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A few years ago I worked as a chauffeur for a while. I got my my share of celebrities and important people to drive around. And believe me they’re not all that and they don’t tip worth shit.

I was hired by a local media mogul, who wanted me to drive his wife and daughter to Halifax Nova Scotia from downtown Toronto because his wife had a phobia about trains and a real fear of flying. They told me that they wanted to make several stops along the way to shop and enjoy themselves.

Mrs. X (I’ll refrain from using her real name because I can’t afford the lawyers) wasn’t especially good looking, but all the money she had, she managed to make it a slight cut above average. She had a nice body, dark shiny hair, glossy scarlet lips, and a very aristocratic air about her. Her daughter Jenny was a saucy blonde who was definitely used to having her own way. The way in which she pouted at will told me that she was a holy terror, the kind of spoiled brat who loved to raise hell just to get a reaction out of you.

After a couple of days on the road the mother and daughter got to know me pretty well. One evening after Jenny retired to her room Mrs. X invited me to join her in the lounge for a drink.

“Join me, you can protect me from the wolves.” she said with a grin.

“Sure, I can do that. But who’ll protect me from you?” I responded quickly, eliciting a laugh from the older woman.

She chose too hot to handle latino izle a booth at the rear of the lounge where we sat knee to knee. We were so close that I inhaled her expensive perfume with each breath I took. I felt something on my thigh. Her hand was on my thigh and her fingers were squeezing my leg. There was no mistaking what she was doing!

She stared at me intently, “Do you like that?” she whispered.

I nodded.

She unzipped my pants and fished in my underwear until she was bale to bring my tingling cock out. Looking me straight in the eye she smiled, innocently holding my my growing meat in the palm of her hand.

She didn’t jerk me off, she just squeezed and held my throbbing tool in her hand.

“I can feel your pulse.” she said, squeezing my cock hard with her hand.

Just then the waitress came over, but Mrs. X never flinched a muscle and kept my cock in her hand.

“Two more of the same.” she told the waitress, as she rhythmically squeezed my aching cock.

“If you keep this up I’m going to cum,” I told her.

“I certainly hope so, I’d be very disappointed if you didn’t!” she hissed.

My load was building up inside my swollen balls, while Mrs. X kept up her provocative squeeze play. My breathing got louder and I was starting to sweat. Finally I gasped out loud treason izle and spewed my hot sticky load all over her hand.

“Oh you naughty boy!” she exclaimed. But her smile told me that she was more than pleased with me. With a handkerchief she wiped her hand clean and that was the end of that. Nothing else happened. She simply tucked my softening and dribbling pecker back inside my pants and zipped me back up.

The following day I was with the daughter, Jenny. We were up in her hotel room while Mrs. X was at the hotel’s hair salon. The twenty year old blonde had on a cute pair of shorts and she was wriggling her ass all over the place before she finally plopped down beside me on the couch.

Her vibrant, young and supple body had caused some major changes in the front of my pants. Jenny laughed out loud when she spied the condition I was in, pointing at the bulge in the front of my pants.

“Hahaha, I want to see your pecker!” she told me.

“Help yourself!” I replied, sitting back and relaxing more on the couch.

I sat there and watched Jenny drop to her knees in front of me. As soon as she unzipped my pants, my rigid cock sprang out and into her hands. the sexy blonde dragged her finger nails down the entire length of my shaft. She trailed her fingers down to my swollen bag, tugging my sac and squeezing my balls.

“Fuck! You’re big!” true detective izle she exclaimed, “and nice and hard!” Her eyes lit up, “I want to jerk you off!” she purred, leaning in closer.

She stroked me expertly. She was much more energetic that her mother was. Her hand went faster and faster until it finally was just a blur. I lifted my ass up off the couch and thrust myself into her little hands. She smiled seeing the beads of sweat forming on my brow.

“Get ready.” I said, warning her of the eruption about to take place.

My nuts quaked. My shaft throbbed and trembled. With a loud grunt my hot lava spewed out of the head of my throbbing cock. I poured out and flowed all over Jenny’s little hand. She eagerly rubbed my shaft and squeezed my cock, milking my stiff prick. My white, creamy sperm oozed out, squishing out between her tightly clenched fingers. She raised her hand to her mouth, flicked her tongue out and proceeded to lick her hand clean.

“Mmmmmm!” she purred, “Very tasty cum too, just as I thought!”

We heard her mother unlocking the door and I hastily tucked my dick back in and zipped up, in the knick of time.

It was the strangest damn trip I’d ever been on. It lasted three weeks in total. During the whole trip I never got either mother or daughter into bed, but they both jerked me off daily, neither one realizing what the other was up to.

At the end of it all I received a very generous tip, I got to stay in the finest hotels and eat the best foods, and to top it all off I had a high class mother and daughter team competing against each other, stroking my cock all day and night! For the first few nights back home it was nice to rest my cock, but I could sure use some high classed abuse right about now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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