Freshman Year Ch. 02

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Hey friends! Thanks for reading Chapter One and checking into two! I’ve read some comments and will try my best to make this story a bit more realistic. I am going based off of my own sexual interests, and appreciate the criticism. Thanks for the feedback, hope you enjoy chapter two! (Contains aspects of humiliation, sph, and public nudity).


Everything in me attempted to erase my memory of the events in Human Anatomy on Monday morning. I convinced myself it was all a dream as I hazily floated through my week of rigorous college classes. The rest of my courses seemed to go wonderfully, but the humiliating memory stuck in my mind had tainted my first week of college for the year. It didn’t help that I faced endless ridicule from my Human Anatomy classmates, and the thought of sitting next to Daniel three times a week was enough to make me cringe.

Out of everybody, I couldn’t get him off my mind. Why did he cover for me? How is he doing? Did he see what I did? Most importantly… where has he been? I hadn’t seen Daniel since the incident. He didn’t show up to class again and I hadn’t seen him anywhere on campus. I considered the fact that maybe he switched to online classes from humiliation, or worse, he dropped out. The thoughts crippled me at the idea that his humiliation was my fault. Or that what happened after he followed me out of Human Anatomy made it worse.

I try to shake the feelings off as I slowly sip my third coffee of the day as I sit through English 242 — American Lit. The class is my smallest yet, with a mere 32 students. It seemed that most of my English classes were the smallest, as not many seem to pursue the major of Journalism. Luckily, the rest of my professors, outside of Mr. Davies, were extremely reasonable and nice… and hot.

“Connor,” A deep voice calls out. I jump back to reality. “What did you think?”

I look up to see Mr. Crossett looking down at me from the front. His blue eyes twinkle in the sunlight piercing through the window as his ginger beard glows. His tall, muscle stature still catches me off guard like the day that I walked in at the end of Monday. He stares through the rows of students to me, sitting in the back after my last incident sitting in the front. I freeze, looking down in my notes in fear after losing track of what we were discussing. I flip through my notes in a flurry of anxiety before he mumbles under his breath.

“Fuck, save it for next time. That’s the class time.” He sighs.

I quickly shove my notes back in my backpack, relieved that this time, I was saved by the bell. Mr. Crossett goes back to the chalkboard and writes the assignments for the weekend. A four-page paper on the poem “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath. Easy.

“Hey, I’ll see you next week. If you need help with the paper hit me up.” I say to the girl next to me.

Angie turns to me with a smile. She witnessed the incident on Monday and I found out she was an English major. Ever since then, she’s been super sympathetic and friendly.

“No problem, have a good one!” She smiles.

I grab my back and make my way out the door before Crossett’s raspy voice beckons me back. I freeze, spinning on the heels of my feet and walking back to him.

“Hey, I just wanted to touch base with you. You’ve seemed quiet. I realize that this is a hard week, but this is a small class and I’m gonna need you to speak up some more.” He says firmly.

I feel my heart beat out of my chest as I tap my fingers along his wooden desk, trying not to make eye contact with his threatening yet beautiful eyes.

“Yeah, n-no problem. I uh- yeah. Next week I will. S-sorry ha-ha.” I stutter.

I look back down at him just in time to see him looking me straight in the eye. His big figure, though sitting down, is only a few inches below me. He wears a bright blue dress shirt which contrasts his ginger complexion and fur heavily. He smiles, his white teeth glowing at me as I fiddle my fingers on his desk awkwardly.

“Sorry, bud, didn’t mean to make you anxious. You can do it, just gotta build that confidence. Don’t worry, I’ll work on ya. You have a good night.” He laughs as he pats my arm.

His hand is warm and big, able to wrap around my skinny arm with ease. He turns away and begins filing through my papers as I turn and leave the classroom, my breathing slowing down again as I feel that oh so familiar Ankara bayan escort bulge in my pants. Guess I’ll have more than a paper to work on when I get home.


I turn my key in the tight door knob as I enter my small dorm room. The room is still a cluttered mess of papers and old food wrappers as I close the door and kick my shoes off. My roommate, Zane, is at soccer practice and I can already smell the sweat from his bedsheets as soon as I get in. I groan at the thought, innocently playing with the hard on in my shorts while flopping down on my bed. I hear a crinkle under my back as I lay down, piquing my curiosity as I sit up and see a paper note under the covers. I pick it up and read it in Zane’s handwriting.

“Party at Steven’s tonight at 7 if you wanna go!” It reads.

I look down at my watch and sigh, it’s already 5:30. The decision runs like a hamster wheel in my mind as I continue playing with myself. I quickly get up and look through my dresser for some good, non-nerdy clothes, but to no avail. I look over at my laundry basket, my ripped, stained jeans from Monday and a black t-shirt under the pile. I reach in and grab them, pulling a few quarters from the dresser. I’ll put them in the washer and take a shower while they’re drying and then be ready when he gets back at 8.

I strip down to my shower flip-flops and tie a towel around my waist, feeling my hard-on grazing the fabric as I walk out and shut the door behind me. I run down the hallway, keeping an eye on the clock as I throw my clothes in the washer and walk back towards the shower. I feel awkward walking around in just a towel, remembering the exposing incident on Monday which makes my dick flex against the soft material as my flip flops clap against the carpet.

“Hey man, you dropped a quarter!” A man says behind me.

I turn around to see a tall, blonde haired scruffy guy behind me. His curly hair flows effortlessly across his head, and his slightly chubby, hairy body stands over a few inches from mine. I instinctively look down, feeling exposed standing in front of him in just a towel, but he smiles comfortably and reaches out his tan arm with a quarter in his hand. I take it and look up at his green eyes, smiling.

“Thanks man, I didn’t even notice.” I say in a coy manner.

“No problem, I know how money is for us college students!” He laughs.

“I’m Luke, by the way. Have you lived on this floor the whole time?” He says.

My eyebrows widen as his hand, still reached out, opens up to shake hands. It was like he read my mind. I shake his warm, large hand as I smile and respond more confidently.

“Yeah! I was just thinking that. I’m Connor, what room are you in?”

“2603” He says as he releases my hand and points down the hallway, only a few doors down from me.

“No shit? I live in 2608! We should hang sometime!” I say, genuinely happy it seems I’ve made a friend.

“I’m down, you going to the party tonight?” He asks.

“Yeah actually! I’m guessing I’ll see you there?”

He looks down at me and smiles, stretching his thick arms as his eyes look like daggers into my soul as I turn to walk into the bathroom.

“Of course. I’ll see you there, cutie.” He playfully says.

I nearly drop my shower caddy as I enter the bathroom, caught off guard by his words as the door closes. I feel the need to turn around and keep talking, but I know that I’ll see him at the party tonight. I place my towel on the hanger as I reach my hand in and turn the shower on in one of the shower stalls to the left. The faucet squeaks loudly as I step in and feel the hot water against me. The shower curtain in front of me is slightly translucent, so I can see the rest of the dimly lit bathroom. I hope nobody can see me as I turn my back to it and face the wall, my boner flexing under the spray of water.

Thoughts of Monday run ramped in my head, imagining that feeling of cumming again, especially in front of Daniel. Picturing his eyes looking at me as his hard cock flexed, dripping precum as he smiled cockily. I instinctively reach down and start stroking it, up and down as the skin slides easily under the water. I place my hand on the wall and lean against it, giving into my pleasure as I clench my ass and thrust into my fist. I feel disgusting for jerking off here, but there’s nobody else, and I can’t resist after not cumming after Monday.

Imagining the events that unfolded after I left, Escort bayan Ankara the memories I blocked out due to the anxiety. Daniel chasing my in the hallway in nothing but his underwear and socks. Apologizing as his hard dick flexed in his tight undies. I can’t hold it anymore. I let out a soft moan as I thrust forward, feeling the cum working up into my dick before I hear it. A soft woosh, a faint clapping of shoes on the hardwood floor.

I spin around, stopping just as I was about to climax to see my shower curtain wide open. I look around in horror, feeling my gut turn as I look around and see no one else in the bathroom. Had somebody seen me?! I slowly step out, covering my 5-inch hard on with my hands as I look around the corners — nobody in sight. But something catches my eye.

I turn slowly to the hanger rack, to see my towel and clothes gone. In that moment, I can almost feel my heart stop. Somebody had come in, saw me jerking off, and had taken my clothes and towel! My body starts to quiver in a panic, trying to think of what to do as the water still pours onto my back and tight ass. I begin to fear who could’ve seen me. Did I know them, could they have recorded it? I spin around, turning the water off as I step out of the shower shakily and slowly.

“U-uh, could you give me back m-my shit.. Like, please?” I stutter.

My body drips cold water down onto the tile floor as I step out of the shower block and into the general bathroom. This can’t be happening again. Hard, and just about to cum in a public setting. This time, completely naked and exposed for anybody to walk in and find me. My anxiety spikes as my heartbeats out of my chest, but it only makes my balls tighten and my dick harder as I tip toe around. My lanky body quivers in the mirror, looking terrified and exposed as I make eye contact with my frightened, naked reflection. The head of my cock drips precum as I grab onto the door knob shakily, knowing looking outside is my only option.

I peek my head out of the cold bathroom with the door barely cracked open. I twist my head, looking both directions to see nobody in the hallways. My key was on my lanyard that was also taken. I know I can’t make a run for it, but I can’t go down to the front desk like this! But just as I give up hope, I see a door just down the hall open, and a body steps out. He looks around, dressed in all white with black converse sneakers on. My heart drops, knowing that he’s going to the party, but that he’s my only escape from this nightmare. With a weak groan as he turns away, I defeatedly call out.

“H-hey… uh… Luke?” I stutter.

He turns to me, and his eyes pierce me once again as he is now more dressed up and formal than earlier. His clothes compliment his bigger build so effortlessly, his white, ripped jeans showing off his hairy upper thighs as he turns to me with an eyebrow raise.

“Uh… Connor? Aren’t you… showering?” He giggles, walking towards me.

I quickly jump back before he can get more of a view, my hands shaking as my face grows a bright red. His eyes are targeted and won’t get off of me, and my dick continues to flex and stay hard because of it.

“S-stop! Yes, I’m… I’m uh, naked…” I sigh in embarrassment. “Someone took my towel and my clothes, I need your help.”

I stand there, feeling completely exposed to this stranger I just met. Will he still want to be friends with me now? What comes next for our companionship now that he’s seen me naked… and now that he knows that his appearance gives me a raging hard-on? He pauses, stopping in his tracks as he looks me up and down, my hands struggling to cover my cock as precum leaks onto my feet. As I wait for a reaction, I look up to see his impeccable grin.

“Holy shit man, you’re turned on by this aren’t you?!” He laughs loudly.

“P-please, Luke just, please… I need, like, I need help stay q-quiet.”

“Don’t freak out, I’ll help you baby boy.” He giggles as he stifles his loud laughter.

I look down, trying not to blush at his word play as my dick continues to flex. I’m hornier than I was earlier, still feeling that cum boiling in my balls as I struggle to stay calm. I look back up as him as he turns and walks towards his room.

“Come with me, the coast is clear.” He says with a smirk.

I look around with caution and slowly slip out of the bathroom door and into the hallway, the cool air making me tremble. We reach his door and he slowly puts his key in, teasingly taking his time Bayan escort Ankara as he turns to me and looks me up and down. His eyes seem to scan every inch of my skin, slowing down and freezing as they hone in on my cock. I feel both my hands covering it, but I can barely keep my big balls and my head out of view. I instinctively turn around to hide, but only give him a better view of my ass. He chuckles.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already seen that baby boy dick of yours, although I don’t mind seeing that sexy ass.”

He opens the door and steps to the side as I bolt in, just as I hear voices approaching. I spin around, my body and face a deep shade of red as he leaves the door open. He smiles standing aside as the voices get closer.

“B-bro, Luke… close, c-close the door!” I stutter, “They’re gonna see me!”

With a smirk, his eyes glow in the fluorescent lights. His taut body relaxing and leaning against the door as he kicks his long leg out. He kicks his shoes off and stares back at me with pity. Curling his toes in his white socks, he slowly glides his tongue along his top teeth.

“Say please.” He whispers seductively, his deep voice sending shivers down my spine.

I feel all of the hairs stand up on my body as my muscles relax. My dick flexes harder than ever before as I squeeze my tight, hairless balls in front of him.

“P-please.” I stutter.

He giggles and turns away, closing the door just as the group of people walk by with none of them noticing. My hand tightens around my dick as I groan, his back turned to me as I watch him stand silently. Suddenly, he reaches down, peeling his white shirt off just as Daniel did on Monday. Is he turned on too? His back, though not as buff, is broad and thick. My dick can barely take anymore as he turns to me and I uncover myself, staring at his tight, hairless pecs as he slowly steps to me.

“Well I guess someone isn’t shy!” He laughs.

I feel my face go red again as he reaches behind me, grabbing a shirt on the dresser next to me as he leans in, his face only a few inches away from mine as he smirks. I feel my entire body tighten up again as I cover up, realizing that my aroused brain thought he was taking his shirt off for something more. Yet I can’t stop staring at his body, and the patch of hair just above his waistline.

“I-I’m sorry, I thought… uh, I just t-thought.”

“Thought what?” He responds, “Use your big boy words.” He moans.

His body still stands only a foot away from me, still holding the shirt without putting it on as he stares at me with a demeaning pose. As I stare at the patch of hair above his crotch, I see the big bulge flexing in his white jeans, clearly visible as the fabric stretches. He steps forward and grazes my chin, using his soft thumb to pull down my bottom lip as I feel his breath on my face. With his other hand, he reaches to the side and grabs a towel… the same towel I brought to the bathroom. And as he throws the shirt to the side, I see that it is my shirt that I took with me to the shower.

“You thought Daddy wanted to see you naked?” He says menacingly.

I let out a moan as he lowers his face to mine just as he’s about to kiss me. His hand reaching down, grabbing my throbbing cock as I thrust forward. A week’s worth of hard-on’s now in the palm of his hand. He wraps his fingers around me one more time, and after a week of edging, I lose complete control.

“F-fuck, oh my g-god… daddy unh.” I uncontrollably moan as I thrust forward.

White spurts of cum shoot out of my throbbing dick as my balls tighten. I moan as his hand reaches down and covers my mouth. His lips graze my ear as I hear a faint whisper.

“Daddy didn’t tell you to cum.”

I force myself against him, my hand grabbing onto the throbbing bulge in his pants and feeling his cock head wet with precum. My cum drips onto his jeans as he thrusts himself into my hand and grunts. My eyes roll back in maximum pleasure as I try to comprehend the reality of this situation. And just when I think I’ve understood everything… I hear the door open. And Luke’s body pulls apart from mine.

I open my eyes, completely exposed and covered in cum to the shadow in the doorway. The figure is tall with a built stature, and I know I’ve seen it before as I reach down and cover my dick. Luke giggles beside me, fluffing his hair with his cum covered hand as he looks at the figure.

“Hey babe, didn’t expect you to be home so early.” He says with a grin

My jaw drops, turning away as I feel my nightmare of Monday forming all over again. I quickly turn and grab a random pair of pants beside me to put on before Luke’s hand sits on my shoulder with a calm voice.

“Connor, meet my boyfriend, Daniel.”

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