Happy Hour

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“Happy Hour” blinked on and off in the window of a popular nightclub. Scores of people stood in line outside, wrapping around the block. The bar filled quickly. Smoke and laughter filtered throughout the cooled air in the club. Excitement stirred the crazed crowd, waiting for that night’s adventure to begin.

He stood outside talking to the bouncer letting people enter the club. As he looked at the line forming his eyes connected with her. She and her friends walked past all the people waiting and entered the club. He cut his conversation short and followed her into what he hoped would become, one hell of a night.

Heads turned to catch a glimpse of her as she passed. Her walk showed poise and confidence. Guys shifted restlessly, uncomfortable with the heat rising in the room. Looks of envy flashed across a number of female faces in the bar.

She stood out from all the others. Dark as it was in the club, he could clearly see what she wore. A pale aqua top clung to her breasts, illuminating her perfect skin. He couldn’t take his eyes off her long legs extending from her very short skirt. A slit in the skirt hinted at more.

He caught a better view of her legs as she continued to the bar. As she leaned toward the bartender, he felt a twinge of jealousy. He wanted those lips, had to have them, breathing those words, whatever they might be, into his ears. He moved to the end of the bar allowing himself a full view of her luscious ass.

He felt the caress from her sexy voice as she placed her order for a drink. “Can you give me a ‘screaming orgasm’?” His cock twitched at this request. He laughed as he saw the shocked look on the bartender’s face.

Manny usually handled flirtatious comments better than a blank stare. “Uh, I’m not sure what goes into that.” he said stumbling over the words he couldn’t believe came out of his mouth.

“Oh what goes into a screaming orgasm? Can you honestly tell me you don’t know this? Okay, I’ll humor you,” she leaned in to whisper in Manny’s ear. Her hot breathe turning him on even more than the drink request. “Bailey’s, Grand Marnier, and Vodka. Pour on the rocks and into a highball glass.”

The bartender placed a glass before her on the counter. He could see the look of lust flash in Manny’s eyes as she tipped him. He wanted to feel her hands in his, that body against his body. He wouldn’t let anyone else have her. He would have her.

She turned in the direction of the dance floor watching the people dancing. He had just enough time to see a rather bold young man beg her for a dance, before needing to return to the disc jockey booth. The song started slowly, yet the beat had quickened by the time the two dancers joined her friends. He smiled as he realized he could watch her easily from behind the turntables.

She moved seductively against her partner. He watched a light illuminate her face to the beat of the sandman izle the music. He could imagine the young man’s thoughts. He wished she would press against his body in that way. He could barely concentrate on the next mix of music. He hoped she would stop and catch a breath. She did. He frowned when he saw her blow the young man a kiss. She, with her friends, returned to the bar out of his sight. Not out of mind though, his hard on wouldn’t let him forget.

The ladies decided to take a short trip to the bathroom. As she walked, she could feel the exhilaration from dancing making her light-headed. That and the drink she just had. She glided by men, taunting them with her innocent aqua-blue eyes. She felt an urge to laugh and did so out loud.

As she exited the bathroom, the music began to slow. Guys raced toward her in anticipation of being her partner, perhaps for more than just a dance. She brushed past them, not even noticing them. Her friends laughed at the saddened faces. Only the fragrance of her sweet perfume lingered in the air.

With a new round of drinks in hand, the group of friends moved to the dance floor close to the stage by the D.J. booth. They placed their drinks on the darkened stage. She stood with her back to the stage as she danced slowly to a song that made her feel so sensual. A light began to flash on and off highlighting her. She turned to look into the booth, to see why the spotlight positioned precisely on her.

When she looked beyond the glass, he stood there waiting for her reaction. Her only thoughts were “How long had this man been here? How could I have overlooked him?” Tucked away in the booth, she would never have seen him without the signal. Had he really just motioned for her to come to the booth?

Always the daring one, she walked to the door of the booth. She stepped inside as he opened it placing her hand in his. He introduced her to his co-workers as if he had known her forever, rather than two seconds. He asked his buddy if he would take over the turntables and faced her.

“Could I buy you a drink?” Had he just asked her if he could buy her a drink?

“Yes, thank you.” By all means, please do! This man is gorgeous! No, not just gorgeous, he is beautiful! His eyes, dazzlingly hazel green, looking directly into hers, read her every thought. I’m caught! Hook, line and sinker…Take me…I am yours. I just want to run my hand though that head of hair.

“We need to make a detour first,” He slipped his hand into hers. Wow, she is as soft as he’d imagined! He took her to the dance floor. There he let his arm rest around her tiny waist. He had never danced with anyone from the club before. Her scent filled him like sweet lilacs in the spring.

He instinctively knew how and where to touch her. Each felt that electric shock run through every part of their bodies. the snow girl izle He glanced down at the woman in his arms. Cut so low, she almost needn’t be wearing a blouse at all. His need grew more intense in that moment. Just dancing with her, made him pulse with excitement.

She felt as if she were melting all over. As he pulled her closer, she could feel him rock hard against her pelvis. She gently ran her fingers through his hair, loving the silkiness of it in her hands. She moved enticingly against his body. The song hinting to what could happen between them if they would just give in to their desires. She moved down the length of his body as she danced with him, her mouth right where his cock wanted her to be. Sliding back up against him, she felt herself shudder, a ferocious need developing within her.

He ran his hands down her back and grasped her ass. His eyes rolled into his head as he pulled her closer to him grinding against her. They moved together as if no one else were in the room Soon compelled by the rising passion burning within their bodies, he motioned to the door. She nodded in agreement, under a spell, in a trance.

She let him lead her to a dead end street behind the club. Their desire so great could they couldn’t even make it to a car. Her hand on his chest moved to caress his face as she pulled him to her. She kissed him deeply, savoring the taste of brandy on his lips. Gently she bit at his lower lip as she felt his hands on her shoulders. His head dipped to take a nibble of one sexy shoulder then the next.

They leaned up against his car parked behind the club. Her leg wrapped around his leaving her vulnerable to the night air. Short skirt, no panties. She’d left the house wanting to feel sexy and this did it for her. Waiting for him to discover her secret made her drenched in anticipation.

His hands caressed her soft arms down to her waist grinding her against his erection, her heat deepening his desire. He wanted to taste her. He felt along her thigh revealing more now that her skirt had risen higher. Her skin so smooth, he wanted to run his tongue all over her. He couldn’t get enough of her.

His hand moved further up her thigh enjoying the slow torture. Her face registered her pleasure and anticipation. He watched her bite her bottom lip. How cute. His hand reached her hip and moved to trace the seam of her lingerie…but she wasn’t wearing any.

He wanted her right then and there. Had to have her. She called out to him like no other woman. Her moans as his fingers slid along the inside of her thighs sang a melody caressing his ears. She, naked beneath her skirt sat open and ready for him. He could take her right here. The pleasure she showed on her face, with her sighs and the telling moisture at his hand between her legs made him decide to linger for a moment longer the spencer sisters izle right here.

He traced the contours of her sex and eased a finger inside her feeling her hot, wet center. Sliding in and out watching her face as she gasped her surprise. He would not be able to control himself much longer. He had to taste her. He kneeled before her, silky smooth skin quivering for his touch. He licked his lips at the tantalizing view of her sitting on his car legs spread welcoming him.

His tongue ran along the lips of her sex lightly, savoring her flavor. He inhaled deeply memorizing her scent. Intoxicating. He bit her gently smiling at her intake of breath. Her body shook as his fingers slid into her pussy. His tongue flicked her clit in rhythm with his fingers coaxing her to a powerful orgasm. Her hips rose as she came arching her back under the neon sign blinking to the pulses radiating through her body. He continued to lick and suck while she rode the orgasm to another peak. Fingers still inside her feeling her walls tighten around him had him ache to be buried inside her.

He stood up and laced his fingers through her hair. He pulled her close kissing her deeply. She sighed tasting herself on his lips. He yanked her head back and bit at her neck and shoulder eliciting a yelp of pleasure out of her while she came again at the coaxing of his fingers working her into another frenzy.

As much as he wanted to slip his cock inside her, he wanted to prolong this evening, this moment. He brought her to his loft above the club. He popped a CD into his stereo and took her in his arms again. The rush, the contentment he felt at this moment overwhelmed him. He wanted this night to last forever. They slowly danced into the bedroom.

He placed her on the waterbed and stood back to watch her body as the water rolled beneath her. As he undressed her, he gently ran his hand across the soft skin he’d just uncovered. Slowly he traced every inch of her naked glorious body. Circling her breasts, flicking her nipples, pinching them as she pushed against his hands with a need overwhelming her.

He put his lips to hers and she moaned softly. He positioned himself between her long legs and lifted one up over his shoulder and the next. His cock slid over her wet clit, the head silky with precum and her juices. She arched her back indicating her need to receive him. His touch, gentle at first, caressed her thighs down to cup her ass and hold her hips as he buried deeply in her tight pussy.

He moved. She moved. He increased the tempo and she complimented each thrust. Harder, faster, stronger, deeper, in, out, grind. Over and over. Her legs came to wrap around his waist pulling him roughly against her deep inside her. He withdrew and plunged deeply holding her hips. Her walls tightened around his shaft. With a cry of pleasure she came milking his cock with each wave of her orgasm. He thrust deep into her spurting his seed filling her. He watched her closely enjoying her pleasure written so clearly on her face. Their eyes locked. She never in her life felt so insatiable. She wanted more and more of him. She was filled with complete ecstasy.

Happy hour started out as a slow dance and tango ended it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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