she repeated.

“Oh, God!” she gasped, as his fingers found her clit. Mike saw she was in need of release and doubled his effort. In little time, her body tensed as she cried out to an orgasm. He continued pounding her, as Sarah shook in the throes of ecstasy.

As she came down, she felt Mike’s lips on her back, “I love watching you cum,” he whispered to her.

“Fuck, Mike…” she murmured. Then, gathering her wits, turned to him, “Come, I want to watch your face when you cum.” She lay on the sofa and spread her legs, repeating, “Come!”

He complied happily, and his cock soon found her entrance again, as he locked his eyes on hers. And he found in them — her desire. They were asking for his seed, as her hands grabbed his ass pulling him deeper inside her. He was thrusting madly, as her eyes locked on his, beckoning him to plant his sperm in her inner sanctum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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