Diary Of “L” Entry 04

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Entry 4

The Date

My date was more than I expected, although, not every detail of my fantasy was realized. I think this is why these fantasies are really just daydreams . They build the anticipation in my mind as well as the excitement arousing the rest of my body. To fulfill a complete fantasy would be most definitely a heavenly experience . However, to use that fantasy as a working outline to make the entire experience as fulfilling as possible seems more like reality.

I woke up the day I was to have my exciting date feeling like I was high on adrenaline. My posture was a little straighter, my smile a little bigger and a definite bounce in my step. I retrieved all necessary items for my outfit and tried them on. Something just did not strike me right about the chosen outfit, so, I did a woman thing. I made last minute changes.

I put on a short white skirt, about four inches above the knees. It had six buttons down the front. I decided on a black bustier that hooked up the front Victorian style, making my size 40 DD breasts push up, creating a deep cleavage. I complimented this with a white linen blouse that had some light green designs running down each side of the buttons. The buttons were fastened only halfway up to reveal the black bustier and well defined cleavage. I placed dangling earrings in my ears that sported small green rhinestones, and complimented them with a silver necklace.

The last thing was white thigh highs with three inch tops of white lace. Then I slipped my feet into a pair of black paten leather high heels with a four inch heel. I checked myself out in my full length mirror, turning from side to side and then completely around. The rear view included a bending forward view of the rear to make sure that when I bent forward the tops of the stockings were visible. This pose offered a peek of the cheeks of my ass .as well. It was perfect and I thought down right delicious.

I added all the other accoutrements including the makeup, really great lip color and gloss then finally the perfume Rapture, by Victoria’s Secret which is my favorite. I was ready to go.

I drove about fifty miles to meet Bob and when I arrived he was waiting for me and met me at my car. I opened the door with a huge grin, I was feeling pretty sexy. I also felt pretty confident that he would see this same vision. I was right. I was expecting one of those passionate, long kisses that he does so well, but instead he gave me a mischievous grin and just brushed my lips.

We were at an abandoned park. We had acres of privacy, just like he promised. He looked at me said “hello” and began to unbutton my skirt to reveal my newly shaven pussy for inspection. He unbuttoned each button slowly, looking me in the eye with each button as if he expected me to complain or stop him. It was broad daylight and close enough to a main highway that I could easily see the automobiles passing. I felt a twinge of worry but was overpowered by the excitement.

He continued to my bustier and unhooked several hooks until my breasts were free and exposed fully with nipples standing at attention just for him. He seemed very pleased and leaned in to cup and suck each one, welcoming them to our party. When finished with this he placed his hand between my legs and he admired my clean shaven pussy by lightly running his hand over first the outer area then he slipped his hand between my legs and remarked about the wetness. I was grinning at him when he asked me if I enjoyed being “a horny slut”. I replied, “Yes I did very much”.

His response was a long, slow kiss with moist soft lips. He then slipped his tongue between my lips for an exploration of my tongue and mouth in the gentlest and most sensuous way. I wanted him to take me right then and put his cock anywhere he desired with the same permission for his hands and tongue. He is not like this though. He takes the time to build and build the anticipation until I am practically begging him to have his way, whatever that might be, with me. When he completed the kiss, he took me by the hand and we walked in the direction of the picnic site.

It was difficult to walk in the grass with the heels so I removed them and walked in stocking feet carrying the heels. My skirt is held together with only the button at the waist, revealing my naked abdomen, pussy and the tops of the thigh highs. My shirt is open and the bustier is halfway undone so that my breasts with erect nipples are completely exposed. The air tickling them ever so slightly. It was amazing at how comfortable I felt.

He remarked several times that he was so proud of me. He thought I might not be able to do this in the middle of the afternoon. I felt deep down that this man would never let anything bad happen to me. This made me very anxious to please him.

Once at the picnic table he had me sit on the concrete table top and he placed himself directly in front of me on the bench. This arrangement left him with perfect vision of my pussy. He asked me to spread beşiktaş escort my legs for him and with great pleasure I did this. A soft, smooth and very wet pussy was instantly available to him for his any pleasure. I could feel the gentleness of the breeze flickering across the wetness. This reminded me of how completely exposed I was. The entire experience brought that now familiar ache between my legs. I was reminded yet again that I had little control over what my mind convinces my body it needs.

Bob looked at me for some time. He then slowly but precisely placed two fingers just inside my wet pussy sending waves of excitement through my body. My nipples already stiff and aching began to throb begging for attention. I could hear the moans escaping from my mouth as he began to search out the Gspot while paying careful attention to my clit. This with all the additional intrigue of the open space at the park and the sounds of near by traffic was ecstasy at it’s finest.

I held this feeling inside of me moaning loudly with every move of his fingers. Finally, whether I wanted it or not, my body took control and with one moan that escaped as loudly as I can ever remember, my body shivered and arched. The muscles in my pussy clamped around his fingers. I stayed that way for a very long moment. Just as he started to slide his fingers away from my pussy, it tensed itself into another orgasm surprising me and Bob.

When I had recovered from this experience for a few minutes, He got up from the bench and walked to a comfortable distance from me beside the table. He took my hand and placed it around his hard cock and I began to stroke it for him. I used my other hand to massage his balls. After just moments of this, I bent my head slightly down to fill my warm mouth with his throbbing cock and I began to suck. He instructed to suck harder so I did. Then even harder and I complied. Then he moaned for me to squeeze his balls. I did this.

The moans from his body were taking me right back to where I had just come from. I could feel every fiber in my body on fire. I was no longer in control of myself and submitted completely to this man. Only hearing him, only feeling the heat pulsing through me with the intensity of a raging fever.

This went on for quite some time probably a half hour or forty five minutes and I don’t really remember why but we both stopped, probably from exhaustion. We spoke only a few words and Bob took my hand and helped me from the picnic table. My legs were those of a sailor who had been at sea on rough water. They barely felt capable of holding me up much less taking me places on their own accord. He just held my hand and kept me close. Making sure that the journey back to his place was easy for me.

Once we were inside, I turned to him and requested something to drink. He smiled and first pulled me close, finishing disrobing me completely. I stood there just smiling in absolutely nothing except white thigh high stockings. He motioned for me to take a seat in a nearby soft easy chair that rocked. It felt soft and smooth against my bare skin and exposed pussy.

After I was seated he turned to open a bottle of chilled champagne and poured me a glass. It felt so sweet as the bubbles tickled my nose when I sipped. I could feel the warmth of the wondrous drink as it flowed through my mouth and made it’s way into my body.

Bob sat down in a chair across from me and just grinned. I think he enjoyed the view. He spoke shortly after sitting and in a cool and pleasant manner asked me to play with myself.. I set my drink down carefully and began to massage my pussy with a familiarity I was beginning to become accustomed to. I closed my eyes and just let my body relax while moving my finger in an up and down motion just over my clit. Sometimes I would take my entire hand and run it completely over my pussy from front to back. There were a couple of times when I took that hand away from my pussy and placed all four fingers in my mouth and softly sucked the wetness from them, smelling the scent as I did. I could feel his gaze. I was being submissive but I felt like I was in control. I loved every erotic minute of it.

Once I had done this until the pleasure of it all again brought me to an eruption of pure pleasure, I sat quietly. After a moment, I opened my eyes and he was staring at me with the most compassionate look. I lifted my glass and I raised it in his direction and I toasted him saying, “To You”. Then I drank drenching a throat that was parched from moaning over and over again from pleasure that could not be silenced.

Bob just smiled. Without warning, he picked up his camera and began to take my picture. I was surprised. I have never had a nude photo taken. It felt odd when he later showed me the pictures and quietly said, “Now that’s sexy”.

After we sat and talked for awhile, Bob stood up and walked over to me with his cock out and erect. He had cum that was just dripping from the head and he asked me beşiktaş eve gelen escort to lick it off. I did this and then pulled it back into my mouth and began to lick and suck. I ran my hands easily down to his balls and gathered them in one hand while I began to stroke his cock at the base with the other.

I could tell by the slight tremors of his hard cock that he was at a place in his mind and his body where he wanted to be. I intended for him to be there as long as he wanted. This communion would last for about 45 minutes. This was not a time when Bob would explode in orgasm as usual but just finally rest back into his chair completely satisfied.

As we gazed out the window we became aware that the darkness had settled in. Bob stood up and pulled me up with his hand. We walked out into the night. I was still only in my white stockings. The night air was wonderful. It was balmy and the magnolia trees were in bloom. It was almost a complete full moon, which was the extent of the light. We walked back to the picnic table and I watched inquisitively as Bob took charge.

He was carrying something in his hand and now it was revealed. It was a role of black tape that he had purchased at the adult store. He asked me to turn around with my back to him and he firmly took one arm and placed it behind me. I could hear the tape being pulled from the roll and then placed around my wrist. He pulled my other arm firmly behind me and bound it together with the first. It was so exciting.

The rush of the unknown, the anticipation of what was to be next. I was so wet in my pussy and my nipples felt so tight and hard it was if they were being pinched with incredible pressure.

Bob helped me to bend forward placing my head gently down with my shoulders on the cool surface of the covered table. After several moments with nothing being said I felt his hands as they firmly took my hips on each side keeping me in a steady position. He then moved carefully in behind me and he put his cock to the back of my pussy where I could feel it teasing me.

The feeling of being bound and unable to use my hands for anything was amazing. He began to fuck me with a steady motion moving in and out and deeper and deeper. I could hear the sounds coming from my mouth and they sounded guttural. The moans were indistinctive between pleasure and pain. I turned my head from side to side, never struggling to free myself. I felt this odd sensation of acceptance. Though bound and completely at the mercy of this man, somehow I felt strong and proud. I felt like no matter what happened from this moment on I was now in a different league of passion and eroticism than I had ever experienced before.

He mounted me time and again. The table was just high enough that I had to stay on my tip toes for the entire time that he continued to fuck me. This meant that my calf muscles were completely tensed for quite some time. At one point I had gotten hair in my mouth and I softly asked him to help me. With no words spoken he bent over me and gently removed the hair from my mouth and wiped it from my face.

As the night went on he became more and more aroused. I could hear his breath shorten with each thrust. As I was beginning to feel comfortable with what was happening, suddenly, without warning I heard a loud slapping noise and it was followed by a stinging sensation that burned the delicate skin on my butt cheeks. I gasped and just as I caught my breath, he spanked the other cheek. The surprise caught me off guard and my mind was reeling.

In a moment he did it again. As I stood there unable to come down from my tiptoes feeling the burn and sting, trying to take what was happening in, I felt the heat and ache in my pussy become overpowering. I felt the muscles in my pussy tighten around his cock in a spasm .

I had long lost the ache in my calves leaving them numb when I heard a moan that came from deep within him. It escaped from his mouth with the sound and force of a battle cry before leading troops onto the battle field. His sound was what lead me to my final orgasm and falling from my toes to my feet in one motion. I was sure that I could not stand. Bob steadied me and gently unbound my hands, then he kissed me in the moonlight in the most gentle way.

We stood together for some time just holding each other. After what seemed like forever, he held me by my hand and we slowly made our way back to his place once again.

Once inside, he poured me another glass of champagne and we sat across from each other naked. I was so relaxed and happy that it felt like we had been like this forever. In reality though this was another first. After I enjoyed my champagne for some time, we decided we were spent from the afternoon and evenings activities.

We made our way to the bed. I had not slept a complete night in another man’s bed in more than 17 years. I laid my head on the pillow with Bob’s warm arm around me and I drifted into a deep sleep. beşiktaş grup yapan escort Life was good, I was happy and satisfied with myself and my partner.

In the morning when we awoke, we dressed for breakfast. I had remained in the white thigh stockings all night and without thinking I just slipped my kaki pants on leaving the stockings intact. As we walked to the car I realized you could see the outline of the lace tops through the kaki pants. I immediately inquired if I should quickly go fix this but his answer was a very definite “no”.

When we returned from breakfast, Bob surprised me with an invitation to taste my newly shaven pussy. I admit I had been a little disappointed that this had not happened. Looking back at the experience though it just hadn’t been the right time so far. I was very happy to accommodate the suggestion.

I hurried to the bathroom and made myself presentable for this rendezvous, making myself fresh. Before I got to Bob’s place on the previous day, I made a quick stop at the store. I bought some candy cherries. Right before I joined him in the bed I inserted one of the candy cherries in my new pussy right at the entrance. I guess my thinking was new pussy, new cherry. I am brilliant. After I inserted it all I could think of was having it removed.

Bob laid himself across the bed. I with not the most grace, made my way on my knees across his shoulders and above his head and so slowly lowered myself down to his face. The intense rush of his warm wet mouth greeting the newly shaven pussy was immeasurable.

As he took his hands to help me be perfectly centered for him he eased his fingers to my clit. I just melted. His tongue began to explore every part of my clit and pussy with insistence on covering all possible areas. I remember thinking that this was a point where one could easily pass out from the pure ecstasy of it all. I held on and without realizing it my lower body had begun to move forward slowly causing my pussy to move back and forth across his welcoming mouth, tongue and tip of his nose.. I was drenched in sweat, saliva and cum. It was so perfect.

The licking and sucking and massaging the clit seemed to be so much more pleasurable with the clean shaven area. Every contact was directly to the skin. I had discovered virgin skin that had never felt the pleasure of a mans tongue and mouth. It was like spreading warm creamy butter on a soft yeast roll fresh from the oven. It just worked and complimented the entire process. I was in a state of continual orgasm. My pussy and clit and muscles felt like one huge muscle spasm that could not be relaxed until it did so on it’s own.

It did not last as long as I wished it could have but I was too aroused and excited and when I climaxed over the top of his warm breath at the entrance of his mouth it shook me and drained me. The end result was so fully engaged within me that my muscles in my legs and thighs were cramped. I had to stop and regain composure of my physical body. I just fell to his side and moaned and grinned while waiting for the muscles to relax themselves.

Once this was accomplished and my breath back in my longs, I asked Bob if he had found my cherry. He grinned and said with a really happy face, “Yes”! After resting for a brief time, he pulled me close to him, kissed me and then entered me with a very hard cock.

He pumped it in me quick and hard for a very short time and then he let out my favorite sound, that being the gratified and satisfied moan of a man who has just let go of everything he has. He was mine now. I had a part of him inside me and it belonged to me when he was finished. I turned to him and he to me and we napped the rest of the afternoon.

When we woke up in a couple of hours to the phone ringing, I realized I had to leave soon. I was so sad that the date was finally over. It was difficult to know how to end this date. I gathered my things together and we talked about trivial things together both knowing that the end was here.

He showed me the photographs he had taken and deleted the ones I did not like. Finally, we kissed and he walked me to my car. He helped me in with my things and we smiled at each other as I began to back away. I thought he looked a little sad to see me go. I was a little sad to leave.

I loved everything about the date. There are many more things to do. I want to say that being spanked at the height of a pleasurable moment is something to be experienced. It does not bring about the feelings that I connected to being spanked.

I have to say though, it must be something shared by two people who trust each other and are anxious to go somewhere different. To realize that it is not the hitting or the implication that one is a bad person. I found it a means of a higher sensitization of my skin and my mind. I felt good about the experience. I don’t think it would be something for every encounter but I believe there is definitely a time and place for it in your own erotica.

Being bound was even more pleasurable to me. I think again, trust is at the top of the important scale for this. I also think that the attitude of the person who is not bound should always reflect that they are not going to let anything bad happen. Unless someone requests to be frightened, I feel like it should be more of a trust building experience.

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