Happy Trails Pt. 02

Ball Gag

I managed to make it back to my car without much of an issue, using the forest as best I could to hide the cum-stain covering the front of my pants. Most people didn’t seem to notice or care, or if they did they didn’t say a word, and the one person I passed who did seemed rather satisfied when I said I’d spilled some water on myself.

All the while, I kept wondering if Jessie was out there watching me, making sure I didn’t try anything funny. Not like there was much I could do- removing my pants would’ve simply left me in the boxers, and they were just as stained from our earlier encounter as my pants.

Yet through it all, along with the uncertainty and the unease which seemed to plague my every step, was something altogether new to me. Pure, unadulterated exhilaration. Something about what had happened between us out there on the trail made me feel more alive than I had in years, and once I got into my car, Jessie foot scent wafting up from the socks tucked gently in my pocket, I understood why.

In the past, the few women whose feet I’d had the luxury of smelling had done so for my benefit. I’d asked, they’d conceded, and I’d enjoyed myself. But today, Jessie had been in charge. Though I’d loved every minute of it, she had been the one pulling the strings- leading me along to that hidden grove, making me smell her boots, socks, and feet, and pushing me over the edge until I came in my pants.

I’d gone along with every single step, never once thinking to stop or walk away. I allowed her to lead me deeper and deeper into my hidden desire than I’d ever thought was possible.

I needed to go there again.

Unfortunately, as I drove away from the woods, I was struck with a hard truth which had managed to slip my mind in the midst of everything else. Jessie hadn’t given me a number to reach her at. While she’d said she was in town seeing her folks, I doubted she’d be staying with them, and that caused my longing to turn to despair. I was at a complete loss, and though I had her socks, I knew they would never be enough.

Once I got home, I removed my pants and boxers and threw them in the laundry, but I didn’t put on a fresh pair. Instead, after warming up some leftover pizza for dinner, I crawled onto my bed and pressed Jessie’s socks to my face and inhaled as deeply as I could.

My cock immediately sprung to attention, and my free hand began to jerk it as I took in the thick, vinegary scent of those sweat-tinged socks. With every breath I thought of Jessie sitting there on the rock watching, toying with me and my cock and smiling all the while. Even if it was just a memory, it was more than enough.

Before I could finish, however, a notification popped up on my phone, and though I was very in the moment, I stopped to check just in case it was something important. Oddly enough, it was, but not in the way I had anticipated at first.

It was a friend request of Facebook.

From Jessie.

It hadn’t even crossed my mind to look for her on there, before today and after our encounter, but it seemed that Jessie had. That or she’d realized as well that she’d left me no means to contact her. Whatever the reason, I accepted almost immediately, and once I did I received a message from her. Ten digits and a smile, and if that had been it I would’ve been a happy man.

But she followed it with another. One which simply read; “Get back to what you were doing Petey.”

For the second time today, I did as she ordered, and put my phone down on the nightstand before shoving her socks back over my nose and stroking my still hard cock. Somehow, Gaziantep Fetiş Escort knowing Jessie was well aware of what I was doing- or at least suspected I was likely doing, made it all the hotter, and before I knew it my cock was spurting cum and my nose was sniffing her socks like my life depended on it.

I lay there for a few minutes, completely spent, and sighed. Though a part of me felt degraded by my actions, it couldn’t compare to the part that didn’t care. The part that had enjoyed ever second of our masturbation session. The part that was all but ready to give in to Jessie’s feet once more if it meant more pleasure like that.

Shaking my head, I looked over at my phone. I knew I would be contacting her before I knew it, and honestly, I couldn’t wait.

Completely drained as I was after everything, I cleaned myself up and went straight to bed, cradling Jessie’s socks to myself like a child’s stuffed toy, allowing their still linger stench to wash over me and whisk me off to dreamland.


It’s always been a rather rare thing for me to ever remember my dreams, but the one that came to me that night stuck with me well into my waking moments.

I was standing in the forest again, staring up at Jessie just as I had earlier in the day. Only this time, she was a giant, and my tiny frame was scarcely as tall as the toe of her boot. She gazed down at me with a cruel grin, then with giant fingers, slowly began to untie the lace of her right boot.

All I could do was watch as the black-painted nails of her hand danced along, undoing each and every long lace, letting them drop around me until I was coiled up like a snake’s prey. I couldn’t move, nor did I care to, transfixed as my eyes were to the nearly-hypnotic sight of Jessie enormous socked foot slipping out of the giant boot in front of me.

One it was out, she reached down and picked me up between two of her fingers, and with a smirk said “Come on tiny Petey. Time to go home.”

Then she brought me towards the undone boot and dropped me inside, letting me fall into the nearly bottomless pit that was the warm, dank, darkness of her boot. I couldn’t see a thing, but I could smell everything, and the scent of Jessie’s feet permeated every inch of the well-worn leather. I was in paradise, breathing in heavy breaths of her incredible foot stink.

Distracted as I was, I didn’t even notice her sock re-enter the boot, not until the toes of it approached me like a white tidal wave. I couldn’t do a thing but let it almost crush me, pushing me against the toe of the boot and trapping me between the sweat-drenched sock and warm, slick leather.

I remained there as she tied the boot back up, feeling the wiggling of her toes around my tiny body as they sent more and more of their incredible scent into the air. There was nothing I could do but let it happen, and honestly, I didn’t really have a problem with that.

Jessie began to walk, and I held onto her sock for dear life, both terrified and excited by the prospect of being stuck here for life and getting covered from head to toe in her foot sweat. Her boot, her sock, her foot, they were my entire world now, and though I knew I could die any second, I no longer cared. Jessie’s feet were all that mattered anymore, and she knew it.

The last thing I remembered before waking up was losing my grip on her sock and sliding beneath it, finding myself sandwiched between the bottom of it and the sole of her boot, followed by Jessie’s taunting voice saying “Right where you belong, eh Petey?”

Then I woke up with a jolt, my face drenched in sweat, both my own and from her still stinky socks, my boxers filled with the cum-stained result of such a wondrous dream and my mind awash with the realization of just how much Jessie’s feet had affected me.


The following day I had to work, and somehow managed to get through the entirety of my day without thinking of Jessie or her feet, although it was far from easy. More than once I noticed I typed one of both of those words in documents I was writing and knew in my heart that, like it or not, I was going to contact her.

I tried to stop myself. Really I did. That part of me that had felt degraded was speaking up once more, telling me that it was a slippery slope we didn’t want to go down. But every time it tried to present its compelling argument, the other half of my mind reminded me of how good all three orgasms her feet had brought about had felt, and pleasure outweighed everything else.

When I got home that night I found myself back on my bed, Jessie’s socks over my nose and my hand wrapped around my cock, jerking off and sniffing, almost as is I’d been programmed to. I felt almost like Pavlov’s Dog, only instead of salivating with a bell, I was jerking off the moment I noticed her socks.

But I didn’t stop.

Yet again I came, and I came hard, my hand and stomach and crotch drenched in sticky cum, all the while thinking of Jessie and her socks and her feet. It was madness, but there was no way to stop myself from succumbing to it. I’d set myself up on this path the moment I’d followed Jessie down the trail, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Except contact her.

I stared at my phone, at the number she’d given me, and I had no idea what to do. I wanted to message her, to experience her feet in person once more. But I was also still reeling from everything that had happened so far- our encounter in the forest, my continued yielding to her socks, and her control even stretching into my dreams. It was all too much. Yet not enough to prevent me from giving in.

That night before bed, I texted Jessie- unable to bring myself to call and hear her voice just yet. It was a very brief message, simply asking her what she was up to tomorrow night and if she wanted to meet up. To anyone on the outside, it would just seem like two old friends looking to catch up.

Had I not experienced what I had with her in the forest, let alone everything afterward, I’d have agreed with them. But it was more than that now. It was the clamoring of an addict in desperate need for his next fix. One that only she could provide.

The message sent, I went to bed, and though I hadn’t planned to do so, I quickly found her socks in my hands once more, and somehow knew I was likely in for another interesting night.


When sleep finally came it brought about the same dream, and this time when morning broke I was even more drained and confused. I stared at the stain on my blanket and sighed, disgusted but apathetic. The memory of being beneath Jessie’s giant foot lingered and remained in the back of my mind for the next few minutes as I slowly woke up.

All traces of sleep quickly dissipated when I remembered the message I’d sent the night before. Quickly I checked my phone, only to be disappointed. No word from Jessie. I groaned, then crawled out of bed and cleaned myself up, throwing my blanket into the wash and making some breakfast.

Jessie, true to her already revealed devilish nature, left me hanging for nearly two hours. For a little while, I honestly considered that perhaps she’d given me a fake number just to mess with me, but by noon she had written back, saying she was free this evening and wouldn’t say no to meeting up. I gave her my address and we agreed on her coming over for six.

That gave me a few hours to get my head on straight. Or so I thought.

The first thing I did was give her socks one last whiff before throwing them in the washing machine. Impressively, they still smelled as strongly as they had when I’d first smelled them in the forest. Jessie’s feet were certainly powerful, a fact I was slowly coming to realize.

I don’t know why I decided to wash them, but something inside me told me that Jessie would likely ask for them back tonight, and if she did, it’d be best if they were freshly cleaned.

While they were washing, I gave my house a quick clean as well, so as to make it somewhat more presentable for my guest. Rarely as such a thing mattered to me, but again, right now it felt of the utmost importance that Jessie arrive at a straightened-up house.

By the time six ‘o clock rolled around the house was spotless and I was sitting near the door holding Jessie’s socks like a waiting puppy. Lost save for the thought that she would soon arrive and I would possibly have another chance to experience her lovely feet. My ears were burning, waiting for the sound of the doorbell, and I stared at the front door in anticipation.

At ten after six, I heard the clicking of heels on the concrete path, followed by the ringing of the doorbell, and I practically leaped from my seat to open it. My excitement must have been plastered all over my face, given Jessie had to stifle a laugh at the sight of me.

She was standing outside the door wearing a long brown coat that covered much of her slender body, but I could clearly see the same pair of boots she’d worn yesterday peeking out from beneath it. I immediately dropped to my knees, and from above me, I heard Jessie’s familiar mocking laughter. “Like what you see Petey? We haven’t even started yet.”

Jessie stepped inside and shut the door behind her, then lifted my head up to face her with a single fingernail on my chin. Gazing up at her, I saw her smirk and offered her freshly-washed socks almost as if in tribute. She took them and slid them into her pocket. “Good boy, washing my socks for me… You might get a treat for that.”

The thought of a “treat” of any sort from her was more than enough to send a shiver of anticipation through my body. Jessie walked over to the chair I had vacated when she’d arrived, and I followed, still on my knees and waiting for her orders. She crossed her legs and made sure her boots were right in front of my face, and even then I could smell traces of her foot scent emanating from within.

I almost drooled.

“So,” she said, lifting my face one more but with the toe of her boot this time, “How many times did you blow your load for me, Petey?”

Staring into her eyes, I knew I couldn’t lie if I tried. “Four times. I came for your socks four times Jessie.”

Jessie laughed from her seat, then pulled her boot away, letting my face drop so I was looking at the floor. I felt completely and utterly degraded, and at that moment, staring at the hardwood floor, everything seemed right and wrong at the same time. I didn’t know what to do or to think. Had I jerked off too much? Not enough? What was I even doing?

She patted my head like a puppy’s and brought her face down close to mine. “Good boy. I hope you left some in those balls of yours for me. You and I are going to have a lot of fun tonight.”

Then she slid off her coat, and when I looked up at her, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. With a gulp, I knew she was right.

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