Family Fun (750 Word Project)

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‘Joe, look what I’ve found!’ My sister was standing outside my bedroom door while I was reading a textbook. Molly was holding a CD case in her hand.

We’re twins, eighteen years old, and studying to go to University next year. My parents have a weird sense of humour — I’ve not forgiven them for calling us ‘Joseph’ and ‘Mary’; we were always the target of jokes at Christmas in Primary School, so when we went to the Comprehensive we called ourselves ‘Joe’ and ‘Molly’ and the teasing stopped.

‘Mum asked me to hang up the clothes when the drier finished,’ she said. ‘This had fallen down inside her wardrobe.’

The cover had the title ‘Family Fun’ over a picture showing a naked couple sitting on a bed watching another couple kissing. The kissing couple were apparently wearing school uniforms, though the girl had her blouse open and no bra – the boy was squeezing her breasts while she was holding onto the cock sticking out of his trousers.

‘Shall we watch it before I put it back?’ She put it into my computer and pressed oral yapan gaziantep escort Play.

It started with the ‘parent’ couple fucking on a bed, and the ‘children’ walking in to ask for help. The daughter said that she wanted to fuck her brother but it hurt when he tried to put it in because they were both virgins, and asked their parents to teach them. So the parents demonstrated, then coached them in foreplay and supervised their first fuck before switching — father/daughter and mother/son.

The CD was only half over, but Molly put it on pause.

‘Wow! That’s exciting,’ she said. ‘I’m turned on — are you?’

‘Yes,’ I admitted. ‘I’ve never thought of you in that way, but now…’

‘Mmm! Me too’ she said. ‘What about Mum and Dad?’

‘Her, but obviously not him,’ I said.

I leant over and kissed her passionately, and I was just reaching for her breasts when we heard their car pull up outside. Molly took the CD back to their gaziantep oral yapan escort room before the front door opened, then came back.

‘I’ve got an idea for tonight,’ she said with a wicked smile. ‘Just act normally until then.’

I think we managed to get away with it, though Dad did comment that we were both livelier than usual. Over dinner we all talked about our day (the edited version in our case); Mum (Sally) is an architect and Dad (Ian) is an HR manager; they’re both 40 years old, and work for the same firm.

After dinner, Molly went to Zoom a friend, Dad disappeared with some paperwork to prepare for the next day, and Mum put on the television for the World Cup while I watched the Science Channel on my tablet. Then we all watched Galaxy Quest (again!) and went to bed. Just a typical evening in the Arden household.

I was standing by the bed, stroking my cock, when Molly tapped on the door and asked if she could come in. I replied gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan that she could, but warned her I was naked.

‘Good, so am I’ she said, stepping in. ‘Nice cock, Joe.’

‘Nice tits, Molly,’ I replied.

We hadn’t seen each other naked since puberty, so we stood for a moment enjoying the view, then she grabbed my hand and dragged me along to our parents’ bedroom door. We could hear the sounds of sex from inside: moans of pleasure, grunts of exertion and the slapping of flesh against flesh.

Molly put her hand on the doorknob.

‘Come on,’ she said, ‘let’s do it,’ and opened the door.

Inside, Mum was riding Dad cowgirl, her breasts swaying as she rose and fell on his cock. When she saw us she put her hands up to hide her breasts, though I noticed she didn’t stop grinding against Dad.

‘This had better be important’, she said, ‘to come bustin’ in when we’re bein’ intimate.’ This was the mother’s line from the video, and Molly replied with the daughter’s.

‘Mommy, can you teach us how to do that?’ she said. ‘It hurts when Junior tries to put his thing in me?’

And that set Mum’s orgasm off. She arched her back and shouted ‘Yes!’, and then Dad echoed her cry as he drove into her cunt from beneath.

‘See, Ian,’ she said as she got her breath back, ‘I told you they’d found the CD at last.’

‘About time, too,’ he said. ‘We’ve been leaving it lying around for weeks.’

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