David and his Goliath

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“Hey, babe! Fuck! Why’d you call?”

“Are you okay? What’s with the enthusiasm?” Mike asked.

“Can’t a girl be happy when her boyfriend calls her?” Camille rolled her eyes sarcastically as she looked at the camera. Technically, her eyes rolled up from pleasure of having her hung co-worker’s cock digging deep inside her fertile womb from behind, but her boyfriend didn’t have to know about that.

“So listen, do you have something to do later? I wanna go to this romantic place for dinner later,” Mike asked.

She turned off the camera and stuck to speaking. Camille couldn’t even control her facial expressions anymore.

“Oh, fuck…! Yessss! D-definitely. Where, baby?”

“Let’s just meet at North SU. It’s a secret. You’ll have to come with me to find out,” Mike said cheekily.

Then she’ll never find out then. She’ll never come with her boyfriend’s tiny dick again. Especially after David was done with her pussy.

Was that horrible? Yes. It was a poor attempt at a joke, but she couldn’t really care less. Dick was all that was going through her mind right now.

And pussy.

“Suuuure. I’d love to go, Mike.” She pushed her ass towards David as he dragged his monster cock across her sweet spots. Camille’s boyfriend could barely tap one, let alone a multiple at the same time. Her eyes briefly rolled at the back of her head. God, it felt so fucking good. He was hitting her g-spot so hard from the back.

“Okay, baby. See you at 7pm?”


Mike chuckled, thinking how lucky he was to date someone this enthusiastic to get with him on a romantic dinner. People say love fizzled after a while, but he never felt that with Camille. They’ve been together since college. As friends? Even longer. Now that they were approaching their middle 20s, they were still madly in love with each other.

How great was she?

Little did he know that his pretty girlfriend was currently on her workplace, having a great dicking from her co-worker in his office.

Camille hung up.

“Fuck, your pussy feels so damn great…! That never gets old. You get so much tighter when you talk with your guy.”

She grinned, eagerly pushing her whole body onto his as she let go of her phone.

“I can’t help it..!” She stuck her tongue out, begging him to kiss her. He did.

A shiver traveled through her spine. David was a great kisser, and so was she. She always enjoyed a sloppy make-out session with him, so she savors it during sex. Before and after sex, she tends to kiss something else entirely.

“It’s still early. You still got about….” He looked at his watch while he continued to fuck her before finishing his sentence, “….three hours before the romantic dinner date. Wanna do some rough anal?”

She screamed, enjoying the thought of having her ass gaped just before she meets up with her boyfriend.

“Answer, you fucking slut.” He placed a stinging smack on her ass. David loved watching pert asses like this bounce whenever they were slapped around.

Camille convulsed, screaming incoherently as David continued to powerfuck her against his wooden desk.

She let out a guttural moan, “Yesss..! Fuck me up in the butt, you bastard! M-make my cheating pussy cum around your fat fucking cooooock..!”

He took some lube from his desk and poured some directly on the cheating girlfriend’s twitching, pucker. David licked his lips. The asshole was unimaginably pink.

He sighed. It was practically an ass made for fucking. Such a waste that this ass spent its teenage years completely untapped because of that stupid cuck who couldn’t bring the butt-slut out of her.

If he had this ass in college? He would’ve flunked every single subject on his major.

And it would’ve been damn worth it.

He rubbed the cute little puckered nub, spreading the pink asshole with his index and middle fingers. He spat on it and watched the saliva dribble down the cleft of her cheeks. It looked downright artful.

It looked like delicate mini-confectioner made by the most skillful hands in existence–God’s presumed masterpiece. On fucking full display to him. David was never really religious, despite being named after the biblical King of Israel. But this pink, puckered fuckhole really makes you wonder about the universe.

He also understood why his popularly criticized biblical counterpart schemed against Bathsheba’s husband. If the woman had the same pink asshole? He would’ve done the same fucking thing just for the chance to hump it rough.

Camille gasped; the cold feel of the liquid on her ass electrifying her. She could feel David’s burning gaze directly on her puckered asshole. She bit her lips; Camille knew its magnetic effect on men all her life, but she’s never been more thankful for it than now–knowing it was because of her ass that she attracted this behemoth of a man. The man who earned her pussy straight from her boyfriend fair and square. The same man who took her anal virginity. The guy she told her boyfriend not to worry Mersin Escort about.

You see, she loved her boyfriend. Camille really did.

But Mike lost as a man. What she felt under David in a minute was something her husband could never hope to do even with five fucking hours.

Life was cruel in that respect; it gave her the love of her life. The person who fulfilled her emotionally. The man who supported her through thick and thin.

But it didn’t give her the “thick” part.

Until David that is.

God, she was a slut, wasn’t she? A horrible, fucking size-queen who bent over for bigger dick. She knew that. Awareness doesn’t change anything though.

“I’m your….fuck…..f-fucking…slut…for…life, b-baaaaby! Oh, fuck. D-do you fucking know that?” She stuttered in between periodic gasps. The kind of sex that makes you forget to breathe–that’s the addictive stuff you get from big cocks.

David smirked arrogantly as he said, “I kinda got the message the first time you FaceTimed your guy while riding me, girl.” Thinking of that moment always stroked his ego hard–the same way she stroked his cock as she held that phone up to her ear with a toothy grin.

Camille smiled, remembering those fond memories of total submission. She felt so hot back then. A normal person might be aghast at her ability to find pleasure in humiliating her boyfriend, but Camille knew better. People who’ve been freed from the shackles of perception would know better.

Things like romance, love, identity? They’re merely perceptions. Life had a single rule for people like the gorgeous guy fucking her right now.

It’s that no sense of perception or principle outweighs pleasure.

They simply become its subordinates. Your principles would only serve the singular purpose of being broken down into an even higher pleasure–a real phenomenon. A physical, solid state of existence. Not some dumb, vague, made-up shit. Real and raw pleasure.

And what feels fucking better than mind-blowing sex?

When you’ve experienced that kind of sex, you just wouldn’t settle for any less. Any degeneration after you first inhale good dick is understandable. In fact, it’s unavoidable.

Camille would even go as far as to say it’s inevitable. Why do you think jokes about women going back to their toxic, bigger-dicked ex-boyfriends exist in large numbers?

Similarly, the vice-versa also stands on its own. Why do you think men liked women who knew how to take it hard? It’s simple, really.

Because it’s true.

Camille gasped; she could feel David rub her pink, little puckered hole with his callused thumb, occasionally inserting a finger every now and then as he continued thrusting deep into her pussy raw–something she never quite allowed her boyfriend to do in all their years of loving relationship.

Her jaw dropped out of pleasure. She could almost feel his fingers touching his cock from the other side of her canals.

“Spread your cheeks for me, Camille.” He said in his characteristic bass-deep voice.

She eagerly obeyed. Camille spread her ass cheeks apart with both hands, displaying her stretched asshole in front of the man currently deep-fucking her cervix. David grabbed a pen from his desk and inserted it inside partially.

“Squeeze,” he simply ordered.

She eagerly obeyed again. The newly-wed wife did her fucking squats for this. David pulled on the pen in one stroke, leaving the cap lodged in her ass as he started to write on her perfect, beautiful, round cheeks.

The cold, sharp feel of metal and ink ran through her skin. Camille instantly recognized what he was writing for some reason. She knew the moment the ink settled down on her creamy ass that he wrote his own name, “David” just above the cleft of her cheeks. Apart from that though, she didn’t recognize any of the words he wrote after it.

Not that it was of any significance, of course. Having his name on her ass was all that fucking mattered anyway.

It felt so mentally….fulfilling.

Like a life-purpose.

If having a temporary mark of him on her ass felt this good, she wondered how euphoric it would be if it was permanent.

Camille was now seriously considering having a mark tattooed directly on top of her asshole, symbolizing how he owns every fucking inch of it. Maybe his initials. If her boyfriend asks, she’d just explain some fucking bullcrap about lyrics or whatever.

“Prep my nasty, cheating ass, baby?” she asked, pouting seductively as she clenched hard on the pen’s cap on her ass, moving it in and out repeatedly through her sphincter. Of course, David obliged.

“Meanwhile, you have to do the work for this pussy though.” He pulled her in, squeezed her tits in the palm of his hand, and sat on his leather chair as he ran his other palm expertly against her clit. Camille gasped at the smooth transition between the quick fuck and the deep, slow strokes.

He kissed her neck, whispering, “Ride me, bitch.”

She Mersin Escort Bayan grinned from ear to ear as she pushed her body against him, arching her back and using the desk to rhythmically spear herself on the man’s big, fat cock.

“You like that pussy? I know my ass is the fucking prize, but I’m not a one-trade kind of girl.”

David bit his lips at the erotic sight of this beautiful, married woman bringing her perfect ass up and down repeatedly on his cock.

God, was he in heaven? He probably was. The sex was always so good with her. It wasn’t even just the fucking climax of it all. The whole entire act felt so intensely euphoric that every part of your skin felt like it was having an orgasm on its own. Shit.

Goosebumps rose from every part of David’s body as he watched the cheating girlfriend ride him for all she was worth. After a few minutes of this intoxicating high, his mind slowly came crashing down on earth’s fucking orbit. He had an ass to fuck. He needed to ease this pink-ish asshole in front of him.

Two fingers.

Three fingers.


Camille continued to bounce her ass hard on his cock while he fingered her anally. Until she became a heaving, begging mess.

“Fuck m-me already. Ruin my pink asshole beyond repair, daddy. Please–fuck! Oh, shit. Baby, p-please. Please fuck my ass rough, baaaaby!” Camille’s back arched as she bounced her ass even harder against him. He was almost worried the sounds of their fucking was gonna reach outside. If he didn’t know for sure his walls were sound-proof, he would’ve gagged her already.

He held her waist as he kissed her ears and neck. She gently grinded herself onto him before he raised her hips to take out his cock, encountering great resistance as her pussy lips desperately clinged to him.

“You gotta let me out first, slut.” He laughed with his eyes closed, feeling ecstasy from her squeezing tight walls.

She grinned, mumbling, “I’m not sure I want to.”

He growled, “I’ll be sure for the both of us then.” David then smacked her ass hard, leaving a clear, red imprint on it.

“Let go,” he ordered simply.

Her head uncontrollably jolted back as she suddenly found herself at the edge of an orgasm. The painful vibrations from the hard slap only served to amplify the feeling of his cock as it stretched her out. She obediently followed his command and let go of her cunt’s grip on his cock.

David stood up and gently backed off from her greedy, cock-swallowing pussy. His dick came out literally dripping with her fluids. It was unbelievable how wet she was.

Camille was still bent over, her head and arms leaning on his desk as she closed her eyes in fatigue. He looked at her delectable asshole twitching periodically, as if it were impatiently waiting for a fat cock to spread it further apart.

It would have to wait a little longer because he was really fucking hungry, thought David.

He leaned in to take a taste.

Camille hissed. Her body writhed in pleasure as she moaned out, “Tongue my ass. Yes! Oh, fuuuuck. Kiss it, baby. It loves your tongue. It loves it so much, Vid. God, my ass l-loves your cock more though. Give it cock, please! Fuck it with good diiiick. S-shiiiit…!”

David continued greedily running his tongue all over her sphincter. His nose was right in the middle of her ass crack. He inhaled. The girlfriend smelled so good. So erotic.

“Daddy, p-please. Fuck me a-already,” she begged, her eyes hazy.

Going feral from her constant begging, he took a sudden bite of her left cheek, making the women yelp in surprise.

“Whose ass is this, baby?” he asked as he jiggled her peachy, round cheeks all over his face.

“Yours. Fuck, your t-tongue! It’s all fucking yours, baaaaby. You own this world-class ass.” As if to eagerly prove the statement, Camille twerked her peachy butt directly on his face.

He hissed. “Damn straight. Fuck! We gotta mark it somehow. I need to know this pink asshole is mine. All fucking mine,” David said aggressively.

She bit her lips and suggested her previous erotic thought, “What about your initials as a tattoo, David?”

He was stunned before smiling innocently. David asked, “You’d do that?”

Camille grinned and said, “Your birthday’s coming up. What do you think of “D.E” on my left ass cheek as a birthday present?”

The man shuddered at the thought. “What would you tell your boyfriend?” he asked.

“Well, I could tell him it means something else. Like….Dead End. Or a random song lyric, who knows?” She thought seriously.

“It could be fun. I co–FUCK…!”

David entered the married woman’s ass with a single stroke and screamed, “Yes! Fuck, yes! Let’s permanently MARK your fucking ass, baby. I want all of you. Every SINGLE thing. I want your boyfriend to see those fucking tattooed initials, never knowing it’s about me. That it’s about your stud, OWNING this delicious ass. God, that sounds so FUCKING HOT.”

Her ass suddenly cock-full, Escort Mersin Camille barely seemed to process anything but the word “Yes.” She was way too busy blacking out on a quickly approaching anal orgasm.

“What do you say, slut?” He gave her ass three consecutive stinging slaps. The girlfriend squealed in response.

“I’ll fucking do it, baby! You fucking DESERVE it! A mark to fucking s-symbolize how you own every inch of my gaping, cheating NASTY ASS. God, it’ll be like our secret. A vow! How–fuuuuck! I’m gonna be YOUR butt-slut f-forever…! Fuuuuck…! Oh! Oh, yeah! I LOVE THAT! POUND ME WITH THAT HUGE DICK, BABY!”

David began to recklessly drive himself under, completely wrecking her ass the way she liked it.

She smiled from ear to ear and screamed, “Oh, FUCK! YOU’RE POUNDING ME SO ROUGH, BABY? YOU LIKE MY TATTOO IDEA THAT MUCH?!”

The man said through gritted teeth as he dragged his huge dick in and out of her, “WHAT DO YOU THINK, BITCH?!”

Camille’s eyes briefly rolled up. She was getting anally fucked within an inch of her life. Her whole body uncontrollably writhed in ecstatic overload.


Camille’s body jolted. Every part of this was getting her off. Her legs, shaking out of pure pleasure. The scent of their fucking, making her head reel. Even the thought of her betrayal suddenly birthed a familiar tingle growing in magnitude, with the central point being her ass.

And the big, warm cock inside, rearranging each pleasure nerve.


David fucked her ass harder.

“C-cum! Cum on my FAT FUCKING COCK! Cum with your ass, my tattooed slut!” He was driving his dick inside her with unparalleled speed and intensity. His balls were slamming hard on the lips of her cunt.

Her tits wobbled as the rippling effect of David’s thrusts ran through her whole body like an earthquake. She grunted like an animal in heat, “S-shit. Shit. Shit. Shiiit..! Fuck, fuck, fuck! I’m c-cumming so hard. FUCK. I’m cumming, baby! My pussy’s s-squirting! S-Shit, baby! Fuuuuck…! I’m cumming on both fucking sides. No fucking waaaay! It feels way t-too fucking goOOOD–SHIT, WHAT–“

Camille’s eyes rolled up as her world exploded, her mind ripped apart by the violently thrashing endorphins in overloaded production. Her pussy spurted liquid in rhythmic periods every time his dick hit the deepest part of her, drenching the wooden desk. She could barely keep her mind conscious as she felt his big cock continue to pound her ass hard throughout her orgasm.

She wandered across space until her consciousness came crashing down as she heard David scream, “I’m gonna cum. I want to paint your pretty face, baby. I want you to suck the cock that just made your ass cum.”

Almost instinctively, Camille pulled herself from him and kneeled. Her eyes were still closed from the aftershocks of her orgasm.

But she opened her mouth and took him in. As if she knew exactly where his cock was without need for sight. To be fair, the dick was so big, she probably couldn’t really avoid it if she tried.

“Fuck my throa–” The man didn’t give her chance to speak and mercilessly pounded her mouth as if it was a pussy meant to please cock in his depths. Camille was glad that it was partly true; she didn’t have a gag reflex after all.

What was that for if not for deepthroating big cock?

She obediently offered her face to be degraded by the rough face-fucking as she started to look for her own pleasure in the midst of this submission. At this point, her eyes were already open. Shit were still blurry though. Her intoxicated eyes seemed to look at two different directions at the same time. Camille could feel her muscles trying to recover, but the lack of oxygen from the throat-fucking

she was receiving made it harder for her body to do so.

Every time he hit the back of her throat, electricity seemed to spark and mix with the aftershocks of her intense anal orgasm, creating a sense of…..belonging. Deep within her mind. As if her natural place was here. Under him.

Under cock. And she was home.

As if that wasn’t enough, several mini-orgasms worked together in tandem at the same fucking time and bombarded her mind as they flowed through her veins, making her skin crawl in the best way possible. The experience was hard to put into words, but it was probably a rush most women in the world will never get to encounter.

To serve a superior man with all your being as your survival instincts completely kick in from the intense, mind-fucking orgasm he personally brought you to.

She pitied women who never got to fuck David. Likewise, as the man looked at the woman who looked as if she was worshipping God at his original altar, he pitied the men who never brought this out of her.

He grabbed a handful of her hair with one hand as he pumped his dick towards her face with another. The girlfriend looked up at him, stuck her tongue out and smiled. With a scream, he came on her face, knowing damn well he was staining one of God’s beloved work of art with creamy white cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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