Harry, Liz and Amy

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Liz worked at the Norwood Public Library. I did not know if she was a librarian or a paraprofessional. I had seen her at the checkout desk as well as shelving books and cleaning the desks and computer monitors. I figured she might be about 25 with long brown hair, about five foot three inches tall (1.6 meters for those living outside the U.S. or Liberia), and bespectacled. She wore little make up but I knew she wore a light perfume, may be musk or cedar or a mix of both?

On this particular Tuesday, I did my usual routine of visiting the library to check out the latest books and may be read the newspaper a bit. I noticed that Liz was not behind the front desk. I first searched the computer catalog for an old issue of Science Today and sure enough it was shelved in the archives in the second floor. You have to realize that those were the old days when some of the back volumes of journals and magazines used to be bound and physically archived away although some others were available in microfilm or microfiche format. So I took the stairs to the second floor and proceeded toward the location of the archived journals. This is an area seldom visited by anyone in the library. As usual, the floor was deserted. The clock on the wall chimed eleven. The fog was lifting outside and the sun began to peek from behind the murk.

I went past two aisles of back volumes to the location indicated in the electronic catalog. The archive area had several rows of books on very tall shelves and you needed a ladder to get to some of the top stacks. As I rounded the corner, I almost bumped into a ladder that was parked in the middle between two aisles. I braked hard to stop me from colliding with the ladder. As I looked up, I noticed that Liz was standing on the top rung of the ladder, trying to push a bound volume into an already overstocked top row. She wore a short green skirt and a matching blouse that accentuated her breasts. But more importantly, from my vantage point, I could stare straight at her crotch which was pantiless. I gasped as I admired the view in all its glory. Her snatch was covered with brown hair, unkempt, quite long and probably never trimmed.

“Oh, wow,” I thought, “Now, what?”

At this particular juncture, Liz must have sensed my presence. In her attempt to put away the book in its right place and get off the ladder quickly, she slipped off the ladder. As she was falling, I moved closer to the ladder to break her fall and save her from any injuries. As I was positioned right beneath the ladder, she landed directly below and as she did so, her crotch ended up resting close to my face. I steadied her from falling over by balancing her torso on my shoulders. Realize that my head was still inside her short skirt. She balanced herself by holding on the rungs of the ladder while she more or less sat on my shoulders with my nose in close contact with her bush. Surprisingly, she did not cry for help or yelp but seemed content that her fall was broken and that she was safe. I tried to ask her if she was okay but no words came out my mouth. I could smell her pussy which was less than half an inch from my nose. Suddenly, my head felt as though it was in a rain forest with mist dancing around. The stale, musky odor emanating from her pussy scented the immediate surrounding and I was getting dizzy as in drunk. It was getting steamy and I began to perspire. I put my tongue out and reach for her clit. My body shuddered as I tasted the saltiness, probably a mixture of perspiration, cunt juice and residual odor from when she might have peed last. I savored the taste to my delight. I was still holding her up with my arms and continuing this licking maneuver. Surprisingly, she was quiet and did not protest even though she had no idea who was devouring her pussy.

She shifted her position a bit, so now her asshole was sitting close to my nose. This sent an electric shock down my spine. I could smell her slightly sweaty ass hole. I am sure she worked up a little bit of sweat with her manual labor. This was glorious as I once again felt giddy from her odorous asshole. By odorous, I don’t mean nasty or bad. The asshole itself looked clean and there were no telltale signs of tissue paper residues or any other warnings. From my ring seat vantage point, I admired her asshole, nice, round, a little puckered, inviting and brown, but slightly on the rosy side. I could see the radial pattern of striations emanating from the circumference of her rim to the center and vanishing into mysterious and unknown territory. I moved my nose up and down her asshole, enjoying the smooth structure of her rim and the contours of the striations. Meanwhile, my cock was getting hard and I could sense my “pilot” juice starting to flow. I stuck my tongue out and began to lick her asshole. Since I did not have access to my fingers, my only manipulation of her and her goodies was though my nose or tongue. Her asshole tasted a little salty and slightly of walnut. Now, I did not expect this next thing to happen. Due to nervousness or fear, I don’t which; she let out a small fart. I heard a high pitch noise and that’s how I knew. ankara grup escort

She quickly said, “Excuse me,” the first words she had ever spoken. I was expecting the worst, thinking that the rain forest tent of her skirt I had taken refuge in was going to turn into a stinky swamp. But surprisingly, her dainty fart was all bark and no bite, so to say. There was no odor. She might have evacuated earlier and/or not eaten anything that gassy. Anyway, after a minute or two, I licked her assshole again. This time, it tasted slightly of sulfur. I figured that the residue from fart probably resulted in this new flavor, which I did not mind. Having studied chemistry well, I realized that she must have had eaten some garlic or onion or eggs, probably eggs. I continued licking her asshole. Despite the embarrassing moment with the farting, she seemed to enjoy my devotion to her rear end. Maybe she never had her ass licked the way I was doing right now because she started moaning and breathing heavily. I moved her hips back and forth by gyrating my shoulders so that I could lick in one continuous sweep from her asshole all the way to her pussy in the front. I enjoyed this as my tongue and nose traversed a variety of textures, contours, tastes and smells. I now realized that the saltiness of her cunt juice was gone and was replaced with something sweeter tasting. Her clit seemed to twitch as my tongue made contact every time. Her bush still encapsulated the thick micro-rain forest environment. As I moved her hips faster and faster, she seemed to enjoy it even more. I could tell because she was moaning louder and louder, not really concerned if the librarian or anyone else came by or heard her. She finally seemed to climax as her body went into convulsions and I could sense liquid draining from her cunt onto my face. My face was covered mostly with her cunt juice, a low viscosity, and colorless liquid, tasting slightly sweet, slightly sour, slightly metallic and slightly salty. My head was beginning to roll and I was feeling victorious, having fucked Liz with my nose and tongue and making her cum on the second floor of the Norwood Public Library. I lifted her off my face and put her on the carpet where she was now standing. Some liquid was still dripping off her cunt on to the carpet. This was the first time she had a chance to look at me. She smiled and said, “Thanks. You are a good mouth-fucker. And thanks for saving me from falling.”

At that time, a voice came over the intercom, “Liz to the front desk, please.”

Liz said, “I got to go. That’s Mrs. Henderson, the librarian. I am Liz. What’s your name?”

“Harry,” I said. She looked at her watch. “I am on lunch break at noon for an hour. Meet me outside the library, Harry.”

I took my handkerchief and wiped her dripping pussy as well as my own face. She placed the ladder in a corner and proceeded toward the stair case.

I found the issue I was looking for, went downstairs and checked it out. Liz was not at the counter, so I figured Mrs. Henderson had given her an assignment. I walked out of the library. My watch showed 11:50. I sat under the shade of a large tree and started reading the issue I had checked out. Somewhere in the distance, a church bell announced it was noon. A few minutes later, Liz came out, carrying her purse. She had a light sweater on.

“Hi, Harry!” she said, “You know nothing like this ever happened to me. You must think that I am a slut, but I am not.”

“I understand. I am not judging you,” I said. “But do you always go to work without wearing underwear?”

“No-no-no-no! Never! I had not done my laundry and I figured better no panties than a dirty, stained one,” she justified.

“So you did not mind that I made you cum?” I asked.

Liz replied, “That was pleasant. I haven’t had that in a long time, may be months. I never had my asshole licked either, the way you did. You must be an artist?”

I said, “Of sorts. I am driven by smells, textures and tastes. People ought to pay more attention to their senses. There is a universe out there yet to be discovered.”

Liz said, “Oh? Like what?”

I replied, “You’ll see. I don’t know what you are doing this afternoon. I can tell you more.”

Liz said, “I have to be back at the library at one. I am a low level paraprofessional working 24 hours a week. I was heading to my apartment for a quick lunch.”

I said, “I will walk with you, if you don’t mind.”

Liz said, “That would be nice. I live just five minutes away.”

We reached her apartment shortly. She unlocked the door and let me in as well. “Amy, are you home?” Liz shouted.

“I am here in the bath room,” came a young, female voice.

“Oh, that is Amy, my house mate. She is a junior at the community college.”

Liz set her purse on the kitchen counter and took off her sweater. As she bent down to pull a chair, I could see her cleavage and tops of soft, plump, milky white breasts. “Want some lunch?” Liz offered.

I said, “What do you have?”

Liz said, “Left over pizza.”

I said, “Okay then.”

Liz gümüşhane escort then proceeded to heat three pieces of pizza in the microwave. Meanwhile, I heard Amy in the bath room. She had not closed the door and I could see her sitting on the toilet. I heard the sound of her taking a dump. She finally let out a sigh of relief, pulled a length of toilet paper and wiped her ass hole. She then peed. I could hear the stream running, slowing to a trickle. She wiped again and flushed the toilet, pulling up her underwear. She had a long, plain T-shirt on.

Amy came out of the bathroom announcing, “Hi, I am Amy,” shaking hands with me. I shook her hand announcing my name followed by pleasantries like “nice to meet you.”

Amy appeared to be around 20, blond hair and about 5’6″ (1.68 meters), an inch (2.5 cm) shorter than I was. She had a beautiful face, despite her freckles.

“How were classes this morning?” Liz asked Amy.

Amy replied, “So so. Economics was good. History was boring.”

By that time, the pizza was heated enough. Liz took three plates, offering one to me and one to Amy and keeping one for herself.

“So how was your morning?” Amy asked Liz, adding, “You look a little more cheerful, but tired?”

Liz hesitated, and then replied, “Amy. Keep this amongst us three because I am still embarrassed some by what happened this morning.” She then proceeded to relay Amy her encounter with me this morning ending with, “I have never felt this good someone licking my ass hole.”

Amy looked curious now. She said, “I have done almost everything but I dare say that I never received a decent rim job in my life!”

Liz volunteered, “Harry here says he knows a lot about senses. May be he can teach us both, if he doesn’t mind, a few things. After all, I am not too knowledgeable about a lot of things, having led a sheltered life.”

By that time, we had finished eating our slices of pizza. Liz had brought out three bottles of cold beer. We drank in silence. Amy got up and walked toward me, asking, “Want to try?” while lifting up her night shirt and pulling her panties down. She cushioned her butt against my face, urging, “Give me the same pleasure that you gave Liz.”

My nose was against her crack, which smelt fruity. I asked her, “What did you have for breakfast, strawberries?”

Amy said, “How did you guess? As a matter of fact, I had strawberries and soy milk.”

I replied, “It is all in here,” placing my index finger on her brown eye and pressing it lightly. I proceeded to lick her rim, enjoying the flavor – a bit salty, fruity and sour. Amy appeared to enjoy it because she started gyrating her hips as well as squeezing her sphincter muscles in and out in a magnificent display.

My licking grew more vigorous. Meanwhile, my cock was getting stiff and my shorts were protesting. I sensed my pilot beginning to flow.

I said, “Here is my pilot.”

Amy asked, “What the hell is your pilot?”

I answered, “It is the juice that comes from a man’s cock. It is not cum per se but a precursor. It is clear, sticky, and sometimes soapy and is a lubricant.”

Amy said, “Oh, I know, except I have never heard anyone call it pilot. But makes perfect sense.”

Liz asked me, “Harry, can I taste your pilot?”

Before I could reply, she had pulled down my shorts and underwear and was examining my cock.

“You’re not circumcised like the other guys I had sex with,” Liz said.

I replied, “Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s the way it is. I showered this morning but did not have a chance to wash my cock in three days. Not being circumcised and all, you may find it disgusting that there may be a white crud at the base of the crown.”

Liz said, “Harry. I am going to follow your lead regarding sense and enjoy my sense of smell and taste to the utmost.”

Liz had by this time peeled back my foreskin. Sure enough she noticed the thin, white coating at the base of my crown. She placed her nose close to it and sniffed it.

“Umm,” she said, “Bit musky, bit like ammonia, bit sour smelling, bit salty,” she completed her assessment.

I replied, “Crystalline urea and uric acid plus dried perspiration, sodium chloride and dried pilot. The ammonia is from ammonium bicarbonate from sweat.”

Liz said, “You know your chemistry.”

Liz proceeded to lick the white stuff clean, swallowing it. “Tastes yummy, tangy, salty and musky.”

I said, “I am glad you like it.”

Meanwhile, I was still paying 100% attention to Amy’s needs, stroking her brown eye with my nose, lips and fingers, enjoying her taste immensely. Liz finished with eating up the white crud. Meanwhile, my pilot had started flowing copiously. I was afraid it was going to drip on to the coffee table. Liz sensed that. She immediately lifted her skirt and massaged her asshole using my cock so that the pilot now smeared her asshole which was still a bit wet from this morning’s encounter. Periodically, Liz would use her index finger and guide the pilot deeper into her asshole, while still sliding my cock around halkalı escort her rim.

“Waste not, want not,” Liz justified, and then added, “Do you want to fuck my asshole or pussy or anything else?”

I said, “Not yet. But I have an idea. Turn around.”

Liz tuned around to face me. I undid her blouse and unhooked her flimsy bra. Out flung her pendulous breasts gauntly defying the immediate surroundings. Her nipples were hard and erect, nice and rosy looking, about half an inch (12.5 millimeters) long and quarter inch (6.3 mm) in diameter, with the surrounding pink circle about an inch (25 mm) in diameter – just the right dimensions! I hate some of the boobs where the outer circle around the nipple is like three inches (75 mm) in diameter! That would dilute the beauty and be distracting and boring. I sucked hard on her nipples and she started moaning. Meanwhile, I continued manipulating Amy’s asshole with my fingers of my right hand while the fingers from the left hand were into investigating the secrets of her pussy. Amy’s pussy was beginning to get wet. Liz was moaning too. I loved it when the two moaned in unison.

“What next?” inquired Liz.

I directed, “Liz, take your nipple, one at a time and rub it against Amy’s asshole.”

Liz complied. The shriek from Amy was intense. She said, “Wow, what a sensation. I have never been nipple fucked in my asshole before! This is heaven! Don’t get me wrong. I am not a lesbo. But I see your point, Harry, regarding exploring the breadth of all senses.”

Amy continued shrieking and moaning alternatively. Liz joined in on the chorus. Liz was ecstatic as well. I could bet that her nipple hardened and was nearly three quarters of an inch (19 mm) long.

Liz continued to collect pilot as it dripped from my cock, delivering the drops to her lips, asshole, cunt, and to her nipples, thus also lubricating Amy’s rim.

This continued for several minutes. I told Amy, “Turn around. Let me taste your pussy.”

Amy obliged. I noticed that Amy’s blonde bush was neatly trimmed and her bush looked like a live centipede surrounding her pussy lips. I kissed her bush and pussy several times from top to bottom and then plunged my nose in. “Wew!” I almost said, as a strong, fishy odor penetrated my olfactory senses. I figured Amy had not washed her pussy in may be a day or two. Nevertheless, I dove in and started licking her lips and clit and plunging deeper into her cunt. The juice tasted not only salty and sour but had a strong smell of a spice, fenugreek?

I said, “Amy, do you eat fenugreek?”

Amy said, “You can taste it in my pussy, huh? Yes, I do. It is a good herb.”

I continued eating Amy’s pussy while her moaning grew louder. Meanwhile, Liz had started sucking on my cock. Lest Liz feel ignored, I guided my right hand and started stroking her pussy. The girls’ moaning chorus rose to a crescendo.

Liz, growing impatient, asked, “When are you going to fuck us proper?”

I said, “In a minute. What’s your favorite creamy food, you both?”

Amy said, “Soy-based, no fat mayonnaise,” while Liz replied, “Marshmallow cream.”

I stopped what I was doing and went to the refrigerator pulling bottles of mayonnaise and marshmallow cream out. I applied some mayonnaise on my cock and some on Liz’ asshole. I plunged my cock directly into Liz’s ass. The cock went in smoothly since her asshole had been properly reamed out by my manipulations earlier in the morning. Liz cried, “Oh, God. Feels fantastic. Fuck my ass harder!”

I continued plunging my piston into her ass, sometimes slowing down to tease her. Liz continued to moan. Amy was playing with herself, her left hand middle finger manipulating her own asshole while her right hand index finger was playing with her clit.

After several minutes of fucking Liz in her ass, I pulled my cock out and offered it to Amy to suck. Amy plunged her mouth eagerly into my cock licking the left over mayonnaise and Liz’s ass juice off my dick.

Amy said, “Tastes wonderful, sweet, salty and sour!”

Liz said, “I am glad you are enjoying my ass juice.”

After Amy had licked my cock clean, I applied some marshmallow cream to my cock and plunged into Amy’s ass. I fucked her ass for several minutes and offered my cock to Liz to suck. Liz ate the marshmallow cream and Amy’s ass juice off my cock, saying, “Delicious. Sweet!”

I said, “I can’t guarantee into whom or which hole I would come in. But it is getting near time.”

“Me, me,” cried Liz. Amy pleaded likewise.

So I took the safest option. I fucked Amy’s Ass for a minute, then had Liz eat Amy’s ass juice off my dick, then fucked Liz’s cunt for a while, had Amy taste Liz’s pussy juice off my cock, then fucked Amy in her cunt for a minute, had Liz taste Amy’s cunt juice, and finally fucked Liz in her ass and had Amy taste Liz’s ass juice. I had to finish off and due to a feeling of obligation to Liz, whom I met first, I finally climaxed in her sweet, little asshole. I came in multiple spurts; the first convulsion unloaded my hot, creamy, and salty cum in Liz’s ass. I guessed that was about one half teaspoon (2.5 milliliters). The next aftershock delivered about a quarter teaspoon (1.25 mL), followed by several smaller aftershocks. I was yelling at the top of my lungs, “Oh, God. It is here.” Finally, my convulsions slowed. I also slowed down my piston action.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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