Finally Getting what I Wanted

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I pulled into the driveway, my panties damp with anticipation. These times are so few, I’m always excited to see him. He knows my body, my desires and my dark needs. My breath quickens as he opens the door, he looks hungry. I step over the threshold and am immediately thrown against the wall. His kiss steals my breath, demanding and forceful. His hands are I’m my hair, pulling just to the point of pain. When he pushes me to my knees in front of him I almost boil over. “Show me why your here” are his first words to me tonight. The tantalizing bulge just below the wide leather belt is demanding my complete attention. I free the buckle with my mouth as my hands work the button and draw his zipper down. I hand him the belt, his beautiful cock strains for my mouth.

My tongue dances over the tip, then to his balls, I know he will not wait long but it’s been a while and I’m savoring it. His hands find my hair once more and he says “now” I open for him and my mouth is filled with his glorious cock. I work his cock with my lips and tongue my hands gripping his ass. He bucks his hips forward holding my head still, he knows I’ll cum if he fucks my mouth. The wait is excruciating, every time I am about to explode he pulls out, slapping my face with his cock and simply says “no.” this is torture, he knows what he does to me.

His depriving me of my own orgasm just makes me crave his even more. His invasion of my mouth is reaching fever pitch and I know he is close, I moan against his cock. not dead yet izle The hands in my hair fist, pulling almost painfully, he pushes farther into my mouth and tells me “if you miss a single drop I will now allow you to cum a single time tonight” I slow my pace, and take his beautiful shaft fully, I feel his balls contract against my chin, it’s time. I pull back to the tip and look up at him silently begging for my own release. His orgasm rolls and he fills my mouth, I suck greedily milking him for every drop.

He pulls out of my mouth and rubs the tip across my lips, slapping me with it every I time I open for him.

He pulls me to my feet and I turn toward the living room, his hands find my heavy tits and pull me back, holding me to him. I shudder as his lips find my neck, those lips that find their way into my dreams. His kisses trail from my ear to my collar bone as his right hand squeezes my breast roughly. He is the perfect mix of sensual and dominating. He releases me and pulls me to the bedroom, my knees are weak with anticipation.

When he sits me on the bed and turns away I deflate… My need fills the room, I want him. From behind he lifts my shirt, removes my bra and throws them aside. I shed my pants and soaking panties, before they hit the floor he pulls me down flat on the bed. My arms are lifted straight to the side, he moves to the foot or the bed and spreads my legs. My sex glistens with wanting but he ignores it. His obi wan kenobi izle lips… I can’t take my eyes off of them.

The gentle kiss on my nipple turns me to jello and he knows I am completely his in this moment. Teeth graze my breasts back and forth between kissing and biting and the sensation is magical. A single finger rests on my clit teasing me, but when I lift my hips to it I am met with a firm slap on my slick cunt. The pain is delicious. In this moment I realize his intention is to starve me. I am his toy. As his mouth moves down my body, his very breath on my skin has me dripping with desire. Positioning himself between my legs I think too he is finally conceding to my need, I was so very wrong…his tongue found my thigh as he kneaded my round ass. Slowly he drew lines of fire with his tongue, edging ever closer but never touching my waiting pussy. Each time I rise to meet his mouth I am given another slap.

His tongue trails farther down tracing the edges of my sex all the way to my ass. Silently I am begging him, pleading with my eyes, my quiet moaning.

His eyes meet mine and I can’t help myself, ‘please’ I beg softly. His lips touch my clit, tongue finding my very core. I gripped the sheets and held on tight and my orgasm ripped thru me. He licked and sucked my swollen clit, biting my tender lips as I came for him. When the second orgasm hit his tongue was torturing my ass, this was entirely new to me. When I started ölüm zamanı izle to scream his mouth moved up clamping on my clit. I knew what he wanted and with a few swirls of his tongue my body gave it up. I gushed into his mouth, crying out in ecstasy. He wasn’t done tho, his mouth was again on my cunt, invading me, hands found my hips pulling me closer. This time when I moved for him I was rewarded. My body moved instinctively, focused only on the pleasure this man was giving me. When I went still he knew I was about to cum again, his fingers found my pussy, mouth on my clit, I came with a force that surprised even me.

He was kneeling between my shaking legs before I had even stopped cumming, his cock was rock hard. When I reached for him, he caught my wrists and pinned them on the bed next to my head. The fat head of his cock was pressing in to me, I wanted it all but when I moved my hips he pulled away. Again he told me no. He was teasing me, giving me just the tip, but the tip was hitting my gspot and god it felt so good. He wanted me to cum before he gave in to me.

Over and over this teasing dance played out, staring into his eyes I gave in. My body did exactly what he wanted. His hips slammed into mine with a splash, his smile, his lips were my focus as I met his thrusts. Everything else failed to exist. When I came again his lips met mine, that moment was what this entire evening had led up to. I nibbled his bottom lip, grabbing his ass I pushed my hips into his cock. He fucked me harder then, I wanted it, my desire to feel him cum consumed every fiber of my being. When he gave in to me, I met him with my own orgasm, holding him close until it subsided. He rolled to my left, his arm around me and very sweetly kissed my lips, then smacking my ass he asked how I’ve been.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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