Daddy’s New Girl, Part 5


Daddy’s New Girl, Part 5Stephanie is Avenged.Previously, Stephanie had been groped by her sales lady while being measured in a fitting room. Having been confronted about this, the sales lady had been ordered to bring gifts (which she stole from work) as a token of her apology. She was now submitting to further punishment and seemed to be relishing in her plight, especially to be in intimate contact with that which she lusted for in the first place.As Stephanie emptied her bladder into her molester she gained a glazed look on her face, satisfied and relieved. The 20 oz soda she had with her pizza must have made its way to her bladder, because she seemed to go forever. I told her, “As soon as you’re done pissing, Baby, pull that slut off your pussy. She doesn’t deserve one extra second on your precious snatch once she’s finished cleaning up the last of your piss.” “OK, Daddy.” As soon as she finished she grabbed Priscilla’s hair and disengaged her from her wet cunny. “Well, Baby Girl, what should we do with her next? Would you like to maybe transfer your spanking you got tonight to her? A little tit-for-tat, so to speak?” “Fuckin-A! I mean, yes, Daddy, that would be great.” “I’m glad you caught yourself, Precious. I know you and I haven’t had much time to bond yet, but I’m glad to see that you’re trying to be a good girl, aside Escort Şişli from your indiscretion with privacy tonight, that is.” “I’m trying, Daddy. I really want to be your good little girl.” “Let’s take her into the bedroom, Sweetie. Pull the bitch up by her hair and lead her to my room.” Stephie snatched a handful of her hair and pulled her up and led her to the bedroom as I followed. “Bend her over the edge of the bed.” I have a tall bed so the top of the mattress is about waist height for most. I went to the closet to get a few items: wrist cuffs, ropes cut to attach to the bedposts, a flogger and my riding crop. I tossed the cuffs to Stephanie to attach to the bitch’s wrists. As she worked at that I began to tie her ankles to the bottoms of the corner posts of the bed, making sure to spread her legs uncomfortably wide. I stuck two fingers into her snatch roughly to see how wet she really was and she was almost ready to start dripping. Since drinking Stephanie’s bladder full she had been very quiet. I think she was a little queasy from her golden beverage. With her wrists cuffed together and her legs tied spread eagle, I thought, “Maybe some nipple clamps would be good, too.” So, I retrieved my clamps and hauled her up straight by her hair. I pinched and rolled one nipple, then the other, roughly. She finally emitted some Sultangazi escort sound at this point, acknowledging the pain I purposely inflicted while getting her nipples to harden for the clamps. I affixed the clamps one at a time to her puffy nipples and she cried out in more pain. Again, I stuffed two fingers into her sloppy gash and her pussy was spasming on my fingers.”The slut is loving this, Precious, feel her nasty cunt.” Stephie rubbed a hand over her pussy and slipped two fingers in and on the next stroke slid a third one in. “The bitch is liking this too much Daddy. This is s’posed to be punishment.” “Well, Kitten, some bitches just like the pain, ya know? She’s probably just relishing in the fact that she’s being punished by the little girl that she molested today. She’s just a fucking slut at heart though. Ya know, Baby, she’s not all that bad on the eyes and she’s obviously a slut cunt. Maybe we should have her back sometime to play. I don’t think she’d refuse, even if she didn’t want to come at first. After all, we know she’s a molester and a common thief.” At that, I signaled Stephie to begin spanking her bound slut. [Whack] A rather light first strike, but it made Priscilla’s head jerk up. I nodded toward Prissy’s butt and Stephie took the signal and started a rhythm on her white ass, alternating Taksim escort bayan from cheek to cheek. She soon had a rosy glow on her slut ass. I held up a hand and told Stephie to get the crop as I didn’t want her to have sore, swollen hands. She had already delivered twenty swats to Prissy’s porcelain ass. I took up the crop and showed Stephie how to administer a quick but lethal blow with it. “You try it now, Honey.” Stephanie took the crop and gave her a tentative crack. “Like that?” “A little harder, Baby, she didn’t react to it at all.” She reared back and gave her quite a swat. Priscilla’s head jumped up and she screamed, “Oooowwww!!!” “Silence, bitch! Take it like the whore you are!” I shouted. “Continue, Sweetie, ” I said to Stephie. She began an unrelenting assault on her molester’s back side. Priscilla was biting back her vocalization of her intense pain. The crop can be so painful. She was fortunate I hadn’t gotten out the horse whip or a cane. After twenty hard strokes with the crop, I stopped my little one. “Feel her old, sloppy cunt, Baby.” She really didn’t need to as Prissy was dripping down her spread thighs. Stephie shoved four slim fingers in to the last knuckle with no problem at all. “She’s drippin’ wet, Daddy, literally.” “Give me the crop, Sweetie.” She handed me the crop and I began to mercilessly strike her sloppy, wet pussy. She cried out after the first one, but I didn’t stop to correct her. I just kept whipping her cunt until I had delivered twenty hard blows to her oozing and swollen pussy. I then traded the crop for the flogger.

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