Dee Dee Ch. 1

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Part 1. Meeting Mrs. D’Harley

I recall the day several months ago when I came home from school and my Mom told me that a Mrs. D’Harley from down the block had called. She wanted to know if I was interested in working for a few hours every week cleaning her pool and tidying up her yard. I remembered I could sure make use of some extra cash at the time and the only job I ever had before was delivering newspapers so I said sure, that I thought that would be neat. Mom gave me her address and told me all I had to do was go over there to find out what had to be done.

I threw my books in my room, took the piece of paper with the address on it and thought I should go there as soon as possible in case someone else got the job before me. It was a house I knew but I didn’t know who lived there and some new people had moved in not too long ago.

No one answered when I knocked, so after a few minutes I knocked again, louder this time. I was just about to leave when the door opened. A woman stood there and said, “Yes?” I told her I was here about a job she had, and she said, “Oh, you must be Robby, I talked to your Mom on the phone just earlier today. Yes, Robby, I do need someone to help me with a few things but I am busy right now, I was just getting to ready to go out. Can you come back tomorrow?” I said sure, no problem but then she said, “No, No, wait, I have a few minutes so let’s do it right now. Come on in for a sec, will you?” and she opened the door and beckoned me to come in.

While she was talking, I noticed that she was wearing a short black skirt that looked like it was made of leather material. It was very short, it had a slit down the front that had buttons, and some of the bottom buttons were open so that the tops of her legs were showing through. She was also wearing some black shoes that had quite high heels and some little straps that went around her ankles and the straps had little diamonds on them, all shiny, and the bottom part of her heels had the same kinds of diamonds or glass on them. At first, I wondered why anyone would have real diamonds on their shoes, but then I thought they must just look like diamonds and they probably were not real ones at all. The heels were quite high and they made her look tall, but I think that was because she was standing inside the house which was a step higher than where I was standing. I had to look way up at her to see her face, but I noticed the shoes right away because I was so low I guess. She must have bonus veren siteler been doing her hair when I knocked because she had a hairbrush in her hand and her hair was long and straight and came all the way down in front of her almost to her waist. That was when I noticed that her top was almost all open and I could see the tops of her breasts. The top was a really bright pink color sort of like a jacket with two rows of buttons but it was only buttoned below her tits and I could see she was wearing a black bra that pushed her breasts up quite a bit. When I looked back up at her, the sun shone on her for a moment and I thought I could see her nipples through the bra but I am not sure.

I went in and followed her to the living room where she told me to sit down. I could see that her hair was long and went all the way down her back. She sat down opposite me and when she did, she crossed her legs. Her skirt was so short that when she did that I could see the tops of her pantyhose where the fabric changed to a different color and thickness. She was beautiful. I think I turned very red because I think she knew I was looking at her legs and her shoes. I was fascinated by how high they were and I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

She asked me if I was interested in working three or four hours a week cleaning her pool and doing odd jobs and if I could come after school and sometimes on the weekend and other questions that I don’t even remember. I think I just answered yes to everything because when she was talking to me she bent forward a little bit and her jacket opened more so that I could see part of her tits. I could not see all of them but quite a bit. She didn’t even seem to mind that I was staring and she kept asking me questions and every time she asked me if I had any questions I just said no.

I remember her telling me that she preferred to be home when I came over and if Tuesday and Thursday after school were okay days for me because she was usually home on those days and I said sure. Then she said she could show me where a few things were right away if I wanted and I said okay. Anything was okay because I just wanted to keep looking at her and I could still see some of her tits. Were they ever neat and when she got up I realized I had a hard on and then when I got up to follow her I tried to adjust my pants so it wouldn’t show.

I followed her to the back door, watching her walk in those high heels, and when she got to the sliding bedava bahis door she bent over to undo a latch. When she did, her skirt went up higher on her legs and I saw that she was wearing garters and stockings, and not pantyhose like I thought. The tops of her stockings were clear right before me. Wow, I had only seen those in pictures, never in real life before, and I often jerk off looking at pictures of girls in garter belts and high heels and I think my cock got even harder.

She turned to tell me we were going to the garage and I think she had to have noticed my hard-on but she just smiled and went out and I followed her. She went into the garage and started to show me where she kept the pool equipment and the gardening tools. I followed her again and got another chance to watch her walk in those heels. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

In the garage she showed me a few things and a couple of times she bent over to pick something up right in front of me and when she did I could look down the front of her jacket and see some of her tits. They looked so neat. The only tits I ever saw in real life were my mom’s once by accident and they were neat too but not sexy like Mrs. D’Harley’s. I have a girlfriend sort of and I have squeezed her tits and felt them but I have never seen them. It was a little dark and I could not see too well but I tried to keep moving around so I would be in front of her whenever she leaned over.

Then she said that some of the pool things were kept on a shelf and she got a small folding stepladder out to show me how to get them down. She opened it and then started to climb it. When she got to the top step, her bum was above my eyes and when she reached up I could see the tops of her legs and her bum and how her garters were attached to her stockings and went over her bum and disappeared. It didn’t look like she even had any panties on because I thought I could even see part of her pussy but it was from the back and the light was dim so I am not sure. Maybe she had on some thong panties that went into the crack of her ass, I don’t know, but I did see a lot of her bum and it sure didn’t look like she was wearing panties.

I told her I thought I could find everything okay, and when she climbed back down she put out her hand for me to help her. That was the first time I touched her. When she stepped off the last step, she tumbled a bit and fell against me, and I am sure I felt one of her tits on my arm, deneme bonus but it scared me so much I pulled my arm away. When I pulled my arm away, it must have caught her jacket, because it came undone a bit more and I could see even more of her bra. It did not even seem to bother her; she just adjusted it and smoothed it out.

She asked me if I wanted the job while we were walking back into the house and I said sure. She then asked me what I thought would be a fair wage and I didn’t know what to say, so I said it didn’t matter and I meant it at that point because I think I would have worked for nothing if I could see her again. I think I was even in love and I had a hard time trying to hide my hard-on. I kept my hands in my pockets and pushed out the front of my pants thinking it would help.

Then she walked me to the door, saying she was in a hurry but asking if I could start on Tuesday and I said sure. She said great, then gave my arm a squeeze and said she thought it would work out fine us working together and said she was looking forward to seeing me again. She also told me I could call her by her first name, which was Dee Dee, if I wanted to, but it was okay to call her Mrs. D’Harley if that is what I felt most comfortable with. Just as I was about to leave she asked me if I thought five dollars an hour was fair. I was hoping for two so I was overjoyed and said that was fine, as nonchalantly as I could. She gave me a big smile, and then she bent forward to pick up a newspaper that was on the stoop. This time I could really see more of her tits because her bra was a little loose, the sun was behind me and very bright, and they looked like the nicest ones I had ever seen, in pictures I mean. My mom’s were pretty big and these looked big too. Then she smiled and said goodbye for now and closed the door and I was left standing there with a hard-on.

There is a park on the way home so I went in there and found a spot I sometimes go to and I jerked off thinking about Mrs. D’Harley’s tits and her legs in the stockings and the way she walked in her high heel shoes. I think I shot the biggest load in the history of mankind. When I got home, I went to my room, lay back on my bed and jacked off again, with the vision of her clearly in mind, just as if she were right there before me. I even did it again that night when I went to bed and the next day in school, I asked to be excused twice to go the washroom and each time I went into a stall and jerked myself off thinking about her. All I could think of was Tuesday when I would see her again, and after a lot of internal debating with myself, I decided it might be best to jerk off again just before I went over so I wouldn’t get a hard-on when I was there. I couldn’t wait till Tuesday.

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