Fantasies 03

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Once again work has fucked you about and you have an unexpected free day. You text me to bitch and I tell you that I’m working in town today. I suggest you join me, you’re reluctant at first but I manage to talk you around and we agree to meet at the McDonald’s in town.

I get a coffee and sit down to wait for you, using the time to submit a few reports on my BlackBerry.

When you arrive you see me in the corner, engrossed in my work, headphones in. I’m in standard work clothes, black shirt, grey pencil skirt and black heels with ankle straps. You’ve never seen me in work gear before and its strange to see me dressed in ‘grown up’ clothes. You slide into the booth opposite me and I look up and smile, closing my phone and slipping it into my bag. I drain my coffee and tell you to come with me as I stand. You ask where we’re going and I tell you I have something I need to do. You assume I mean work and I don’t correct you, walking quickly down the pedestrianised area and turning into a department store on the left. You follow me round as I pick up a few dresses seemingly at random and head towards an unmanned concession at the back corner of the store.

As we reach the corner I turn into a doorway on the right and you see a door that says ‘Family Changing Room’. I try the door and it opens easily, you see me glance around and then beckon you inside. You look around but there’s no one else in sight so you follow me in and I lock the door. The changing room is large an one wall is completely taken up by a mirror. There are mirrors angled at each side and facing it is a dark brown leather etiler eve gelen escort sofa and two beanbags.

I hang the dresses on the door and place my bag in the corner, saying that I just need to try on the clothes. “Hmm,” you think, concluding I must be in a teasing mood again. You’re happy to play along though so you take a seat on the sofa and sit back to watch as I start to unbutton my shirt. Underneath it I’m wearing a pink lace bra and you can see a wire taped between my breasts, leading down to a small case clipped to my waistband. You figure this must be the camera I was telling you about and you wonder for a second if I’m recording this, before I slowly pull off the tape and unclip the case, folding the shirt and laying it over the back of the sofa and placing the case on top, leaning over to give you a quick kiss before turning around and asking you to unzip my skirt.

You sit up and slide the zip down slowly, revealing matching pink lacy panties. You didn’t think I owned a matching set and in fact you’re surprised I’m wearing any at all but you’re not complaining. I bend over and slip the skirt off and you can see that the crotch of my panties is damp. You catch a glimpse of my nipples in the mirror as I lean down and my bra gapes slightly. You find you’re not quite sure what to watch, your eyes keep flicking from my backside in front of you to my reflection in the mirror and you can feel yourself getting hard as I turn and lean over you to place my folded skirt on the back of the sofa next to my shirt.

I kiss you quickly etiler grup yapan escort and walk over to the door. I’m wearing just my underwear and heels and you can see me reflected from every angle in the three mirrors. I take a strapless dress from its hanger on the door and step into it, asking you to zip it up for me. I shiver slightly as you pull up the zip and kiss me on the back of the neck and when you look at my reflection you can see my eyes are closed.

You step away and I turn in front of the mirror, craning my neck so that I can see myself from every angle, then I ask you to unzip me again. You step forward and slide the zip down with one hand, scraping the nails of your other hand lightly down my back. You can see in the mirror that my eyes are closed again and my mouth opens slightly as I let out a soft moan.

The unzipped dress falls in a pile around my feet and you step forward to press yourself against my back, unclasping my bra and pushing it off my shoulders before reaching round to cover my breasts with your hands pinching my nipples gently and causing me to moan more loudly this time.

I turn and kiss you, pushing my hands underneath your shirt and pulling it over your head before unsnapping your trousers. The weight of the things in your pockets pull them down around your ankles and when I push you you stumble and fall back onto the sofa.

I step out of the dress pooled on the floor and straddle your legs, sitting in your lap to kiss you and rub myself against you.

You’re very hard now and you lift etiler masöz escort your hips slightly so that you can pull off your boxers. I pull my panties to one side and slide onto you with a groan, I’m so wet now and it feels so good to have you inside me again. You let me ride you for a few seconds, watching my face before telling me to turn around. I look confused for a second before grinning and pushing you back so that I can twist round with you still in me.

You grip my hips and encourage me to move again, watching me watching us in the mirror as I slide up and down on your cock. You reach one hand round to rub against my clit and you feel me shudder as my eyes close. You tell me to open them again and feel me tighten around your cock as you circle your finger slowly, catching my eye in the mirror an grinning your naughty grin.

With a shudder and a quickly stifled cry you feel me cum around you and I collapse back against you breathing hard. Turning my head to kiss you, you continue to rub my clit and you can feel me still twitching slightly with each touch. You turn me in your lap and lean me back against the arm of the sofa, moving slowly in and out of me as you kiss me. You lift my legs up to get a better angle and you feel me start to tighten around you again. You can’t believe I’m about to cum again so quickly but I do and with a groan so do you.

We lay there for a few minutes, catching our breath, before reluctantly pulling apart. “That was not what I expected!” you say as you start to pull on your clothes, watching as I retrieve my underwear and pull on my skirt.

I reattach my camera with some tape from my bag and clip the case to my waistband before buttoning my shirt.

Pulling the DV unit from its case I press a few buttons before popping out the memory card and inserting a new one, pressing a few buttons before putting it back in its case.

With a naughty grin I hand you the memory card…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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