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Jenna and I were randomly matched in the freshman roommate lottery. She wasn’t a bad person to live with, but the two of us couldn’t have been more different. She was a party girl with tons of boyfriends, and I was–to be blunt–a dork. Tall and skinny, with hardly any tits. Thick glasses and long, straight hair I always forgot to brush.

While Jenna went out almost every night, I usually spent evenings alone, either doing homework or watching anime in bed on my laptop. And that’s exactly what I was doing the first time she brought Kevin home. I was propped up on my tummy, engrossed in the final episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion,, when they staggered in, banging the door and giggling.

They both were really drunk, and they tumbled into Jenna’s bed, making out like crazy. I tried to ignore them, but it’s pretty hard not to look up when your cute roommate is taking her top off so her boyfriend can suck her nips.

“Guys… I’m like right here,” I said with a groan.

“So go watch your cartoons in the common room,” Jenna said.

“Where am I supposed to sleep?”

“You can use my bed,” Kevin said. “I don’t think I’m going to need it tonight.”

He was on already on top of Jenna with his pants off.

Kevin’s room was just a few floors down, so I packed up my laptop and made myself scarce.

His roommate looked baffled when I turned up carrying my pillow and backpack.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Emily,” I said matter-of-factly.

“And why are you here?”

“Your roommate is fucking my roommate in my room, so I’m sleeping here.”

“Okay…. You can come in, I guess.”

His name was Justin. I recognized him from my engineering classes. He had bright red hair and glasses. A dork like me.

He gestured at an unmade bed near the window.

“That’s yours.”

The room was a total wreck. Books and dirty clothes strewn everywhere. Boys are such slobs. And it smelled musty. Boy sweat.

I sat down dubiously on Kevin’s bed, and Justin went back to his computer. There was a picture of a naked girl on the screen. I realized he must have been jerking off to her when I knocked on the door. I had the impression back then that guys needed to jerk off a lot, so I felt bad for interrupting him.

“Um… if you want to finish, it’s okay,” I said.

He looked at me like I had grown a second head.


“Yeah, I’m actually kind of curious. I’ve never watched a guy… you know.”

“Should I take off my clothes?”

“Just do whatever you normally do. Pretend I’m not here.”

He stood up and pulled down his sweatpants. He wasn’t wearing anything underneath. His thing hung down, long and thick between his skinny legs. It was bigger than the ones I’d seen in pictures. Despite been a dork, Justin was really hung. His pubic hair was reddish-blond, lighter than the hair on his head, and his big balls hung heavy in his loose sack.

Standing in front of me without pants was apparently a turn on, because his cock started to stir. It twitched a little with every heartbeat, getting thicker and harder as it filled up with blood. Pretty soon it was jutting straight out. It was the first time I’d ever seen a hard-on in the flesh, and the transformation was kind of impressive.

Justin was looking at me strangely. He took his erection in his fist and slowly started to jerk.

“Can you take off your clothes too?” he said.

“How come?”

He glanced back at the naked girl on his computer screen.

“I… uh… need something visual, in order to… you know.”

“Okay. It’s only fair, I guess.”

I kicked off my tennis shoes and started getting undressed. Back then all my clothes were boring and shapeless. Baggy jeans, faded tee shirts and hoodies. I didn’t have any curves, so what was the point in dressing to show them off? I stripped down to my bra and panties while Justin watched and stroked his cock.

“Underwear too?” I asked.

“Please.” There was an edge of desperation in his voice. He really wanted to see me naked.

I reached around and unhooked my bra.

“Prepare to be underwhelmed,” I said, pulling down the cups to expose my tits. I really was as flat as a boy, but Justin seemed to like what he saw, because he started stroking faster. Every once in a while, his hips would jerk forward. I could tell he was thinking about fucking me.

Watching him stroke was so fucking hot. My nipples were poking straight up from my tiny titties, and I was starting to soak through the crotch of my panties. I really wanted to join him and masturbate too, but I didn’t know if he’d be cool with that. I was wandering in the wilderness, unsure about everything. I mean, I’d never even kissed a boy before, but here I was, practically naked, letting I guy barely knew jerk off to me.

Feeling like the biggest perv on the planet, I slipped my hand down the front of my panties bursa escort bayan and started rubbing my clit. Justin’s attention was laser-focused on what I was doing with my hand.

“Now, take off your panties,” he croaked.

What the hell. Why not? I lifted my butt off the bed and pulled my panties down around my ankles. My cheeks flushed bright red. I was mortified by how hairy my pussy was. The pretty girl on Justin’s computer was shaved smooth, but my crotch was a messy thicket of dark curls. I’d never even trimmed. Why? Because I was a dork, that’s why. I’d seen Jenna naked a few times and knew she had a tidy little blonde strip down there. God. I felt like such a gross freak. A perv and a freak.

“All the way off,” Justin said softly.

I scooched down so my bony butt was right at the edge of the bed and kicked my panties the rest of the way off. I was naked except for my Casio digital watch, my glasses, and my black ankle socks. I’m sure I looked ridiculous.

“Show me how you touch yourself,” he said.

I spread my legs and showed him my private parts. I’d never shown anyone my pussy before, except my gynecologist. My heart was pounding in my chest. Would Justin like how I looked down there? Would he think I had a pretty pussy? It was weird, I’d never cared about wearing make-up and trying to look pretty like other girls, but right now I really wanted Justin to approve of my cunt.

I reached down and spread my lips with my fingers. I was self-conscious about how big and meaty they were. I wished I had an elegant little slit like Jenna. Her pussy lips barely poked out at all. But Justin didn’t seem to mind. He got down on his knees leaned in close to get a better look. Close enough that I could feel his breath on me. Close enough for him to smell me. I knew he could smell me, because I could smell myself. The musky aroma of my arousal hung thick in the close atmosphere of the dorm room. Holy fuck, I was wet.

I ran my fingers over the tender pink insides of my lips, my legs trembling at how good it felt. Then I started to masturbate in earnest, rubbing my clit furiously from side to side, while Justin matched me stroke for stroke.

I could see his cock bobbing up and down between my spread thighs–the shiny purple head, the thick, heavily-veined shaft. The tip was soooo close to my pussy. Only a few inches away. I could tell he really wanted to stick it in. I wanted that too, but we both knew that would be a Bad Idea. I was completely unprotected. All it would take is one little squirt to knock me up. I might have been a dork, but I was also a fertile young woman with functional ovaries. And from the size of Justin’s balls, I assumed he was equally potent.

Millions of years instinct was urging me on. “Come on, Emily” my lizard brain pleaded. “Go ahead and fuck him! It’s gonna feel so good!”

Justin groaned in frustration. It was clear he was having a similar argument with his own lizard brain.

I offered up a compromise. “You wanna cum together?”

“Can I cum on you?”

I nodded. “Sure. Just be careful. Don’t get any inside.”

Both of us started frigging frantically, racing toward our mutual orgasm. I got there first. It started in the molten bowl of my pelvis. Ripples of pleasure radiated outward from my cunt to the aching points of my nipples and my curling toes. I arched my spine and threw my head back, making guttural noises in the back of my throat.

Justin growled with lust when he saw me coming in front of him. He rubbed his cock on my hairy mound and started thrusting. That’s how he came–unloading directly on my abdomen. The first spurt almost reached my chin, Leaving a thick, ropy streak of semen on my tits. There was so much of it. He just kept pumping and pumping. I never knew guys could make so much cum. There was no end to it. It was pooling in my bellybutton, and dribbling down my flanks onto the bed.

He did keep his word and directed his spurts well away from the entrance to my vagina. Not a single drop got inside. I felt like I’d completed an achievement in a video game: Conception averted! It was all over my bush though. Little pearls of milky cum glistened in the dark hair.

I stared up at him, feeling stunned. I tried to say something clever, but my tongue was having a hard time forming words. The best I could manage was a feeble “holy fuck”.

From the look in Justin’s eyes, he felt the same way.

I used Keven’s bedsheets to mop up the mess. Served him right for kicking me out of my room. Justin staggered over to his own bed and toppled into it without saying a word. I’d heard the myth about guys passing out right after sex, and it turned out it was totally true. He fell asleep almost instantly. He was sprawled flat on his back with his flaccid cock draped across one thigh. It got soft almost as fast as it had gotten hard–like someone had flipped his nilüfer escort “off” switch.

I decided I should probably get some sleep too. I was still kind of horny, but I had an early class the next day–freshman physics, which I loved.

I considered getting dressed again, but the thought of sleeping in my clothes was kind of awful, so I curled up naked in Kevin’s bed, trying to avoid the clammy patches of cum on the sheets.

I always had a hard time at sleepovers. Being in a strange bed in a strange bedroom just felt wrong. Only now I wasn’t merely in a strange bed in a strange bedroom, there was also a strange boy lying totally naked opposite me. His dick was right there. Weirdness piled on top of weirdness. At least I had my own pillow. That was comfortingly familiar.

I somehow managed to drift off. The next time I opened my eyes, the sun was slanting in through the blinds. My wristwatch said it was 6:30 in the morning. I was disoriented for a while; I couldn’t figure out where I was or why I was naked. Then I saw Justin and everything that had happened last night came flooding back.

Justin was sound asleep. He actually was snoring–such a cliché! He was still naked with his dick right out in the open. Trying hard not to make any noise, I rolled out of bed and tiptoed over to him. I’d never had the chance to study a real penis up close, and I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity. Justin’s cock looked really different in the light of day. Last night it had been kind of scary and brutal–almost dangerous, but now that it wasn’t hard anymore, it was kind of cute. His balls too. Lying there loose in his sack, they looked so tender and vulnerable that I felt the urge to cup them in my hand and take care of them.

Curiosity got the better of me. Extending my finger, I lightly poked the side of Justin’s limp shaft. The skin was warm and surprisingly smooth, almost silky. I glanced nervously up at his face, worried that I might have disturbed him, but he was oblivious.

Feeling bolder, I leaned down and touched the tip of my tongue to his cock. He tasted musky and salty, and emphatically male.

I knew what a blow-job was in theory, but obviously I’d never given one before–I hadn’t even had my first kiss! Popular girls like Jenna gave blow-jobs, not dorks like me.

Still, I was curious. Gingerly I took the head of his cock into my mouth. It was bigger than I thought it would be, but it felt really nice to have it there. I’d always assumed that girls gave blow-jobs because guys liked getting them, but now I realized that having a cock in your mouth was fun for the girl too.

I experimented a little with my technique: how to use my lips and tongue, how to keep my teeth out of the way, how deep I could take him without triggering my gag reflex. The stimulation was definitely having an effect because I felt him stiffening in my mouth, which also was really cool.

Justin groaned. He was finally starting to wake up. I tossed my head, flipping my hair out of my face, and looked up at him.

“Jesus, Emily, what are you doing?”

I stifled a laugh. It was such a stupid question. What does it look like I’m doing, dummy? I’m sucking your cock.

His hands found my tits and started playing with them. They might have been tiny, but my nipples were really sensitive and he was pinching them and rolling them between his fingers. I made little muffled sounds of pleasure around his cock to demonstrate I appreciated his efforts.

“Come up here,” he mumbled and pulled me on top of him.

This was another brand-new experience. The whole length of my body was stretched out against his, naked skin to naked skin. He grabbed my bony little ass with both hands and pulled me tight against him. My hairy crotch was pressed against the top of his thigh, and his stiffening cock was sandwiched between us.

Our faces were just inches apart, our noses practically touching. It dawned on me that what he wanted was for me to kiss him. I took a while to figure out that I needed to angle my head to one side so our noses didn’t bump.

And that was the first time I ever kissed a boy. It wasn’t how I expected. I thought my first time would be more romantic. You know, like maybe we’d be saying goodnight after our first date, and suddenly he’d take me into his strong arms and pull me to him.

I certainly didn’t expect my first kiss to involve me lying naked on top of a dude I barely knew.

As soon as our lips touched, he put his tongue in my mouth. That was a surprise, but it felt really good, so I put my tongue in his mouth too, which felt even better. His hands were roaming around, touching my ass and the small of my back. They even wandered down between my legs. So, the first time I ever kissed a boy was combined with the first time I ever had a boy touch my pussy.

That also felt really good. türbanlı escort He stroked my swollen lips, coaxing the wetness out of me. I was so turned on I couldn’t hold still; I whimpered, and ground my mound against his thigh. He was getting turned on too. I could feel his cock getting hard underneath me.

The little voice inside my head started up again, urging me to fuck him. We were both so turned on already, it would be really easy. All I had to do was reach down and slip him inside. Really easy and really stupid.

But I had to do something though because I wanted his cock so bad, I felt like I was going to explode.

“Hold on,” I said. “I have an idea.’

I rose up on my knees and straddled him. His hands dropped down to hold my hips. For a moment I think he thought I was going to ride him, cowgirl-style. Instead, I reached down between my legs and arranged his cock so it was resting flat against his lower abdomen. Then I carefully pressed my open pussy lips against the full length of his shaft. His cock was still touching my cunt, but the business end was far away from my entrance.

“Holy shit, Em! I can feel you. You’re so wet.”

I could feel him too. Having his bare cock touching my naked pussy was insanely hot. I started moving, grinding my hips. I humped my pillow sometimes when I masturbated. This was just like that, but instead of my pillow it was the actual cock of a real boy.

I leaned forward and braced my hands against his shoulders. My long hair fell forward, forming a messy curtain around our faces.

“Take off your glasses,” he said. “Let me see your eyes.”

I took them off and put them on the night table. The world was a hazy blur, but I didn’t need to see clearly to get myself off. I reached down and threaded my fingers through my bush so I could rub my clit. It was hard as a rock, poking out from under its little clit-hood.

Justin left his own glasses on; he looked up at me in amazement.

“Fuck, you’re pretty,” he said breathlessly.

No, I’m not, I thought. I’m a dork. An ugly, awkward dork.

An ugly awkward dork and a major perv, with a hard little clittie and a wet hairy pussy.

His hands gripped my narrow hips. In addition to not having any tits, I barely had any hips. Like I said, no curves. But still, I could use my pussy to get him off.

I made him cum so hard. He shot off onto his own tummy this time. There was almost as much as before. And I came too, rocking and moaning as I slid my needy little pussy up and down the full length of his glorious shaft. By the time I finished I was panting with exertion and my whole body was slick with sweat.

* * *

I checked my wristwatch after I climbed off him. Plenty of time to make it to class. Justin watched from bed as I rounded up my clothes. I still had on my little black ankle socks. I’d never taken them off.

There was an awkward moment where I couldn’t find my panties and I thought I’d have to go commando, but it turned out they’d fallen under the bed.

The crotch was still damp from the night before. Oh well, it was about time to do laundry anyway. I didn’t even bother with my bra. I just stuffed it into my backpack with my laptop and physics notebook. Without a bra, my hard nipples poked out through my tee shirt, but with my hoodie on you couldn’t see anything.

Justin was getting dressed too. He needed to get to class too. I watched sadly as he tucked his beautiful cock into a pair of boring black boxer shorts. He threw on a tee shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans.

I pulled on my jeans and laced up my tennis shoes. Once we were both dressed it was remarkable how similar our outfits were. The standard uniform of the engineering dork.

We left together which was a little weird. I was mortified someone might see me coming out of a boy’s room and figure out what I’d been up to. My pussy was still tingling from my recent orgasm. I’d been riding Justin’s cock less than an hour before, and I stunk of sweat and sex.

We made it class just before the bell rang, but it was impossible to concentrate on the lecture. I kept squirming in my seat, acutely conscious of how wet my pussy still was. Even worse, Justin was seated just a few rows in front of me. The whole time the professor was talking about force and mass and acceleration, I was replaying the memory of sucking Justin’s cock.

I pretended to take notes like a good engineering student, but all I could think about was sex. As soon as I had the chance, I totally was going to let Justin fuck me.

I wondered how he would do it. Would he bend me over his desk and take me from behind, or have me get down on the floor and spread my legs for him? However we did it, the important thing was that I needed to get my hands on some condoms. There was no way in hell I was going to let him stick his bare cock in my unprotected cunt no matter how much my lizard brain wanted it.

I scribbled a note in the margin of my physics notebook: “Ask Jenna about rubbers.”

Because even though she might have been a crappy roommate, Jenna definitely knew way more about sex than I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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