Friends to Lovers

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It was a cool, sunny day – the temperature being comfortable enough to turn off the air conditioning and let the quiet summer breezes flow through the windows and meander about the house. Susan had the house to herself and she moved about it as if to reclaim it for her own. The kids were off with friends at the lake and Tony was golfing. At last – no one asking her for something, not knowing where things were, nothing to break, spill, clean up, or wash. Freedom!

She anticipated a whole day to herself and dressed to be as comfortable as she could possibly be. After a long bath, she stood before her closet and almost mechanically put on her usual clothes – her “uniform” as she called it – thick blue cotton collared shirt-sleeved shirt, her durable jean skirt, and her no-slip sneakers. But, she paused. “Not today,” she smiled as she threw those clothes in the laundry. She rummaged through her dresser drawer to find the silk shorts she had purchased yet never worn – found them – and then searched for and found the silk tank top she also hadn’t had the time or opportunity to wear. Then she opened the drawer to grab a pair of panties. Yet, again she paused. “Nope. Not today,” she giggled to herself as she pulled the loose silk shorts up her smooth, just shaven legs and gently over her pussy. She then thought to reach behind the compartment that held her panties – her heart pounded for a beat or two – but she drew back her hand. “Later” she smiled to herself. “Later.”

She walked across the house into the kitchen and made herself a cup of tea. With the tea’s steaming aroma in her wake, she then walked through the dining room and into the formal living room – where she generally allowed no one to venture for fear of dirty hands staining the recently purchased couch. Today, the living room was hers. She set her tea on the table, grabbed some unread magazines, and spread herself on the couch. She was so completely relaxed that soon she fell asleep.

At first the tapping on the side door seemed to be part of her dream. But as she came-to, she realized that there was someone at the side door. But who? She was expecting no one. Feeling a bit exposed, she ran to the hallway closet, grabbed her cardigan sweater, and hurried to the kitchen fumbling to button it as she went. As she turned the corner, she saw waiting on the other side of the door an unexpected yet pleasant surprise – her friend Beth.

“Hey – my god, what are you doing here?” she exclaimed while unlocking and sliding the door open.

“I was hoping you were here,” said Beth stepping in and leaning over to give Susan a kiss on the cheek. “How are you? I saw your car and figured you’d be back here in the kitchen.”

“No, no – I’m all alone today – I fell asleep in the living room.”

“Where is everyone?” asked Beth obviously happy for Susan’s temporary freedom.

“Gone – that’s all I care about for the moment. I am relaxing for a bit for god’s sake.”

“And, my friend, you deserve it. God, I feel like I’m interrupting – I should have called first!”

“No, no! I’m so glad to see you – I’m glad you’re here. What, have you been running?” asked Susan.

“Yeah, I love this neighborhood so I thought I’d run through it and stop by to say hi.”

“Are you running again?” asked Susan.

“Yeah,” laughed Beth shaking her head, “I’m running again. Let’s talk about anything else but why I’m running again.”

And so they did – sipping tea in the forbidden living room (Beth remarked about how clean it looked and took off her shoes in deference to its cleanliness), sharing the couch, catching up on the news of friends and family – discussing summer plans. Susan remarked about how beautiful the weather was to which Beth answered,

“Well, you’d never guess it by the way you’re dressed – what’s with the sweater?”

“Oh!” Susan laughed, “This? I didn’t know who you were when you knocked on the door. I threw it on as I ran over.”

“Is that the beautiful silk shirt you bought when we were at Victoria’s Secrets?” asked Beth excitedly. “I’ve never seen you wear it – let me see it!”

“Okay,” Susan said as she began to unbutton the sweater to show her the silk shirt underneath. Beth watched in silence while Susan’s fingers unfastened each button. Susan arched her back as she pulled the sweater off her large breasts straining against the silk fabric.

“Oh, Susan,” whispered Beth, “that’s right for you.”

Susan turned from side to side, without really thinking about it so Beth could view the shirt that hugged her body.

“You wear that so well,” said Beth.

“Stop it. That’s not true – not half as well as you would have if you bought the smaller one.”

“‘Smaller’ one – that’s a laugh,” said Beth with dejection.

“What’s that all about? What are you talking about?” asked Susan.

“Oh bother,” she said waving her hand in the air with disgust. “Ron was bitching about my gaining weight,” said Beth, “that’s why I’m running. God damn it.”

“What is he bursa escort bayan talking about? Who is he kidding,” said Susan with disbelief.

“Yeah, yeah, fucking asshole. I could kill him. He had the nerve to tell me I wasn’t ‘presenting’ myself well – like I’m a goddamn piece of his clothing for Christ’s sake.”

“Well,” said Susan pointedly, “Let me tell ya – I’d love to wear your body on me.”

Beth stopped and stared oddly at her for a moment as suddenly Susan realized her faux pas. Susan got a bit flustered yet broke the moment of awkwardness by pushing Beth playfully, “you know what I mean!’

They both laughed with nervous relief. But then Susan, thinking her message lost, took Beth by the hand and said, “seriously girlfriend, don’t pay any attention to him. You are so beautiful – you have nothing to worry about.”

“Really?” Beth said shyly looking down.

“Yes – I mean that,” said Susan squeezing Beth’s hand to emphasize it.

“Well, Ron doesn’t think so – he hasn’t touched me in weeks.”

“Stop!” said Susan.

“It’s true – it’s killing me. Does this ever happen to you? I’m going crazy.”

After a long pause, Susan said, “yeah, it happens.”

“Well – what do you do? How do you get him to pay attention?”

“I don’t,” said Susan, “he just gets weird that way.”

“So you just stay frustrated?” asked Beth shrugging her shoulders in disgust.

“No,” laughed Susan, “no frustration – I . . .” She stopped. “Oh never mind, let’s talk about something else.”

“What?! ‘Talk about something else’? Darling, tell me – I asked you.”

Susan shook her head, “its too personal – you’d be uncomfortable.”

“Uncomfortable? What? I’m talking to you about this here – why should I be uncomfortable? You’re my friend. Susan, girl – what were you going to tell me?”

“It’s nothing – new subject.”

“No, no you don’t,” Beth laughed, “Not new subject, same subject – what are you trying to tell me?”

“Well,” Susan exhaled nervously, “I use supplements.”

“You do? What kind? I have people telling me I need to do that B12 stuff. Is that what you’re using?”

“No, no,” Susan said with a wry smile. “Not vitamins, no,” Susan said looking down at her hands as she felt the blush rise.

“Susan,” Beth bent over to look underneath Susan’s gaze “Susan?” she said softly. “You’re blushing my friend. I’m asking you about this – please. What?”

Susan then looked up suddenly and directly in Beth’s eyes – eyes which were now only a couple of inches away. “Do you really want to see?”

“Yes. Susan – I really want to know,” said Beth assertively.

“I’ll be right back,” said Susan as she jogged across the living room, barefoot, and then bounced into her room. She pulled the top dresser drawer open, reached behind the compartment that held her panties, and pulled the hard case from its hiding place. She opened the case. She looked at the hard rubber dildo that she kept in it – looked at it and smiled to herself. Before she brought it out the living room to show Beth – she took a moment just to drink its deliciousness in – the meticulous detail of it – its well-shaped head, the love-bumps so perfectly molded into its wide, curved shaft – as she fingered it, she began to smell the musk of her own sex. She felt her breasts swell and warm as her quickened heart beat rushed blood into them – making her ample nipples erect and tender. Her eyes followed the slope of her breasts and looked at her hardened tits. Feeling naughty, Susan rubbed the powerful dildo around her nipples before bringing it to her nostrils. She smelt it. “Forgot to wash you, pal.” She whispered to it, she went to look at the base of the instrument to see if she had left batteries in it – batteries that would have to come out for her to wash it before showing it to Beth.

“So what’s the big secret?” asked Beth from behind in a voice so unexpected that it was if a bomb exploded. Susan jumped, “Ah!” she yelled fumbling to put the dildo back in the case and snap it shut.

“Don’t do that!!” protested Susan as she turned around. “Fuck – you scared the shit out of me!”

Beth started laughing, “sorry, sorry – oh my god – did you jump!!

Depleted by the rush of adrenaline, Susan stumbled to and sat on her bed, holding a hand down to steady herself as her heart pounded from the surprise.

“Are you okay?” asked Beth as she sat down next to her touching her hand with hers. “God – I’m so sorry – I just followed you up here – I did not mean to scare you.”

Susan shook her head, “it’s okay – it’s okay – I just . . . I just didn’t expect you is all.”

Beth sat next to her on the bed and went to pick up the hard case. “What’s this?”

Susan placed her hands on it first – just a second before Beth. “It’s what I was talking about.”

“Open it,” requested Beth a bit nervously.

“Okay, but you have to promise,” said Susan,


“You have to promise that görükle escort this will be your and my secret, okay?”

“Stop. Of course. Open it.”

And Susan did – holding the opened case with its enormous dildo between them.

She heard Beth gasp slightly.

“Oh my . . .” whispered Beth.

With Susan holding the case, Beth reached in and took the dildo in her hands. The sight of her beautiful friend’s delicate hands on the dildo shot a surge of warmth through Susan – and she felt her pussy becoming wet. Susan watched as Beth’s knuckles went white as she squeezed the dildo hard.

“Oh . . . fuck,” was all that Beth could manage.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” said Susan.

“Oh my fucking god,” said Beth as she brought the dick to her face to look at it. God, the dildo on Beth was making Susan so aroused. She had always loved Beth’s looks – her delicate body, white skin, and petite proportions. But God . . . Beth’s face on the dildo – Susan spread her legs a bit to accommodate the wetness that was now making her crotch moist.

“It feels so amazing,” said Beth rubbing the dick with her hands. Then, unexpectedly, Beth brought the cock to her nose and drank in its smell. She looked at Susan with lost eyes and asked, “is that you?”

“Yes.” Susan whispered, lifting her legs off the floor and tucking them under herself – supporting herself with one arm as she leaned toward Beth.

“Jesus . . .” said Beth as she used her finger to slowly trace the length of the vein that had been meticulously shaped into the instrument. “So . . .” stammered Beth, “you . . . do you . . . you place this inside you?”

“Yes,” replied haltingly as her heart beat so hard and fast that part of it seemed to be in her throat. And then, not even believing that she had it in her to do it, Susan took the biggest chance of her whole life. She pulled her legs out from under herself and placed one behind Beth and one at the edge of the bed with Beth between them.

Beth could not help but to stare at Susan’s exposed, wet pussy as it was exhibited by her spread legs and her loose silk shorts. Beth was mute. Susan’s whole chest heaved with the excitement and the insanity of what was happening. She did not know what Beth would do — she almost did not care what Beth would do. All she wanted to do at that moment was expose herself to her.

Beth stared at Susan’s crotch for a long time – making no eye contact with Susan. Susan was about to close her legs when Beth did the absolutely unexpected. She brought the dildo to her face and – staring at Susan’s pussy – enveloped the head of the cock in her mouth. She closed her eyes as she sucked the dick deep into her mouth. She placed the cock all the way into her mouth and opened up her throat for it. Without being able to contain herself as she watched the delicate, magnificent Beth suck the cock head, Susan pulled the silk crotch of her panties away from her pussy, and began to rub her clit through her swollen pussy lips.

Finally, Beth opened her eyes and made eye contact with Susan. She saw Susan’s wet fingers, and Susan’s wet pussy. He looked for a moment at Susan’s hard and erect nipples. She withdrew the dildo from her mouth slowly and deliberately while staring her friend. Siliva dripped from her mouth and ran down the side of the dick shaft. Beth held the cock in front of her. Suddenly, Susan understood.

Leaning forward, Susan clasped her hands around the delicate hands of her friend that held the enormous dildo. Slowly, Susan guided Beth’s hands down – down below their chests, down below their bellies. Then Susan pulled Beth’s hands – the hands that clutched Susan’s intimate instrument – toward her. Susan spread her legs further looked down at her throbbing pussy as she positioned the head of the dildo at the slithery seal of her wetness. As she held Beth’s hands and the cock they held in position, Susan raised her head and looked deeply into Beth’s eyes.

“Oh my fucking god,” whispered Beth.

Just after Beth uttered those words, Susan reached out, grabbed Beth’s elbows and pulled her violently toward her causing herself to be fucked by the dildo held firmly in Beth’s hands. Susan gasped, “aaahh!” as hot pussy juice was pushed from her cunt and ran all over Beth’s hands. Beth leaned forward, mumbling a quiet mantra, “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. . . .” yet did not need further direction from Susan as she, enthusiastically, pushed the dildo in and out of Susan’s streaming pussy. Susan lay down, arched her back, and pulled her knees out with her hands as Beth fucked her methodically with the cock — looking intently at Susan’s pussy as she guided the, now, soaking wet instrument in and out of Susan’s body.

“Fuck me Beth,” pled Susan, “oh fuck me.”

Susan’s request caused a frenzy of movement from Beth. With Susan spread wide before her, Beth was on her knees between Susan’s legs pushing the dildo in and out. Feeling her breasts swaying back and forth with each bursa escort bayan of Beth’s thrusts, Susan pulled up her silk tank top, exposing her breasts, and massaging her nipples. Suddenly, Beth’s thrusts became less powerful and Susan raised her head to see what Beth was doing. What she saw made Susan cum: Beth still clasped the wet and glistening dildo – yet with only one hand now. With the other, Beth had pulled away the running shorts and panties from her own crotch and was methodically rubbing her enormous, pink, and exposed clitoris with her fingers while staring at Susan’s breasts. Cumming hard and loudly, Susan pulled Beth’s cock-holding hand on her pussy so that the cock could be buried deep within her as her orgasm pulsated through all of her body’s muscles.

“Did you cum?” asked Beth tentatively.

“Yes,” said Susan, “yes I did cum.”

Beth said nothing. She rose up out of the bed, walked over to the other side turned her back on Susan. She then turned her head, looked at Susan and smiled. Turning back away again, Beth pulled her shorts down around her ankles and stepped out of them. Susan marveled at the perfect, heart-shaped ass Beth had – so tight, with a gap between her legs that was so spacious and well-defined that Susan had a magnificent view of Beth’s pussy even as she had her back to her – a compact little mound covered delicately with a thin layer of pubic hair. Beth then took off her shirt – pulling it up over her head, and then unbuttoned and unburdened herself of the runner’s bra. To Susan’s amazement, once Beth was completely naked, she lay down on the bed. She looked like an impressionist painting, her petite breasts crowned by engorged and erect nipples, her clasped closed legs stretched out waiting to be stroked and touched.

Susan needn’t have had instructions. She rose from her side of the bed, and walked to Beth’s side. Susan sat on the bed next to Beth’s tan, sculpted, and warm body. Susan rubbed her hand in a circle across Beth’s belly. Beth, who had said nothing for quite some time, then motioned toward Susan. She beckoned with her fingers for her to bring her face close to hers. Susan leaned forward. Beth touched her chin so gently and ran her fingers along the length of her jawbone. Then, again to Susan’s astonishment, Beth grabbed her by the jaw, pulled her towards her, and then proceeded to kiss Susan as deeply and as passionately as she had ever been kissed by Ron. Thrilled at this attention, Susan reciprocated, kissing Beth’s mouth with all the wetness and warmth she could bring to their embrace. Beth ran her hands through Susan’s hair as they kissed and kissed. As Susan and Beth’s tongue danced, Susan began to rub Beth’s breasts and pinch her nipples. Feeling the arch of Beth’s back, Susan then began kissing Beth’s neck chest and then, after Beth pushed her away just long enough to look Susan directly in the eyes, started sucking on Beth’s nipples.

“Suck me Susan,” groaned Beth writhing with pleasure. “Oh lick me.”

Susan licked Beth and flicked her nipples around with her lips. As she did so, Susan’s hand moved down Beth’s torso and navigated across her belly button and found the delicate bush of Beth’s mound. She as Beth took Susan’s head in her hands to kiss her on the mouth again, Susan moved her hands decisively into Beth’s crotch. Unexpectedly, Beth locked her legs shut. Susan attempted to move her hand again, but again Beth clamped them shut.

“Don’t” pled Beth with plaintiff eyes. “Oh my god, please don’t.”

But Susan was too aroused at this point. She smelled Beth’s musk and was a bit frenzied about her conquest of her friend. Susan moved her hands again in the breach. Again she was rebuffed.

“Beth?” queried Susan softly, “what are you doing?”

“I’m not sure I want to go this far,” said Beth.

Susan was not to be denied. “Beth. I want to you to spread your legs girl, you know why?”

Beth began to release the grip of her thighs when she murmured “why Susan”.

“Because I want to suck your pussy and lick your clit until you cum,” stated Susan dryly.

Beth grabbed the inside of each knee and pulled herself wide open, “Oh yes Susan!! Fuck me.”

And Susan did – licking her friend’s pussy – trying to keep up with the steady flow of girl cum juice that was emerging from Beth’s pussy. Beth held Susan’s head firmly onto her cunt – pressing it down each second there seemed to be a pause in the oral stimulation. Susan licked and lapped furiously, inserting two fingers into Beth’s pussy to irrigate Beth’s pussy with even more juices. And soon, Beth started trembling. It was soft and imperceptible at first, yet it grew in jules and ferocity as Beth leaned forward in awe of the power deep within her. The trembling soon gave way to shaking and Beth started shaking as Susan licked her clit and fucked her with her two delicate fingers.

“Susan?” groaned Beth with pleasure. “Susan, fuck me with that dick of yours – fuck me with it!!!” screamed Beth.

Hysterical with arousal, Susan fumbled in the sheets for the dildo. Unwrapping it from the cotton cloth, Susan licked it to try to lubricate it before entering Beth with it.

“OOOooohhhhh” moaned Beth lifting herself up off the mattress to thrust her pussy towards Susan’s face. “Put it in, put it in.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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