Erin , The Cafe

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It was about 11:45 pm and I had already started closing up the cafe I managed. Most of the chairs were up on tables, and I was just starting to count the money in the register when Erin walked in.

The girl looked good. White t-shirt tucked into jeans, large chest on a 5’7 body; built well but not thin nor athletic. Erin primarily turned heads for her chest, but when you got to know her, her sweet personality made her even more desirable.

“You know I’m closing in 15, right?”

“Do you have any coffee left at all? The movie was fucking BORING.”

I poured her a cup of Colombian as she pulled out her wallet. “Please,” I said, “Don’t sweat it. It’s like a buck and change.”

“Gracias,” she said, adding the sugar and twirling her stirrer. She grinned at me. “I was hoping you’d be working.”


“Yeah, I needed someone to keep me up. There’s nothing to do and I don’t intend on going to bed yet.” She hoisted herself onto one of the stools at the counter as I watched her get situated.

Erin was just…see, I’d wanted her. Sure, I’d also wanted other girls, and I’d slept with other girls, but Erin just had something about her that made you figure she’d be nuts in bed. I knew she was something of a “hippie”; she smoked weed, she partied, but she was also very adamant that she didn’t have sex. I knew a couple of guys who’d tried, but no dice.

We chatted about the movie and my night working while I finished counting the till, and then I finally locked the front door and started turning down lights. “I’ve gotta take the garbage out, Erin, then I’m done — you want to come out the back way with me?”

“Sure.” I put her mug in the sink and she followed me out through the back room to the parking lot, where the motion sensor instantly kicked the spotlight on and there sat my car.

As I walked the garbage over, I asked her, “So what are you doing elmadağ escort tonight then?”

“Nothing, really,” she said. “You want to hang out?”

I felt myself get that familiar tense feeling, that I-might-get-lucky-but-who-the-hell-knows feeling. “Sure, I can drive if you want.”

We both got into my car, and I turned the air conditioning on. “Let me let this warm up for a second.” Radio – on. Me – DEFINITELY on. I knew that if I tried to hook up, and it worked, that’d be great. However, the chances were that I’d bomb, and the evening would end abruptly; Erin, however, was the sort that wouldn’t care and wouldn’t hold grudges.

I turned to her in the shotgun seat, and leaned in to kiss her…and she kissed me right back. I reeled myself in and smiled. She grinned at me that it was okay, and I kissed that beautiful mouth again. Thank you, Lord, thank you.

I held her face in my hands, kissing her, kissing her neck, biting her neck. I moved my hands down towards her chest, which I’m sure was something she’d expect, yet she didn’t push me away. Already, this was perfect, except for that damn motion sensor light, which was still on, and making this into a public show for anyone who walked by the lot.

Still kissing her, I reached around her and unclasped her bra (one-handed! Go team!) figuring this would be another make-or-break moment. She didn’t resist, and immediately I was blessed to touch two full, huge, beautiful boobs in my hands. I love breasts, big or small; I think they’re wonderful things. I never understand why. But these, these were just gorgeous.

At this point, my dick was insanely hard in my jeans, raging. I knew I didn’t have a chance of fucking Erin, but I was hoping she’d want to at least help me out in some respect. I guided one of her hands towards my pants, and she stopped to look at me. “I can’t have sex.”

“I esenyurt escort know; that’s not exactly what I’m asking for.”

She considered this. “Okay.” And proceeded to unzip my fly. Thank you, Lord, once again.

She reached in my jeans, through my boxers, and sprung free my incredibly hard cock. Now, I’m not endowed enough to make money in film, but I’ve definitely never left someone unsatisfied in the size department. She giggled, grinned, and instantly took me in her mouth.

I don’t know what was more heavenly at this point: the feel of her tongue on my cock, or the fact that this beautiful, amazing girl was blowing me in the parking lot of the cafe I managed. Sweet, supposedly innocent Erin was giving me head, and doing a phenomenal job.

And that motion sensor light was STILL on.

I reached my right hand under her shirt and sagging bra and played with her nipples, tweaking them and making her emit little squeals and giggles. She was loving this, and you know, obviously I was too. So why not push my luck a little?

I reached my hand over to her ass and started running it over those beautiful cheeks of hers. Oh, if only they made tearaway jeans. Alas, technology was not that advanced yet. So I did what any red-blooded guy would do in this situation. I reached under her, and attempted to unzip her fly…with no luck.

She kept sucking on me as I kept trying. I couldn’t do it with both hands, being in the driver’s seat and all, so I figured I’d give up. Just as I withdrew my hand, she got up on her knees on the seat, bent over still, and undid her jeans. Then, not complete in her mission, she went back to work on sucking me dry.

I couldn’t believe this. I figured I better not waste time, so I started trying to shimmy her jeans and underwear down. That was actually the easiest part, and soon I had both down around etiler anal yapan escort her knees. There she was, her bare ass exposed to the shotgun side, and my cock in her mouth over in the driver’s.

I had to repay her for this wonderful feeling, so I ran my fingers along her slit, and slowly slid one finger inside to test what I was dealing with. She was soaking wet, and instantly moaned upon contact. Thank you, I’ll think I’ll raise. I slid a second finger into her pussy as she moaned more, and slowly moved them back and forth. She increased the sucking, and started stroking me with her hand as I curved my fingers a bit and worked on her with more concentration.

She was completely soaked at this point, as was my hand, as we both worked on each other to see who would come first. I felt the sensation rise as her blondish-brown hair bobbed up and down in my lap; a few seconds later, I came in her mouth, and felt her swallow it all down.

At this point, I was borderline with three fingers inside her, and started using my thumb on her clit when she came, bucking and moaning. As soon as the moaning stopped, the giggles kicked back in, and she looked up from my lap and smiled. I wanted to see what she’d do, so I withdrew my fingers and put them in her mouth.

She held my hand, and licked and sucked those fingers until they were clean and glistening. “That was amazing.” She smiled. “I can’t believe we did that in a car.”

My jaw dropped: “Hell, I can’t believe YOU did that in a car. I thought you didn’t have sex!”

“Well, I don’t. But it just seemed…right.” She pulled her underwear and pants back up in the car, while I sat there with my dick out, too thunderstruck to do anything. “Come on,” she said, “I’m tired and ought to head home.” I zipped up my pants as we both got out of my car, and she walked around to me. She kissed me deeply on the mouth, and I could taste her still.

“I’ll probably be in tomorrow after class for more coffee,” she said, and turned for her car.

Looking back, it would have been smart for me to switch shifts with the other manager the next day. Then again, the other manager was a girl, so who knows what else was in Erin’s head?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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