Hand Caught in the Panty Drawer

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Shelly had only been working at the office for three weeks and already the guys were hitting on her, and she was flirting back. I did not think much of it; she was very attractive and had a pleasing personality. She was in her mid twenties; about 5′ 8″ and I would guess 120 lbs, 20 of it being in her bra, 38 DD if not bigger! She always dressed properly for work but still had a bit of flair, and cleavage showing.

As the weeks went on Shelly stopped by my office and drop off documents or files and we would take time to talk a few minutes, just small talk about the office and people there, and later more about our personal lives. She was single, living in a large apartment overlooking the river, and me; I was married with two kids in a house over looking the rest of the houses. She laughed. It was very innocent and up front, I did not think much of it. But to be honest, I did love the way she looked and smelled! When she walked into my office, my heart rate jumped, and my dick swelled. I maybe a forty-five year old man but I still enjoy a good-looking woman, and here sweet scent.

Shelly and I talked a lot during the next few weeks, and I could see she was troubled. When I asked why, she seemed to shy away, so I did not push it. Shelly seemed to avoid me for a few weeks. I thought I had done something wrong and upset her, but was I surprised! It was not till the following week that she came back into my office and was very flirtatious.

She handed me a file, I was puzzled of its case. As I opened it the last of us izle I saw photos of a woman eating a woman’s pussy. Shelly told me it was a case for divorce. I looked over the photos and wrote some notes then set them aside; they did not seem to be relevant.

It was about a month later that Shelly told me she was having a party at her place and she would like to invite my wife and me. I was going to say “no”, but I could see in her eyes she really did want us to come. I told her I would ask my wife, and with that she jumped at me giving me a huge hug.

When I told my wife about it, she seemed excited about it. I was happy, but confused, my wife is not the social type.

Come the night of the party, I had thought I would just let it slide and stay home, thinking my wife would forget. She did not! I tried to tell her it would not be a good party, but she told me to get dressed we were going! She is such a bitch, I hate going out with her. I never have any fun when I am with her!

We went anyway, Shelly met us at the door giving us both a hug and telling us to make ourselves at home. So we did. Susan “my wife” and I walked around and it did not take long to find a drink. I thought I would see others from work, but did not. We walked around together for some time drinking and having polite conversations with others. My wife seemed very comfortable there and seemed to do most of the talking, but then she did seem to be knocking back the drinks pretty fast, the lying life of adults izle and I guess I was also. It was not long till I had to relive myself. I found the bathroom only to find it was busy, so I waited, and waited till I could not wait anymore. I decided to go upstairs to find the bathroom up there. No one seemed to notice or care that I was heading up the stairs and at this point I did not either. I found the bathroom and it was empty, I did not think I would make it, what a relief.

When I walked out of the bathroom I stopped, I am not sure why but I turned left instead of right back to the party. I made my way down the hall to a bedroom; I found it was Shelly’s. The room was filled with the light of the moon coming through the skylights. I walked around the room just looking at her things at first then got bolder and started looking through here drawers. It did not take me long to find her panty drawer.

I knew I should just leave but I could not, I had to look. I checked out her panties, she had several types and they were all soft and sexy, I could not help my self, I had to sniff them.

It was then I heard someone behind me, it was Shelly! She had caught me red handed and red faced! “What’s the matter,” she said, “Can’t take the real thing!” With that she closed the door behind her and walked closer to me letting her dress slip to the floor leaving her in a black thong and lace bra of which barley covered her tits. Seeing the passage izle her in the moonlight and knowing I was caught sent a thrill through me, and I was getting hard.

Shelly walked up to me and cupped my balls while kissing me. She then dropped to her knees and stroked my cock and began kissing it through my pants. I was excited and nervous.

I told her, “My wife is downstairs!”

“Well then, we had better get on with it then!” Shelly said. She dropped my pants and took my cock into her mouth sucking it hard and fast for a few strokes then stopped. Pushing me back on the bed she spun around and planted her pussy onto my face then went back to sucking my cock. I pulled her thong to one side and dove in, licking and eating her sweet pussy like I was a starving man. And I was, I had wanted to taste her since the day I saw her.

I licked her pussy and clit making her buck harder on my face, and then reaching above, I placed a finger to her tight little asshole and let it slide in. She squealed even though it could not be heard, her mouth was full of my cock.

I was going to cum, and could not tell her, since my face was full of her pussy. Her wet slurping and sucking pushed me over the edge, I erupted into her mouth, and it must have sent her off as she too gushed on my face. We both licked and suck each other clean, the sat up and kissed tasting each other.

We did not say a word, just dressed and made our way back downstairs to the party. Shelly went one way I went the other making my way to the bar. I needed a drink now! I got my drink and turned around to find my wife right behind me. She had a smug look on her face, and then asked, “Are you enjoying the party?” And then she kissed me hard and deep; it was not like her to kiss me like that.

She stepped back and said, “You taste like someone I know!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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