Dorm life

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I want to thank John & Bob for allowing me to write their story. Although I have changed their names they know who they are and that they have my appreciation. The elements of the story are as they have related them to me, sometimes fairly graphically depending on the amount of alcohol involved, and sometimes general. Where they have been general I filled in the blanks. Enjoy

John lay in his bed and looked around his dorm room. His half empty dorm room. The first week of classes was finished and his roommate still had not showed up and he figured by now that he had opted out rather than just being late. Apparently the no show rate was fairly high for this summer session.

He like everybody else here had been accepted to this small private college with the proviso that they attend the summer session to fill in academic shortcomings. In his case it was Math. He always hated math. Not that he had trouble with it, just that especially with algebra, if he could see no need for it or use in life, he considered it a waste of time. He had felt that way about geometry also until an argument with the teacher in high school answered his question about why he should bother learning it. Figuring the area of a triangle or rectangle or odd sided figure, no use? What about how much paint to buy, is the carpet guy ripping you off, how much land is actually included in this lot. How much siding do I need for my house or roofing? Ok so there is a use for Geometry.

But now because nobody had bothered to explain that Algebra was not taught to be mathematics but to teach you deductive reasoning and problem solving, among other things. Nobody that is until he met this professor who explained that right after telling them his name on the first day. Now it made sense! This is why I have to pay attention. Too bad nobody had explained it in High school then he would not be sitting in classes all summer instead of out enjoying himself. Well there was nothing to be done about it now except show up for class and do the work. It actually was not bad. Only 3 hours of classes 4 days a week and 5 hours on Wednesday. Fridays they were done at 11 so it was almost a long weekend. The big drawback was that they were 20 miles from town and no car. Hitchhiking was a way of life and not bad as long as it wasn’t raining. But tonight was Friday night. Everybody who was going home for the weekend had left already. Most everybody else was in town or a few like himself were stuck alone for the evening.

There was a party going on down the hall but the door was closed so dorm etiquette said it was invitation only. If the door were open it would have been “everybody welcome”. Despite the noise and the early hour he fell asleep. He woke back up around 1:30 AM. The hall was quiet, the party must have burned out or moved. Now was the time to get a shower.

John had experience with communal showers, both in High School and at the summer camp he had worked at for a few years. It wasn’t that he was shy he just preferred his privacy, that and the fact that guys always stared at his dick. He did have a bit more than the average, nearly 9 inches long and thick. Besides that he had had no luck in the female department here and probably would not. It wasn’t that he was bad looking, at a hair under 6 feet and 180 lbs he had a powerfully built torso that women usually found attractive and average or above average looks, it was the 12:1 ratio that made the competition very stiff. Then with his girlfriend was 500 miles away, he was distinctly horny and having a hardon in the dorm shower was a sure way to get teased at least. So 1:30 in the morning was a good time to avoid the crowds and enjoy the privacy.

He gathered up his shower stuff, stripped down and threw his robe on for the walk down the hall to the bathroom. The showers were in the bathroom it was an area enclosed on 3 sides with two shower heads and controls on each side, the back wall was blank and the front open. He walked into the bathroom and found that as he suspected it was empty. It did not take long for him to get in and get the water adjusted, then enjoy the luxury of all the hot water he wanted and the big shower to himself. He was just standing there, enjoying the hot water running over his body, watching it run down his chest and stomach and off of his prick. He started to get aroused and watched as his cock grew towards its full size, and he was thinking about jerking off. Could he get away with it or would someone walk in. Suddenly he heard a voice. “Excuse me. Do you mind if I use one of the other showers or should I come back?”

He looked over at the open wall and saw another guy standing there. He had seen him around but did not know him yet. They shared no classes and with only a week into college he had not met that many people. The guy was a little on the thin side, almost scrawny and only about 5’7″ tall. He was standing there looking embarrassed. John took all of it in with a quick glance and answered, “No, go ahead, help yourself. That’s why they put 4 shower heads in here.”

“Thanks.” gaziantep escort The little guy answered. As he dropped his towel and grabbed his soap. “I was studying and figured this would be a good time to shower and beat the crowd. I guess I wasn’t the only one with the idea.”

Trying to be polite John answered him “Yeah, I didn’t expect to run into anyone at this hour.” As he said it he was thinking how glad he was that he had not been in the middle of jerking off when this guy walked up. All he got caught with was ¾ of a hardon. He knew the guy saw it, as he saw his eyes dart down, but he was polite enough not to say anything one way or the other. He also could not help himself check the other guy’s equipment out. He had nothing to write home about. It was hard to tell how big it would get but he started out on the small side.

John told himself that he didn’t look because he was interested just curious. After all he wasn’t queer he had a girlfriend and all. But he was honest enough with himself to remember the two guys he had had sex with. They were all just curious and early adolescents were just plain horny. Sex was sex, a blow job a blowjob didn’t matter whether it was a guy giving it to you or a girl it felt the same. Of course when it was a guy you usually had to reciprocate and you certainly didn’t go around bragging about it like you would if it were a girl. They had worked together as counselors at the camp and had gotten into a regular thing of sucking each others cocks and even experimented with butt fucking. John had had cum in his mouth and swallowed it, it wasn’t terrible and he had had a cock in his ass, it was interesting and had had his cock in another guy’s ass that was Ok. But all said and done he much preferred to eat pussy than sucking cock and fucking a pussy to an ass, and as far as blow jobs went, well a BJ was a BJ. Besides girls had those interesting bumps on their chests.

While all this ran through his mind the other guy was talking away. John was half listening and getting on with his shower when the guy stopped and introduced himself. He stuck his hand out to shake and said “By the way I’m Bob, Pleased to meet you.”

John responded by shaking hands and introducing himself. John started to relax a little more. This guy seemed Ok, he was talking away and was a little funny. They had the same professors and classes just different schedules, so they had a lot in common and soon it was a two way conversation.

After a while John noticed that Bob was holding his head a little odd so he asked Bob if he was alright. “Yeah, I was just hunched over my books too long without moving and now my neck is stiff.” Bob answered.

“Why don’t you turn around and let the hot water run on it. That may help” John offered

Bob responded by turning and letting the hot water run over his neck and while it helped he was still stiff. Finally John offered, “Not so you think anything wrong but I used to be the trainer for the football team. I could rub it out for you if you would like. I mean I’m not coming on or anything…” John stammered.

Bob looked at him and looked out into the bathroom. “I wouldn’t mind but if somebody walks in they might think we’re… You know.”

“Yeah, well it’s up to you”

Bob looked around again and darted out of the shower and was back a few seconds later. “Ok, I put the metal trash can so that if somebody opens the door it will make noise. I really would like to get this stiffness out of my neck so I can sleep. As long as you don’t mind, I appreciate it.”

Bob turned around and offered his back to John who reached up and started to expertly rub the stiffness out of the muscles. After a few minutes work John’s arms were starting to get tired from holding them at the angle and working the muscles, so he told Bob to kneel down and explained why. Bob complied and John kept working the kinks out. Then it struck him how it would look if somebody did walk in and saw how they were positioned and as he thought about it his cock started to come to life again. He tried to will it down but it still kept rising. Finally he asked bob how his neck was. “Great, man you can keep that up all night if you want.” John laughed and let go of his new friend and turned around to hide his erection as Bob stood up, then he adjusted the shower to give himself a blast of cold water. That worked, his cock was quickly back to normal flaccid size and he felt safe getting out of the shower and drying off. Bob followed and thanked him again as they went their separate ways to their rooms.

The next day John slept late and was one of the last in for breakfast before they closed the cafeteria. Then decided to explore town so he hitchhiked in and walked around the small town picking up a few necessities, a bottle of vodka, a bottle of whiskey, a case of beer and chips. Orange juice and soda he could get at the school store. It was a bit much to carry to what everybody called “College Corner”, the place where all the students stood to hitch back out to school, but he managed. He got a ride fairly easily both ways and was back in his room well before dinner time.

John was laying on his bed thinking about heading to dinner when there was a knock on the door. It was Bob, “I thought I would stop on my way to the cafeteria and see if you wanted company for dinner.”

“Yeah, that would be good. Just let me get my shoes on and we can go.” John answered, happy that he would not have to either eat alone or scrounge up company for once. They headed out and talked on their way then while they were in line and more while eating.

Bob inquired what John had done on their first day without classes. Noting that he had stopped by at lunch but no one was home. John apologized and related how he had gone to town before lunch and hung around there and did some shopping. Bob had related how he slept through breakfast and then had been bored and wandered around campus all day. He admitted to not even considering going to town. John laughed and offered that next time maybe his thumb could get them both a ride. After dinner they wandered over to the student union for a couple of games of pool and a little Television before heading back to the dorm. John excused himself, explaining that he had done no studying all weekend and wanted to get his homework started at least. The guys parted company and agreed that they would go to breakfast together in the morning.

John sat down at his desk with his notes, his books and a beer and started in to work. Before he realized it everything was quite again and the clock said 1:00 AM. “Well maybe a late night shower again.” He thought and gathered up his things to head for the shower.” This time as her entered he found he was not alone somebody was there ahead of him. “Oh well, can’t win them all.” he thought as he stripped off his robe and stepped into the shower. He was mildly surprised to find that it was Bob in there again. They laughed and joked about “great minds thinking alike” as they showered. Then as John was finishing up Bob very sheepishly asked john if he could rub the kinks out again as his neck had stiffened up again. John laughed and agreed. Bob ran out and set the trash can alarm again and returned to the shower and immediately went to his knees with his back to John.

John good naturedly chuckled and started to rub the kinks out of Bob’s neck again. After a minute or so he noticed Bob was kneeling a little differently and that his right arm seemed to be moving a little. So playing a hunch john leaned over and peered down at Bob and was only mildly surprised to see that he had his dick in his hand and was almost imperceptibly jerking off. Then as he watched Bob came, blowing his load onto the shower floor where it was nearly invisible against the white tile and quickly washed away.

John leaned back and continued to rub for a minute before asking Bob “How you feel now, better? Feel a little relief?” There was no sarcasm in his tone just a light hearted question. He almost laughed at the response. “Oh yeah, a lot better.” So John gave him a playful slap on the shoulder and turned to hide his own erection again. After a minute or so he felt safe in getting out and drying off and Bob followed again thanking him as they went their separate ways.

John laid in his bed thinking over what he had seen, how Bob had used the opportunity to relieve his sexual tensions. John couldn’t help wonder what had got Bob so worked up? Was it just somebody giving him a rubdown or was he secretly turned on by a guy touching him while he was naked. John had gotten a good look at Bob’s cock this time. It wasn’t anything special, about normal length and maybe a little less than normal thickness. While he laid there thinking about it John realized he had started to stroke himself. He decided what the hell and went at it with a greater vigor soon spurting his seed up into the air and down onto his chest and stomach. After that little workout he drifted off to sleep.

Over the next week Bob showed up often, at meals and just to hang out. John watched for anything that might be construed as interest on the other guy’s part but noticed nothing. He also made a habit of hitting the shower at 1 AM every day just to see if Bob was there. The first night he had the shower to himself and left feeling a little disappointed. The second night Bob was in there when he entered again. It was pretty much of a repeat of the previous experience. Bob asked for a neck rub and John agreed but this time he watched more closely and when he detected bob’s arm starting to move he leaned over to watch the whole show. Again Bob milked his dick squeezing and sliding his hand in short strokes until he shot cum out onto the floor. John had a raging hardon this time and had to restrain himself from grabbing his own dick and whacking off, instead he turned and gave himself a dose of cold water. Things passed like that, sometimes they would meet sometimes they would not, but every time they did Bob would jerk off while John rubbed his neck. It appeared as though he thought he was getting away with it.

Then on the first Saturday after they had met the cat was let out of the bag. The guys had spent the day in town together and then studying together in John’s room. They finally decided they had enough work and, surprise, Bob had a stiff neck. John almost laughed at the announcement but instead suggested the usual hot water massage. Bob went to get his towel but John offered him the extra he had snagged from the laundry and they both stripped and headed for the shower. When they got there they realized they had been too early the shower was in use by another guy who left shortly after they arrived but the amount of traffic in and out of the bathroom left each of them a little too uncomfortable. So they settled for a hot shower and returned to the room. Both had towels wrapped around themselves as John offered Bob a drink. Each of them downed vodka and orange juice before John offered Bob his neck rub anyway. Bob was a little hesitant but with John’s urging and the Vodka he relented. So Bob was kneeling on the floor in the center of the room and John stood behind him. John peeked over his shoulder and found that Bob had his hand under his towel and was going at it as normal. Tonight John was emboldened by the alcohol and casually said to Bob. “You know I don’t mind if you jerk off her like you do in the shower.”

Bob froze and stiffened up. He was caught! John waited a few seconds and continued, “Relax, I really don’t mind that you do it. We all need to get release somehow and there aren’t enough women around for all of us so what choice do we have. For myself I come back to the room, but I don’t have a roommate so it’s easy. I can whack it whenever I feel like it and that’s usually once a day sometimes twice.”

Bob had started to relax and as John finished he started to quietly speak, “My roommate almost caught me once and he gives me a hard time about it but then he’s one of the lucky ones. His girlfriend started here with him so he’s getting laid regular.” Then he paused. “You really don’t mind?”

John answered “No I don’t mind. Go ahead.”

Bob glanced back at John with a sheepish smile and slowly started to pull on himself again.

“You might find it easier if you took the towel off” John suggested.

Bob once again glanced back at John and pulled the towel back to reveal himself and his activities. John watched as Bob pulled on himself stroking and squeezing, and now without the water and soap as a lubricant he used a little saliva on his hand. While watching the show John’s dick had risen to its full size and he stopped his rub briefly to untie the towel around his waist and let it drop to the floor. Bob was so intent on his pleasure that he did not notice that John was now naked behind him and that his nine inches of cock were hanging over his shoulder. He wasn’t aware that is until John shifted his weight and the head of his dick came into contact with Bob’s cheek.

Bob was so lost in his activities that he turned his head to see what had touched his cheek and found himself staring at John’s dick. He had seen it in the shower and had noticed how big it was in comparison to his own and in fact the thought of it was what had got him started jerking off. But now he found it only inches from his mouth. Bob had never had any contact with a guy at all. Other than some I’ll show you mine if you show me yours when he was 12 or 13 he had never had any inclination toward it. But now with this monster in his face and his hand on his own meat working it to frenzy, he couldn’t stop himself and he opened his mouth and took it in. He sucked the head of John’s dick into his mouth and sucked on it a little then ran his tongue over it. John responded with a moan and bob suddenly found himself taking more of it inside. He released himself and grasped his friends cock with his hand and fed it to himself in and out, sucking and running his tongue over it. He was amazed that he was doing this but did not stop, he did not want to stop. He was enjoying sucking this cock. He tried to take it all in but found he could not so he just kept hold of the base with his right hand, gently jacking it off as he sucked while his left hand wrapped around his friend and ran up and down the curve of his ass. Feeling the hard muscle underneath the skin and then the crack between the cheeks, the contours of the heavy muscle on this mans body so unlike his own. Then he heard john talking to him through clenched teeth. “Unless you want a mouthful you better stop.” Bob paused for a second and decided that he did want the mouthful. The thought of having cum in his mouth excited him and his own dick throbbed while he considered it. So instead of stopping and taking it from his mouth he sucked harder and moved his hand faster and he got his reward as gobs of milky cum shot into his mouth and hit the back of his throat. At first he swallowed instinctively, then he let the second and third spurts lie on his tongue and roll around his mouth. He decided it did not taste bad, a little salty but not bad. It was a little slimy and tended to stay in gobs but as he swallowed it all he found it went right down.

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