Desmond’s Business Trip

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Desmond collapsed into his seat at the table in the restaurant, as tired as a Hebrew slave. This trip that Carl had sent him on had been a backbreaker. Three clients a day, for three days straight.” I’m sorry to do this to you, Des,” he said, with that hint of a smirk that he always had when giving bad news. ”But no one else can go. And everybody knows that when you do something, it gets done right. So, you’re my guy in Iowa next week.”

I’m his guy, riiight. Desmond picked up the menu and was mulling over his choices when his cell phone rang.


“Hi, honey.” Samantha’s voice flowed over microwaves like water, and Desmond felt some of the weariness drain away.

“Hearing you makes me realize why I do this out of town traveling shit.” Desmond said. ”How’s everything? I miss you.”

“I miss you, too Des. Things are okay; I got the third draft of the book back from the editor today. She says if it doesn’t sell, she’ll put my books out herself. How’s the cornfield?”

“Tiring as all hell. Nine clients in three days, and all of them want to know how not to pay taxes and stay out of jail. When I explain that the two are mutually exclusive, they act surprised, and I just want to barf.”

“Barf?” Samantha laughed her good laugh, the throaty one with the edge of secret knowledge. “ I haven’t used that word since the fourth grade. Did you tell them that you don’t work for Arthur Andersen?”

“Yeah, but they still want me to commit crime. Hey, I’m at a restaurant right now and I need to order. Fuck, I’m tired. Can I call you when I get back to my room?” Des flagged down a waitress, ordered coffee.

“Sure.” Sam giggled. “Sure, you can call me when you get in. Maybe I can take your mind off of being so tired.”

Phone sex! Hell, yes. “I would like that. I’ll see you later.” The waitress was back. ”Love.”

“Love to you too, big boy.”

Des punched end and ordered the rib eye.

At nine thirty that night, Des slid his keycard through the reader and opened his hotel room door, breathing in the refrigerated Ramada air. We make almost five million a year in fees, and Carl puts me in a damn Ramada. Briefcase on bed, shoes off to the side, tie and shirt over a chair. Desmond had stopped on the way to the hotel and picked up gin, limes tonic and juice for the morning. He took a bathroom glass, filled it with ice from a bucket, and built a drink, with a double shot of gin. He had just flopped down, and clicked on The Sopranos when the phone rang.

Dammit, I said no calls after nine! He thought as he yanked the phone off of black snow izle the cradle. “Hello!” he growled.

“ Mr. St. James, this is Nina at the front desk? There is a delivery for you. Would you like it brought up?”

“No, I’ll get it in the morning.”

“Sir, the envelope is marked urgent, for your eyes only, open immediately. I think you should have it sent up, sir.”

Desmond heaved a gusty sigh and said “Fine. Send it.”

“Right away, sir”

A moment later there was a brisk knock at the door. “ Management!”

Desmond opened the door and there, defying all laws of physics, was Samantha. Clad in a black silk raincoat, black choker around her neck with her hair, the color of antique oak framing her full cheeks, and hanging loose around her shoulders. She leaned casually against the doorframe, the glint in her eye unmistakable.

“You ordered the deluxe combo, sir?” She said.

Des felt his mouth drop open at the same time he saw her leg, encased in black hose, slide out of the front of the coat and rub against his.

“Listen, you’ve gotta invite me in if the hot, wet seduction is going to work!”

Des got the hell out of the way as Samantha swept into the room, shedding her raincoat as she went, revealing a sheer bra, panties to match and a garter belt that curved around her ample backside, the garters snapped to the tops of the hose. He hastily put out the Do Not Disturb sign and locked the door, still speechless.

“ I figured the easiest way to celebrate the end of this trip would be for you to put your cock in my mouth, “ She slid her hand down the front of his slacks “…and then put your head between my legs, lick me ‘til I come, and then fuck me until I come again.” She squeezed his balls lightly.” And then, if you have any energy left, we might do it again. Does that sound good?” The last bit was purred in his ear, her lips so close he could feel the tackiness of her lipstick, and feel the heat of her breath. Her thumb made itself busy on the head of his cock, producing an immediate stiffening reaction.

“Sam,” Desmond said regaining his senses “You know that nothing would please me more.” His voice sounded raspy in the still cool air.

“Good. Get out of those suit pants and lay down.”

Desmond did as he was told, almost blowing it right away as his underwear got caught on his enlarged prick. Freeing himself, he lay back on the bed and watched his beautiful wife move towards him, the TV light casting her in hues of blue and red. Her hands tweaked her nipples to full hardness. bling empire new york izle “ Desmond, it’s so hard when you are away. I use my hands, my vibrator, I finger myself in the shower, but nothing feels like your tongue or your hands.” She licked him, balls to tip. ”Or your cock. “ She grabbed him and pumped him slowly, feeling him get harder in her hand. “ I love it when you fuck me.” She opened her mouth, popping the head into her mouth, and Desmond felt the bed shift. Or maybe it was just the small lightning bolt that shot from his groin to his brain.

“Mmmmm,” she purred, making tingling sensations around his head, making him grow stiffer still. “ I missed this.” She held him firmly in her mouth why she stroked his shaft. She could feel the first drops of him come into her mouth. “ It seems like you missed it, too.” She kept stroking him and sucked his sac, pulling his balls into the warm recesses of her mouth.

The room began to spin for Des. “ I love it when you put your lips on me,” he croaked. His voice never seemed to work right at times like this.

She sucked him lovingly again, making his cock slick with her spit, and then pumped him hard, watching the head burst through her fist.” I want to jump on top and ride,” she said “ But I need some attention first. Do you want to lick my pussy, Des? It’s wet and I want it wetter.”

Des wasted no time. He sat up, and jumped off the bed, his erection wagging in the artificial breeze from the air conditioner. He got on his knees on the floor, and kissed his way up the black stockings, up to where the flesh was exposed. Sam uttered little gasps as he licked and sucked at the skin there, and ran his hands over her full, round breasts.

He gently breathed on her clit, and felt her thighs jump. Des couldn’t stand it any longer. He skimmed her panties over her thighs and gave her snatch a long kiss, flicking his tongue in quick circles around the nexus of her sex.

“Oh yes, tongue me slow, Des.”

He could feel the small nub of her clitoris fill with blood as he continued to tease her, licking her just below and above, her hair tickling his nose. He could feel her juices on his chin, and he could see it now, her lips parting, becoming more full as she became more aroused.

“ Jesus Christ, get up here and fuck me. I want it, I want it, I want it…”

It took all the concentration he could muster not to bang Samantha silly, but he was successful, rubbing her wet folds with his cock until she moaned, then sliding in a little…at…a…time….


He bollywed izle began easy, sliding his length in slowly, teasing her nipples with his thumb and index finger, waiting just a bit, until a new chorus of moans escaped her lips, and only then did he continue his progress, stretching her pussy wider, pinching her nipples harder, feeling her juices cover his engorged cock. Her large nipples were very hard now, creased and full. Des put his lips over the right one, and teased it with his teeth as he let her have the full length of his cock, all the way to the base.

“Bite it, Des. Fuck me harder!”

“You want me to fuck you harder? Like this?” Desmond began to move in and out of Sam’s pussy at a regular pace.

“Harder, godammit! Fuck me! Don’t tease me! Give me your cock!”

“You want to be fucked, huh?” Desmond was finding it harder and harder to speak. “You want me to shove my cock inside you?” Des picked up his pace, slamming into her furiously. Their bodies made an exquisite slapping sound in the still air of the hotel room.

“Yes…YES, god FUCK ME… give it to me, come on….” Sam pulled him closer, and spread her legs wider.” Just slam into me, fuck me hard.”

Desmond did as he was told, fucking her the way she wanted, burying his cock all the way with each thrust. Every time, her hips met his pounding cock with equal force, squeezing her juices out of her pussy, onto the bed and all over Desmond’s cock….

Which was right about now as hard as it could get.

“I’m going to come. Do you want me to come?”

“Yes,” she panted willingly. ”All over my tits, my stomach, my face, my…”

The inside of Desmond’s world began to gray, and he felt it, the growing pressure not unlike a water balloon about to burst. He pulled out, and sprayed a geyser over Samantha’s heaving chest, dotting her with thick white come.

Desmond took no time for recovery. He redoubled his efforts with his mouth on her pussy, pushing two fingers into her snatch and spreading them as he sucked her hard clit into his mouth. With his left hand, he pinched her nipple again, this time like a vise that would not let go. Samantha’s head lolled from side to side, her mouth wide open, and then she came, her pussy pulsating around his fingers, juices flooding his hand as her cries flooded his ears.

Limp, spent, and utterly satisfied, Desmond collapsed beside his wife and kissed her deeply. ”Thanks for coming.”

Samantha smiled wickedly. “No, thank you for coming. I thought you might need some home cooking after being away for so long. Not to mention, I wanted to celebrate my book going to press. And, I love surprising you.”

Des chuckled.” You sure do. I may have to turn the tables on you one of these days.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Des draped a towel over her luscious frame.” Wait and see, Hon. Wait and see.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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