Friends and Foes Ch. 07


This story contains m/m and m/f relationships and sex scenes.

Hi, thanks as usual for the votes, comments and e-mails, and to those of you who have put forward your theories on what might happen — I’m not saying anything! You’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

I’m trying to keep a balance between plot and sex in the story as a whole, which sometimes means a particular chapter leans rather heavily one way or the other. This one ended up with quite a bit of sex in it! I’m estimating that there will be three more chapters after this one, based on what I have and what I still need to write, but it’s hard to tell until it’s on screen.

* * * * * *


After his reminder the previous night of what he needed from his mate, Sam woke to the feeling of his cock being sucked, and it was the perfect start to his day. He knew that Tom could tell that he was now awake, but he didn’t want to break the moment and kept his eyes shut as his body reacted to the warmth and pressure and Tom’s talented tongue playing with him. It was too good a feeling and he let out a groan and heard Tom’s amusement in his head in response.

“So, you going to keep pretending you are fast asleep, or can we make this a 69?”

“Mmm, I’d like that.”

Tom moved, never taking his mouth away from Sam’s hardness, and a moment later Sam felt his mates erection pressing down towards his lips. He put his tongue out to lick it and felt the shudder the attention sent through Tom, urging him on to take things further. His hands moved to Tom’s tight buttocks, caressing them as he brought his dick further into his mouth and throat, growling when he had most of it inside him and he could also play with the hot and hard flesh.

The two of them teased each other, giving pleasure slowly but not quite enough to let the other trip. Sam enjoyed it for a while, but he had been receiving his mates attention for longer and he realised he was building faster and was going to come first. He didn’t want to leave Tom behind so he increased his efforts, sucking harder and moving his tongue up and down Tom’s shaft, glad when he could tell it was having an effect. His own body was tightening ready to orgasm and he felt the same thing happening to Tom.

Sam started shooting only a few seconds later, and the feel of his cum filling Tom was enough to tip him over the edge as well. Each of them was treated to the warm flow of the essence of the other, the combination of that treat and their own pleasure making them moan even though their mouths were still full. They gently licked each other afterwards, recovering while they cleaned their mate off and savoured every last drop.

Afterwards, Tom turned around and took Sam into his arms, feeling himself wrapped up immediately in his embrace as well, and sharing their first kiss of the day, the remnants of cum in their mouths being shared and transferred as their tongues entwined. Neither one of them could think of a better way to start their day, and they lay curled together taking full advantage of the peace before work had to take precedence. It was a good twenty minutes before Tom braved asking what had started to prey on his mind once the afterglow had worn off.

“So, when are you going to tell Jake?”

“At breakfast. I don’t expect to have to wait long after that until Adam is here either. Jake misses him badly, and as much as I still wish we didn’t have to deal with him, we need to talk.”

“You’re not going to go all alpha male on him to make sure he’s serious about Jake.”

“No, I believe that. However, I do have an idea that may be a little ‘alpha male’. I am going to make sure he doesn’t underestimate us.”

* * * * * *

Jake’s beaming face at breakfast almost made it worth it, but both Sam and Tom were still nervous about letting Adam into their home. And although neither of them would admit it, the fact that he was Sam’s ex was an issue for both. Sam regretted ever having been involved with him, and Tom hated the idea that a man like that had had his hands on Sam. He was also more pleased than he should have been that Adam was a total bottom and had never been inside Sam like he had on a regular basis. The idea of a one-way relationship did not appeal to Tom, but it obviously worked for Adam and Jake.

“Thank you so much. I really appreciate this, and Adam will too. I’ve missed him so much,” Jake responded to the offer of Adam coming to stay.

“Just bear in mind, we need to talk to Adam as well. We are also concerned that he might be followed or tracked, so Tilly will go and pick him up from the village and he has to leave his car and phone there. He comes alone and we will make sure no-one knows exactly where he is,” Sam instructed.

Jake was not stupid, but in this case he kind of understood their distrust. His mate didn’t trust the men that had been in contact with him enough to let them have any contact with Jake, so taking precautions was sensible. He wanted to ask to go with Tilly Eskort Bayan to fetch Adam, but had a feeling that would be refused. Still, he would be at the gates so he could see his mate as soon as possible. Even the thought of being able to hold his man again had his cock twitching in his pants. The thought of what else they would be able to do was so distracting he had to calm himself before contacting Adam.

The others could tell from his vacant gaze that he was speaking to his mate, and when his smile became even broader they knew Adam would be on his way, and probably soon. Jake broke off the contact and looked back at his family.

“He’ll be here in two hours. He said he’d call me when he gets close so Tilly can get him.”

“He won’t have to park far away, they can probably walk down. It’s just so long as anything that can trace him is outside our grounds, because we can protect our boundaries.”

Sam couldn’t dim his brother’s enthusiasm at that point, or his repeated thanks. He mentally wrote off the idea of speaking to Adam for at least four hours because he was pretty sure Jake would want to take him somewhere private the moment he arrived. Sam was going to arrange a welcoming committee, purely for his own satisfaction, but he would play nice, and he had no intention of keeping the two of them apart and antagonising Jake when he was only just starting to build a relationship with him again.

* * * * * *

Two hours passed very slowly as far as Jake was concerned, desperate as he was to see Adam again. No-one else bothered him, sensing how preoccupied he was, although he had regular updates from Adam as to his progress towards them, plus lots of ideas of things he wanted to do when the two of them were finally together. As much as Jake loved all the ideas his mate was sending his way they just increased his frustration. Immense relief washed over him when he finally heard that Adam was about quarter of an hour away and he fetched Tilly immediately, walking down to the gate with her and not even bothered that she was teasing him about the state he was in.

Tilly was amused, but it was good natured teasing. All of those who were mated understood the need to have their mate close and the sudden desires to be with them. She knew most of all how hard it was to be parted from your mate and in her case it had been even worse because she couldn’t be sure that he would ever wake. Even now those thoughts terrified her, and she knew that he was fine and would soon be back to full health. When they got to the main gate she could tell how on edge Jake was and tried to reassure him.

“I will be back very soon with your mate, brother. I will take good care of him too.”

He didn’t really relax, but he appreciated what she was saying and that she referred to Adam as his mate.

“Thank you,” he replied, not quite sure which part he was thanking her for and still far too distracted to concentrate much on his sister.

Tilly left him, still smiling at his excitement and glad to see that Jake was so happy, even if his mate wasn’t an ideal choice as far as she was concerned, and pretty much the worst choice possible in Sam’s opinion. Maybe seeing the two of them together would calm his worries about that, but she doubted that Sam would ever entirely trust Adam. She should be easier to convince, but there were still doubts in her mind about the safety of this course of action.

She reached the carpark where she was due to meet Adam only a minute before he pulled into it and parked, and she wandered over to his car, noting it was high end and expensive, not that she would have expected anything less. He seemed pleased to see her, but just as with her brother, he was far more interested in seeing his mate than her and she was pleased to see it.

“Hello Tilly. I was surprised to hear you would be my escort, but it’s good to see you again.”

“They thought I would be the least intimidating option, aside from Jake of course, but if we’d sent him you might not have made it to the house for several hours.”

Adam blushed slightly, and she knew from his emotions that he was looking forward to some intimacy with Jake. He was already getting aroused, although he was in control enough to try and defend himself slightly and to question her words.

“So the least intimidating of you is the only one who has physically attacked me? Why do I not find that reassuring?” he asked, with a smile that said he was not entirely serious.

“I am sorry about that. It was something of a shock and I over-reacted.”

“It’s okay. If I thought someone was hurting Jake I’d have done the same. Probably a lot worse, actually.”

“Good. That’s how it’s supposed to be.”

He looked at her slightly startled, perhaps not expecting her comment or that he didn’t understand the effects of being mated. She guessed he didn’t meet other Weres, so it wasn’t as though he would have come across situations where he’d had to defend his mate or make it clear that they were. Not that anyone at home would challenge their bond, but fights, well there was a possibility, although she hoped that Sam would keep control.

Adam grabbed a small bag from the boot and slung it over his shoulder, looking over at her expectantly as he locked the car and obviously keen to get moving. She chuckled to herself as she led the way, not that Adam wouldn’t have known where they lived, but he had never been there before.

“It will take us less time to get to the gate than it will from there to the house. In fact, that part will probably take a lot longer than usual since Jake is waiting right by it.”

He gave her a glare, not sure about being teased. “I have control of myself.”

“Perhaps. But I’m pretty sure Jake doesn’t.”

She felt his pleasure at knowing that Jake was waiting and wanting him, and laughed again, receiving another glare.

“You’re not used to this, I’m sorry. All mates understand the needs that drive the bond, and we do tease each other about it, even though we all end up being the butt of the joke sometimes.”

“I heard something about that from Jake, but I thought it was considered wrong to insult mates.”

“Insult one or other of them, yes. It often starts fights. But we don’t consider teasing both or either party about their need for each other to be rude. Like I said, it happens to everyone, and we will all find ourselves being the ones rushing away with an obvious excuse from time to time.”

She saw Adam grin. “Does that mean I don’t need to make excuses if I have to drag Jake off the moment I see him.”

Tilly laughed with him. “It is generally considered good form to make it out of sight, so if you could wait until you get in the house it would be appreciated!”

Adam might have answered if he hadn’t started to become aware of his mate being close. There was something, either the psychic bond or the scent, that started to drive him crazy and he didn’t even hear anything else that Tilly said. As they turned a corner in the track he saw the gates she had mentioned, and waiting behind them he saw his mate. Nothing else penetrated his consciousness then, just the sight of Jake’s green eyes fixed on him, the sun glinting in his mid-brown hair seeming to create golden highlights, and his toned chest on display making Adam want to touch him badly. He sped up immediately, needing to make contact with the vision in front of him.

For his part, Jake too was transfixed. Adam had dressed to impress and despite the journey he looked fresh and smelled good enough to eat, or at the very least lick all over. His dark eyes sparkled as soon as they made eye contact and Jake’s arousal grew at the proximity of the man who could undo his control with just a glance. He didn’t even acknowledge Tilly, pulling the gate open and his mate straight into his arms for a reunion hug that quickly became an intense and passionate kiss.

Neither of them wanted to break that small connection now they had it again, and they let their tongues play together as they savoured the flavour of each other. Jake couldn’t resist a little show of aggression, knowing how much it would turn Adam on, and he ravaged his mouth as one hand slid into his mates hair to grab a handful and hold it tight. The soft whimper Adam let out into his mouth was more than enough reward right then, although he was only dimly aware of the fact they had company and was seriously considering dragging Adam off somewhere right then to take him.

Tilly felt her temperature rising as she avoided looking at the scene. From the emotions hitting her she didn’t need to watch, it was quite clear the reunion was intense. She cleared her throat loudly, then again when there was no reaction. She glanced around her when she became aware of other presences, and saw the whole of the team were spread out amongst the trees. Typical Sam, wanting to make a show of his strength.

“Is one of you going to take pity on me?” she shot out as a thought to the team.

She felt amusement coming back to her and almost thought that no-one was going to try and interrupt the loving couple until a loud roar broke the silence. That did have the two men breaking apart, Jake looking annoyed and Adam more scared. He looked, and felt, even more afraid when he saw the lion that had made the sound. Strange, that when he looked around further none of the wolves or panthers had quite that effect on him, perhaps because he had expected them. The sight of the other lion also had his heart racing. Tilly was intrigued, but she wanted to calm the situation for the moment.

“He just wanted to get your attention. That display was probably making him horny too!” she teased.

She heard an amused rumble from both Peter and Michael, which told her she wasn’t far wrong. Still, her job now was to make sure her brother and their guest actually made it to the house, and if they wanted to continue like that behind closed doors she was going to get the hell out of there. It reminded her of the intensity of Sam and Tom’s first couplings, which was strange given that Jake and Adam had been together for so many years. A few days apart was obviously much more than they were used to.

Tilly had Peter and Michael accompany them up to the house, keeping a bit of distance, but she found a perverse pleasure in keeping Adam a little on edge, or at least taking his mind off molesting Jake right in front of her. Perhaps she was rather more like Sam than she would have thought. She shot a thought ahead to tell him that they were approaching the house, to be on his best behaviour, and to warn him that Adam and Jake weren’t likely to be very communicative for a while. She heard his laughter coming back to her.

“I had already planned for that. We’ll say hello and tell them their time is their own until lunch. There’s no point me trying to talk to either of them while they are horny as hell. From the reports I just got they nearly started a fire with the heat of the reunion kiss!”

Tilly laughed aloud at the comment, getting a strange look from Jake in return, but he was more worried right then about the tension he could feel coming from his mate, who kept glancing nervously at the lions nearby.

“What’s wrong love? They won’t hurt you.”

“You didn’t tell me Sam had lions here,” came the concerned reply from Adam.

“I didn’t know for sure. Anyway, they aren’t just lions, they are Weres and they follow orders. Sam wants to talk to you, not have you eaten before you’ve even got to the house.”

“You sure about that?”

“Absolutely. I really hope he doesn’t want to talk to you right now though,” Jake continued as they reached the gravel outside the main house and he saw his brother and Tom waiting for them, “because I have some much better ideas that we need to be alone for.”

He got a soft moan in reply, reassuring him that Adam was going to be open to those ideas, even if he had other things on his mind at the moment. He noticed that Sam and Tom were both looking very serious as they approached, and braced himself for an awkward conversation and a delay to what he was desperate to do. He noted that even though they had reached the house with their footsteps being marked by probably most of the team, that Sam seemed to have even more people in reserve, as a tiger and another panther came out of the house and bounded down the main steps.

He was surprised by the excited yowl from his sister as the cats headed their way, up until they were close enough for him to smell that the panther was Dill, and although he thought it a little odd that she was so happy to see the man she’d only left half an hour before he let it pass, mainly because the animals rushing in their direction had clearly frightened Adam.

“It’s okay, they are coming to see Tilly, not hurt us.”

“I’ll be glad when I’m inside and everyone stops stalking me. I feel like they are going to jump me at any moment.”

Jake grinned at him. “None of them are going to jump you. I, on the other hand, am having increasingly lurid fantasies of doing just that and riding you til dawn!”

For good measure he shot a couple of those thoughts into Adam’s head and watched him blush harder and get even more flustered, but now in a good way. Please let Sam give them some time together so he could act some of them out he thought, because he wasn’t sure he would be able to wait. It seemed a good sign that Tilly had run off towards the trees with her mate and clearly wasn’t coming into the house right now. He was fairly sure that his brother would want her at any meeting to sense the emotion, and he wanted her there as protection.

Jake headed up the steps towards his brother slowly and carefully, keeping Adam’s hand in his both to reassure them, and to make very plain to Sam that he was not going to pretend that Adam was not his mate. He was almost shocked to see a small smile on Sam’s face as they got close, thinking it more likely that they would be having a few choice words rather than a pleasant welcome. Perhaps Sam really was starting to change his attitude to Jake, and maybe to Adam as well. He still tensed when Sam started to speak though.

“Hello again Adam. Welcome to our home. Obviously we have quite a bit to talk about, but I’ve got a few things to get done first, so lunch is in two hours and we’ll all meet after that if you don’t mind.”

Sam felt it polite to make it seem they were doing him a favour by waiting, but he knew he was doing them far more of one by the relief on their faces and their frantic thank yous. He smiled to himself as they rushed past, Jake managing to say he’d see them at lunch while pulling Adam behind him and muttering something about getting him settled in. He turned to Tom, his smile broadening when he saw his mate was also grinning.

“So, my sister appears to have vanished with her mate, my brother is off helping Adam ‘settle in’ which I doubt involves much in the way of unpacking unless you count throwing the clothes they are wearing on the floor…. it seems I am the one left out.”

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