Hellie in the Parking Lot

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Legs Spread

(This story is following Hellie and the House Party and Hellie Dreams)

It was a few weeks later when Hellie ran into the older man she’d taken up her ass at Karen’s party. Because, as she’d suspected, he was Karen’s father.

Hellie saw him while she was stocking shelves during a morning shift. He and Karen shared a few words, gave each other a hug. He seemed to be dropping off a lunch bag for her. But after that, he headed for the store aisles.

Hellie had turned around. She wasn’t sure what to do, and so she did her job.

“Excuse me, miss?”

She turned to see him standing behind her.

“Hi sir,” she said cheerfully as they locked eyes. “How can I help you?”

“You folks got any 4th of July decorations yet?”

Hellie shook her head. “Not just yet sir, you might find some balloons that work in our party aisle, though.”

“Mm,” he said, looking her up and down. “I ain’t got time for all that now, maybe I’d better come back later.”

“I understand, sir,” Hellie said. “I’m about to finish my shift here myself and then I’ll be running out, too.”

The man nodded. “Thank you for your help, young lady.” He turned and left.

Five minutes later, Hellie clocked out. She ducked into the bathroom to change into shorts and a tank top. She shoved her work clothes along with her bra and panties into her bag, threw on her sunglasses, and walked outside.

She found him a few stores down, sitting on a bench outside of the barber shop. She walked toward him without looking at him directly.

“I didn’t know you worked in the store,” he said as she approached.

Pretending she hadn’t known he’d be there, Hellie turned with a jolt, making sure he saw her mostly-exposed breasts bounce.

Hellie lowered her sunglasses to look at him. “I didn’t know you were Karen’s dad.”

He grinned. “Who’d ya think I was?”

Hellie walked steadily toward him, got close and stood over him.

“Well, I thought you were my daddy, Daddy.”

He spoke in a low voice. “Girl I been dreaming of that ass for weeks.”

Hellie leaned forward to whisper in his ear. “That makes my pussy wet, Daddy.”

“Let me show you my car.” Daddy stood and led her away.

He’d parked in the back of the side lot, under trees. It was a Cadillac. Hellie giggled.

“Would you like to get in, sweetheart?”

Hellie bit her lip and nodded. He opened the passenger door for her and she slid in, her bare thighs hot on the leather seat. He shut the door and came around to slide into the driver’s seat.

“I like your car, Daddy.”

“I think it likes you too, baby.”

Hellie pressed her hair back behind her shoulders so that her cleavage was fully visible. “Do you like my outfit?”

“Yes I do.” He reached down and squeezed the inside of her thigh. “And I really like these shorts on you, baby.” He moved his seat back. “Why don’t ataşehir escort bayan you come up here on my lap?”

“Yes please, Daddy.” Carefully Hellie climbed over to straddle his lap. She could feel his thickness pressing up into her through her shorts and his pants. She leaned down to kiss him, and their tongues danced. His tongue slowly explored the length of her mouth, as though planning the route his dick would take later.

Hellie moaned, pressing herself into him, her warmth against his hardness. Her hips moved, her ass pressing against his thighs. Still kissing her, he reached down to feel her ass and thighs with long, greedy fingers, making her grind harder and press her ass back further for his hands. He tugged her shorts up, exposing more of her ass and pressing the denim against her clit and asshole. Hellie whimpered.

“That ass is soft,” he murmured, squeezing one cheek.

“Mmm, thank you Daddy.”

He kissed her again, shoving his tongue in deep, and Hellie sucked it gently, bobbing her head as she would on his dick. He held her ass in both hands as their hips moved, dual warmth in motion.

“Baby,” he said, “why don’t you turn around and show this to me?” He patted her ass.

Hellie giggled and very carefully swiveled herself until she was finally straddling him backwards. She pressed her ass against his dick, her breasts against the steering wheel.

“Oh,” he groaned, “that ass is fat.” He slapped it to see it jiggle. He massaged her cheeks with both hands, his thumbs meeting and pressing up into her crack. Hellie moaned. “Girl,” he said, “I’ve been praying to get up this ass again.”

Hellie moaned again and giggled. “All you had to do was call me, Daddy. I’ll always let you in.”

“One of these days you’re coming back to my house again, baby,” he said. “I’ll be up this ass all night long.” He pressed gently against her asshole through her shorts and she moaned. He thumbed his way down to press against her pussy through the shorts. She was hot and damp. “Feels like that pussy might need some, too.”

“Mmmm,” Hellie whimpered. “I want it in all of my holes, Daddy.”

“You want Daddy to fill all your holes, baby?”

“Oh yes Daddy, please?”

“Stick that ass out, baby. Push it back toward Daddy like a good girl.” Hellie did, and he pulled her shorts down below her ass to her thighs. She had no panties on.

“My baby is a good girl,” he said, and slid a finger into her pussy, making her cry out.


“How does that feel baby girl?”

“Oh it feels so good!” Hellie slid her pussy up and down his finger as he moved it in and out of her, adding one and then two more. “Fuck!” Hellie cried.

“That pussy is wet, isn’t it, baby?”

“Yes Daddy, I’m all wet!”

He slid his fingers out. “Daddy’s going to help you, baby.” Hellie heard him unzipping his pants escort kadıköy and moaned gleefully as pulled her ass down, his dick rising up and sliding right into her pussy.

“Fuck, Daddy!!”

“That’s right baby, Daddy’s fucking your nice…tight…wet…pussy,” he groaned as he fucked her, holding onto her ass. One of his hands left her butt and came to her face.

“Suck Daddy’s thumb, baby. Suck Daddy’s thumb like it’s Daddy’s dick.”

Hellie moaned and licked and sucked his thumb. “Mmmmm.”

He slid his thumb out of her mouth once it was wet with saliva. “That’s good, baby.” He brought his hand back and slid his thumb carefully into her asshole.

Hellie sobbed in pleasure and tried to spread her thighs more, which was nearly impossible as her shorts were around them.

“That’s good baby, it’s okay. I know you wanna be good for Daddy.” He pressed the cheek that he was holding open and moved her ass up and down. His thumb anchored in her ass while his cock slid into her pussy and out again. “Daddy is going to get into every hole, just like my baby wanted,” he grunted as he fucked her. “Fuck, that pussy is good and hot!”

“Oh Daddy, I love when you’re inside me.”

“Daddy loves it too, baby.”


“Yes, baby?”

“Would you cum inside me please?”

“Yes I will baby, Daddy’s gonna cum right in your pussy. But not just yet, baby.”

Hellie moaned and pushed down to take him deeper. He held her ass and moved her on his cock. “I want you to cum in every hole.”

He shuddered, his dick sinking deeper inside her and she cried out. “Fuck yes!”

“Damn, baby,” he muttered. He slid his thumb deeper into her ass and she shook.

“Oooh,” she breathed.

“I think I can do that for you, baby.” He continued fucking her, his strokes steady. He began to keep his dick deep, shortening the strokes. “Baby what’s your name?”




“John Noble. Good to meet you Hellie.”


“Good to meet you, Hellie Christoph.”

Hellie shuddered. “That just made me wetter.”

“What’s that baby? Learning my name?”

“Learning your name while you fuck me.”

“Mmm I think you’re a freak, baby. I like that.”

Hellie giggled. “Thank you, Daddy.”

“You ready for some cum, baby?”

Hellie whimpered. “Yes please, Daddy.”

He fucked her faster. “Let me get deeper baby.”

“Ohhhh!” Hellie cried. “Ohh-hhhh-hhhh-hhhhh.”

“That’s that good pussy,” he muttered.

Hellie felt her own orgasm hit her. “Jesus fuck!” She shook.

“God. Damn!” He burst inside her. Both of them moaned, hummed, panted. She leaned back on him as they recovered.

After a moment, very slowly, Hellie carefully slid off of his dick, his cum spilling down her thigh onto the seat of the car next to him. Before he could say maltepe escort anything, she leaned her head down and began to lick and suck his soft, wet penis, still soaked in both of their cum.

“Oh my lord in heaven,” he murmured, gripping the steering wheel. “Baby..”

She lapped at his cock, bathing him with her tongue. She sucked and slurped, tasting the salty juices, moaning.

Sooner than he realized, he’d become hard again.

“Baby girl,” he whispered.

She sucked, began sliding her mouth up and down the length of him, taking him deeper and closer to her throat. She swirled her tongue around him, bobbed her head up and down.

“Baby I think I better fuck that ass again,” he murmured.

Hellie moaned, her mouth full of his cock.

“But first you need to clean up the mess you made.”

Hellie looked up at him. “Mess?” The word was muffled.

He nodded. “You better move that seat back and clean up that cum.”

Hellie looked down. She slid her mouth off of him and slid the passenger seat back.

“Lick it up, baby.”

Hellie knelt on the car floor and licked the puddle of cum that had dripped from her pussy onto the leather seat.

“That’s my good girl,” he said, stroking his dick with one hand. “Lick that up, it’s good for you. Mmm,” he said. “I don’t know where I’m gonna fuck that ass. Not enough room in here for the strokes I want to give you.

Hellie moaned. “Oh,” she said, and paused. “I know a spot.”

She found the alcove along the back of the store, not far from the store’s loading area, where she knew some of her coworkers liked to smoke. She led him to it.

Eagerly, Daddy turned her to face the wall, and she pressed her hands against it. He gently pulled her hips back, bringing her ass to stick out, and he pulled down her shorts.

His cock went back into her pussy, but only for a moment before he pulled out and slid carefully into her ass.

“Ohhhh,” Hellie moaned. “Oh yes please, Daddy, thank you Daddy, oh god.”

“Jesus,” he muttered as he sank his dick all the way into her asshole. Again he kept himself deep and Hellie could feel his ballsack softly tap her pussy as he fucked her ass. She whimpered, feeling herself getting filled.

“Daddy please,” she whispered. “I love it when you’re deep in my asshole, Daddy.”

He began to lengthen his strokes “I know you do baby, that’s my baby girl. Fuck!”

He fucked her ass deeply, and Hellie closed her eyes in ecstasy, taking in every stroke. When she finally came, he covered her mouth, knowing she would scream as her orgasm overtook her. And once she’d finished, he came inside her, filling her ass with hot cum.

They put their clothes back on carefully, and he gave Hellie a ride home.

“So,” he said when they pulled up in front of the house. “You know where I live. I know where you live.” He kissed her. “You come find me again sometime.”

“Thanks Daddy.” Hellie gave him a smile.

She went inside and spent the afternoon touching herself, rubbing and fingering her cum-filled holes.

All she could think, up until the second she was asleep, was that she wanted more.

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