Going Commando

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Author’s note: This is a story based on a recurring fantasy I had while serving my seond tour in Iraq. While it never happened in real life, there is something to be said for dreaming.

The midnight air still felt stifling as Trevor stepped from the dining facility. The moon was hanging in the sky, a crescent shape that was somehow appropriate here in the land of the crescent moon. The Baghdad night was still and with no hint of a breeze. Even with only a pair of lightweight shorts and a t-shirt on, he could still feel the beads of perspiration begin to form. Turning to his left, he stepped to head away from the dining facility, when he ran head on into a head of short brown hair. Reaching out, he grabbed two slim arms and looked down to see a slim brunette staring back at him. A momentary image flashed through his mind of what that body would look like underneath that uniform, and he ruthlessly pushed it away before his body could respond with any more than a slight twitch.

Beth threw her hands up, pressing them against the chest before her. She could feel the muscles ripple slightly underneath the thin t-shirt. Gulping a little bit, she stepped back and Trevor let his hands drop to his sides. The thought came to her mind of what he would look like without his shirt, and her mouth went a little dry. Taking a deep breath, she steadied herself and realized it who it was she was having lewd thoughts about.

“Trevor?” she asked, “oh my god, where have you been? I haven’t seen you in about 3 weeks.” she stepped forward and threw her arms around him.

Trevor felt the arms around his neck, but was more aware of the pressure of her breasts against his chest. Slipping his arms around her waist, he gave her a quick squeeze and released her. “I just got back from mission this afternoon.” he replied, knowing that Beth was smart enough to let it drop. He re-adjusted the weapon slung across his back, “what are you doing here, getting midnight chow?”

Beth shook her head, her short brown hair waving as she did so, “no, just ducking in grab a Gatorade. Where are you going now?”

Trevor sighed, “I just heading back to my bunk.”

“Why don’t I walk with you?” she asked quietly, “I missed talking with you. You’re one of the few people around here I can really talk to.”

Jerking his head to the side, “sure”. Together they walked out of the concrete barriers surrounding the dining facility and started to head towards the living areas. As they walked, they talked of nothing important, just letting the conversation drift where it may. Every once in a while, Trevor would glance down and see Beth’s legs sticking out of the army shorts she wore, the gently tanned skin glowing in the moonlight. Only the fact that he considered her a friend, and believed that she thought the same way about him, kept him from doing the things his mind was coming up with. Not that he wouldn’t enjoy it given the chance. Passing the motor pool, he glanced over to where the line of his vehicles were and saw the shine of a flashlight moving through the line.

“Hang on a second,” he motioned toward the motor pool, “I need to check this out.” Trevor quickly moved toward the line, Beth trailing behind him. He walked up and down the line, looking for the owner of the flashlight, but couldn’t find anyone. “Probably just one of the roving guards,” he muttered under his breath. He turned to see Beth standing besides one of the field ambulances, and looking like a fairy elf in the faint moonlight. His breath hitched in his chest and a powerful jolt of lust slammed through him. He began to move out of the motor pool when he heard Beth’s voice softly calling him over. He walked toward her and stood withing arms reach, but feeling a million miles away for all the distance superman lois izle between them. Not saying another word, she turned and opened the back of the ambulance, climbed inside, and motioned for him to follow. Once inside, she edged around him and closed the back up. Trevor reached back behind him and turned on the lights, filling the back of the vehicle with soft blue light. The patient slots were set up so that people riding in the back could ride sitting up and not laying on a litter. Not terribly comfortable, but still sitting up. Trevor sat down on one of the seats, unslinging his weapon and setting it off the side. Beth took off her weapon also and placed it on the seat behind her, the moved to stand in front of him.

“I wanted to talk to you,” she began, her voice low and slightly husky, “there’s something I wanted to tell you. Ever since we met a couple of months ago, I wanted to do something, but never could find the chance to be alone with you.”

Clearing his throat and hoping against the hope swelling in his belly, Trevor spoke in a voice just as low as hers, “And what is it that you wanted to do?”

Without saying a word, Beth leaned in, taking his face in her hands, and captured his mouth in a deep kiss. Her tongue snaked out and slid between his lips, bumping and sparring against his tongue. His hands came up and settled on her hips. Suddenly, the warmth of the evening was forgotten in the heat of their kiss. Her hands slid down and locked around the back of his neck, and her kiss became more fervent. His hands began to explore the body he had been wanting to touch for what seemed an eternity, moving up to stroke along her back. A hum built in her throat from the sensation, sending vibrations through her tongue and into his. Her hands came around to his front and began to massage his chest through his shirt. His heart, already racing, picked up a few more beats a minute.

Trevor’s hands slipped past her lower back to gently cup her butt, firm beneath her shorts. Unable to resist, he moved further down and started to run his hands over the silky smooth skin of her legs, dipping underneath the hem of her shorts to caress her lower cheek. The excitement of the situation had him hard as a stone and poking out of the bottom of his own shorts. Her hand dropped to to slide along the top of his thigh and her thumb brushed the tip of his prick. His hips gave an involuntary jerk from the contact. Beth grinned into the kiss and gently ran her thumbnail over the head. Goosebumps ran along his spine, making him shiver in the heat. His hands came up just a little further to cup her ass cheeks, kneading the firm muscle.

Suddenly, Beth’s clothes felt too tight, too constricting. She had the urge to feel his skin and, breaking the kiss, began to pull up on his t-shirt. Quickly, he helped her strip off his shirt, then commenced to working her shirt off as well. Once her shirt was off and discarded to the side, he could see that she was not wearing a bra, her nipples proudly in the pale blue light, hard as pebbles, the glowing softly. He chuckled to himself.

“I’ve heard of guys going commando, but it’s not often a woman does it.”

She settled a hand on his thigh again, just a bare little bit below where his head was still poking out. “Too hot for anything else. Besides,” she fixed her eyes on his, “are you complaining?” she asked, arching her back and pushing her breasts out towards him.

“Oh, hell, no,” he replied, grabbing her waist, pulling her towards him and greedily latching onto one of her nipple, then the other, moving back and forth between the two. Her hand came up on his thigh and rubbed his hard shat through his shorts. His hands moved around to her back, settling taiwan crime stories izle just below her shoulder blades, and drew her in just a little more. Her hand stopped rubbing him and, along with the other hand, grasped the top of his shorts. Trevor lifted his hips and she tugged them down over his hips and off his legs, with him kicking his shoes off at the last minute. Dropping the shorts, she looked down at his erection, licking her lips. She leaned over and, taking him in one hand with a firm grip, slowly ran her tongue from the base to the tip. He shuddered slightly from the pleasure as she lowered her mouth over him. She sank down until she had taken almost his entire length except for the little bit covered by her hand. Drawing back up, she twirled her tongue around the head and stroked her fist up and down the shaft.

Trevor leaned back and closed his eyes as she worked her magic on him. He ran his hands through her short hair as she bobbed up and down. The sensations ran through him, making his brain swim. He looked down to see her staring back at him, her lips locked firmly around his member and her hand gently squeezing his testicles, her tongue working the sensitive area just underneath the head. He could feel the barest beginnings of his orgasm building deep within himself, and that was something he couldn’t have right at that moment. He reached down and gripped her shoulders, pulling her back up to him. He took her mouth once again with his, his hands finding her breasts, kneading them, his thumbs flicking over her nipples. Still with his mouth on hers, he slowly stood and spun her around so that the back of her knees were pressed against the seat. Dropping his hands to her waistband, he slid her shorts over her hips and they dropped down her legs, pooling at her feet. She lifted one foot and flipped her shorts to the side. Trevor leaned back and saw that she hadn’t been wearing panties either.

“Completely commando,” he muttered to himself before stepping in, pressing the length of his body against hers and his mouth finding her mouth once again. Her nipples pressed into his chest. He pressed her back until she was sitting on the seat and he began to work his way down her body. He kissed his way past the side of her neck, down across her chest, licking all around her breasts and nipples. He continued on down, stopping to toy with her belly button for a moment before making his way down to her thighs. The golden, silky skin sliding under his lips. A sigh came from Beth as she leaned back and let he legs fall apart a bit more. Trevor slipped her legs onto his shoulders and lightly ran his tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top. Beth’s hips jumped forward and a moan came from her throat. Noting her reaction, he placed a kiss directly on her love nub. Her hands fell onto the top of his head, running through his short hair.

Starting slowly and deliberately, he worked his way around her outer lips, giving her alternating licks and nibbles. He then moved the outer lips aside and slid his tongue inside of her, the taste mucky on his taste buds, and it made a raging hard on that much more rigid. He wormed his tongue all around inside of her. His hands moved up the smooth skin of her sides to cup and fondle her breasts, his thumbs toying with her nipples. Beth’s back arched, pressing her breasts into his hands. He moved up her slit and settled his tongue on her clit. He twirled his tongue around the nub, feeling it swell more. After a few moments, he sucked it into his mouth and began to flick at it with his tongue. Beth’s body began to tighten up and he knew she was getting close, and that spurred him on. His only focus now was to see her have an orgasm. His hands slipped terim izle down underneath her to cup her ass cheeks. Suddenly, her thighs tightened around his head and her hands pulled him towards her.

The climax thundered through her body, blanking her mind and sending her system into overload. Her hips bucked up and down. Through it all, he kept his mouth attached, sucking on her button and sending her higher and further into an orgasmic state. Just when she thought she was done, he slipped his tongue out of his mouth and, flattening it out, covered her clit. Moving his entire head, he shook it from side to side, pushing her into another climax. Her stomach muscles tensed and released repeatedly and her body shook from the intensity. As her last one started to taper off, Trevor sat back, looking at her. The sweat glistened on her skin in the soft blue light. After a moment, she raised her head and reached down to grip his manhood, pulling him towards her.

He didn’t need a second invitation. Scooting forward on his knees, he came up between her thighs, the tip of his erection brushing up against hr labia. Reaching down, he gripped his shaft and ran the head up and down her slit a few times before sliding it into her. She was ready for him and he slipped in all the way to the hilt in one smooth motion. Giving her a second to adjust herself to him. He began sliding in and out with long strokes. Her warmth and wetness engulfed him, pulled at him, making it difficult to stay in control, but he managed. Just barely, but he managed. Her legs came up to lock around his waist and her hips came up to meet his. With one hand, he reached down and covered her clit with his thumb. He applied just the right amount of pressure to have her biting back a scream as yet another climax tore through her. Beth’s entire body shook as he relentlessly drove into her and manipulated her button, her legs locking even more tightly around his waist. As she relaxed from the sudden storm, he abruptly withdrew from her completely, his turgid erection shining in the pale blue light. She looked up in confusion for just a moment before realizing what he wanted.

Getting to his feet, he pulled her up with him and turned her around, she bent over at the waist and grabbed the seat, her rear facing him, inviting him. Trevor stepped up behind her and drove into her with one smooth thrust. Beth arched backward and pushed back against him. He began to piston his hips with long, deep strokes, reaching around to cup her breasts in his hands. He could feel his own climax starting deep within him and heard the moans coming from her as he hammered back and forth. His own moans mingled with hers as they began the final drive towards bliss, her muscles clenching and milking him. He slid his hands down her sides to grab her hips and, holding tight, worked his way upward to his orgasm. Suddenly, it burst through him and out of him. Beth let out a low scream and and shuddered with him as her own orgasm tore through her as well. Colored lights flashed behind his eyes and his fingertips dug into her tender skin as he emptied his load into her. She felt his orgasm flood her, and but only as a side note to her own. After what seemed to be an eternity, they began to come down from their temporary high, their skin slicked with sweat and panting from the effort. Trevor felt his legs give out from under him and was able to aim himself so that he fell onto the seat, dragging Beth down with him. She sat side saddle on his lap, and laid her head on his shoulder. Chests still heaving and trying to catch their breaths, he let his hands float along her skin.

“You know,” she whispered into the soft light, “if I would’ve known you were this good, I would have found a way to do this months ago.”

Trevor chuckled in agreement, “we just have to figure out a way to do it again.”

She lifted her head and let her lips find his, sharing a deep kiss and feeling him stir underneath her hip. “Who says we have to wait?” she asked as she reached down to stroke his rapidly hardening length. Outside, the moon continued to trace it’s path in the the Baghdad sky.

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