Her Son’s Best Friend


Marjorie sat at her kitchen table, sipping on a tall glass of freshly made iced tea. Fresh out of the shower and attired in merely a robe, she watched the time change on her clock from 2:59 to 3:00. She waited patiently as her son Gary would be leaving for work in ten minutes. He worked second shift at paper plant at the other end of town.

Why she waited for him to leave, was a story unto itself. Gary’s friend Bret has been staying with them. He works at the same factory, but on first shift. They graduated high school last year and had decided to take a year off to work before venturing away to college. He moved in the week after graduation so he didn’t have to move away with his parents. He and Gary had been best friends for years. It was like second home for him for most of their high school lives. Being a single mother of one, Marjorie welcomed the company.

It wasn’t until their senior year though, that she began to really look at him a little differently. The little chubby youngster had morphed into a very fit and attractive young man. He wasn’t very tall, only standing around 5’7, but being a high school athlete, he developed a desirable body.

She drew another long sip of her iced tea and watched the clock turn. 3:08…any minute now, Gary would get his lunch and kiss his mother good bye. She smirked as the time was rapidly approaching. Five minutes after Gary left, Bret would be home, and it would be show time.

It all started one day a few months ago. Bret and Gary spent a few weekends fixing up their basement so Bret could have somewhat of a little apartment to stay in. When he arrived home, he would wash out his thermos, and then retire to the basement. He had a bad habit, or good from Marjorie’s point of view, of showering without closing his bathroom door.

Marjorie, began to make her way down to the basement one day and noticed him in the shower. She immediately stopped and looked away, but something had come over her. He looked great as the shower water cascaded over his beautifully chiseled body. Naturally, her eyes wandered down and she almost flinched at the sight of his manhood. With a semi-erection, it was an impressive 7 inches in length and was very thick as well. As Bret began to lather his penis, it grew to a full erection in excess of 9 inches. Her eyes widened in pure amazement.

“Every young girl’s dream.” she thought to herself.

Once he rinsed his erection clean, he began to pleasure himself. Marjorie contemplated turning away and leaving but she found herself mesmerized. It took a while but he climaxed and released a large amount of his semen into the tub, allowing the water to wash it away. She stared in wonder, totally remiss to the fact that all he had to do, was turn his head slightly and he could see her in his peripheral vision. She wondered what he was thinking about while he masturbated that day. Marjorie quickly retreated to her room where she would proceed to pleasure herself to the thought of what she just witnessed. Her mind was lost in a fantasy of the many ways her son’s friend could take her. It was one of the best self-induced orgasms she’s brought herself to in recent memory.

She also wondered what such a magnificent looking young man with the cock so enticing, would need to masturbate in the shower. Undoubtedly, he could have his choice of any young woman to do that for him. But, it was her gain. She hasn’t had that much daring fun in a while.

Marjorie was never married. She was a single mother of one who had raised Gary on her own due to his father skipping out. Since that time, she had become quite the home body. She stood only 5’0″ but was built mostly slender and sported large D cup breasts. Despite being very attractive, she spent little time on the dating scene as she was more dedicated to keeping the house and raising her son. She hasn’t slept with anyone in over three years, and hasn’t had so much as a date for Gaziantep Genç Escort several months. She enjoyed her afternoon soap operas and her casual trips into town or the outlying parks. Other than that, she led an uneventful life.

Watching Bret shower, usually before he would go out for a while, was the highlight of her day. Since that first time, she had pleasantly stumbled onto a daily routine. Bret would shower after work every day and every day, he would leave his bathroom door open. It was rare that he would pleasure himself, but she still made a routine of sitting at the halfway point of the staircase, sipping her iced tea, and watching Bret take his nice, long showers. Marjorie on the other hand, would make it a point to pleasure herself to this fantasy close to half of the time.

She smiled to Gary as he left. Five minutes later, Bret entered. It was very hot that day so he was only wearing his tank top undershirt and carried his warehouse shirt over his shoulder. He rinsed out his thermos and made his way to his apartment. Marjorie fumbled around the kitchen with no purpose, listening for the shower to turn on. The sound of rushing water filled the silence and it was time for her afternoon show. She took her drink and went to her usual seat and watched as the nude Bret stepped into the shower. She looked on so intently, as if studying his showering maneuvers. His penis was semi-erect so she wondered if this would be one of the masturbation days. She bit her bottom lip as he began to soap his body. Today would definitely be a masturbation day for her. In fact, she wasn’t going to wait to go to her room. Today, she was going to do it, right there while she watched him.

Her legs parted slightly. The sides of the robe draped over each leg. She took her index finger into her mouth and coated it with saliva. She then placed that index finger between her legs and began to stroke up and down her clitoris. The touch made her instantly wet. With her other hand, she reached into her robe and began to massage one of her large breasts. Her eyes closed for a moment before she came back to her senses and made sure to pay attention, so not to get caught. Her eyes widened at the sight of him soaping and cleansing his admirable manhood. He was doing it slowly, as if really enjoying it.

She slid her finger down and inserted it inside herself. She bit her bottom lip as she watched him clean his penis in seemingly slow motion. The semi-erection started to become full. Her gaze remained on his cock. She became lost at the scene because she didn’t notice that the one thing she always was alert to avoid, happened. Bret glanced over and looked right at Marjorie. Her eyes were heavy and she licked her lips as she continued to finger herself. Bret smirked and began to slowly stroke his now fully erect penis, knowing he was putting on a show for his friend’s mom. Marjorie’s eyes closed as she approached climax. A low moan escaped her and she opened her eyes. She looked up and noticed he was watching her while he stroked himself. Marjorie immediately stopped and retreated up to her room.

“Shit.” She cursed herself as she closed the door behind her.

She allowed herself to get careless and now, her little afternoon shows are finished. He would undoubtedly start closing the door from now on.

“How embarrassing.” she thought to herself.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a light knock on her bedroom door. She looked over as the door opened and a nude Bret entered. She was stunned that he was standing there, nude, and still fully erect.

“Marjorie.” He said softly.

She had no response. Here he was, standing in her room. Everything she always thought about, and pleasured herself to.

He slowly strode to her and took her in a deep kiss. Her hands ready to push him away but instead, clasped his shoulders. His hands held either side of her face as their lips danced in perfect unison and their tongues caressed. His fingers traced down her face and past her neck. They continued over her breasts and down to the sash of the robe. He quickly tugged it loose and brought his hands back up over her breasts to her shoulders. The slightest motion had her robe fall off her shoulders. She lowered her arms and it dropped to the floor. He broke the kiss and stepped back, admiring his best friend’s beautiful mother in all her glory.

Her breasts were large, with thick, brown nipples. She wasn’t fat by any means. Just somewhat meaty in the midsection. She had thick bush of brown pubic hair. He reached out and took her hand in his. He guided her into him and they kissed again. His erection was hard and pressed against her lower abdomen. His hands wandered slowly over her hips to her ass. She ran her fingers tips up and down the sides of his abdomen. Their kissing was perfectly in sync. He lifted her by her ass and gently placed her on the bed. She slid her body along the mattress until her head rested on her pillows. Bret crawled onto the bed following her. He placed a hand on her knees and parted her legs. He kissed the insides of her knees and traced soft kisses and periodically suckled on her voluptuous thighs en route to her aroused and glistening vagina.

He stopped at the top of her inner thigh and traced his tongue along the corner where her thigh met her pubic area. Marjorie let out a whiny moan as she yearned to feel his tongue on her sex. He didn’t oblige. Instead, he traced his tongue over top of her clit and through her pubes to the other side before resuming on other corner. She pressed her hips slightly forward, wanting and needing to feel him. He used his hands to slowly press her legs forward. She grasped them behind her own knees and pulled back so she was spread for him. He licked his lips before pressing them directly on her vagina. He probed his tongue in and out as his lips kissed her sex.

“Ohhhh.” she moaned very audibly.

He palmed his hands on both of her ass cheeks and pushed forward so her spread sex was higher and her legs pressed more firmly against her body. His thumbs were positioned on the insides of her ass cheeks, pulling them slightly apart, and exposing her asshole as well.

He began to slowly lick up and down her entire sex. The tip of his tongue would graze her rectum with each long lick. She grew increasingly wet. She let out long, breathy moans

“Ohhhh…Oh Bret!”

He brought one finger up and inserted it into her. He probed his finger tip in and out of her as his tongue began to focus strictly on her swelling clitoris. She tried to buck her hips but it was difficult with her legs propped the way they were. He teased her with his finger, barely inserting half of it inside of her before withdrawing. His thumb grazed her exposed asshole with each finger insertion.

Bret’s tongue was like magic on Marjorie’s clit. She gazed an empty stare at the ceiling as she indulged in the pleasure. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, waiting, and pleading in her mind that he please bring her to climax. She let herself go as he teased and teased until finally, her orgasm built within her. Her thighs tensed and her toes curled.

“Oh God…Bret I’m gonna cum.” she whispered.

Bret continued his deliberate task of slowly pleasuring her with his tongue. His finger still only teasing in and out of her.

“Ohh…Ohhh…Oh Shit!” she moaned as she released a very tense orgasm.

Bret still continued through her release. Marjorie’s legs began to shake as the sensitivity of her post orgasm shot throughout her entire body. She breathed rapidly and heavily as she was hardly able to contain herself anymore. After another long lick up her entire sex, he brought his mouth away and ceased the probing of his finger. He leaned over her and they engaged in a deep kiss.

Bret leaned up and let her legs fall to either side of him. He laid down next to her, sliding his arm under her neck to hold her in an embrace. He brought her outer leg up and she wrapped it around his waist. He positioned his hips a moment and slowly inserted his large erection into her.

“Ohhhhhh.” she moaned very loudly this time as she felt the first man inside her in over three years.

His left hand palmed her outer ass cheek and with his right arm, he pulled her into a half sitting up position and took her in another deep kiss. He hooked his arm under her left leg and propped it up across their bodies over his left shoulder. He reached back around her back and shoulders and kissed her softly, sensually. Their lips parted slightly and their tongues grazed each other’s.

Slowly and smoothly, he pressed himself fully inside her and withdrew.

“Mmmmmm…Uhhhhhhh…Bret.” she muttered between lip meetings.

Their kissing was so passionate, so involved. He continued his slow and steady insertions, in and out, in and out, in and out. She moaned into the kiss as he filled her. Gradually, he increased the speed and power of his thrusts. His pelvis crashed into hers making a very audible smacking sound. She locked her fingers behind his head as she held on, her body shaking as he pushed in and out of her. He released her ass and brought his hand across her thighs to her clitoris, massaging it as he penetrated her.

“Mmmmm…mmmm.” she continued to moan into the kiss, failing to pull away from the kiss as he held her tight.

He broke the kiss and lowered his head to her jawline kissing softly along her face and neck.

“Ohhhhh Yes…Uhhhhhh…Uhhhhhh.” she moaned so loudly.

She closed her eyes tight as an orgasm built and released so quickly she hardly had time to react.

“Ohhhhhhh Shit…I’m cumming again…I’m cumming again!” she yelled out.

He continued to rub her clit furiously as he slowed his pace.

“Uh..Uh…Uhhh.” she cooed shakily as her body shook and quivered.

The sensation so great she could hardly stand it. He kept her held tight. Her free leg bending and tightening as the seconds past. She bit her bottom lip as she her breath quickened and became shallow. Her mouth opened as her eyes remained closed. Bret brought his mouth up from her neck and took her bottom lip in his teeth, biting gently and sucking it into his mouth.

“Oh…oh shit, Bret. Ohhh OHHHHH!!”

She clung to his shoulders with her hands as he mercifully slowed the massaging of her clit, tracing his fingertips lightly along the full length of her sex. He hooked his arm under her free leg and pulled it up next to her other leg which remained propped over his shoulder. He locked his hands together, folding her nearly in half as she was still in a sitting position.

He quickened the pace in which he penetrated her. He stared into her eyes. She wearily gazed back to him as her facial expression was that of exhaustion and sympathy.

“Uhhhh…Uhhh.” she continued to moan as he filled her with every insertion. Low deep moans started to escape him. His erection hardened more as the rush of his orgasm rapidly approached.

“Mmmmm…uhhhhh.” he let out.

He pulled out and released several strong shots of semen onto the back of her thighs and her ass. His muscles tightened as he kept her held in place. His pulsating cock continuing to spout lighter streams of semen, nearly completely coating all areas of her body within range.

He held her in place as he leaned forward, kissing her again. He pressed his hips forward, grazing the head of his still full erection against her quivering sex. Her body jolted and twitched with each grazing.

Finally, he released his hands and allowed her legs to stretch outward and rest on the bed. Marjorie collapsed on the bed, totally exhausted, and thoroughly pleasured.

Bret continued to just stare at her, a slight smile on his face. He leaned in and kissed her gently as he massaged her shoulders.

“Mmmmmmm.” she let out as they embraced.

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