Fun With J,J


“Mmmm, she’s cute.” Jerimy murmured, his warm hand stroking up and down the length of Jenel’s bare thigh left uncovered by her short black skirt.

Jenel wrinkled her nose. “Can we say ‘slut’?”

“Isn’t that what we’re looking for?”

“Not something that’s been used more than a public bathroom.” Jenel grinned, throwing her lover a look.

Jerimy’s green eyes roved her over appreciatively. “I say we don’t need her. Let’s go home so I can fuck you like nothing else.”

“Stop it. You know you want to do this just as much as I do. How about her?” Jenel chastised. Jerimy followed her pointed finger.

The girl Jenel was referring to was about eighteen, give a year, with long, curly brown hair and luminous blue eyes, a slim, curvy body with big tits, wearing tight jeans, low-cut sweater and a certain look about her that sent chills through Jenel’s body. Arrogant, like she knew she was too good for some people, haughty. Didn’t bother to return smiles, hellos, just stood off-limits and icy, untouchable.

Or so she thought.

Jerimy’s hand slid farther up her skirt, fingers brushing lightly against her naked, shaved pussy lips, which were already very warm and damp. Jenel inhaled sharply, pushing her hips into his fingers, rotating as he found her clit.

“You know,” Jerimy whispered into his lovers ear, “we’re in the middle of a public mall, and my fingers are in your cunt.”

Jenel moaned softly. “It makes in twice as good.”

To Jenel’s disappointment, Jerimy covered up the evidence of his hand up her skirt with his coat, preserving modesty, not because he wasn’t turned on his lover’s kinkiness, but that was just how Jerimy was. Jenel slid her hand into his lap, tracing a finger along the ridge of the hardened cock underneath his jeans, then pulled the zipper down, slipping her hand inside.

“Jenel…” Jerimy groaned. “Baby, don’t do that here.”

“Then tell me to stop.” Jenel murmured sweetly as her fingers wrapped around his thick shaft and began stroking his length. His middle finger slid inside her tight hole, deeply, finger fucking her, his thumb circling her clit expertly.

A group of college guys, about seven of them, were heading towards them, talking, laughing, and as Jenel watched, one sighted them and nudged one of his buddies. The whole group was soon looking at them, whispering, aware of their activities.

Jenel dragged her index finger over the head of Jerimy’s cock and brought it to her mouth, slowly sliding into her mouth, sucking it off as the group watched with big grins. Jerimy pulled his hand away from her pussy and stuck his middle finger into her mouth, letting her suck off her own juice, an evil twinkle in his green eyes.

“I want to play,” Jenel whispered, her eyes wandering to the group standing just feet away, then back to the icy slut who intrigued her so much.

“You Escort Bayan Gaziantep want her?” Jerimy smiled. “I’ll get her.”

“Think you can get her? She’s ignored everyone who’s gone by so far, baby.”

“Never doubt me.” Jerimy winked, zipping his jeans before standing. “I’ll meet you back at my place in twenty minutes.”

Not wanting the bitch to see her, Jenel stood up and headed towards the exit, glancing back to look regretfully at the group who were watching her with interest. One waved.

She arrived at Jerimy’s apartment and headed into the bedroom, going straight into a closet with a one-way mirror door, stocked with toys and sex accessories she and Jerimy had acquired over there year as lovers just for this purpose.

Not five minutes later, Jenel heard the front door opening and closing. Voices in the hall, then the bedroom door opened and in came the icy girl and her lover, the sweater she was wearing already half way off, Jerimy eagerly pulling at the button on her jeans.

Jenel pulled her skirt up and spread her thighs, watching as the girl was pushed unto her back on the bed, Jerimy pulling her black thongs off and throwing them aside, revealing a shaved, pink pussy. He nudged her thighs farther apart and buried his mouth between her fat pussy lips, making sure she was facing the one-way mirror so Jenel could see everything he was doing. He lapped at her cunt, tongue going from her hole to the top of her moist slit, drawing a groan from the girl Jenel could clearly hear. She pinched at her nipples, twisting them, rubbing them in slow circles, her hips pushing at Jerimy’s mouth. Jenel knew how good that mouth could be!

“Eat that little slut.” Jenel whispered, picking up a smooth white dildo and sliding it up and down her wet pussy, teasing it against her clit, watching as Jerimy began tongue fucking the girl. He rolled her clit between thumb and forefinger, his tongue going in and out, in and out of her fuck hole, and she arched up sharply, humping his face, crying out as she came. Then with a dopey grin, the grin sat up and yanked Jerimy’s pants zipper down, pushed them to his ankles, and wrapped her hand around his steel hard shaft. She stuck out her wet little tongue and slapped his cock against it a couple times, smiling, then wrapped her lips around it and sucked him in hungrily, surprising Jenel when she took it him all the way in, because Jerimy had a good eight inch dick, and thick to boot.

A little spear of jealousy went through Jenel when Jerimy closed his eyes and moaned in pleasure, putting both hands on the girl’s head. The little cunt would get what she deserved soon enough.

But after a while, and Jerimy still fucking the girl’s mouth with his cock, Jenel became impatient. She wanted to play, and by this time Jerimy would usually blindfold their toy and ready them for the next step. Boldly Jenel rapped against the mirror, ripping Jerimy from his reverie and bringing the girls attention to the mirror.

“What was that?” she asked suspiciously. Jenel fought to control her giggles as Jerimy glared at the closet door.

“Neighbors.” He said and grabbed a handful of her curly brown hair, pushing his cock past her lips and down her throat while looking pointedly at the mirror. Jenel’s anger and jealousy grew swiftly and she contemplated showing herself, but thought better of it when the girl looked up at him and asked for him to fuck her. Jerimy swiftly stripped the rest of his clothes away and told her he wanted to blindfold her, and was met with no resistance.

The girl, blindfolded, eagerly fell to her hands and knees on the bed, going lower to her elbows, so her sweet white ass was high in the air. Jerimy took tight hold of her hips and slid the head of his prick into her pussy, eliciting a soft moan from the slut. He went no further then.

“Please put it in me,” she groaned and tried to push back, but Jerimy backed up with her, looking at Jenel through the closet mirror. “Fuck me, goddammit!”

“Would you do anything to have my dick in you, slut?” he asked.

“Yes!” she said breathlessly.

He motioned her out and she opened the closet door, quietly making her way to the bed and surveying her, pleased. Her breath was coming quick and shallow, on the verge of begging for her lover’s big cock.

“Go ahead, Jenel.” Jerimy said, winking at Jenel.

“What? That’s not my name.” The girl protested.

“I know. It’s my lover’s name.”

Jenel sat down on the bed and grabbed the girl’s face, pushing it into her wet pussy, moaning when the girl tried to scream and ground into her open mouth. Jerimy smiled and rammed the rest of his cock into the girl, hissing in pleasure as her tight cunt sucked him in.

“What the fuck are you doing?” the girl shrieked when Jenel allowed her to pull back and breath.

“Lick it, bitch.” Jenel demanded, holding her pussy lips apart, her clit pounding, begging for the girls wet tongue. “You’ll get his cock.”

There was a pause, and not surprisingly, the girl stuck her face between Jenel’s thighs and expertly began licking her cunt, sucking her clit into her mouth and in return Jerimy began banging into her slut pussy.

“That’s a good slut,” Jenel murmured with a low groan. “Lick my pussy. Tell me you’re our little cunt.”

She lifted her blindfolded face to whisper, “I’m your little cunt, please, make me lick your pussy.”

Jenel grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her face forward, demanding she stick out her tongue. When the girl did so, Jenel moved her clit back and forth over the extended toy, meeting Jerimy’s green eyes as he continued to fuck into the girl’s hot pussy. He fucked her harder, faster, deeper, until his handsome face was a mask of intense pleasure, and the girl was screaming with coming orgasm.

“Fuck me! Harder! Fuck me like the slut I am!” she cried, alternating between sucking Jenel’s swollen clit and tongue fucking her cunt and asshole. The girl slipped her middle finger into Jenel’s tight asshole, moving it slowly in and out while lapping her pussy, her muffled moans growing louder and louder, Jerimy’s breathing increasing.

“Baby,” Jerimy whispered urgently to Jenel. He was ready to cum.

“Are you ready to take it up the ass, slut?” Jenel asked.

The girl hesitated before answering: “Yes, put your cock in my virgin ass!”

Jerimy’s green eyes widened in pleased surprise and he picked up a bottle of lubricant, spreading it generously over his thick eight inches, then slipping a lubed finger into her asshole to ready it. The girl jerked forward in surprise, but didn’t let up her eager licking of Jenel’s cunt.

“Fuck her ass, Jerimy,” Jenel rasped as she watched the girl eating her out. “Mmmm fuck her hard!”

“Tell me to fuck your little ass, cunt.” Jerimy ordered, stroking the length of his prick, running his thumb over her virgin asshole, and feeling her body shake in pleasure.

“Please fuck my ass! Now!” she begged.

He spread her ass cheeks and nudged his cock head between them, working it into her asshole, then began the duty of getting it past her tight ass muscle, which clenched around his dick. He clenched his teeth feeling her asshole close around his head, pulling him in deeper, until half of his eight inches was lodged in her. The girl moaned softly, her efforts at Jenel’s cunt doubling, and Jerimy slowly pulled his cock out before pushing it back in, this time burying all eight inches deep in her tightness.

Jerimy wrapped his fist in the girl’s hair, jerking her head back, fucking her ass deep, pulling his hard dick out and stuffing it back into her. She cried out at every thrust, her body rocking, tongue swirling around Jenel’s clit, Jenel watching her lover fucking her tight virgin ass.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” Jerimy groaned lustily. He slipped his cock out and shoved it into the girls quivering pussy, ignoring her pleas to not cum inside her. Jenel arched her back as she began to cum, hearing Jerimy cry out as he emptied his cock inside the slut, the girl moaning when her own orgasm overtook her.

Jenel sighed in satisfaction, pushing the girl off her legs. “Clean his cock off, slut.”

She obediently lapped her cunt juice and cum off of Jerimy’s softening cock, still blindfolded, naked, and thoroughly used.

Jerimy and Jenel dressed and exchanged looks when the girl made no move to leave. “You can go now.” Jenel said irritably. She was done with her and had no use of the cunt anymore.

The girl angrily ripped the blindfold off. “You think you can just use ME like that?”

Jenel chuckled. “That’s what slut’s are for…slut.”

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