Don’t You Think I Know That?

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Jennifer stepped out of the elevator coming down from her dorm room and into the lobby of Clearway Hall. She smiled as soon as she saw her friend Abby sitting at the desk reading her Organic Chemistry book. She stopped at the desk and said, “Hey, girl. What up?”

Abby looked up and brushed a strand of brown hair out of her eyes before she said, “Just studying for my final. Where you headed?”

“I’m going to the mini-mart,” Jennifer said. “Want me to get you anything?”

“Oh shit yeah,” Abby said reaching for her purse. She extracted a twenty-dollar bill and as she handed it in Jennifer’s direction said, “I’ve only got two cigarettes left. Can you get me a carton of Marlboro Lights and a two-liter bottle of Mountain Dew?”

Jennifer pushed the twenty away and said, “Keep your money. Daddy sent me a VISA card.”

Holding the twenty out for Jennifer to take, Abby said, “No reason for you to support my habit.”

Jennifer pushed the twenty away again. “No. But I got a lot of late night Whoppers to pay you back for.”

Abby shook the twenty at Jennifer and said, “Shut up.”

“No. You shut up. You want that Mountain Dew cold?”

“Of course,” Abby said as she put the bill back in her purse.

Jennifer arched her eyebrow and said, “Two liters?”

“I’ve got this final tomorrow. I need to stay up all night.”

“Shit, just do some blow then. That’ll keep you up better than Mountain Dew.”

“You got any?”

“Uh-h-h,” Jennifer said slowly. “Was just kidding, girlfriend.”

“I’m not. You got any?”

“N-n-no,” Jennifer said. “I’ll get you some Mountain Dew though.”


Jennifer sat the two-liter bottle of Mountain Dew down on the counter. Along with it, she was buying two economy-sized bags of Cool Ranch Doritos, three frozen pizzas, and a bag of soft batch chocolate chip cookies. The clerk rang up Jennifer’s junk food and as she was breaking out her new credit card, Jennifer said, “And, can I have a carton of Marlboro Lights please?”

As the clerk reached over his head to get the cigarettes, Jennifer heard the all too familiar voice saying, “Guess you like those early morning five mile runs, Gordon.”

“Shit,” Jennifer said. Then she turned to face Nancy Reardon. “I’m picking the cigarettes up for a friend at the dorm, Coach. They’re not for me.”

Nancy frowned at her tennis player and said, “Right. Now tell me one I might believe.”

Jennifer gritted her teeth and said, “They’re not mine.”

“See you tomorrow morning at five,” Nancy said. “You know the rules. Five miles at five a.m.”

“You fucking cu–.”

Before Jennifer finished speaking dear edward izle a hand came from behind her and clasped her mouth shut. “Tell your friend thanks, Gordon,” Nancy said as she walked out of the mini-mart. “Finish calling me a cunt and you’d be running ten miles instead of five.”

The hand released from Jennifer’s mouth and she turned with fire shooting from her brown eyes. “What the fu–? Oh, it’s you.”

JW Wallace held up both his hands in surrender and said, “Don’t stab me.”

Before she could comment on what she’d like to do to JW, the clerk cleared his throat and said, “Anything else?”

“Yes,” Jennifer snapped. “Give me a single pack of Marlboro Reds.”

“Those for a friend too,” JW asked?

“Nope,” Jennifer said. “This pack’s all mine. I got to get up at five in the morning and run five miles for that cunt, I might as well deserve it.”

JW shook his head and said, “You’re your own worst enemy, Jenny.”

Jennifer turned her back on him and laid her VISA card on the counter. After she’d paid for her stuff, Jennifer gathered up her bag and stepped out of the mini-mart. She paused long enough to open the pack of Marlboro Reds, shake a cigarette loose from the pack, and light it with her cheap Bic lighter. As she was blowing her first stream of smoke out, the mini-mart door opened and JW stepped out into the parking lot. He saw that she was still there and said, “Want a ride?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “You never called me after the last ride we took.”

“I was going to,” JW said.

“So what the fuck stopped you?”

“I came by your dorm to see you the next day and I saw that guy from Baylor down in the lobby. I asked the girl at the desk to page your room and she said you were already on your way down. So, I left.”

“And that’s why you haven’t called me, and that’s why you sit on the other side of the room in class, and why you act like I’m not there?”

JW shrugged. “I really liked you, Jenny; and I thought you liked me too. When I saw that you were still dating that guy, it hurt.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes and said, “You are so fucking dumb. You are the dumbest smart guy I’ve ever fucking met.”

“Gee,” he said. “Thanks a lot.”

“Did you happen to see me with Oliver when I came down to the lobby?”

“No,” he said. “I left before you got down there.”

“So you didn’t see me come down and tell him he shouldn’t have come to see me without calling first; and you didn’t see him leave the dorm alone, as in without me, and you didn’t see me telling him not to call or come see me anymore?”

JW paused. “No. I didn’t death in the dorms izle see that.”

Jennifer shook her head and said, “Shit. I can’t believe how stupid you are.”

JW tried to grin, but it came out lopsided as he said, “If it makes you feel any better, I can’t believe how stupid I am either.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes and took another drag on her cigarette before saying, “You studied for our History final yet?”


She dropped the cigarette to the pavement and smashed it with the toe of her boot. “Come on,” she said. “Give me a ride back to the dorm, and we’ll study together.” *

After putting the frozen pizzas into the freezer, Jennifer hung her jacket in the closet she shared with Rebecca Zamora and watched JW lay his jacket on the foot of Becky’s bed. She picked up her History book and said, “Where do you want to start?”

He took the book from her and tossed it back onto the table. Then he cupped her chin with each hand and brought her mouth to his. Her lips parted as she allowed his kiss and he pressed his tongue between them until it meshed and intertwined with hers. As she returned his kiss, she raised her arms and allowed him to pull her sweater over her head, momentarily breaking but quickly returning to the long, slow, deep kiss.

The sweater was tossed away and his fingers found the clasp at the back of her bra, and just like that, her breasts were free and in his hands. She began to fumble at the buttons of his flannel shirt as he walked her backward toward her bed. As soon as her calves hit the side of the bed, she fell back onto it and just as quickly he was on top of it with her.

She finished undoing the buttons of his shirt and it made with the same fate, as had her sweater. He trailed his kisses down her neck, nuzzling it with soft lips. His mouth left her neck and found her left nipple with his lips and tongue. As he gently sucked and licked the nipple, she moaned and purred with satisfaction. Even as she was kicking off her boots, his hand was on the buttons of her jeans, working them open as his lips switched to and began to suck the nipple of her other breast.

Soon her jeans were gone and tossed in some unknown direction and her panties recklessly making an opposing flight. He kissed his way back to her mouth and as their tongues again met and sparked, they lay stretching against each other, chest to chest, legs tangled. Jennifer arched into him, loving the feel of his hard body, the heat of his skin, the brush of his chest hair against her nipples.

Twisting beneath him, Jennifer reached for the button of diary of a gigolo izle his jeans. JW rose up on his knees as she tugged the zipper down over his erection. Her hands were trembling as she pulled down jeans and briefs. Her whole body was trembling with the need to take him inside her. She curled her fingers around his rigid cock and stroked him gently. He closed his eyes and groaned.

“Come here,” he whispered, reaching for her.

Jennifer went to him, welcoming his kiss, pressing her body into his. She put her arms around his neck and let her head fall back as he trailed his mouth down her throat, moaning from the pleasure of his lips. His strong hands stroked down her back to her ass, cupping it he lifted her and pulled her into his lap as he sat back on his haunches. She reached between their bodies and gripped the cock that was already nearing explosion and guided him, placing the head of his cock at the lips of her moist slit, holding him steady as he lowered her.

Her breath let out a slow hiss as he entered her and sank his cock into her cunt. Her pussy tightened around him, on the edge of ecstasy. He lifted her again and slid her back down on him, slowly, inch by inch allowing her pussy to ride his cock.

Anticipation wound like a spring inside her, tighter and tighter, pounding for release. She began to move on him at her own pace, her hands gripping his lean, powerful shoulders, her head flung back. Faster and faster, she rose up and down, until she was breathless, until the heat condensed to a slick gloss of sweat on her skin, until the anticipation exploded into a firestorm of sensation and she was screaming, “FUCK ME. FUCK ME. OH FUCKING GOD. FUCKING FUCK ME.”

No longer able to contain, he released his load and groaned as if he were dying as she collapsed in his arms. They held each other tight as they came back to earth, as their heartbeats slowed, as the real world took form around them. JW pulled the comforter from the bed up over them. The heat of passion was gone and the chill of the December night had taken over.

Jennifer snuggled into his arms and placed light kisses on his chest. He kissed the top of her head and said, “God. This is all so soon. So quick.”

She touched a finger to his lips and said, “Shush, JW Wallace. Lay back and enjoy the moment.”

Then she slowly kissed her way from his chest down to his stomach, easing her way down until she was taking his shriveled penis in her mouth, liking the way it was mixed with her juice and his, sucking him until he was hard again. Not stopping, she continued to suck, letting his tension build, sensing his release. Even when he did release she kept sucking. Swallowing, and gulping, she milked his cock until it was clean of everything except her own saliva.

“Oh my God,” he gasped as he tangled his hands in her hair. “You are the best thing that ever happened to me, Jenny Gordon.”

She smiled and said, “Don’t you think I know that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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