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The phone was ringing as I entered my office. Picking it up I answered “Martin’s Printing works, Patsy Martin speaking, how can I help you”

“Mrs Martin” a voice said, “This is Veronica from Dr Wilkins office. Dr Wilkins would like to see you and he was wondering if you could call in this evening” My immediate thoughts went to my children “Are my children hurt” I asked. “No” Veronica answered, “Dr Wilkins has something he would like to discuss with you.”

The last time that I had any dealings with Dr Wilkins was just over two years ago when he told me that my husband of 21 years had a particular aggressive type of Cancer and only had three months to live. My husband John lived for four months before succumbing to the disease dying and leaving me a widow at 39 years of age.

John and I had met at college and started our romance only for me to fall pregnant after we had been going together for only three months. Of course our parents were not very pleased with this turn of events however John decided that we should marry and move away from our parents. John started a small printing business to support his unborn child and me and the business flourished after we were awarded a number of Government contracts.

About six months later our daughter Erin was born. Not taking any precautions following Erin’s birth about four months later I found that I was pregnant again. Our son Joel was born later that year.

Within two years the business had developed to such a stage that we were employing about 50 staff and we were doing quite well financially. Then the tragedy of the cancer struck.

My immediate reaction after John’s death was to sell the business, however friends and relatives talked me out of selling out.

Joel was a gregarious 18 years old who did most of the selling of the company products throughout the country. Erin on the other hand although a most attractive girl was extremely shy and although she was 20 years of age had never had a boyfriend.

That evening with some trepidation I called at the medical centre to see Dr Wilkins. I was ushered into his office and he asked me to sit down. He started our conversation by asking me how I was coping after the death of John, how the business was going and generally trying to put me at ease.

The he got to the reason why he had called me to see him. “Mrs Martin I don’t usually do this bostancı escort and it is only that your daughter asked me to break the news to you that I am doing so. Erin felt that it would be better coming from me than for her trying to explain it”

I immediately thought that Erin had some serious sickness that she could not discuss with me and my blood ran cold. “I examined Erin this morning,” Dr Wilkins said “and I found that she is about three months pregnant”

“No No” I said “this could not be my Erin as she did not even have a boyfriend.” Dr Wilkins assured me that there was no mistake and that indeed Erin was pregnant.

I made my way home in a daze not knowing how to broach the subject with Erin, however I need not have worried as she was waiting for me with her brother to discuss the matter. “Joel” I said, “Could you please give your sister and I some privacy as there is a matter that I want to discuss with her”.

“Mom” Erin said, “I think that Joel should stay as the matter also concerns him” I could not see how the matter of Erin being pregnant could interest Joel however I agreed that he could stay.

“Erin” I said “I have been to see Dr Wilkins and he has told me that you are pregnant, is this true?”

“Yes Mom it is true I am about three months along.”

“Erin how did you get pregnant you do not even have a boyfriend, who is the father of this baby” Mom” Joel said “I don’t think that you are going to like what I am about to tell you.” Suddenly it seemed that time had stopped and I got the feeling that the reason that Erin wanted Joel to stay was that he had something to do with the pregnancy.

“Mom” Joel started, “For the past year Erin and I have been fucking and we love each other.” I felt faint as a result of this revelation and immediately burst into tears. Erin also started to weep. Joel put his arms around both of us and said, “Come on now it is not the end of the world”

“Joel tell me how this all started.” I asked. Joel then went on to tell me that when I went to visit my sister in another state for a week and left them at home alone it had commenced then. Joel then started to tell me about the first night I was away he could hear Erin crying in her bedroom. He went and knocked on the door and Erin told him to come in. Erin was in bed wearing as far as he could see only büyükçekmece escort a lacy nightdress He asked her what the matter was and she told him that she felt unloved and unwanted as she did not have any men friends and did not know how to develop any relationships.

Joel was dressed in only his boxer shorts and sat on the edge of the bed comforting Erin. Because it was a cold night Erin pulled back the duvet and told Joel to get into bed with her to keep warm. Joel said that he started to cuddle Erin to comfort her and then realised that she was naked except for the nightdress as he could feel her pubic hair against his leg.

Joel said that he immediately got a hard on and it was pressing against Erin’s stomach. He started kissing her cheeks whispering that at least he loved her when she suddenly held his face and kissed him deeply on the lips. Their mouths opened and their tongues intertwined. Joel started to remove her nightshirt and Erin lifted her body to make this easier, then he removed his boxer shorts and they were naked laying side by side facing each other. Erin then reached down and placed the tip of Joel’s cock at the opened orifice of her cunt. Slowly he pushed his cock in expecting to be stopped by her hymen however his cock slid to its full length without any obstruction. She later told him that she had taken her own virginity with a dildo that she had purchased at the local sex shop.

Joel said that he started to push in and out of his sister’s cunt, which was becoming more lubricated at each motion. He could feel his semen starting to rise and he said to Erin that he was going to cum. She said that he must pull out, as she was not on any method of contraception. Joel increased his fucking motion and at the very last moment pulled his cock from her cunt and shot loads of thick semen on her tits.

About three months ago, while I was out shopping, Joel said that he was feeling lonely and went to his sister’s room to talk to her. They had fucked the previous night and Joel was still a little horny. Erin was lying on her bed reading a magazine when Joel came in. He sat on the bed beside her and began running his hand along her lower leg. After about five minutes he started to go higher on her leg until he reached her panties, which were stretched tight across her by now well fucked cunt.

Erin çekmeköy escort put her magazine aside and lay on her back pulling her skirt up around her waist. “Suck my cunt brother” Joel removed her panties and the remainder of her clothing until she was naked before him. Kneeling between her spread legs he started to kiss her navel moving slowly down until he was kissing and sucking at her clitoris.

Stopping and standing beside the bed Joel removed his shirt and jeans and underwear. Erin reached out and gently started to massage the erect cock that was only inches away from her mouth. Leaning forward she took the cock into her mouth and started to suck it moving her lips up and down the shaft. Joel moaned in ecstasy but said to Erin that he did not want to cum this way he wanted to fuck her.

Continuing with his story Joel explained that he climbed back onto the bed and placed his cock at the mouth of Erin’s cunt. Erin lifted her thighs and his cock entered her vagina. He started to fuck hard and quick and Erin’s legs wrapped themselves around his back holding him tightly. Erin was bucking beneath him as her orgasm rose and she was completely oblivious to everything except her own pleasure. Joel could feel his jism rising through his cock and he started to pull out of his sisters warm wet cunt.

“No! No! No!” Erin moaned as she tightened her grip on me with her legs “Fuck me, fuck me” she screamed “Don’t pull out, keep fucking me hard” I then unloaded what seemed to be a gallon of jism into her most receptive cunt. Coming down from our highs of orgasm we lay together cuddling and fondling each other. “I’m sorry that I made you cum in me” Erin said “but my orgasm was so intense that I couldn’t help it”

I assured Erin that there was nothing I liked better than coming into her cunt but if we were going to continue this practice we should take some precautions and we started using condoms when we fucked. Little did we know that the damage had been done as at that moment hundreds of sperm were headed for that fertile egg resting within Erin’s womb.

Six weeks later during one of our fucking sessions Erin said “Joel, I missed my period this month and I think I might be pregnant. We agreed to wait a few more weeks to see what developed. After two more missed periods we agreed that Erin should see Dr Wilkins and have a pregnancy test.

“Well Mom, that’s the story so far and now you know all the details.

I had by now settled down from my immediate shock but had become extremely horny from the story as it had been told to me. I said that we should all go to bed and discuss the matter further tomorrow after we all had time to think about the situation.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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