I’m in your kitchen getting a glass of water when you come to me. Our respective wives are talking in the living room, girl talk. I thought you were politely listening when I feel, rather than hear you behind me.

I start to turn, but I feel your hand on my hip, and then the other hand comes around in front of me and brushes the zip of my jeans. “Shhh” you say, and I feel a light kiss on the back of my neck which makes me shudder. I begin to turn my head, but again, you stop me with your hand, and I feel your finger against my lips, and your other hand moves up from my waist and squeezes my hip. I can feel my heart beating hard as you push your crotch against my bottom, I can feel something there, and I know you are aroused.

I’d made eye contact with you in the hour before a few times, blushing and looking away, hoping your wife hadn’t noticed, but she hadn’t, and neither had mine. And now what I wanted is come to me, and I’m not sure I can handle it.

I feel your breath in my ear, “I know you want me, question is, do I want you? And you giggle very quietly, and you slip the tips of your fingers into the band of my jeans, above my crotch, and I feel the blood filling my cock, and pushing out against the zip. I do want you, very much, and I want you to want me.

“Wait here.” you say, and I feel you move away from me, and I sag against the worktop, and I’m shaking like a leaf. I hear some voices murmuring in the background, and my wife say something to you, and then you are back.

“I told them I needed a lift to the shops, and you’re happy to run me.”

And then your fingers are entwined in mine, and pulling me to the back door of the kitchen. I only just manage to close it, hearing the latch before you slam me against the wall, and your mouth presses against mine and you shove your tongue into my mouth and down my throat.

I want you so much I open my mouth, and you push a knee between mine, and lean into me, rubbing your thigh against my cock, to feel it hard against you. Then you pull away, take my chin in your hands as I look at you, begging you with my eyes, and you push my face away, grinning at me. “Come on, we have some shops to go to.”

I climb in my car and start it, and you slip in next to me, and I admire your legs, encased in your jeans, but so much slimmer than mine, so much fitter than me, but you don’t let me in peace. You run your right hand down in between my thighs and I groan, while I remember we’re on the street, in full view of a row of houses, and a blush deeply. “Go straight on, I’ll direct you.” your voice is soft, almost feminine, and the shudder goes through me as I run through the fantasies in my head I have had about you and I, and I drive on.


We pull off the road underneath some trees. We only drove a few minutes, but for me it has been an age, glancing toward you while I drove. You took us away from the house, to some nearby woods, and no I wait for you to lead me. Instead of getting out though, you take off your seatbelt, and I follow suit, putting my hand on the door-handle, but then you come out of your seat, and climb over me, straddling me, sitting on my lap and looking down at me. Your travesti porno loose hair covers your face, and you put your face next to mine and whisper to me “Do you want me?”

I nod, quickly

“I said, do you want me?”


You lean back, and you slap my face, I flush red and I’m confused and horny all at the same time.

“I said,” you shout at me, “Do you want me?”

You wait.

“Yes, I want you.”

And you lean in again, kissing me, wrapping your arms around my neck, and writhing against me. My breath comes with effort now, my heart going ten to the dozen, as I try to relax and let you rub yourself against me, feeling your hands over me, and I am sobbing when you give me a chance, as your mouth darts of my face, kissing me here and there, before slipping your tongue in and out of my mouth, teasing me, and then you stop.

My hands jerk up to you, and then down again as I wonder how to hold you, if you want me to hold you, and then your hands go to my jeans, and undo my belt, then the button, and then the zip, and I feel the air through my boxers on my cock, and you brush it through the fabric. You undo yours, and then there’s a fumbling few moments as you straighten up, over me, pushing against the roof of the car, as you slide them down your lovely legs, along with your boxers, and then sit back down on me, and I feel the warm skin of your legs and your cock pushing against my belly.

“I’m going to fuck you, lover.” And you brush two fingers against my lips, then push between them, between my teeth, and rest your palm against my chin, rocking them in and out. “But not just yet. I want something of you first.”

You guide my hands to above your waist, and I hold you, gingerly at first, but then tighter as I realise you want me to take some of your weight, and you fumble my cock out of my pants, and stroke it, roughly, freeing it as far as possible, before lowering your ass down so I can feel my cock against your anus. It feels moist, almost damp, and you snigger. “l lubed up before we came out. Didn’t think I wouldn’t be ready for this, did you?” I look up confused. I know what I want, but I don’t know if I can take too much too quickly, but then you drop your body down an inch, and I feel the tightness of your body over the tip of my penis, and I gasp deeply, trying to push down against the seat, I don’t know if I can just take you that quickly, but you don’t ease up, but you do slow down, and very slowly, I feel your anus relax a little, and then open around me. It’s a little uncomfortable as I feel my foreskin peel back against your sphincter, and I wince, but you just raise a finger to my lips, shushing me, and I feel you shaking, steadying yourself, your other hand gripping my shoulder as you push further and further down, and then I feel the backs of your legs meet my lap, and you relax, letting your weight come down on me, and you lean in, and bite my neck, hard. Shit, I think, not that, please. But you bite hard, then lean back and laugh, and I feel you swivelling on my penis, and you starting to ride me. Rotating your hips, gasping yourself, you rock back and forth, pushing yourself alt yazılı porno up off my shoulders, then lowering yourself back down, and I groan deeply with every stroke as you slide up and down on me, and close my eyes and you ride me, even at first, but rougher, and more jerkily, slamming yourself down on me,

“I want you to come inside me lover. Come inside me.”

I nod, not sure if you see it.

And then I move my hands to your waist, then under your arse, lifting you, trying to even out your strokes. I grunt as I push up against you as you push down, and you respond to me, holding my head in your hands, moaning softly, “Please” you ask me, in a whisper, “Please.”

A few moments later, and my head starts to swim, I find it difficult to breath, and then I let it all go, and grab your waist, pulling you down as far as you will go, and I come, hard. “Fuck, yes!” you shout, “That’s what I want.”

I fall back against the seat, and you continue rocking for a few moments, as I feel myself shrinking inside you, hot fluid against my waist as my semen drains out of you, and you rest against me, kissing my neck.

“Oh god, thank you.” you say, “Did you like that? Was that what you wanted?”

I nod, feeling your hair drooping across my face, and you kiss my cheek softly. “But there’s something undone lover. Something which hasn’t happened yet.” and I blush.

“sorry, I didn’t think.” I mumble, fumbling with my hands to touch you. I felt your cock against my belly as you rode me, but I never thought twice about you. But you know that, and you aren’t about to let me get away that easily. You slap my hands away.

“Get out of the car lover. I’m going to have my way with you now. Get your jeans off, and put the lights on.”

I climb out, and you follow me, pulling at the back of my jeans, and I have to squat, undoing my laces, yanking my trainers off, and looking round first, I drop my trouser, and step out of them.

You step out of yours, and in the dark, all I can see are the curves of your legs and ass, and then you lead me by the hand again, around to the front of the car. Pushing me up against the bonnet, and then bending me over.

You put your feet in between mine, then push mine apart, spreading them a foot or so, and then I feel the head of your penis brushing my thighs, and I suddenly fear what I know I want, and that’s you sliding inside me. But I’ve never done this before, I don’t know if it’ll hurt, I try and straighten up. That earns me a slap on my ass.

“Now, just you stay there, and give me a minute.”

“I don’t know if I can do this.” and I realise I’m telling the truth, I don’t know if i can.

“Shut up. And turn around. You had your fun. It’s only fair that I have mine now, isn’t it.” You pause.

“Now, how does this feel”

I feel a finger in the cleft of my buttocks, and a cold wet slippery feeling covering my skin, and then you get to my anus, and I feel myself tighten. You slap my ass with one hand, as the finger I felt pushes ever so gently against me. Then again, and again, circling, teasing, then pushing again, and again, and then into üvey baba porno me, and I sob as you drive it as far in as your hand will let you. I bend down further, sagging against the car, and you pump it into me, once, twice, three times, before you slip it out, and I feel my ass tighten again. “Oh god” I moan, and you laugh, not at me, but with me, and then I feel two fingers probing me, then fucking me. “Oh shit. I can’t take that.” but I’m lying, it hurts a little, but it feels so good opening up to you. “Tell me it’s good. Tell me.” you command.

“It’s good.”

“Mm hmm.”

I feel something warm against my ass, but I also feel both of your hands gently gripping my love handles, and then you’re pushing into me, and I’m sagging against you, and moaning unintelligibly, felling you holding me up by my hips, and then I’m just crying, feeling the muscles of my anus twitching, flexing, trying to push you out while I want you deeper inside. “Please, please.” I moan. “Fuck me.” I whisper.

And you draw out, almost all of the way, but not quite. Just far enough to hold me open, before pushing in again, all of the way. I can’t hold back the cry as you finish the stroke, and then you do it again, and again, and then I lose myself in you as you start to fuck me, on the bonnet of my car.

You’ve been fucking me only for a few moments, and I just want more of it, so much more, and you push my feet further apart, until I’m lying on my belly on the car, hardly supporting myself with my legs any more, and I just splay my hands, letting you push down on me. Then Slap, your hand spanks my ass, and again. I wince, pushing down away from you, but you slap me, again and again. “Yes. Slap me again. Hurt me. Please.” I know I want it, I know I deserve it. You fuck me like you own me. And I want you to use me, and fuck me, and hurt me.

You wind your fingers into my long hair, and I gasp as my head is pulled back, and I almost gag as my jaw is pulled open by my head being yanked back. You pull my hair hard as a counterpoint to every thrust inside me, and it’s only now I realise how your cock feels inside me, and how I felt inside you, and that we didn’t use any protection. “Come inside me.” I beg, and I want to feel your semen inside me, as I feel mine on my belly after flooding you.

You respond by gripping both my shoulders, jerking deeply into me, and I feel you twitch, once. Twice. Three times, and warmth spreads inside me, and I feel it against my legs as you fill me up to overflowing.

“You. Fucking. Slut.” You tell me.

“Yes, I am,” and I smile as you slowly pull out of me.

“Kneel down, facing me.” you instruct me. Quickly, I comply.

“Now open your mouth.” I close my eyes and obey, and then your hot, wet, salty tasting cock pushing into my mouth, and all the way to the back of my throat. I gag slightly and try to pull back, but you grip my head firmly, and push me down on you. You are softening, but I suck on you, wrapping my tongue around you as much as possible as you fill my mouth. You moan, and after a few moments, I feel a little more of your come against my tongue, as you relax and let my head fall back.

I feel a little of the guilts begin at the back of my mind, as I stand, and look around for my jeans.

“so, what do you think your wife would think if she knew?”

I shake my head, “I don’t know.”

And then you’re standing against me, laughing.

“Well, I’ll tell her then. After all, she gave me permission to do it to you.”

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