Hands-on Experience Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Practical Benefits

Eight months after Maddy’s house party, we were all in attendance at Daniella’s union to Rob.

Melissa, my highschool sweetheart, had gone to school in Denver and secured a job designing websites. Since she could do this from anywhere, she decided to return home. We found we were still really into each other. She was plumper now, but being 5’9″ distributed the weight as complementary as possible. It wasn’t as though she was a total slob, but countless hours devoted to sitting and staring at a screen didn’t burn many calories.

A year after her return, I proposed. We married the following Autumn with many friends and family in attendance, including Maddy, Rob, Danni, Izzy Z, Mama J, Rosa, and other coworkers past and present I had adventures with over the years. By the time of the ceremony, I’d already gotten Melissa to drop 25 pounds. She was looking more stunning all the time.

The best reward system for her was the prolonged fucking I would give her with each successful workout. She was an insatiably horny girl and willing to try new things as long as we worked up to them. At first she refused anal play, but I’d worked her up to a point where she’d cum hard when I’d plug her ass with a finger and synchronize it with my pounding cock. Needless to say, we never put our clothes on for our honeymoon.

A month before our first anniversary and days before my birthday, Danni invited us over for Monday Night Football. I have to say, it was a little surprising to be invited over for football. I knew she wasn’t sporty, but she did like intimate social events and rooted for local teams. Football must have been Robbie’s idea.

Since earning my degree and leaving the store, Danni and I hadn’t seen much of each other. She missed working with me. She missed teasing me about jerking off whenever I mentioned bathrooms or needing any sort of break. I liked to think she missed certain parts of me, but maybe I’m being a little egocentric.

Upon arrival, our arms full of bread, salad and booze, Daniella nearly burst out the door and smothered Melissa and I in hugs. She attached herself to my arm and gave me a smooch on each cheek, which made Mel chuckle. Her perfume flooded my brain with nostalgia. Mel knew Danni and I had grown close over the years and she was becoming like a sister to her. They’d been out shopping and on lunch dates before, just like Rob and I hit the bar, grabbed coffee or helped each other with big chores on occasion.

After unloading our stuff in the kitchen, Danni went out back to announce our arrival.

My new bride pressed her DD breasts into the arm she clung to and whispered, “Does she look a bit chilly?”

A confused look crept up my face.

“Hun, she’s not wearing a bra,” her hot breath carried the words to my ears.

To some this would be a test a faithfulness, but Mel once admitted to me she was attracted to women and longed for their soft touch, yet loved the roughness of being fucked by a man. We made something of a game catching each other checking out women and lamented if we were left out of the other’s sexy find. Of course, she had the advantage because women assume a guy is perving on them, but won’t rush to cover up around another woman.

“Really?” I didn’t think Rob would be ok with another dude staring at his wife’s tits. “I’m sure she just wants to be comfy in her own house,” I dismissed it away.

Drinks in hand, we made our way to the back yard where Rob was manning the grill. Every time I saw him I thought, ‘Man, this guy is ripped.’ He’s no bodybuilder, but being 6’3″ and a defined 230 pounds he had nearly 50 pounds on me and only three more inches to pack it on. I couldn’t blame him for always going sleeveless. It really made the tats on both deltoids pop like high definition. There was a shaded star along one and the dates of his younger brother’s tragically shortened life on the other.

“Hey, Robbie!” I mustered the best Boston accent I could messing around.

“Yo, Tony!” He shot back as we embraced and I felt my spine crackle along its roots. I passed along the poptop I’d snagged for him on the way out to the backyard patio grill. My wife nearly dropped her Blue Hawaiian as he swooped over and hugged her and rubbed her back.

“Looking fine as ever, Mel,” he sweet talked my blushing wife.

Pregame jargon blasted as the TV returned from a commercial break. The TV was angled to display through an open window facing the patio, so we could watch as we socialized.

Rob and I did just that, debating tonight’s matchup and which defense is going to shut down the other’s offense or if it’s going to be a shootout between a veteran quarterback and an up-and-coming 2nd-year QB.

Daniella came out with a glass of wine and immediately drew my eyes to her chest as the black, spaghetti-strap clung tightly around her nipples. Mel was right, she certainly wasn’t wearing a bra. Her toothy smile captivated me as she padded barefoot out to the patio and stole Cami Halısı my wife away to talk interior decorating. Her midriff flashed above khaki shorts, contrasting her olive complexion and making her smooth legs shine. Her assets were proudly on display.

Melissa and I agreed Daniella’s exotic looks could pass as one of many ethnicities. She had a prominent, but attractive nose that combined with her unfading tan complexion and dark hair to make us think she could be a Bollywood star. We’d seen movies starring Italian women that could be her sister. We knew she was Hispanic (especially when she spoke Spanish). Regardless, she fit the stereotype of a modern working housewife, if that makes sense.

After a lengthy discussion about sports and brewing hops, the topic led to coworkers and gorgeous ones we’d worked with. That’s when Rob brought up that he knew Danni and I had messed around in the past. I was stunned and felt I should apologize, but before I could he shook my hand in his signature, palm-shattering way. He told me it was cool because it was in the past and he knew all about Danni’s slutty (by her own admission) history and he wasn’t expecting to marry a virgin. He knew she was loyal to him in the end and wanted her to be as happy as she made him.

Rob wanted to show me their beer and wine collection in the basement. He moved the food to a warmer while I grabbed our third or fourth round (I’d lost track at this point) and followed. I took note how large and inviting all of their furniture was. We only made it as far as the kitchen, when we overheard the girls talking around the corner down a hallway. We stopped dead in our tracks to look at each other in disbelief when we heard Danni’s voice saying, “… know how to use his cock… and he does!” The pair began giggling.

My stomach dropped because I hadn’t been completely open with Melissa about the adventures Danni and I had gotten up to. I worried Mel would hear secondhand and put me in the doghouse, if not worse. I had summed it up as a close friendship, nothing romantic, but that we’d grown close and seen each other naked. I think that was a good representation of the truth because we never had vaginal penetration. We hadn’t talked too much about past partners anyway. When we did, the focus was Mel being with other women because she knew how much it turned me on.

Maybe I was jumping to conclusions and it was simply girl talk. But Melissa furthered the sharing session with, “Tony has a great, um, thing, and he does know how to use it.” I always thought it was so cute how she knew how to be dirty in the bedroom, but was shy talking sex outside of it.

It was relieving to hear those words since it meant Danni obviously wasn’t talking about our adventures, but it was my turn to blush. Rob grabbed my shoulder and turned me around to offer a silent high five. I signaled that we should walk away before getting caught and avoid any embarrassment, but as we silently debated, the rubber of my shoe squeaked on the hardwood floor and Rob bumped the table behind him.

“Come on in, guys,” Danni said as though repremanding a pair of naughty children.

Rob made the first move, full of confidence. I followed several paces behind. “Babe, we heard you guys talking about getting the D.” He looked at me and flashed a grin.

I couldn’t believe he blurted it out like that. I was ready to play it off like we’d just walked up.

Mel’s blush returned as Danni defended their adult conversation. “That’s right, hun, we were talking about how good our guys satisfy us. I was just telling, Melissa, here, how good your schlong is. It’s just girl talk, but since you want to come spying on us, no reason we can’t just lay it all out right here.”

“I’d hardly call it spying when you’re standing in the middle of the house talking about our dicks.”

“Ok, good point.” She laughed and came over to hug her man and pull him down for a smooch.

I shuffled over to my wife and gave her a deep kiss. We weren’t normally much for public displays of affection, but the moment seemed right. We dangled on our spouses as we faced each other. The girls were on their second mason jar margaritas.

To break the silence I asked, “When you said lay it all out, you meant the girl talk not his schlong, right?”

Everyone laughed.

“Why not?” Danni retorted.

Silence again.

We all looked at each other, some of us wobbling, some of us flush, one of us was both.

Danni kept up the pressure. “Sweety, Mel doesn’t believe me how big it is.”

I looked to my lady. She had her face covered with the fingers of one hand in total embarrassment.

“Tony isn’t small, you know?” she defended my honor through gaps in her fingers.

“They didn’t come here to hear about my man-bits, dear,” Rob attempted some form of modesty.

Realizing our hands were empty of drink, Rob beelined the fridge to remedy the situation and a sideways attempt to derail the subject. The girls Cami Halıları trailed after him and transitioned into their next round shortly thereafter.

“We both found great guys to fulfill our every desire, didn’t we, Daniella?” Mel was opening up with our friends.

Danni crossed the floor to embrace her. “I wonder which one is bigger,” posed Danni with a glint in her eye.

“Come on! Does it really matter?” One could argue I was afraid of the implications of being the one with the smaller penis.

“You’ve got me curious.” My wife stated.

“They both know how to satisfy, but does height affect size?” Danni had eyes on target as she sauntered over to her husband, leaned into him and ran her hands underneath his shirt.

We were quickly becoming subjects of some sort of personal sex study.

“You just want to see his dick!” I accused my spouse.

“Well… why not? You got to see her naked!” She gestured at Daniella.


Rob and Danni looked at each other and burst into uproarious laughter.

“But, babe!” I cried over them.

The look she shot me beneath her fine, platinum hair was one she rarely used. It was a look I avoid at all cost.

“You expect me to believe you and this, like, crazy, sexy girl get naked and nothing happens!?” She placed hands on her hips and I couldn’t help but notice her tits jutting out and bouncing in her frustration.

“That settles it!” Danni called out.

Without hesitation, she attacked Rob’s fly and had his penis out for the whole group to admire. “Babe, I don’t think…” he tried to reason with her, but she was horny and losing what little inhibition she had left. Losing his modesty was a risk she was perfectly willing to take.

She looked across the tile floor to my wife. “Now you’ve seen what he has to offer. Isn’t it beautiful?”

I didn’t want to look at another guy’s dick, but it was a sexy scene seeing this goddess have her way with such a strapping dude. They’re an amazing looking couple beyond a doubt.

Mel said, “It’s beautiful. Nothing to be ashamed of.”

My jealousy couldn’t be contained. My jaw was on the floor as I heard her complimenting another man’s dick.

“It’s not even hard yet,” Danni boasted as she took him and wrapped her dainty digits around his girth. She whispered softly in his ear. It was having an effect on him.

I got over my jealousy the only way I knew how. I moved in on my lovely bride as she slammed her margarita down harder than she intended. I could hardly walk as my own erection had begun to harden and awkwardly lift the left leg of my black Dickies shorts. As I got to her, we embraced and had tongues down each other’s throats. I couldn’t keep my hands off her.

Without warning, she peeled my shirt off. I felt on display, but I didn’t care. My eyes were on her. Her hands moved down my back and around front as she unfastened my shorts. They fell from the weight of my wallet and phone with a thud on the kitchen floor. My boxer-briefs quickly followed.

Slurps and moans stole our attention back and we watched Daniella working Rob’s cock with full oral force. She held out an arm invitingly and Melissa coyly accepted. She brought Melissa to her knees beside her. Mel glanced at me for approval and I didn’t object, so she replaced Danni and took Rob into her mouth.

Daniella slid his pants the rest of the way until he was able to gently kick them away. As he did this, she stood and sashayed to a drawer in the middle of the kitchen to take out a loose measuring tape. Returning to Rob’s dick, she tapped Mel to get her off it and placed the tape alongside it.

“Ooh, babe! Seven-and-three-quarters,” she announced. “My big man! Loving every inch of you.”

The girls looked at each other and giggled.

Mel said, “I love it, too,” and continued sucking to the delight of Danni, and to Rob, I’m sure. He raised his arms from holding himself in a leaning position against the counter to behind his head as he revelled at the sight before him.

Beginning to feel like a cuck, I was jealous of the attention, but still raging horny. Danni must have taken pity on my blue balls since she came over and ran a hand across my hairy chest to scratch at my nipples and stroked my fully stiffened member that was staring at the ceiling.

“Someone’s been working out,” she cooed.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the stimulation. They opened when the sensation had stopped to see Danni measuring me.

“Melissa, babe, care to venture a guess how big your husband is?” she winked at me.

Mel removed herself from Rob’s dick long enough to reply. “Hmm. I don’t know. He’s so big inside me. I was thinking of measuring him myself one day, but didn’t know how to ask.”

“You’re so cute. It’s good he fills you so nicely… well, he’s exactly seven inches since you wanted to know so bad.” She patted me on the thigh and they resumed giggling.

She returned the tape measure and I was hypnotized by her shapely ass, hardly covered by her skimpy shorts. “Have you lost weight?” I posed my suspicion.

“Actually, yeah, I’ve lost a few inches doing pilates. You’re sweet for noticing.” She looked herself over. “Unfortunately, I lost a few inches everywhere,” and cupped and shook her braless tits.

My cock wasn’t complaining. She is still a striking woman, let alone for just turned 50. That damn hispanic heritage. It’s not fair. Taking care of herself was the real secret though. In fact, analyzing Rob, he’s 3 years older than her and well defined head to toe. His receding hairline is undetectable in its shaved state. They both love outdoor activities and it shows.

During my distraction, my wife’s enormous globes were displayed. Rob had his monster cock sandwiched between them.

“Like this?” she sought approval. He gave it as he pistoned his erection. “Mmm. That’s kinda fun,” she purred as his corona tapped her chin every time she looked down to take in the sight. Her huge creamy rack was a heavenly match for his extraordinary manhood. I knew the next thing I’d be trying when I got my wife back.

Her spit kept drying too quickly, so Danni made another trip to the counter, secured some lube and squirted it on each cock. She rubbed it into mine. What a good hostess she was.

“Much better,” Rob said.

Within minutes, I look over to see Rob’s cock spraying his white seed, coating my wife’s breasts. She reels back in surprise and catches herself with one hand as he takes aim and splatters her upper chest. She laughs while his cream envelops her tits.

Danni smiles and jams her tongue down my throat.

“Your tits are incredible,” Rob compliments my wife.

“Aww, thanks. You came so much. Look, it’s all over me.” She trailed a finger through his goo.

Danni got them a towel and wiped down Mel’s chest. She reciprocated with a kiss.

Rob may have been satisfied, as his veiny cock gave in to the demands of gravity, but I was only getting started.

“Wanna try?” Danni asked me when she resumed stroking me.

I nodded my agreement and went on about how I couldn’t wait to get Mel home and try it for myself when Danni reached down and peeled off her top. I had a flashback to that night she took my anal virginity. Though her tits are smaller in comparison than Mel’s, they fit her short stature marvelously, filling out her frame side-to-side. Both women have large, dark areola, while Mel’s nipples are puffier. Danni’s skin is much darker in complexion and I already have a thing for dark-skinned women.

She smothers my aching, lubed cock with her breasts.

“How’s this?” she asks with an earnest look in her eyes.

I’m speechless. She alternates tits and hands.

After a few rounds of each, I notice Rob has Mel on the counter with her legs spread in the air driving deep inside her untamed pussy. He’s displaying the fact my wife’s natural carpet doesn’t match the drapes.

Can’t believe he’s already at it again. He’s a fucking beast.

He’s palming her tits, but his massive mitts can’t contain them. He stretches her nipples to screams of pleasure as he pounds her furiously into the countertop. She’ll be feeling that in the morning, but right now I recognize her O-face.

“Yes, yes, oh… ergh… mmm… eghah…” Her words fade into incoherency.

I look back to my own titfuck. “That’s great. Man, you know how to work those things.” Her eyes twinkle in delight.

Rob grunts and involuntarily slows his fucking to paint my wife’s womb with a second round of cum. She pulls him into a deep kiss.

“Dude!” I exclaim, “that’s my wife.”

“Sorry, bro, she’s such a fuck. I couldn’t help myself.” He wipes the sweat from his brow.

I grab his beloved by the armpits and spin her up onto the counter without warning. She’s tiny compared to my woman. I’m going to have this pussy after all these years. Best of all, it’s a vengeance fuck for the creampie he just gave my wife.

She sticks her foot on my face and uses her toes to push my head back in playful resistance. I claw at her sides until I latch onto her shorts, pulling them down in the blind and suck her painted toes into my mouth to render her defenseless. I’d wanted to suck these toes since I first saw them, but had more than toe sucking in mind right now. She’s clean shaven sans panties. Someone had naughty plans tonight. Her toes have precum oozing from my cockhead, very different from my usual, imperceptible droplets. I feel it more than anything since my vision is full of this angel offering herself to me.

Her feet barely reach the ground when I flip and bend her over the counter. My lubed cock roots around from her slit to her round, dark cheeks. It catches on her puckered asshole and starts to slip in. Danni clamps onto the counter in anticipation, but at the last moment I pop down and barrel ballsdeep into her silken pussy. I start pounding. No need for foreplay as I have one mission on my mind: fill that cunt.

I grab two fistfuls of those luxurious locks and pull her head back until her tits beat my rhythm into the tile.

“Ungh, ungh, oh, oh!” She cries in time and sucks air through gritted teeth.

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