Detention With Miss Walker Ch. 02

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For once I found myself at the detention room with plenty of time to spare, after the events of last time I simply couldn’t wait. As I reached the door I took a big calming breath and adjusted the semi erection in my trousers before heading inside. There, at her desk, sat the gorgeous Miss Walker. She probably wasn’t beautiful in the classic sense, but she had an aura about her which, at least to my 18 year old mind, made her the sexiest woman in the world. I smiled shyly at my teacher as I entered the classroom, much to my dismay Miss Walker only looked up from her papers to give me the briefest of disdainful glances. I slumped into my seat visibly disappointed, this wasn’t how I’d imagined our next meeting during my nightly wank sessions. Miss Walker was supposed to greet me with a lust filled grin and that wild look of desire in her eyes, before immediately locking the door, ripping of my clothes and having her wicked way with me. But no, here I was staring up at her desk with my puppy dog eyes being blatantly ignored. I decided that, since the activities I had hoped for were unlikely to happen, I should get some studying done.

After about 5 minutes of catching up on the economical factors of post-war Britain (4 of which were spent fantasising about Miss Walker’s lovely legs), I was a touch surprised to hear the creak of the door being opened.

‘Good afternoon Victoria,’ Miss Walker almost purred to the entering student. ‘Please take a seat, I’m sure you have some work to catch up on.’

Vicky had always been one of the most stunning girls in our school, her gorgeous red hair, full pouty lips and the early development of a rather ample pair of breasts had seen to that. Yet it wasn’t until this moment as she strolled to her desk, hips swaying gracefully and giving me a nod in polite greeting, that I realised just how heart-breakingly exquisite she actually was. I couldn’t take my eyes of her as she gently lowered her delectable arse into the seat diagonally in front of me. My cock began to stir as thoughts of her sitting down somewhere else flashed through my mind.

Reluctantly I returned my eyes to my book, I didn’t want to be caught staring after all and my cock was ready to burst. I tried to engross myself into a chapter about welfare reforms, and was largely successful in doing so until a glimpse of colour caught my eye. Pink, to be exact, not a brash neon pink, but a delicate feminine pink. This pink was the colour of bağdat caddesi escort the knickers that had teased their way to just above the waistline of Vicky’s formal yet snug trousers. My mind went into overdrive, it was always a turn on for me to catch a peek of a girl’s underwear in class. I loved when they would each for something across the desk revealing their secrets and driving my cock crazy.

This time I simply couldn’t not tear my eyes away from Vicky’s young body. All I could do was take in the delightful roundness of her pert behind and imagining what she would look like in only her knickers was occupying all of my brain power. Why didn’t they do exams on the subject of the female bottom? I would surely pass and the studying was so much more engaging. This fervent study of my classmate was further rewarded as she shuffled in her chair and more of her underwear was revealed as well as a small patch of flesh underneath. I must have let out an audible gasp as I realized that Vicky was wearing a rather skimpy G-string. Yet more fantasies whirled through my head, but were interrupted abruptly by a loud cough.

I snapped my head up, startled, only to catch they eye of Miss Walker who was giving me a knowing smirk. I felt the heat rising to my face as embarrassment washed over me. I buried my face back into my book, now wishing I could just go home.

“Victoria, you may leave now.” Miss Walker said, breaking me from my reverie. Wordlessly Vicky rose from her chair and left the room, my eyes involuntarily following her all the way out the door. As soon as she has left my eyes focused back to my teacher, who was staring straight back at me with that now familiar smirk on her face. My cock stiffened further.

“Stand up,” Miss Walker commanded. I had no choice but to obey, despite the painfully obvious erection in my trousers. As I stood up I could feel Miss Walker’s eyes lower towards my groin. My face flushed. Her lecherous grin widened.

“Is that for me?” Miss Walker asked teasingly, ” Or do you just like staring at young, little sluts, hmm?”

I couldn’t answer, I could only feel my face burning brighter. Miss Walker let out a mocking giggle.

“Well since you like looking at little sluts, do you think that maybe you need to be treated like a little slut? I think that’s only fair.” I could only stammer out a feeble “Yes, Miss Walker” in reply.

“Get on your knees bahçelievler escort then, slut.” As I lowered myself, Miss Walker strolled over to the desk where Vicky had been sat minutes before. The short skirt she was wearing gave me an appreciated eyeful of her long tanned legs as she leaned on the desk and crossed them seductively.

“Crawl over to me. Hands and knees.” I knew better than to hesitate. Within moments I was at the feet of this voracious woman.

“Now slut, I want you to kiss every inch of my legs. Do you think you can manage that?”

I knew the question was rhetorical so I set to work planting tentative kisses on her ankles before slowly working my way upwards. Kissing Miss Walker’s smooth, golden legs was incredibly arousing and my cock was now fully erect and desperate to be freed. I knew that if I wanted to come, I would have to make sure Miss Walker was thoroughly pleasured. With my arousal making me bold. I began raising up her skirt with my fingertips, planting sensual kisses further up her thighs.

“Mmm good boy,” Miss Walker moaned, ” Now pull my skirt all the way up, my pussy needs some attention.”

Happily I obliged, lifting the skirt and exposing my teacher’s heavenly and rather wet pussy. For a few seconds all I could do was stare in awe at the wonderful sight befalling my eyes, but I was always going to want to do more that look and I leant forward to plant yet more kisses on the outside of her lips. Tentatively I began running my tongue up and down her labia, before burying my tongue deep in her vagina, savouring the taste of this woman’s juices. Miss Walker let out a low moan and I slowly worked my way up to her clitoris, giving it only the lightest of flicks with my tongue when I reached there.

“Mmm harder, slut,” Miss Walker gasped and I gave her a forceful yet slow lick in reply. This caused her to tense up and grab the back of my head, forcing me deeper into her pussy. I kept up my teasing for a good few minutes, keeping a slow steady pressure on her clit. Miss Walker’s breathing was quickening and I thought she must be close. I was right, with one final stroke of my tongue, Miss Walker’s Whole body tensed as she let out a loud moan. My head was pulled forcefully against her cunt just as a stream of her juices splashed down my chin. Miss Walker bucked herself against my face for a several seconds before letting my head go. I couldn’t help the bahçeşehir escort grin that spread over me as this goddess of a woman leaned back and sighed contentedly, basking in the orgasm I had just provided.

After a few minutes of recovery, Miss Walker sat up and flashed me a smile. Much to my surprise this smile was almost friendly, no mocking undertone or nastiness.

“Get your cock out for me,” She purred. I didn’t waste a second and soon my rock hard erection was displayed in front of her. Miss Walker gave my cock and appreciative examination before reaching out and taking me in her hand. The feeling was incredible as her fist lazily made its way up and down my shaft, I felt I was about to explode already. She knew exactly how to stroke me to bring me the most sensation each movement was bringing me closer to my impending climax.

“I’m getting close.” I managed to stammer out, feeling dizzy with the enormous pleasure. Miss Walker smiled at my words and slid down onto her knees.

“Would you like to come in my mouth,honey?” She asked looking up at me. Her face was now level with my cock and I was filled with anticipation.

“Please, Miss Walker.” I croaked. “Please may I come in your mouth?”

“I thought you might.” Miss Walker nodded. Leaning her head forward, I felt her lips brush the head of my cock ever so lightly. Then her tongue snaked out to tease me further. I was in heaven. I glanced down just in time to see my teacher’s mouth widen and move to envelop my cock.

To my surprise I didn’t feel the warm wetness of her mouth wrap around me, as Miss Walker withdrew her head. I looked down quizzically.

“Have you came since our last meeting?”

“No,” I lied, desperate for release.

“Have you came since our last meeting?” Miss Walker asked again, this time with more steel in her voice.

“Yes.” I admitted, not meeting her gaze. She snapped bolt upright, a look of outrage on her face.

“I thought I had made my rules clear? I am the only one who can give you permission to orgasm. Is that clear?”

I could only nod in response.

“You do not get to decide when you come, the little sluts in your class don’t get to decide when you come. Not that you’d have a chance with them anyway. And most of all you never ever lie to me. Do you understand? “

Again I nodded.

“Good, now get out.” Miss Walker barked, “You have detention on Monday, if you can go the whole weekend without an orgasm, in fact without touching yourself I might just let you come. Now it’s time for you to go.”

Dejectedly I gathered up my school work and slumped towards the door. Before leaving I couldn’t resist one glance back at Miss Walker, who was already engrossed in her papers and completely ignoring me yet again.

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