Harley Boy and Vette Girl

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Clad in leather on a warm, sunny spring day, the biker is cruising down the highway on his Harley with no particular destination in mind – just enjoying a lazy Saturday doing whatever the hell he damn well pleases – when we spots the sexy image of a sports car up ahead. As he approaches, he can’t help but admire the beautiful, sexy ass of the hot Corvette convertible in front of him. Always one to appreciate a fine automobile, he doesn’t always appreciate the drivers.

“This jackass is cruising along at 55mph – gotta be some old guy,” he thinks to himself as he speeds up and moves to the passing lane, preparing to fly by and show off to the Vette’s driver. As he pulls alongside the car, however, he glances over to see who’s behind the wheel and is shocked to find that the driver is not only a chick – but a hot one! And not only is she hot, but she’s fucking topless – and she is playing with herself with all she’s got! “Holy fucking shit!!”

He can’t take his eyes off this unfathomable situation. If he wasn’t wearing a helmet, he knows his jaw would be dragging along the road in disbelief. “Is this one of those fucking mirages that you see in the desert? What the fuck??”

The girl in the Vette looks over at him and winks as she licks her red lips lasciviously, then floors it and zips ahead, waving her hand out the top of the car as if daring him to follow. He knows his Harley can’t keep up with a Vette, but he decides to try anyway because that was way too much teasing and he needs more of her.

She blows away, leaving dust behind. He isn’t sure if she was flirting or just blowing him off as the image of her car disappears in the distance. Dejected, he resumes a normal speed but can’t stop thinking about that little cockteasing bitch and how he’d like to get his hands on her.

He spots a sign along the road indicating a rest stop up ahead, and he wonders if she’ll be there waiting for him. “Probably not,” he thinks, “but it can’t hurt to check…”

He pulls into the little rest stop along the deserted country highway and smiles from ear to ear when he catches a glimpse of the shiny blue Vette. It’s the only car parked at the stop, but she’s nowhere to be found. Getting up off the bike, it feels so good to stand, stretch, and adjust his pants to make a little room for his stiffening cock. Now where did she go..?

As he walks down the strip leading past what looks like a vacant country store, he watches the shaded woodlot that appears to be occupied by a few old picnic tables. He wants to catch a glimpse of the mystery teaser without her knowing what he’s looking for.

It was such a beautiful Spring day, the sun shone brightly overhead and only a slight breeze blew through the air as the temperatures approached the mid-70s. The girl was clad only in a skirt and high-heeled sandals as she climbed atop the creaky old picnic table to bask in the sun’s warmth, letting her bare breasts be warmed by the rays.

Laying silently, alone in this peaceful swath of nature, she couldn’t resist reaching between her legs, oblivious to the horny Harley stud who just came upon the scene and was stealing a peek from afar. As she touched herself, she closed her eyes and a serene smile passed her lips as she thought about the mystery guy on the bike that she saw a few miles back. “I wonder who he was? I wonder what kind of guy he is? I wonder if he’s a good lover?” All these thoughts swirled through her head, getting her more aroused.

Normally a good girl, she feels naughty right now and is getting even more worked up by the second. She desperately hopes nobody drives into the remote rest area for the next few minutes because she is so aroused by her own actions on the deserted stretch of highway that she needs a release before getting back on the road. And damn it feels good to lay naked in the sun!

The biker can’t believe his eyes! He thinks to himself, “this has to be a dream…”

As she continues to touch herself, it feels so good that she doesn’t want to rush. With the anticipation of her release, she knows it will be even more incredible if she lets her arousal continue to build. So with her skirt hiked around her waist, she uses one hand to caress her breast while the other hand explores her soft, silky folds. She can feel the slippery wetness of her arousal drip out onto the table, letting her fingers glide so easily around her lips and into the depths of her hot, wet pussy.

Her head is back on the table and her eyes are closed in pleasure, lost in a fantasy about the Harley stud, when suddenly the biker accidentally steps on a twig, snapping it. Her eyes fly open and she sits bolt upright, suddenly feeling modest and instinctively covering her bare breasts with her arm. Her heart is racing and when she looks in the direction of the sound, she catches him watching her. A bright blush of embarrassment and surprise spreads across her cheeks as she suddenly feels a little shy, vulnerable, and scared, yet oddly aroused.

She quickly gets up and starts running towards her car, fighting back tears of guilt and humiliation about zeytin ağacı izle being caught, stammering a confused and awkward, “Ummmm.. Excuse me.. Sorry!”

He smiles warmly at her and gently calls out, “Wait, don’t go..” There’s something about his voice that’s comforting and trustworthy, and now that she’s seen him up-close, without his helmet, she notices that he’s pretty cute and he looks like a nice guy. She no longer feels scared, but rather curious. Still holding her arm across her chest shyly, she stops running, makes eye contact, and utters a breathy, barely audible, “Hi”.

He responds, “Hey” while trying not to look at her as she tries to cover her breasts.

“Why is she acting so shy when I just caught her finger jiggin’ herself at a public rest stop?”, he wonders in confusion.

She’s thankful that he isn’t a creep and that he’s fully clothed; if she had caught him jerking off she might have been scared, for as devilish as she’s feeling right now, this is more daring than anything she’s done before. The warmth of his smile is comforting, and she can’t help but flash him a dazzling smile in return.

Suddenly feeling more brave and bold, she introduces herself and extends her hand to shake his, nonchalantly uncovering her breasts. He tells her his name, but rather than grasping her hand to shake, he reaches around and pulls her tight to him, smashing her tits against his chest and whispering with hot breath on her neck, “That was so hot!”

He can’t help but wonder, “Why me? Was it the bike or did I catch her doing something in her car that she does all the time?” He wonders to himself whether she is just some hot looking floozy; he wants to know, but at the same time maybe he doesn’t!

“Oh god”, she thinks, “he must think I’m a slut!”

A bit embarrassed yet feeling oddly adventurous, she says, “I don’t know what got into me today. I love going on long drives in my Vette, with the top off and the wind blowing through my hair. The sexiness of the car and the rumble of 400 ponies beneath me always turns me on. For some reason, today I wanted to feel the sun on my shoulders and bare chest, and before I knew it, my hand found its way down between my legs. I wasn’t expecting anyone to catch me doing that on the highway, but when you did, it really turned me on and I had to pull over to finish myself off before continuing on my drive.”

Amused by her story and surprised by her sudden openness, he could only grin mischievously and reply, “I see..”

She looked down at her feet and blushed, then said, “I’m sorry, you must think I’m weird or a tramp, but I’m really not. This has never happened to me before.”

He smiled and said in a low, sexy voice, “No need to apologize, don’t be embarrassed.” She smiled warmly from his reassurance. “But, can I join in your fun?”, he asked.

Without saying another word, she reached out to take his hand, leading him back to the picnic tables in the shaded woodlot, still wearing nothing more than a skirt and high-heeled sandals, making no attempt to cover her luscious, bare tits.

He hesitates for a second as she leads him to the shaded woods. He thinks to himself, “Holy shit – this only happens in the movies, I must be dreaming!” Then he decides to quit thinking and enjoy the moment!

When they arrive at the picnic table, he gently spins her around and puts his mouth on hers. Soft at first, the kiss gradually deepens into something more hungry and demanding. His tongue pushes into her mouth and she eagerly accepts it, rubbing her tongue along his and into his mouth.

He reaches around to her ass and squeezes her cheeks, soft and supple with only the thin fabric of her skirt between his fingers and her butt. He pulls her against his groin so she can feel the bulge in his pants pressing against her stomach, and she moans at the sensation. He slides his fingers between her skin and the waistband of her skirt before sliding her skirt down over her very shapely hips, letting the skirt puddle around her feet. He puts his hands under her arms and lifts up enough to put her little ass on the table, then drops down to his knees and stares at what he is about to put his warm mouth on.

She grins in delight at the surprise at how this encounter is going, and she can’t believe she’s actually doing something so wild! But god, she wants and needs this so badly! She lays back on the table, putting her tits on display for this mystery man, hard nipples straining up towards the sun, wondering where this will lead.

On his knees before her spread legs, he can smell the sweet fragrance of her pussy, and he notices that she’s so wet she’s oozing out. His hard cock is starting to hurt from the tight jeans, and between the situation at hand and the sun, he is starting to feel hot. He quickly yanks his shirt off and tosses it to the ground, then unzips his pants and slides them down past his ass, taking his hard cock out of his boxers. Feeling more comfortable, he proceeds…

He takes his time working towards her box. He gently the terminal list izle kisses her inner thigh, first one side, then the other. She is arching her back in eagerness and pleasure, but he hasn’t even touched the honey hole yet.

The anticipation is killing her – she is so worked up that she can’t wait to feel him on or in her. Without really knowing this guy, she isn’t sure what he has in mind, but for some reason she feels safe and comfortable with him, somehow feeling that she can trust him and that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. Feeling so aroused and relaxed, she is ready and excited to take on anything he dishes out! She can’t believe this is really happening, and that her secret fantasy is about to become reality!

He can’t believe this is happening. He is about to llick a beautiful mystery woman’s luscious pussy! This act is usually saved for a woman that he has special feelings for, yet he feels a connection to this stranger for some reason. Will he ever see her again after this is over? He can’t help thinking that this is wrong, but it feels so right and…… ohhhhh she tastes so sweet that now he plans on spending as much time as he can buried in this woman’s pussy until she begs for more.

She is so excited she can barely breathe! She also feels a strange connection to him, making the erotic experience that much more exciting. His tongue feels so good sliding around her slit; by the way he’s making her feel, she quickly realizes that he is the most experienced lover that has ever graced her pussy. “God, I could lie here forever!”, she thinks to herself. He’s such a master at this that she knows it won’t take long to cum, but she wants to savor this wicked pleasure as long as possible!

He wonders if he will know when she cums, or will she be like his old girlfriend that showed more emotion while eating a hotdog? He thinks he will know when she reaches her climax just because her body language thus far is like an open book. He loves the fact that he already knows he’s doing a good job by the sounds and motions of her body.

She’s an expressive sort of girl for sure, and she wears her emotions on her sleeve. There will be no denying the body language and vocalizations that will come out of Vette-girl when she explodes! This guy is so damn talented, she can’t believe her luck in meeting this hot and decent guy with whom she feels such a connection. “This has got to be the best day of my life!”, she thinks, and she starts wondering how he likes to be pleased when it’s her turn to return the favor. In the meantime, though, all she can really concentrate on is the building tension in her body as her climax approaches. She wonders if he’s the type that will quickly push her over the edge, or tease her by prolonging the pleasure until she can no longer hold back!

He senses she is close to climax, so he backs off a little because he doesn’t want her out of his life quite yet. Again his friggin’ brain gets in the way and he wonders – is it possible she may squirt all over him or just buck and squirm with orgasm? Never having experienced a squirter, he’s slightly cautious. “Who cares,” he thinks, “drown me with juices – my mouth will be on her hotbox until she resists!”

Just as she was riding the wave of pleasure and about to reach her peak, he backed off. “Damn!”, she thought, “This guy’s a pussy-tease – but there’s no denying that he is good. This is a guy who really knows how to pleasure a woman!” With each peak that starts to build, he backs away before starting to build the next peak, with each successive peak just getting higher and higher. She knows she will have an unbelievable orgasm at the end of this!

She takes a moment to peek down her body, between her legs, and can’t resist reaching down to tussle her fingers through his short, silky blond hair. She worries a bit that she may squirt when she finally reaches her peak, and she wonders if she should hold back in case it freaks this guy out, or whether to just go with the flow. Convincing herself that just letting it all out will be the most satisfying for her, and if he doesn’t like it, what’s there to lose since she may never see him again anyway! She settles back into the wonderful sensations and relaxes a bit, breathing deeply to get as much oxygen into her brain as possible, since that always helps increase the pleasure and size of the orgasm. It feels sooooo good, this guy is like the King of Oral!

He feels like a “king” right now because he seems to be in control of everything! He loves this stranger’s taste but at the same time he hopes she begs to be fucked. His cock is just average but he could probably break concrete with it right now. He knows he has nothing to lose so he puts a little pressure on her asshole with his middle finger while he tongue fucks her. He knows he is gifted with a long tongue because it has become a topic of conversation amongst his guy friends. Although when it’s mentioned around women he becomes shy, as if in denial that his tongue is longer than the dicks of some the traitors izle of his not-so-gifted friends.

She is still amazed by his skills, especially his incredible tongue! But as good as all the clit and slit-licking feels, she wants to be filled by this man. “Is that too weird with a stranger?” she wonders. “It doesn’t really matter how weird it is, right now it’s all she can think about!”

The sensation of his finger pressing on her cheerio and his tongue all over her pussy, coupled with the thoughts of possibly being fucked by this man, is more than she can handle and she can no longer hold back. She screams out and bucks wildly, but he keeps the perfect pressure and movement going as wave after wave of pleasure pulses through her in the most incredible orgasm she has ever experienced. Even when she’s peaked, he still refuses to let up, leading her immediately to that second orgasm. She starts cumming on him, squirting all over his face, chest and legs. “OH MY GOD!”, she screams out.

He pulls away slightly as he kisses her thighs gently, smiling proudly at the intense reaction he just elicited from this babe. “Holy shit, what the fuck was that?!” he thought to himself. He is shocked as to what just happened – he’s never experienced squirting before but didn’t mind it. More than didn’t mind it – he loved it! To be able to make someone’s body do that is just in-fucking-credible! She is still so worked up that she continues to squirm with her eyes clenched shut as she comes down off her orgasmic high.

He’s not sure if she wants more, but he decides to take a chance. Standing up and looking at her soggy pink pussy, he lines himself up then quickly enters her tight pussy with his hot shaft.

With her eyes shut, she didn’t see this coming and she screams out a startled “OHHH!”. But she isn’t upset, in fact she’s excited by the fullness of having this guy inside; they seem to be a perfect fit, like two pieces of a puzzle destined to be locked together. She notices that he is exactly the perfect size – big enough to please her and drive her wild, but not so big that it could hurt.

He leans forward, with their faces mere inches apart. She quickly gets into the groove of matching his rhythm, and she reaches her arms around him to lightly run her nails down his back while looking into his eyes and seeing the look of pleasure on his face.

He begins french-kissing her without their lips touching. He looks deep into her partially closed eyes as he slowly pumps his rod into her. He can finally reach her breasts and oh my god they are wonderful! Nothing like perk tits that are real – oh he needs to put his mouth on them.

She’s never “deep-throated” a tongue before but she discovers that it’s incredibly erotic! She still can’t believe this is happening. Normally a good girl whose only dirtiness is in her mind, this is completely out of character for her. It’s so wrong, but it’s soooo right.. Oh god is it ever right! Her mind has trouble reconciling the conflicting feelings of wrong and right, but she’s enjoying this so much that she wouldn’t even consider stopping – in fact she’s already dreading the moment when the end comes and they part ways, wondering if she’ll ever see him again.

As his warm mouth closes down on her tits, she thinks, “oh fuck, stop over-analyzing this already and just live in the moment.”

She closes her eyes again as her mouth falls open to let out a gasp and a moan, and she clamps her legs around his ass, drawing him even closer to her, deeper within her wetness.

He whispers in her ear, “I could last longer, but I don’t want to”. He’s so aroused that his loins are burning – he *needs* to cum soon. He buries himself inside her and she holds him there with her legs… his knees are weakening…

“Oh fuck yeah baby, you’re so good.. Fill me!!”

He can’t help but deliver a few last quick thrusts, bringing them simultaneously over the edge into orgasmic bliss. He blasts load after load of his hot cum deep within her as she rides the waves of her own orgasm, bucking and shuddering beneath him as her pussy milks every drop of spunk from his twitching cock.

Spent, the movement stops and he lays forward on her, resting his cheek gently on her collarbone. Neither says a word as they both revel in the afterglow of amazing, spontaneous sex with this stranger-turned-new-friend. She reaches her hands down and places them lightly on his shoulders, absentmindedly touching them in an affectionate manner.

His whole body is numb, his heart pounding from his chest and his breathing is short and fast. He needs this to continue – he never had a chance to get those rock-hard nipples into his mouth, nor did she have a chance to suck on his knob. He wonders if it would it be out of line for him to ask her to go to a motel in the next town they come to? He has no ties anywhere, he is a free man…

She doesn’t want this moment to end, it was the most incredible experience she had ever had and she has a feeling there’s a lot more about this man that she’d like to learn, and that this adventure was just the tip of the iceberg in the pleasures they could explore together in the future. She doesn’t know what he’s thinking though, maybe he just liked the one-time fling aspect of it with no plans for further contact. Secretly, she hopes he reaches out and gives an indication of interest in continuing this relationship, for whatever it is.

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