Dating Emily

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I ran into her working at the local store. She was home from college, earning spending money for next year. “Hey Emily, it’s really great to see you! Looks like school is treating you well?” We were chatting as she rang me up.

She really was looking in fine shape. Never the beauty queen, but now a junior going into senior year, she had long lost her freshman 15. Still with short brown hair, perky breasts a tight ass and, I must admit, a worthwhile fantasy even back in the day.

“So how have you been?” I asked. “Well I’ve been better, my car just broke down at home and I had to walk to work today,” she grunted.

“There is nothing worse than car trouble, that’s for sure,” I said stating the obvious. She shrugged her shoulders and I continued, “Would you like me to take a look at it?”

Now I’m handy, but not that handy. But I’d see what I could do.

“Really, you’d do that? My parents are away and I have to work until 9 tonight, and then first thing in the morning. I don’t even know how I’d get it to a mechanic and get to work.”

Well I agreed to try, no guarantees. I took her keys and off I went. Mr. Mechanic. Long story short I called my buddy who works on cars and asked him for a favor. He came over after he got off work and easily found the problem. We started it and he proceeded with a diatribe of all the maintenance the car required, “…look at this, the A/C probably isn’t working because this belt is missing …”

We even had time to go to the auto parts store and fix the belt. I waited outside the store and at 9:15 she appeared. I was leaning against her car and she started to smile, “You got it working?”

“Yup, sure did.”

“What was wrong?”

“I have to admit I really have no idea, but it does help to have friends.”

We hugged quickly and I told her I needed a lift home. As we jumped in, the car ran fine and the air conditioning was an extra bonus. “You owe me $795.00 for the repairs,” I joked.

It really wasn’t a big deal. My buddy was happy to help. I was happy to help. Emily was a dedicated babysitter for the kids growing up. She was reliable, responsible and a real cutie. Now, well into college she was a beautiful woman who was unassuming but still pretty, smart, funny and well put together.

I remember a year or so ago I came home much later than expected. She was sleeping on the couch. Normally she woke up when I entered the house but on this particular evening she was dead asleep. I nudged her twice before she opened her eyes. I had startled her a bit and she popped up quickly.

She was so cute. Her nipples were hard. What was she dreaming about? She stood close and stretched her hands over her head, yawning. “You were out cold,” I told her.

“Yeah, I was having weird dreams,” she replied.

I wanted to reach out and grab her breasts, tease her nipples right there. Lean in and kiss her passionately. She was right there in front of me. Such a tight body, soft lips, hard nipples…but I was married at the time and stayed faithful.

She dropped me off and I really thought nothing of it just doing my good deed for the day. Two days later there was a knock at the door. I opened it and was delighted to see Emily. “What, it’s not working?” I joked. “You know the warranty on free service is only a day?” We both chuckled.

She had brought me freshly baked cookies and a gift card to the local movie theatre. I told her I couldn’t accept the gift card. She needed the money way more than I did, but I would happily accept the cookies, they looked great!

I offered and she came in for a bit. She apologized for it taking two days to bring them over but she had been working extra shifts and this afternoon was the first time she had a moment to bake and drop them by. “Emily, you didn’t have to do anything. I’m glad you did, but it wasn’t necessary.”

We headed into the kitchen/family room area. She mentioned that everything looked different from when she babysat. I agreed, I’d upgraded the kitchen and added a flat screen TV with surround sound. I had a movie paused on the screen which I had just started.

So we chatted a bit more, me asking her about school, her studies, what she was going to do when she graduated, etc… Being in sales I guess I’m a natural at peppering people with questions. Anyway, she had no current boyfriend (had just broken up about a month ago) and was generally working hard. I told her she was burying her head in work to avoid the tough feelings of the break-up.

“You should do something fun. Get out. Live a little,” I suggested.

“I’m usually so tired from working, I just want to crash,” she replied.

“Well you’re welcome to crash here, have a beer and watch a movie,” I offered never really expecting her to accept.

“Really?” she asked.

“Of course, it would be great.”

“Mr. C a beer really sounds good.”

So innocently enough the movie started.

We had each finished a beer and I got up to get another. As I handed it to her I couldn’t help but catch a peak. beylikdüzü otele gelen escort She was sitting Indian-style on the sofa. Her tight T-shirt clung to her upper body. Her legs were exposed quite a bit. Her hair hung down around her face. I probably shouldn’t be having these thoughts but I couldn’t help it.

I handed her the beer and sat back down across the room. The movie was a bit of a chick flick, enjoyable but not too deep. After the movie ended I started a discussion about the movie, the characters, etc… Asking her about the plot, the character flaws of the main characters, etc…

Maybe I was subconsciously trying to keep her there, but it turned into a genuine discussion. It really was a nice conversation. Every so often we would tangent onto a different subject unrelated to the movie. Well, 30 minutes later it was time for her to go.

“Emily, I know you didn’t plan on spending your evening like this but it really was kind of fun.”

“Come on Mr. C you got me beers and didn’t make me pick the movie. You are a great date. I need to train my next boyfriend to be just like you.”

“Well send him over for basic training and listen, thanks again for the cookies they will be eaten, but were not necessary.”

“Thanks again for the movie date. I really enjoyed the movie and the conversation.”

“Emily, you keep calling this a date. If I had known it was a date I would have tried to sit next to you on the couch or something,” I mused.

She smiled, “I would have loved to see you try that, but still it was a fun night.”

I agreed.

We hugged and said good night. Another night of fantasizing would be in order. She was almost half my age, and better looking the more I paid attention. I had emblazoned her image on the couch and would imagine doing all sorts of things to her.

The next morning I noticed the gift card sitting on the end table. This wasn’t acceptable. I waited until a respectable time, assumed she would be at work and ran the card over to her house. Left it in the door and chuckled to myself.

Well, around 9:15 I was actually settling in for another movie. How ironic, but I was using a movie rental plan and why not? There was nothing else on. The doorbell rings and it’s none other than Emily, straight from work.

She was holding the gift card up and started in immediately, “We’re not going to go back and forth over this. I gave this to you. You have to take it.”

“Good to see you too. Would you like to come inside, the air is running?”

We walked into the central area between the family room and kitchen and she noticed another movie on pause.

“See, this gift card is the perfect thank you. You are watching another movie aren’t you?”

“Caught me red-handed,” I replied then continued, “And you’re welcome to stay again if you want. I’m only into it a little bit and can restart.”

She was holding out the gift card waiting for me to take it and thinking… I was stealing glances, as best I could. What is it about her look that was so intriguing? I was wrestling with the, I want to jump her bones versus the, she babysat my kids but that makes it hot, but she’s really young, and hot. Okay, I wanted her.

She agreed, under the condition that I would take the gift card with no give backs. Is this high school, or how they now negotiate in college I wondered.

Well the night continued very much like the night before. The movie ended, we conversed and she left.

I couldn’t help but have fantasies running all around my head that night. I wasn’t aggressive but kept imagining that I would get up and grab another round and then sit next to her. She turns, our eyes meet and I can see her melting. We kiss. My hands grope and fondle urgently. Our tongues begin to dance. The entire scene explodes into a night of wild sex. Her clothes are ripped off her body. Her soft skin explored with my fingers, my lips. But that’s just the fantasy.

She was gone about an hour and I couldn’t resist texting her, “Hey another great date! Kinda boring I’m sure but fun.”

She responded quicker than I thought she would with, “It wasn’t boring. Enjoyed the movie thx.”

“Glad you didn’t call it a date. Second dates I usually expect a really good, good night kiss. LOL.”

I waited with anticipation and got a playful response. “Oh it was a date?”

Then she continued, “You didn’t try to sit next to me so why expect a kiss? LOL.”

A witty response!

We bantered back and forth for a while. Keeping it light but playfully teasing and jousting.

I thought there was an opening and I was going to try and take advantage. Why not, what’s to lose.

Waiting a full day (now Friday) I called her and playfully asked her why she hadn’t come by the night before?

Her response: “I wasn’t sure what you would expect on a 3rd date?”

Very nice. LOL.

“Depends if the first 2 are known dates or dates after-the-fact,” I replied.

I continued, beylikdüzü rus escort “Listen, we need to set this straight once and for all. Because 1) I’ll always be wondering if the next time we see each other if we should be shaking hands or you know and 2) I have a gift card I need to spend and 3) you definitely need a night out. So, why don’t we do a dinner and a movie? You can get out, I won’t feel guilty for spending the gift card and it will be an official first date which has no strings. What time do you get off of work tonight?” I went for the close, tying it to tonight.

“I’m off at 6 so I guess we could do it.”

“Great … now, should we go to a close restaurant & theater or drive an hour to make sure you don’t run into anyone you know?”

“Come on Mr. C. I don’t have any friends anyway.”

We had set a date. I would pick her up at 7:30, have dinner first and then hit a movie.

I arrived a few minutes early and she answered the door not exactly ready. She was wearing a robe.

“Emily, wow you look terrific but you may be cold in the theater.” I quipped.

“Thanks. I’ll be ready in a minute.” And she ran upstairs.

I waited only a couple of minutes. She really looked nice. She was wearing a short black skirt, a silk top with a summer sweater and reasonably high heels. Wow, I figured she’d wear jeans and a shirt. This was great. She was a vision.

“Emily, you look amazing!”

“Why thank you kind Sir.” she mocked.

“Can we stop by my place so I can get a tie?”

She slapped my arm and said, “Don’t be ridiculous.” I was wearing a sport coat and was casual, but sharp.

We set off to dinner. I opened her car door, and joked about this being a date. Dinner was fantastic. We actually drank more wine than I expected. It was just flowing and tasted great. Over dinner we talked about her ex- and why they broke up. He basically had cheated on her. What a fool.

Dinner ended and we set out to the movies. I could tell as soon as we entered the theater she was going to be cold. So I joking made a yawning noise and raised my arm up in the air before I gave her my coat.

The night was very fun, albeit boring, and we were now standing on her porch as she reached for her keys. “Would you like to come in for a nightcap?” she surprised me.

“I would love to.”

“Emily, I had a great time tonight. You are very easy to talk with.”

“You are too,” she said with a smile.

We entered and she headed for the bar. We raised our glasses and I said, “To a successful first date!”

We toasted, and sipped our drinks. Her eyes never left mine. We were locked in a gaze.

“Ya know. This doesn’t feel like a first date at all. Usually I’m all nervous and wondering what the guy is thinking about but this is kinda different,” she said.

“That’s because you knew this had no-strings.”

“No, it’s not that,” she said as she stepped closer, “It’s because we’re already on our third date.”

As she finished her lips were pressed to mine. I am usually the initiator but this was so right. Our mouths opened. Our tongues touched. It was electric. No hands, just lips and tongues. This is one of those kisses you never want to end, it was that incredible.

As we slowly parted I saw a look in her eyes that she was thinking “Wow” also.

“Emily,” I whispered.


“I said no-strings. Glad I didn’t say no tongues!”

She laughed and turned to walk over to the stereo. She turned on some low music and then walked slowly around the room. She had removed her shoes while making the drinks. She now laid my jacket over a chair and removed her sweater.

I was watching her intently. Sipping my drink once, maybe twice, trying not to drool.

She had now circled the coffee table and we both put our drinks down. The energy went from pent-up to explosive. Our bodies melded together. My arms surrounding her body. Our lips locked once again. My hands feeling the soft silk against her body.

We were now kissing frantically. Our bodies locked in a tight embrace. I cupped her ass and squeezed practically lifting her off her feet. She reached the buttons on my shirt and started to unbutton but quickly grew impatient and simply ripped my shirt open. It was frantic. It was intense.

My hands pulled her skirt up and I grabbed her ass as she pulled me closer by my now open shirt. Our lips never missed a beat until we broke the embrace and she reached down between us to remove my belt and open my pants. She was like a raging bull chasing red. My hands came up her arms with gentle caresses and settled on her shoulders.

As my pants were lowered I pressed on her shoulders. She willingly dropped to her knees. She was panting. I was panting. I was already rock hard. My cock straining against my boxers. Emily quickly lowered my boxers and my cock sprang out. She gave me a quick look from her knees and then anxiously grabbed my cock and started sucking.

It was so quick. Stepping beylikdüzü türbanlı escort out of the puddle of clothes and removing my now buttonless shirt I was completely naked as this 21 year-old woman was sucking on my cock with urgency.

It wasn’t long before I was ready to explode and I wasn’t holding back. She was sucking and pumping and I was in ecstasy. “Emily, I’m going to cum.”

After hearing that she pumped and sucked even faster. It seemed to spur her on. My hand grabbed the back of her head softly and just moved in unison. She wanted my cock, my cum and I was giving it all to her.

I exploded. She frantically swallowed. I came for at least a minute. She slowly eased off my cock breathing heavy. I was lost in my orgasm. She kept hold of my cock and licked all the leakage. I was shimmering from the sensitivity. It was a very quick blowjob but awesome.

This is where the relationship quickly changed.

After I had selfishly used her mouth for an incredible blowjob I collapsed on the couch behind me completely naked and still semi-hard. After a moment I leaned forward and grabbed our drinks handing one to her. We clanked glasses for a second time and took a drink. She was still on her knees. I patted the couch next to me and she quickly got up and was now next to me. We cuddled taking sips every so often.

It was surprisingly quiet. We were comfortable and didn’t need to nervously chat.

After I had recovered I slipped off the couch and now knelt in front of her. Pulled her toward the edge of the couch and spread her legs apart. She looked a little puzzled. The sense of urgency was returning. I was going to return the favor.

I reached up under her skirt while looking into her eyes grabbed her panties and ripped. She gasped. I quickly pulled her closer to me. I lifted her skirt and leaned in. Quickly finding her wetness I started licking her pussy.

She was quickly moaning. My fingers found her opening and slipped in. I was now licking her and pumping two fingers in and out of her. She was very wet. I was enjoying her taste and working slowly. But quicker than I anticipated she grabbed my head and started panting, “Oh … Oh … Oh” over and over again.

Her pelvis was gyrating uncontrollably and she was getting louder with every breath. I continued doing what I was doing. Circling her clit and finger fucking that sweet juicy pussy. Man she tasted great. I couldn’t believe how quickly she came. It certainly took me by surprise. I realized it was happening when her legs clamped the sides of my head and wouldn’t let go. All I heard was muffled “Oh’s” and I tried to keep licking.

After a minute or two she loosened her grip and I could hear her heavy breathing. I raised my head but continued to explore her with my fingers. Changing speeds from slow to fast and back again. I was watching her chest heave as she came down from her climax. She was a vision.

My free hand reached up and grabbed a breast through her shirt. Her nipple was hard. Her hand came up and covered mine. She was still breathing heavy and almost mewing. It was great to watch her come back to earth but I wasn’t done.

“That was a quick one, huh?”

“That was my first one!” she replied. I smiled.

“Ever?” I asked.

“Uh huh.”

Hoping she had recovered I leaned back in and started another round of slow sloppy licking.

“Holy shit what are you doing to me?” she asked after a few minutes.

“I’m licking your pussy,” I replied matter of fact and continued my assault.

My hands alternated from probing her, looking for her g-spot to teasing her nipples.

I would look up her body as I was licking and her hands were sometimes floating in the air above her chest. Her eyes were closed. She was short of breath. She was such a vision.

My tongue slowly started to tease her clit again. Every time I would brush her little nub she would shutter. Her hands would land on the couch to her sides and she would bite her lip.

I was enjoying this. She was too.

Her second orgasm took a lot longer. I was deliberately trying to coax her up to it slowly. She wasn’t complaining.

As she neared my fingers found that bundle of nerves and rubbed. My tongue focused deliberately on her clit and I increased speed and intensity.

Her body responded. She also became vocal again. “Oh my … Oh my …”

It finally hit her. She couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m cumming” she screamed and again she clamped her legs around my head. I couldn’t move my hand but my tongue was still free. I sent her over the edge and she bucked and clamped and screamed.

This one seemed to last much longer than her first.

After she recovered she kept saying, “I never … I never …”

I smiled. I also slid up her body and we began kissing. My hard cock very close to her dripping pussy. I fondled her tits as we kissed.

Reaching around her neck I pulled her forward and off the couch quickly. She ended up on her knees leaning over the coffee table. I was off to the side but as she moved forward I snuck in behind her.

My cock was quickly at her entrance and she waited in anticipation. There was no doubt what was about to happen.

I lifted her skirt up and had a great view of her ass. Grabbing her hips I slowly entered her. Savoring the feeling she was so wet. I was so hard. We fit together very well.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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