First Visit to Paradise


A long long time ago in a land not so far away there lived a middle aged married man 52 years old at the time to be exact. He was a very lonely man not lonely because he was without people around him but alone because of a long time lack of affection of the female persuasion.

He had been married for over 30 years to an attractive woman who at one time had been loving and affectionate in her own way and they had lived a relatively normal life, until one day she had to have an operation. She had to have a hysterectomy and since she had never given birth to a child this alone was a catastrophe to her but problems from the operation caused her to spend weeks in and out of the hospital for nearly a year. Not only was her physical health ruined but as one would expect her mental health followed the same path down hill.

Some where in all this confusion she had been befriended by some sisters and brothers of “Faith” who with all their good intentions began to change her from a woman to a bible thumping fanatic. Now he had no problem with religion or any other form of faith but these people were attempting to run her life, much as a cult like those that have been in the news lately.

She was told how to live her life and how to pursuad her husband to join them and the correct ways to make love within Gods plan for marriage. As her husband refused to follow the rules of these people she became alienated from him, following those she saw as having saved her life.

For over 10 years her health deteriorated to the point of her being on major medication that all but rendered her incapacitated. The gap between them grew to the point of living together as brother and sister. When passing in the hall of their home if he was to accidentally touch her he would apologize to her as he would a total stranger.

There was no doubt of his Love or caring for her. He remained as loyal and faithful to her as a dog to its master. Caring for her every need.

One day while sitting at the computer, which had become his salvation over the years he decided it was about time to locate new friends for himself, since all their old ones had fell by the side over the years. He was now 52 years old and lived inside a vacuum he had created for himself in order to maintain a life separate from that of the little family life he had at home.

He placed and ad in the personals section seeking penpals. Those he could converse with at a safe distance and still maintain some semblance of friendship and sharing. He was lucky that there were other lonely people like him and he made many friends all over the net from coast to coast and in-between. His Life was starting to have meaning again as he would happily check his email daily and spend much time writing to his new found friends. His Life was again showing promise even though he wasn’t actually touching these people he was regaining his value of Self.

One day an answer came to his ad from a Young woman of 36 in a city about 2 hours away. Normally this is one he would have written a “thanks but no thanks” reply to except this one had a lot of life to it, she challenged some of his comments in the ad and her statement of looking for friends because she was having no luck in the friends department herself caught his eye.

He had no desire to be a father figure to another lonely female especially one almost young enough to be his daughter but he just couldn’t bring himself to delete this one nor send his “No thank you reply” After much time agonizing over this mail he decided to write back and just see what she had to say.

Her next reply was even more challenging to him. She seemed to know all the buttons to push to make him think and smile. The banter between them escalated to the point of sharing messenger handles and they began to talk nightly spending hours online talking about her life as she went to school and raised two teen age children alone, his life as he worked and tried to maintain a home life. Their politics was on different ends of the scale their likes and dislikes were closer. Her sense of humor was a never ending challenge to him just to keep up and his off the wall stories seemed to amuse her and challenge her as well. She could always give an answer to most anything he threw at her. This impressed him greatly

As with any friendship online eventually each wants to know what the other looks like. It just makes things more personal since you are writing into an impersonal screen and the screen is writing back. After much soul searching they decided to exchange photos. He was afraid she would see his thin hair with it’s salt and pepper color and run for the hills but after receiving it she continued to talk and he became more at ease with this “Younger Woman”.

After a while the talk turned sexual with each giving their opinions on what was exciting and what was taboo to them. Each realized that their preferences were much the same. After some time more specifics were added to each Antep Bayan Escort others descriptions. She admitted to being a full figured lady and he admitted that was very much to his liking because full figured ladies seemed to have of the attributes he found desirable in a woman, not the least of which are big breasts. She admitted to having a Large D Cup almost a Double D and then she released the hammer when she told him her nipples were extra large. Almost the Size of the first knuckle on your pinkie finger I think was the size estimate He informed her of how impressed he was and how lucky some young man would be to make contact with her and her lucious sounding breasts.

A few nights later the conversation made an unexpected turn when while flirting with each other the subject of a possible meeting came up. Nothing naughty just a face to face meeting for lunch and open conversation eye to eye so to speak. He could think of no reason they shouldn’t meet after all she was so much younger and he was for all intents and purposes impotent from mediation he was on and from years of lack of use. It seems to be a true statement when they say “If you don’t use it you loose it”

The arrangements were made for the following Saturday. She was to drive the 2 hours to a local restaurant and motel where they could enjoy a leisure lunch and conversation. Deep in the recesses of his mind there is little doubt what he wanted to happen but he held no real hopes for intimacy after all she was so Young and what did he have to offer her that many other Younger and more virile men couldn’t supply.

The day dawned cold and dreary but his mood was lighter that it had been in years. He showered and shaved put on his Old Spice which he hadn’t worn in years then picked out his best clothes a pair of gray slacks and nice sweater. He couldn’t get his eyes off the clock as he moved around the house doing anything he could till the time he was to leave to meet her.

Finally about 20 minuets before their arranged time he climbed into his car for the 10 minute drive, he didn’t want to be late. If she didn’t show he wanted to make sure it wasn’t because she couldn’t find him or he was late. Finally he pulled into the parking lot in a position where he could see both entrances and he waited. He smoked one Cigarette after another and he waited. He changed every channel on the radio of the car and he waited. He checked himself to make sure he was all together and he waited.

After what seemed an eternity he saw a Maroon Toyota glide off the main road into the parking lot. This could be it. She said she drove a Maroon Toyota but how many Maroon Toyotas are out there? The car moved slowly through the parking lot with the driver obviously looking for something or someone. His heart was Pounding inside his chest so loud it reminded him of those artillery pieces shooting when he was in Viet Nam. The car moved into a parking place next to him. Did he dare look? this may not be her and he would face one of the biggest disappointments in his life. Finally he Had to look he had to know.

As his head turned to look in the window of the Maroon Toyota his heart skipped a beat, it was a Beautiful young raven haired woman exceeding any description she had given him. Surely this young woman couldn’t be the one he had been talking to online for months she was a vision to him. He could never be this lucky.

With all the courage he could muster he opened the door of his car and got out, never taking his eyes from this woman. As he stood looking at her she opened the door of her car and slowly stood, always having eye contact with him. It was to him like all the love scenes of those old movies where a couple are running toward each other in a field where the golden grass shimmers as each runs toward the other aching for that final embrace that will seal their fate as lovers.

There was no need to verify names each knew the other they just moved towards one another and their embrace was automatic like they had been here a thousand times before. She was tall as she had described herself her hair smelled clean as an autumn morning. Her breasts reached into him as they hugged and reminded him how wonderful it feels to hold a woman. He Kissed her neck because he had to place his lips on this vision some where and that was the most convient place at the time. They held onto one another like Old Friends who had been apart for years and were afraid to let go because this may turn into a dream and each would be lost to the other for eternity.

Finally after what seemed like hours of their embrace they pulled apart, looked each other in the eyes and kissed for the first time. The kiss felt as natural as breathing. She shivered in his arms as the kiss took on a more passionate tone. Their bodies joined like two perfectly matched pieces of a puzzle long separated by so many mismatched pieces in the box.

Gathering up all the courage he could muster he pulled away from her, looked her in the eye and spoke his first words to her.

“I am not hungry right now” He said

“Would you like to get a room so we can visit more intimately?” He ask

Without uttering a sound she slowly moved her head up and down signifying her approval.

“I’ll be right back” he told her as he began walking toward the office on a layer of air under his wobbly legs. His feet seemed to only touch the ground occasionally as he made his way to the motel office.

Once registered he walked back to the parking lot where she was leaning against her car still looking to be in a slight trance, not quite sure what she was about to do but sure she had to do it.

He reached out his hand to her and ask “Are you ready?”

She only nodded in the affirmative still not having said a word. She took his hand and they began the slow walk to their rented sanctum.

After what seemed like long hours crossing the desert without water they reached their destination. He fumbled with the key as his trembling hands couldn’t seem to find the correct position to place the key in the lock in order to part the only remaining barrier between them. Finally after an eternity he had the door opened and stood back waiting for her to enter.

When she had moved past him into their own personal world, he turned and locked the door not wanting any of the outside world to interfere with them in their ecstasy. When he turned back looking into the still fairly dark room she was standing in front of him with her hands hanging to her sides. A Slight smile on her face, eyes wide open taking in all the light the closed drapes would allow. Looking at him and inviting him to her still without a word having been spoken.

He finally allowed his eyes to wonder over he body, now unashamed because they both knew why they were here. She was tall about 5 10 her eyes were black as coal, her hair had the same blue black color of a raven. What little light that was in the room danced around her. Her breasts were large and he could see the already hardened nipples poking through her blouse. As he followed the lines of her still buttoned blouse to her waist he could see the sides of her hips as they moved outward to form her nicely rounded ass.

As an electro magnet attracts steel they moved towards each other. Both looking wantonly into each others eyes their arms open to in case them in a lovers embrace. His hands moved up and down her back as their lips touched with the passion of wanton animals in heat.

Their mouths opened as their tongues entwined with each other. Breathing became almost difficult as the pressure each was putting on the other trying to get closer caused lungs to close. Her breasts were making deep dents in his chest as his lips released hers and moved to her neck for the second time. This time there was no need to control his desires as he nipped lustfully at her neck and ear lobes. His hands moved from her back and came between them to begin their exploration of her breasts. He felt her nipples harden even more under his touch as she again began to shiver from the passion each was giving to the other.

Suddenly she backed away from him and his heart almost fell from his chest. What had he done to cause this? Was she changing her mind? Did she realize this man was to old for her? Had he offended her in some way he did not realize? What could he do to stop her retreat?

A smile came across her lips as she reached for the bottom of her blouse. He looked at her as she started pulling the garment over her head, He followed by lifting his sweater over his head hastily. He didn’t want to miss anything as she began to disrobe for him. She reached for the buttons on her jeans and he did the same, she began to unzip them he did the same. She began to lower the fabric off her body, he did the same. When the jeans were on the floor she stepped toward him, he did the same with his trousers and stepped toward her. A wider smile shown on her face as she reached behind her to unclasp her bra, his legs grew weak as he gasp for his next breath. She let her hands fall to her sides. Her breasts found their release and gravity over took the straps on her shoulders and the lacy garment joined the rest of the clothing on the carpet. Her hard nippled melons stood before him, he quit breathing. Looking deep into his eyes she bent forward her thumbs clasp her panties and she began to wiggle her hips to start them on their journey toward the pile of cloth on the floor. He pulled his boxers off in a flash.

Still looking him in the eye she moved slowly toward him, her arms opened inviting him back to her. Again they embraced only this time he felt her flesh against him. Her nipples hard as diamonds pushing into his chest. He moved his hands to cup them again only she pulled back this time. She lowered her head to him and touched his chest her mouth following close behind. She Moved her head into him and took one of his hard nipples into her mouth and began to suckle him as he so desperately wanted to do to her. He held her head in his hands and pulled her into him as he kissed her raven hair. She smelled so sweet as kissed her again and again on her head.

Slowly she lowered herself to her knees in front of him, in all his years no woman had ever been on their knees for him before this. She used her hands as a wedge to part his legs and she cupped his balls in her hands. He had never felt a touch so gentle. Her touch reminded him of a soft summer breeze late in the night. Somehow she was touching his hairy balls without making contact with the skin. He looked into her eyes as she smiled a wicked smile and reached for his cock. She lifted his manhood with her hands and pushed the skin back over the serpents head, She slid his manhood into her mouth and he exhaled the breath he had been holding for what seemed like hours.

She slowly moved her mouth back and forth over is limp but wanting instrument. He was sure he would pass out because it had been so Long since he had been touched there by anyone other than himself. He placed his hands on her head and pulled her into him as deeply as her could pressing himself into her wonderful mouth. He was in heaven he knew because nothing this good could be found on earth. After a few minutes he had to pull her from him because his legs would no longer hold his weight. When he pulled her up he kissed her deeply and thanked her for such an experience. She Looked at him, smiled, and said “return the favor and we will be even”

Nothing could have made him happier than to think now was his turn to make love to this wonderful woman and show her his passion for her.

Laying her on the bed he stood before her admiring this young beauty he was about to consume with more passion than he had know up to this moment in his life. He sat on the edge of the bed and leaned to kiss her as gently as he could manage. His real impulse was to pounce on her like a wild cat attacking it’s prey but he was so afraid he would startle her he held back with all the control he could manage. His hands began to explore her body as his tongue explored her mouth. Her breast felt like velvet under his hands her hard nipples were like the cherry topping on a sundae. He squeezed these female orbs and messaged them in his hand. The other hand he had behind her head puling her mouth into his as they kisses. She was awakening under him as she shivered everytime his hand found another part of her body.

His hand was progressing across her stomach as his lips moved over her neck and ears he knew where he was going but he had to take his time even with his entire being screaming “Take Her” Finally his lips were moving across the upper most reaches of her breasts and his hand had felt its first touch of her soft pubic mound. He wanted to time ever thing perfectly he wanted to reach her nipple at the same time his hand found her female center.

He could feel her beginning to shake as his Lips continued their journey to the promised land. She was moaning beneath him and his patience was running out. After 10 years of waiting it seemed now was the time to make himself known as a man again . He felt her rock hard nipple against his cheek and his hand was at the top of her pubic bone waiting like an army waits for the command to attack.

In one swift move his mouth clamped onto her nipple and his hand slid between her legs to find her hot moist sex. She shouted “oooooo” and his army of lips and hands captured her femininity in one swift motion. She was his now and nothing was going to stop him, he was going to have this woman for his own no matter what the world had to say. His hand covered her bush and a finger slid inside her as his teeth clamped onto her diamond hard nipple. He sucked her into his mouth biting softly but securely he wanted no mistake in his intentions. Her inner being was so hot when his finger purged her he thought she would ignite beneath him at any second. She shuttered and he could feel her moisture escape around his fingers. She had cum for him as quickly as he could have dreamed. She continued to shake and shutter beneath him but he wasn’t about to let her go. He had only begun his assault of love he wasn’t about to stop it now.

As she lay beneath him panting for her next breath he used this time to regroup his army for the second assault. He moved from her and repositioned himself between her legs. He knew if he had been in this position years before now was the time he would spear her with his male sword but since that was not an option he was going to spear her with his tongue. He was going to eat her center .

He slid himself between her legs moving them over his shoulders then he raised himself causing her knees to rest and spread her legs wide, opening up her sex to him. As his face came closer to her wanton pussy his hands found her breasts. He sniffed her passion and lowered his mouth onto her dripping cavern of lust. He slid his tongue from his mouth and tasted her for the first time, again she moaned as her sences were returning

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