Grandpa and the Goonette

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“Gramps?” Cassidy called from one room to the next looking for Harold.

“Fuck,” he groaned from his spot on the back porch. He glanced towards the lake and briefly wondered if he could make it to the water before she caught him. Then he considered darting around the front of the house before realizing none of those ideas were good ones in bare feet.

“Come on, old man. Where the hell are you?” she called from the short hallway after after checking his bedroom, the guest room, and both bathrooms. That only left a quick trip through the kitchen to the back door and porch and discovering Grandpa’s perverted truth.

Harold sat in a wooden chair with his laptop propped on a TV tray. He liked writing on the porch, especially once the shade of the big oak tree blocked the sun’s light. He liked the slight breeze and the sweet smell of summer. He especially liked being naked on the porch, except at the moment he was much more than just naked. He was naked, hard as fuck, and his granddaughter was about to catch him.

“Don’t come out here!” he called as the backdoor swung open.

“Gramps?” the cute little snippet of a brunette asked. Cassidy might be twenty-four, a college graduate, and wise in the ways of the world, but she didn’t need to see her grandpa in the nude, much less in the nude and hard as fuck. Standing in the doorway meant she stood behind him. “What are you doing?”

He felt his heart sink. He should have tried to run to the lake so he could try lying about going for a swim. He should have tried darting around the side of the house, barefeet be damned. Instead, he sat in front of his computer with a massive hard-on in his lap and a half-written porn story on his computer screen.

“I’m naked,” he announced, turning his headful of silver hair to look over his shoulder.

He never did this when his wife was still alive, he didn’t dare. She had been a good woman, she had never understood or appreciated his fevered imagination. His need for an outlet had been rejected by his late spouse. It had taken years after her passing for him to fully embrace his freedom. Writing porn and jerking off like a teenager felt liberating, better than dating age-appropriate, gray-haired old women.

A smirk appeared on Cassidy’s face that reminded him of his daughter-in-law. His son had done good marrying a pretty woman. Too bad he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants and had lost her to his philandering. Since their divorce, Cassidy’s mom didn’t have much use for Harold, but Cassidy still liked to pop by and check up on her favorite old person.

“And why are we naked?”

“First of all, WE are not naked, I am,” he corrected with an eye roll. “And secondly, it’s none of your damn business.” His hard cock throbbed, both annoying and intriguing him. Shouldn’t his hard-on fade away from the panic of getting caught?

He blamed the Viagra he had taken. He didn’t need Viagra to get hard, he could still manage to do that all by himself, except Viagra gave him a firmer, more persistent hard-on. With a bit of pharmaceutical help, his big dick felt bigger, needier, and more insistent than ever. For the kind of writing he was doing, those were good sensations to experience.

Cassidy felt amused instead of repulsed. She liked the old coot. She always had. While he could be grouchy and sarcastic at times, he had always been kind to her. Most of her memories of Grandma had faded away, but memories of Grandpa were still being built.

She loved his little house by the lake and the tiny flourishes he kept adding like flower boxes to the front porch railings or the raised bed garden in the backyard. While searching the house looking for him, she noticed that he had finished the floor in the guest bathroom, too.

None of his button-down, white-collar co-workers would have guessed the love Harold had for DIY projects and working with his hands. Cassidy did. Her every memory of visiting Grandma and Grandpa was of walking into a construction zone of half-finished projects. In the years since Grandma’s passing, each of those projects slowly got done.

In her mind, Grandpa was the great fixer of all things and the world’s greatest handyman. She loved his hands. His hands had long, thick fingers that always seemed to include a Bandaid on at least one of them from finishing one more of his forever projects. She always marveled at how fast those big fingers could dance across a computer keyboard.

“Are you surfing porn?” she asked in an accusatory tone that didn’t match with the bemused smirk on her face.

“I’m not surfing it, I’m writing it,” he snapped back, annoyed at her interruption and his unexpected loss of privacy. The sudden look of surprise on her face made him smile. “And if you’re not careful, you’re going to get more of an eyeful than you ever wanted.”

“Are you serious?” she asked, her eyes straining to read what was on the computer screen. She could see that it was a document, but could only recognize lines of type in the shape of paragraphs.

“Old fucks like me still like to fuck,” he muttered, wishing she would go away and give kaçak iddaa him a chance to get dressed. “Why don’t you suddenly remember something you left in your car and give your gramps a chance to put on some clothes?”

Crossing her arms, Cassidy leaned against the door jam. “Maybe I’d rather read what you’re writing.” The whole idea that Grandpa was writing porn felt funny as shit. “Is this why you don’t have a girlfriend?”

He held a hand over his aching cock and felt it throb against his palm. Cassidy had no idea how excited he had gotten himself, In his little fuck-story, things had definitely heated up and it showed on the body of its author. That was part of the fun of writing erotica, he always got to enjoy his stories before any of his readers.

“I don’t have a girlfriend because all the women my age are old.”

Cassidy giggled. She loved how Grandpa hated old people despite being a member of that exclusive club. “Doesn’t mean they’re not horny.”

“Do you want to fuck a geriatric?”

“Maybe,” she said with her smirk growing into a smile. “You’re still in a good shape for an old guy.”

“I’m old and fat.”

“No, you’re silver-haired with a Dad-bod. Dad-bods are in. They’re sexy.”

“Is that so?” he asked, glancing at his latest story and reconsidering his description of the father figure. Instead of describing the Dad in the story as a former Marine with a six-pack, maybe he should twist it a bit. It could be an interesting change although the daughter was going to remain a hottie like his granddaughter. He absentmindedly squeezed his hard-on and that brought him back into the moment. “I really am naked,”

“I can see,” she said, still leaning against the door jam. “And you have a cute ass, too.”

Until that moment, it hadn’t occurred to him that the open back chair would make it plain that he was nude. She had known he was ala natural from the moment she had swung open the back door of his tiny bungalow on the lake. “That’s not all I’ve got,” he mumbled, letting go of his cock and using his hand to shield his excited prick instead of teasing it.

The idea that Grandpa was hard struck Cassidy with all the strength of a sudden epiphany and an unexpected little jolt. If Grandpa was naked and hard, she wanted to see it. She wanted to see his gray hair pubes and check out what size dick he had used to make her Dad. She wanted to know how an old man dick looked.

She pushed away from the door jam and took half a step in his direction. “I still want to read what you’re writing. Is it really porn or is it more like a romance story?”

“Trust me, it’s porn with lots of fucking, oversized dicks, and hot, wet pussies.” He closed the lid of his computer before she could fact-check him. Seeing her inching closer, he put both hands in his lap as a shield over his very proud dick.

“Please tell me the guys don’t have eight-inch dicks,” she giggled. She couldn’t stand reading porn with impossible proportions of body parts from giant tits that would make it impossible for a woman to stand upright to the human-tripod length of massive pricks.

“What? Maybe some of us are blessed with eight-inch-dicks!” He resisted squeezing the one he had hidden. “Well, seven inches, anyway.”

At roughly a third of his age, Cassidy had seen exactly three hard dicks in real life. The first had been her long-term high school boyfriend who had diligently waited until she was eighteen before plucking the cherry of her virginity. The second guy had been her first college boyfriend, a senior who had a great time fucking an incoming freshman coed without any intentions of letting their relationship last beyond graduation. The third and final guy had been the boyfriend she had just dumped after catching him digging in her purse for money.

None of them had been especially well endowed, certainly not compared to the porn-vids that she so often watched while rubbing her pussy in frustration. There were times when she felt half-an-inch away from becoming a cross-eyed, slack-jawed goonette with a constant need for cock and more cock. Despite her good girl upbringing, what she wanted in her heart of hearts was to be truly fucked by a man who knew what he was doing with his big dick.

She blinked at Grandpa’s description of himself. “Is that so?” she asked, intrigued by the idea as she inched closer. She couldn’t resist picking on him. “I think it’s great that a man of your advanced years can still get it up.”

“One step closer and you’re going to find out for yourself.”

“I wanna see,” she said, taking that one more step and winding up behind him. She placed a friendly peck of a kiss on his bare shoulder before hanging her chin over it. While she couldn’t see his prick, from the position of his hands, she could tell he was hiding a hard-on. A man would only hold his hands like that if his cock was standing straight up and he was trying to shield it from someone looking down.

Grandpa had a smooth body with just a slight tangle of chest hair around his nipples. Those hairs were as silver as the hair on his head. He smelled good. She kaçak bahis rubbed her cheek against his cheek. She thought it was interesting how he still shaved every morning and put on aftershave. The musk of his aftershave made him smell like her grandpa, that was his scent, as familiar as the aroma of a turkey in the oven meant it was Thanksgiving.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” he asked, frozen in place with a hard-on that wasn’t going away. Her hands resting on his shoulders felt good.

Of all the things he had missed since his wife had passed, it was the sensation of a hug or a hand on his back. Sometimes, he would visit the local strip club because he liked the way the girls would rub up against him. He wasn’t interested in them rubbing against his prick (although that part always felt good, too). No, he just liked feeling them giving him a hug. He knew he looked as old as sin to those girls. He knew he wasn’t alone in that, either. While none of them would ever admit it, how many of those guys were there just to feel wanted?

“There’s nothing wrong with me that a little peek wouldn’t fix,” she cooed in his ear. Her hands slipped down his shoulders to his biceps and she gave a playful tug on his arms. “Come on, Grandpa, I just want to see if the carpet matches the drapes.”

Her line gave Grandpa a reason to smirk. “I don’t always have carpeting.”

“Sexy!” she purred, reaching over his shoulder to open his laptop.

He felt her breasts pressing against his bare back. He risked using one hand to stop her. “You’re not going to let this go, are you?”

He thought through all the reasons why he shouldn’t do it. He thought first of his son. He hadn’t seen Harold, Jr., in over a year. Sometimes, HJ would call on his birthday or important holidays. Sometimes. Cassidy’s mom had even less to do with Harold than his son. It didn’t bother him since she wasn’t a blood relative. At the end of his list, he was left realizing he didn’t really care. Cassidy was old enough to make her own choices.

He removed any mystery about his hard-on by using both hands to push the TV tray away from him. He heard her gasp before grabbing the arms of the chairs and standing up.

Cassidy wasn’t prepared for her reaction at seeing the old man’s prick. He wasn’t lying about its length. She didn’t need a ruler to recognize that Grampa had the biggest dick she had ever seen in real life. Seven inches felt accurate, she wasn’t going to fact-check his measurement. Its girth amazed her, too, but his dick size felt secondary to seeing him excited and naked.

She gawked at his full, glorious, excited nudity. It occurred to her that he lacked tan lines and that he had a lovely tan. Grandpa’s flesh might sag in places, but it didn’t have that rough, leathery look she would have anticipated. She couldn’t keep her eyes off his beautiful cock standing up proudly just beneath his cute little pot belly. His big balls hung low and looked, well, they looked so touchable. She was surprised to see that he was circumcised, but it was her second reaction that surprised her the most. She felt a bit relieved to see him circumcised since she had no experience with an uncircumcised dick.

“Satisfied?” he asked, standing in front of her with his hands on his hips.

“You’re beautiful,” she gasped, finally able to drink in the rest of his body, like how dark his nipples looked and how he looked far from frail.

Harold laughed. That wasn’t the reaction he had expected. “Now if you’re done looking, I’m going to get dressed.”

“You’re so hard,” she said, unaware that she was standing between him and the door. She finally noticed his pubic hair and registered the silver mixed into the tangle of brown hair. In a distant part of her brain, she also noticed that his pubic hair looked remarkably short, too.

“Viagra helps,” he confessed as his cock involuntarily throbbed. He nodded at the laptop. “Same with what I was writing.”

Her eyes locked on his. “Don’t get dressed,”

“I can’t stay like this,” he replied while fighting the urge to stroke his needful cock. He meant those words in more than one way. He shouldn’t stay nude in front of her and he really needed to take care of his hard-on, too.

“Sure, you can,” she said with a mischievous grin as her eyes drifted back down his body to the sight of his big, fat, hard cock.

He scratched the back of his head as he considered their situation. “The last time I was naked in front of a girl your age, she was naked, too,” he mused.

That made her blink hard. “Are you asking me to get naked, too?” She felt a very unexpected shiver of excitement surge through her.

“What? Oh fuck, no,” he said, caught off guard by how she had taken his words. His cock throbbed again. “You getting naked would not be a good idea.”

“Why not?” she asked. She didn’t mean anything by the question. She wasn’t trying to tease him or play with him, she was just curious. Meanwhile, she hadn’t missed the way his cock kept throbbing. Was he making that happen?

“If you haven’t noticed, I’m hard as fuck.”

His coarse directness illegal bahis made her giggle. Of the many reasons why she loved her grandpa, his directness felt very high on the list. He never hesitated to refer to her father as a “two-timing SOB” or as just “moran.” In Grandpa’s mind, her dad had fucked up cheating on Mom and then abandoning them. She agreed with him.

“If you get naked, I might get the wrong idea.”

She looked puzzled as she worked out what he meant. “Oh wow!” she gasped as she realized what he meant. “Wow, wow, wow!” she added as she felt the unexpected tightening of her nipples growing stiff and a sudden ache between her legs. In a panic, she grew afraid that she was blushing, too.

He grinned, watching the confusion on her face fade away into a deep blush. “I know, right?”

What Cassidy said next surprised both of them. “I still think you should stay naked. And, I think you should let me read your story, too.”

“Yeah, that’s not happening unless your naked, too.”

Feeling more flushed than ever, Cassidy’s pretty brown eyes locked on his again. Neither of them recognized how closely those two pairs of eyes matched. “But you just said…”

A rakish smirk appeared on Grandpa’s face. “Yeah, I know.”

Her eyes dropped back to his big, glorious prick while another shiver of excitement surged through her. It made no sense to her, but Cassidy dearly wanted to get naked with her grandpa and see what might happen. As soon as that thought occurred to her, she dismissed it as a lie. She couldn’t get naked with him, could she?

“You’d freak-out if I did it, old man.”

His playful smirk remained in place. “For all we know, I would cum right on the spot if you do.”

She felt her eyes growing wide again as she imagined seeing that beautiful cock erupting in multiple splashes of creamy white cum like in the porn-vids she so often enjoyed. She felt as aroused as he looked and wrestled with the sensation. She went through her mental checklist. Of course, Mom and Dad could never know. At the same time, didn’t that list include anyone else that she would ever know? It would have to be a secret from the world, their secret to keep forever.

The same with seeing Grandpa naked.

And hard.

A smile appeared on her face as she realized their situation. They had already crossed the line of “no one can ever know.” She had stepped over that line as soon as she had insisted on seeing his hard dick. They already had a big secret. She had no doubt they could hide an even bigger one. She started with the button at the top of her shorts.

Harold watched his twenty-four granddaughter teasing him by unsnapping her shorts. He felt his excited cock throbbing and ignored the sensation. Would she really get naked? He would believe it when (if?) it happened. Either way, he wasn’t going anywhere and he had made it clear what it might mean if she did it.

In the strip clubs, the dancer always turned her back as she shimmied out of her bottoms. The teasing little move emphasized her ass while keeping you in suspense for just a moment longer before you saw the rest of her. Cassidy wasn’t a stripper. She undid her shorts and gave them enough of a shove that they fell down her long legs without any grace. Harold felt another insistent throb.

Cassidy toed off her shoes before stepping out of her shorts. She felt her heart racing like mad. This was crazy! What the hell was she doing? One more glance at Grandpa’s hard cock reminded her.

Her panties were bright yellow, lacy boy shorts. He knew that’s what they were called because he kept up with girl undergarments for his writing efforts. Thongs were still popular, but he could guess how boy shorts were more comfortable than having a piece of fabric shoved up your crack. Her swatch of public hair showed as a shadow through the thin fabric. He didn’t expect her to take off her panties.

Tugging at her t-shirt, she pulled it over her head and let it drop to the painted floorboards of the porch. She couldn’t look him in the eyes. She had to keep her gaze locked on his cock. Just his cock. Cock. Cock. Cock.

Her sports bra didn’t match her panties, not that he cared, of course. He was more interested in the twin nipples poking through the stretchy fabric. He wanted to see those nipples. He wanted to see those beautiful, firm-looking breasts. He wanted to know how much gravity might pull on them. He wanted to feel them for himself. He wanted to suck on her nipples.

She pulled off her sports bra and his cock went into hyperdrive, throbbing ever more insistently. Each throb felt like a deep ache being put on display. He felt his asshole clenching so his cock could throb more. It wasn’t something he was doing on purpose. It was completely involuntary, a sign of his deep arousal.

She was sure she was blushing. She felt flush. Was she sweating? She couldn’t tell. Being topless in front of her grandpa felt exhilarating. She felt breathless as her heart threatened to beat a hole in her chest. This was so wrong, so fucking wrong, so horribly wrong, and she didn’t want to stop. Her stiff nipples ached for attention she didn’t dare give them. His cock! – She pushed that thought away as she hooked her thumbs inside the elastic of her panties, her last bit of clothing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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