Doing as She is Told

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Jenny picked up her phone and murmured down the receiver.

‘I’ve been calling you on your cell phone for ages. Have you been out?’

It was her husband Joe calling from his hotel.’

‘Erm, no, just a bit busy,’ Jenny told him.

‘Phone me back on your cell phone, set up a zoom call,’ the man snapped.

‘Give me a few minutes, then,’ Jenny told him.

A full ten minutes later Jenny was talking to her husband via Zoom.

‘You look a bit hot and bothered, what have you been doing?’ Joe asked.

Jenny felt unsteady and almost dropped the phone — Joe saw something he shouldn’t have. He thought he caught a glimpse of bare thigh.

‘The guy you suggested I get to know, the one who lives down the road is here.’

‘What? What the hell is he doing there?’

‘Have you forgotten what we talked about, Joe. You said the idea of me being with another man turned you on. You suggested it would be exciting if I got to know Pete, and offer to model for him. You went on about it for ages, pestering me — saying it might improve our sex life.’

‘Shit Jen, that was bedroom talk.’

‘Well I’m just doing as you said, Joe.’

‘Show me your lower body.’


‘When you dropped the phone just now you seemed to be wearing a very short skirt. Have you dressed up in sexy clothes for him?’

‘No, well, yes.’

‘What the hell are you saying Jen?’

‘Yes, I’ve dressed up in sexy clothes — and no, I’m not wearing a skirt.’

‘So what the hell are you wearing, skimpy shorts, mini dress? You seemed to be showing a lot of upper thigh.’

‘I was wearing a skirt.’


‘I’ve taken it off for him,’

Angry gasps and swearing spluttered from Joe’s mouth, his face contorted and crimson.

‘I don’t believe I’m hearing this!’

‘I’ll show you,’ said his wife.

Lowering the phone on her midriff, Joe could now clearly see stockings and suspenders and the crotch of a pair of black silky panties. The astounded husband, filled with rage, and a feeling of betrayal felt his body shaking. His wife moved the phone around giving him views from every angle. So she’s modelling for him, he thought, his head swirling. Only the skirt is off, he must have just begun taking pics. Time to stop this.

‘Was it his idea you remove your skirt or yours?’

‘Well, both really.’

‘How many pics has he taken?’

‘With this outfit? Just a few, it’s going to be a series of pics of me getting undressed.’

‘You’ve posed in other outfits for him!’

‘Yeah, we started a while ago. Then we stopped for a couple of drinks.’

Images rushed through Joe’s mind like a film being played one frame at a time.

‘You sat drinking? Where you undressed?’

‘Not fully.’

Jen’s reluctance to answer his questions properly and provide detail made him fume.

‘How much undressed? Down to panties and bra?’ he asked.

‘And stockings, too,’ she told him, as if that made it okay.

‘You said ‘not fully’ — have you wore less for him.?’


‘How much less?’

‘Did a few pics in some tight latex lingerie.’

‘How is that less?’

‘The bra was really just a harness, holding up my bust, my breasts were bare really, nipples were sticking out. Panties were just a very tight band going between my legs. It wasn’t very comfortable — it disappeared in my slit and up my bum. He said it was BDSM stuff.’

Joe had more flashing images.

‘So did you parade around dressed like that — or were you sat down.’

Jen hesitated, but before she could answer Joe cut her short.

‘Someone’s talking in the background! Who else is there? What the fuck is going on?’

‘I was about to tell you,’ Jen said in a feeble voice, ‘I was going to say, they told me to pose standing up and bend over, then lift one foot and place it on the chair.’

‘Who the fuck is there?’

‘Pete asked if it was okay if he invited a couple of his camera buddies. I said it was. I thought that when I told you all about in bed it would be an extra turn on for you, knowing I posed for naughty pictures in front of three men. That’s what you said, you’d find it very, very sexy.’

‘I thought he used fashion models — fashion shots — not fucking kinky BDSM photographs! You were supposed to just flirt, show a bit of thigh, maybe flash your panties, low cut tops.’ Joe sounded frantic.

‘Well no, it’s porn really, they do some hard core stuff.’

‘How do you know that, for Christ sake!’

‘Well it got talked about.’

Joe rewound his mental video tape.

‘So, you might as well have been naked, Just a black latex peep-hole, your tits held tight and erect nipples sticking out, just a thin latex band between your legs, NOT actually covering your cunt! And you were happy to parade around in front of three men? You must have noticed them getting hard?’

‘Well, yeah, obviously.’

‘Tell me honestly, have you been totally naked in front of them?’

‘Well it seemed silly and tedious keep running upstairs to get changed — so yes, mostly I’ve been getting changed in escort videoları front of them. They’ve seen me naked. Anyway I’m hardly covered up when I put some of the outfits on.’

‘You mean they brought a few for you to pose in? And you said they mainly do porn not fashion?’


‘I’ve got to go Jen, I can’t fucking believe this, the way your so fucking nonchalant and matter of fact about it all. I know you’re so bloody naïve sometimes but this is unbelievable.’

‘You told me you’d like it if I did something sexy — you had the idea of me getting to know Pete and posing for him. I’ve simply obeyed and done what you wanted. I was going to tell you everything. I’m being completely honest and answering all your questions, that’s not being nonchalant. I’m not hiding anything.’

‘I have a million questions but you are doing my fucking head in. I need to go. I’ll phone you back when I calm down.’

With that, he ended the conversation.

Chapter Two

Jen received a text. Her husband was ready to talk again, this time she should use the laptop. As usual she obeyed and clicked the Zoom app and a couple of minutes later they looked at each other on their respective screens.

‘I take it they’ve gone now?’ Joe asked.

‘No, they are still here.’

‘What? Come on! No session lasts this long. You’d been posing a while before I rang you first time. How many pics do they want? I thought you’d be sat there reflecting on what happens now. What have you been doing?’

‘Are you going to get angry and start swearing again?’

‘I’ve every right to, for goodness sake. Sit further away then I can see what you’re wearing now. You’re still posing?’

‘And I’ve been filmed,’ she said. ‘At the moment we’re taking a short break, sat around drinking.’

Again Jenny obeyed.

‘Hope you’re sure you want to see this — but at least it proves I’m not telling you lies or hiding things. I’m telling you everything. Hope you’re ready for this.’ She sounded nervous.

Jen pushed back her office chair, giving her husband the full view. Gasps and expletives came from the speaker.

‘I’ll let you know that I’m wearing crotchless panties — but you’ll be able to see that for yourself.’

‘Jesus! What’s under your top — looks like you’ve just thrown it on?’

‘Yes, so not to aggravate you, like I’m winding you up.’

‘Remove it!’

Jen let the garment fall off her shoulders. She was completely topless. The crotchless panties were all she wore.

Joe began to shake again.

‘And this is how you have been sat with the men, drinking with them?’ He tried his best to keep a calm voice, realising that was the way to learn more.

‘Yes,’ his wife answered coyly.’

‘I want you to take the laptop to the living room door and let me see the men.’

‘I’ll have to explain to them that you’re not too pleased.’

‘Jen, that is an understatement. You can do that later. It’s no good me screaming at them through the laptop. For now just show me, please.’

Joe heard the men chatting away. His heart pounded at the thought he was about to see the three men who had been taking pornographic pictures of his wife. It was incredible that she was there with them now, wearing only transparent flimsy crotchless panties — not just pose in, but to calmly sit drinking with them.

Jen quietly stepped toward the doorway and moved the laptop so her husband had a panoramic view of the living room. He saw the man he knew as Pete sat in an armchair facing him, another man, who had his back to the door sat on a dining chair that had been brought from the kitchen. But on the couch, sat a man dressed only in a clinging pair of shorts that clearly showed off the bulge of his genitals. An image once again flashed across his mind, he tried to hold it still. Up until a few minutes ago, next to this trouser-less man would have been sat his wife, wearing nothing but crotchless panties. He knew that from the glass of gin sat on the coffee table just a seat away. And the other two would have had a clear view of his wife’s exposed cunt, her tits fully on show — and apparently she was quite happy with that!

Jen took the laptop back to the computer desk.

‘Jen, why is one of the photographers partially undressed?’

Jen again hesitated before answering and seemed on the defensive. ‘He’s not here as a photographer. I never implied all three were taking pics.’

‘Then why is he there?’ Of course the answer was obvious but he wanted to hear it from his wife.

‘Same as me — to pose.’

‘Pose WITH you?’


‘You said Pete does porn not fashion — so you have posed for porn pics with him?’


‘You mentioned also that you have been filmed. Porn movie?’

‘That’s right. And yes, with Steve — that’s his name.’

Full sex?’

‘Oh my God, this is getting difficult now.’

‘Just keep telling the truth — like you have been. I’ve not shouted. Full sex?

‘Yeah! Sorry.’

So the fact you’ve just been sat there next gaziantep escort bayan videoları to him, drinking gin, with your pussy and tits on full view must mean you enjoyed the sex. And you certainly must have got a thrill from sitting across from the other men — showing them your cunt — you didn’t cover up.’

‘Would be stupid of me to deny it, Joe. You make it sound so crude.’

‘Well I’m sure it entailed more than being fucked in the missionary position. Porn films require something more interesting and kinky. Tell me, there was a blanket on the floor — did you have sex on the blanket, and maybe started off on the couch?’

‘Amongst other places, yes’ she admitted.

‘So I take it you have had sex more than once — what other places.’

Jen took a deep breath. Now her tone sounded like one of regret with a tinge of guilt.

‘We went upstairs, yes, and ‘performed’ on the bed.’

‘They filmed you being fucked on the bed.’


‘I want you to go back into the living room and tell the men you’ll be a few more minutes. Then come back and talk to me.’

‘Can’t all this wait until you get home?’

‘No! Just a few more minutes.’

‘Do you want me to tell them to leave?’

‘No, Does Pete know about our last conversation?’

‘I gave him the impression you were okay about it all.’

‘Then leave it at that. We live on the same street so I’m going to be running into him, I have to decide the best way to react. Quite frankly I don’t want the whole neighbourhood knowing about this. I assume he’s used to being discreet and doesn’t go bragging that he makes porn films. Come back to the laptop in a few minutes. I’m letting you go back to the men, all intents and purposes naked and well fucked — I’ll let you think about the implications of that between now and when I get home.

Joe pictured how his wife would look, walking back into the room with her pussy peeping through the opening of her panties. Unknown to Jen, his cock had been hard and throbbing since early on in the conversation. When he had sat and gone over his wife’s confessions he had subconsciously rubbed his cock, feeling a tremendous sexual excitement that had caused his heart to pound and his stomach to tingle like it was full of butterflies; in spite of the shock and anger he felt. Joe couldn’t get his head round how willing Jen had been to have sex with another man and exhibit herself in so wanton a manner. Had she always been capable of being such a slut?

When he saw Jen approaching the computer desk he had another surprise; she still hadn’t covered up. He saw her cunt and noticed it was moist — and still her bare breasts wobbled about as she walked. It was hard and amazing to know that in his living room sat three men, definitely at least one of them had fucked her — by her own admission, more than once.

‘They are okay with the situation,’ Jen told him, ‘They know I am talking to you and actually they seemed turned on when I told them they can stay. They’re even more turned on to know I’m letting you see I’m still showing off my pussy and tits. They believe you are all for it.’

‘I think you are sexually aroused by this too, Jen. Have they had a quick feel, your cunt looks damp?’

She gave a short laugh. ‘Well, yes, one of them did.’

‘Jen now you’ve admitted it’s porn, hard porn, and that you’ve also been filmed being fucked, I want you to tell me something.’

‘What do you want to know? I’m feeling very confused now, my emotions are all over the place, as yours must be.’

‘You’ve admitted being fucked on the couch and on the blanket, in the bedroom. I want you to tell me what sort of things you have done — in detail. What have you done that qualifies it hard core pornography. Just keep being direct and honest.’

Feeling uncomfortable, Jen made an effort to confess all. Where would she begin?

‘Why don’t you just carry on asking me questions and I’ll carry on answering them honestly.’

‘Okay, in what ways did you fuck?’

‘Hands and knees,’ she told him, ‘From behind.’

‘Your arse high in the air?’

She gave a nervous laugh. ‘Yeah. We did it that way on the living room floor and on the bed. They got me to straddle him and told me to really go for it. They took a bit of footage of me giving him what they called a tit wank. At one point I was fully dressed, they told me to take off my knickers and Steve pretended to be a workman. I had to bend over and he stood behind me and played with my bottom and pussy. Then got his cock out. Oh dear! This is embarrassing. I turned around and wanked him a bit then squatted down and sucked him. Except that they didn’t want Steve to cum so early — so Alan, the other guy acted as a stand in.’

‘You sucked Alan off — did you let him cum in your mouth?’


‘I was undressed and Steve licked my pussy.’

‘Did he make you cum?’

‘Oh shit, why am I telling you all this, you’re going to divorce me anyway.’

‘You’re telling me because I asked you gaziantep escort videoları to — and I asked you to because hearing about it is really turning me on.’

‘Are you tricking me into incriminating myself?’

Joe stood up and displayed his erect cock on the screen, his hand slowly pulling the foreskin back and forth.

‘That convince you?’ he asked Jen.

Nervously she gave a quiet laugh. ‘Guess so.’

‘Yeah, he made me cum — I didn’t have to pretend.’

‘Does he have a big cock?’

‘Yeah, not that long but thick, touches the right place.’

‘Tell me more. Why was there a kitchen chair in the living room?’

Pictures were taken of me leaning over it, being spanked and whacked with a leather belt. That’s when I was dressed in the bondage gear. There was the latex stuff, and some leather outfits.’

‘How kinky did it get?’

‘I was hoping you wouldn’t ask that! A pair of leather shorts, no middle bit, exposed my bum crack and my vagina. My hands were tied to the chair back.. oh this sounds very bad!’

‘It’s okay, carry on.’

‘I had two cocks in me at the same time. I won’t blame you for divorcing me!’

‘Forget that. Just carry on calmly. Tell me’

‘Steve started off spanking me, then he put his cock inside me from behind and carried on slapping my bottom. Alan undressed and stood in front of me. He told me to open my mouth and put his cock between my lips.’

‘Were you turned on?’

‘I’m ashamed to admit it but yes, I was quite enthusiastic. It was a big thrill being used like that. I even enjoyed the spanking and the belt across my buttocks. I sucked on Alan’s cock as he wanked off in my mouth and swallowed all his cum. Steve gave me a good seeing to from behind. That’s one of the reasons it was a long session, why we kept stopping to recover, and have a drink.’

‘You really enjoyed being fucked in different ways?’

Joe stood up and showed his wife how hard his cock was, she saw pre-cum on the tip of his dick. She felt aroused.

‘Yeah! I’m a slut and a wicked unfaithful wife, but I loved every minute of it!’

‘Your not satisfied yet are you. You’re still sat naked just wearing crotchless panties — and the three men are waiting for you in the living room — wanting to fuck you again.’

‘Ohhhh!’ Jen’s fingers were rubbing over her clit, she stood up to show her husband. ‘Yeah! I want more! Are you going to let me go back and let them use me?’

‘Yes!’ breathed her husband, ‘In a few minutes. You can go back to fucking, sucking and spanking! But you have to tell me all about it when I get home.’

‘I’ve not told you lies — but I’ve missed a few things out!’ Jen admitted in her aroused and excited state. ‘We did other very pervy things!’

‘Enjoy the rest of your evening with your guests, I won’t interrupt you again tonight’ Joe told her, then disconnected.

Jen took her incredibly sexually aroused naked body back into the living room. The three men had been equally sexually aroused by knowing this ‘fuck-bunny’ of a kinky wife was being delivered back to them after breaking off to talk to her absent husband who now knew she was being shagged and abused in the couples own home. She was there for the taking — no holds barred.

Chapter Three

Joe’s phone made a noise, telling him he had a message.

[ they know you r coming home Sat morning — so want to come round 2 ours again Friday night. ]

Joe replied. [ 2 film & take pics again? ]

[ not sure, think just to come round. They said would be long time b4 u went away again so… well…. u know]

[ u mean b4 they got chance 2 fuck u again?]

[ guess that’s what they meant, yeah]

[and u ok with that?]

[maybe yeah. Wonder what u think]

[u want me 2 say ok]

[won’t do it if u not ok with it]

[u r ok with it? U want their cocks again???]

[guess so — if u okay]

[and kinky stuff]

[maybe, yeah]

[up ass? Double enders? Cum in mouth? Spanking? Stuff u not told me about yet?]

[ u turning me on now thinking about it]

[u want it then?]

[u know I do. R u turned on 2 Joe?]

[u know I am]

[About kinky stuff?]

[I am yeah. And about stuff u not told me about]

[ turns me on, thinking about it]

[then tell me — give me a hint]

[u might not like it]

[don’t start fucking me about now, cause u already told me u not said about some kinky stuff that turned u on. Tell me]

[one was pissing]

[turned u on]


[u want to do again if they come round Fri?]

[would not say no]

[u on them r they on u?]

[both. Any. Yeah both!!]

[really turns u on?]

[sorry, but god yeah]

[u not bothered about doing it for film — u just like it?]


[in your mouth?]

[me in theirs 2. yeah both ways. piss on my tits and open my mouth. Me in their mouths 2]

[more than 1 guy at a time then?]

[yeah. Really turned on now, fingers in pussy]

[thinking about 2 guys pissing in your mouth?]

[told you already, them in my mouth, me in theirs]

[what else kinky stuff u like that u not told me about?]

[will spoil it 4 when I tell u when u get home]

[like 2 hear about it now like this. U tell me more when I get home. Tell me what else]

[u impatient]

[turned on, can’t wait. Tell me!!!!!]

[anal. Cock up my arse. First Pete then Alan. Steve no… 2 big, hurt]

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