Daddy – My Two Dads Ch. 01


I opened the pill bottle still half asleep from sleeping in to noon and poured two caplets into my palm. I swallowed them quickly, before my mother heard me in the kitchen. Not that she would have been concerned.

I had been on Prozac for three weeks now, starting it just before my first college semester ended. Now, home for a long winter break, I was upping my dose to two 20 mg pills a day.

“It may affect your sex drive and make it difficult to perform. You will have erections, but reaching orgasm can be difficult.” I laughed on the inside when my doctor warned me of the antidepressant’s dreaded side effects. After my girlfriend and I split up last summer so she could attend her Ivy League University, I hadn’t had any sexual needs at all. Or so I had lead myself to believe.

I retreated to my room where I was still unpacking my suitcase from college.

“What’s the use of putting all these clothes away? I’ll be driving back to campus in a few weeks.” Peering out my large bay window overlooking our four car garage I saw the upscale neighborhood I grew up in the last five years. The air was cool this time of year in the Pacific Northwest and overcast clouds cast a permanent sense of sadness over the landscape. I missed the warmth and optimism of summer. But since attending a private expensive college without my friends, I had gown solemn and taciturn.

Bling Bling! My iPhone alerted me to a new text message. It was Tracy.

“Hope your first semester went okay. I’m staying in New York for the holidays, see you in the summer break?”

My ex-girlfriend won’t be around–I guess it will just be me.

I type my response, “Hope you had a fun semester…” after I pause, I don’t bother to push send.

I lay back on my bed, close my eyes, and try to drift off to sleep. I want the holiday to be over soon.

Maybe it was the Prozac, but I slept until 4:30 in the afternoon. I had been having an erotic dream about Tracy.

She was you typical “good girl”, a band nerd. The two of us never had sex, didn’t even get past first base. We had a few make out sessions lying here on my twin mattress with our lips locked and tongues dancing but that as far as it went. Several times l placed her hand on the zipper of my jeans hopping she would get the hint. Only once did she stoke my member through my jeans. It hung hard down my pant leg, and Tracy gently tranced its 9″ length along my Levis. She stopped kissing me and remarked, “Wow!”, but then pulled her hand away. It was one of the few times she made me feel good.

Lying on the bed, I pulled out my cock. I was rock hard thinking of Tracy. Despite her leaving away from me for an Ivy League education, I was still hot for her, she had long blond hair and soft lips. For a thin 18 y/o coed, she had perky C tits and a tight curvy butt. Too bad she only let me touch them though her clothes.

I gently stroked the shaft carelessly up and down; despite being a virgin who had never officially “used” my cock, I had always liked it. The head was bulbous and thick, much wider than the already girthy shaft. Once, I had measured the length after Tracy and I had one of our unfulfilling make out sessions. I was over 9″ long– but it was my large mushroom head that I thought made my cock so unique. Sometimes I wondered if I would even fit inside a woman. It made me wonder if Tracy had thought I was simply too thick and long for her. I knew the average woman’s vagina was only around 5-6″ long, where would the rest of my manhood fit inside her? Too bad no one knew…

It was starting to get dark outside, and my mom had left for her therapy session with my father. Ever since my dad moved out almost two years ago, they had therapy each week, and, while they may finally be talking with one another, they had been distant with me. To clear my head, I bundled up and took a stroll around the neighborhood. When my family moved into this upscale neighborhood, I marveled at the small, elegant estates. The Richardson’s had their small English Tudor, the Billings with their Spanish home & swimming pool, along with the Swiss chalet style home of the Birchmeirer’s. We had grown close to these families, before my parents had their troubles, now those family relationships felt ages ago.

The Birchmeirer’s were nice, had a few kids. He was a tall, early 50’s, handsome lawyer in the neighborhood while his wife was the beautiful WASPy head of the local ladies league. She was tall, platinum blond, and was probably the exact same dress size as when they were married.

The Richardson’s beautiful English Tudor home sat inside a protective castle of tall hedges. When my family moved in, I thought the home was at the center of a hedge maze. They had a large deck in their backyard with a hot tub set in the middle of it. My freshman year their son had a birthday party where we played in the warm water. He had since left for college and I hadn’t heard from him in years. Mr. Richardson was an architect, was in his mid-40s with boyish blond hair and a closely shaved beard. I think he had remarried when they moved in to a younger blond bombshell. 4 k porno It was quite a scandal in the street, my mother always said she was too young for him.

It was dark by the time I headed home. Walking past both the Birchmeirer’s and Richardson’s homes, I noticed the lights were low and cars were missing. Perhaps they had driven to downtown Seattle for a party?

Suddenly, from the darkness surrounding the home, I heard a strange noise coming from the deck. In the cool, dark air, the soft noise traveled easily. I heard shuffles, footsteps, and finally dark whispers. A burglar? How would they have got past the locked gate? Against my better judgement, I went to check it out.

From my youth I knew all the secret entrances to many of the yards along our street. I crawled under a hedge and quietly shuffled down the grass lawn. I made my way past several shrubberies around the side of the home until I crouched down, behind a small shrubbery. As I peered up on the deck, through the ornate railing around the beautiful backyard deck, I saw two people quietly whispering.

“Robbers?” I thought to myself. Looking closer I realized they weren’t local hooligans at all. It was Mr. Birchmeirer and Mr. Richardson — half naked and kissing! As my eyes adjusted to the moonlight, I made out their white bare chests exposed to each other. Mr. Birchmeirer’s broad shoulder sat atop slightly hairy pecks and stomach. But the defined abs on Mr. Richardson shocked me. He was in great shape and clearly enjoyed his frolicking friend’s hands tracing his pecks and tweaking his nipples. They began to kiss, and I could make out their tongues dancing together outside their lips, still an inch apart.

Both men had their jeans loosened down to their thighs. Mr. Richardson had a nice cock, smaller, but it stood tall and erect. But my other neighbor’s manhood was a nice 6-7″. It swung heavy, to and fro as they kissed, often lightly bopping and rubbing Mr. Richardson’s erect penis. As their make-out session intensified, the two phalluses because entangled, wrestling with each other for supremacy in the moonlight. They twitched and fluttered about — I could almost see their thick veins pulsating from my vantage point.

This was insane, I had to get out of here, and it was none of my business. Both men had nice, attractive wives and were respected members of the home owners association. If they found out I had seen them cheating with each other?

“Bling Bling!” went my iPhone—another text message! Oh why hadn’t I silenced it!

“What was that?” One of them said. Before I had time to turn tail and run, both men peered right at me.

“Jeff?” they both said timidly.

“Crud!” I said through my gritted teeth as I sprinted back along the lawn and crawled under the hedges.

Safely back in my home, I slammed my bedroom door and turned off the lights. Out of breathe, I hunched down on the ground, below my bay window. I couldn’t believe my own phone game me away. I reached into my pocket to silence the device. It was then that I noticed to my horror… my massive cock was a solid piece of granite.


Why am I so hard? I thought to myself as I sat nervously in my dark room. It was 6:00 PM on a dark clear night, my aloof parents were out and my ex–whom I’d masturbated to often during my first year of college was staying in NY for the holiday. On top of all this, I caught my neighbors having a make-out session in the cold crisp air.

My whole life was falling apart, family, neighbors– I didn’t know what to believe in anymore. To top it all off, my 9″ virgin cock was stiff after seeing my first gay scene; and I was 100% straight.

A tear dropped down my cheek as I sat on the ground. My sadness had got the best of me. I was completely alone.

The doorbell woke me from my reverie.

Oh no! I thought. Looking out the window. I saw no cars in driveway, someone had to have walked here. My neighbors–They were gonna call me out, shame me, and tell my parents what I had done.

As I tried to hide myself under my bed, I came to the realization that they can’t possibly tell my parents, Mr. Richardson and Mr. Birchmeirer would be in more hot water than I was.


The bell rang again. Reluctantly, I lumbered down the stairs, ready to face the music.

Through the frosted glass in the door I saw two dark figures waiting patiently. The cops? They called the cops on me?

“Um, Jeff, this is Mr. Richardson, Bobby’s father… could we talk?” I listened silently, afraid to open the door. Another voice continued, “We aren’t mad at you, or what you saw. Honestly, we just want to talk.”

Reluctantly, I unlatched the lock and opened the front door.

“Hey…” I said sheepishly.

“May we come in?” said Mr.

“Um… okay. My mom isn’t…”

“…Isn’t home, we know. She’s out most Friday nights at therapy with your father.” Mr. Richardson finished my sentence.

“I didn’t know anyone else knew.” I was mildly surprised. Both Mr. Richardson and Mr. Birchmeirer stood inside my 7 dak porno door looking a little embarrassed. Mr. Birchmeirer cleared his throat.

“Uh hemmm.. Well, I think we all know what you saw and we’d just like to talk about it.”

I didn’t want to talk about it, but the two men on my street insisted. Against my better judgement, I agreed to meet with them at Mr. Richardson’s house and discuss the whole matter.


I took off my shoes inside the large heavy door. Mr. Birchmeirer gently shut it behind me with a solid thud, smiled and led me into the lush furnished living room.

“Have a seat, and make yourself at home.” he said with a warm smile. “Rick and I were about to enjoy a glass of Merlot. Would you like some?”

I’d had never had anything to drink-not even a beer at college. I had mainly kept to my studies.

“Well, honesty, Mr. H, I don’t drink. And I’m only 19.”

He smiled as Mr. Richardson returned from the kitchen with a bottle and several glasses. “Have you ever tried a nice Merlot or Cabernet?”

“Uh… no” I replied shyly.

“Well, you’re in college now, and it’s okay to try a little.”

We each had a glass and began to sip. The taste was amazing. Reading my pleased faced Mr. Richardson commented.

“Not too bad! eh Jeff? See, it’s okay to try new things.”

I eagerly took another sip. With the soothing taste of red wine on our lips we each got more comfortable on the furniture.

“Things haven’t been the same in the neighborhood, Jeff, the last few years. We know your father has moved out, and we can only imagine your mother has had plenty of stress.”

I took a sip and nodded. “Yeah, that’s very true Mr. Birchmeirer…”

He interrupted, “Please, call us Rick and Mark.”

“Sure,” I smiled. I told Mark and Rick how lonely I’d been. Felt alone at college, alone at night, and had no girlfriend to confide in.

“Yeah, I think I recall seeing you with a cute blond last year”

“Tracy Harrison” I replied rolling my eyes back and taking another gulp of the rich liquid.

“She was really cute; and some body on that girl!” Rick said to Mark and they both agreed.

After a long pause I explained to them that Tracy and I only kissed–she never let me touch her.

“Really?” asked a shocked Mark.

“Wow-and with the body on her, Jeff that must have been pure agony.”

“It was.” I agreed. “I had always wanted to gently cup her beasts in my hands, flicking the nipple between my fingers.”

“I remember those days with my wife.” remarked Rick.

“Me too” followed Mark.

Jeff, we definitely understand your frustrations and loneliness. Mark and I have felt that way for years. It was nice to finally find each other.”

“Yeah, I suppose I understand. I was just a little shocked cause I’ve know you as neighbors for so long, and your wives too.”

“It is a little odd, but thanks for understanding.” I won’t be ratting you out to your wives–as long as you don’t tell anyone I’m still a virgin.”

“Your secret is safe with us Jeff.”

“It’s just so hard to believe… what with how hot your wives are!”

I realized I may have crossed the line. My first time drinking wine and I was creating my first party foul.

Rick and Mark looked at each other and laughed, I laughed too as Rick re-filed my glass.


We talked like old friends for the next half an hour. We finished off the bottle and were abort to empty the second.

I elaborated all about my frustrating with being a virgin, Tracy, school, and they opened up to me about their marriages. Mark hadn’t had sex in years, and Rick, while still attached to women, didn’t think his wife loved him.

Finally, I let loose about the Prozac I was taking and how I hadn’t been able to cum in almost a month due to the medications side effects. Their jaws dropped.

They were speechless. Had I said too much? After a moment, both Rick and Mark looked at each other and took one last mouthful of wine. Mark cleared his throat.”

“Um Jeff are you up for a soak in the hot tub? Sounds like you have a lot of stress to get off your shoulders.”

“Well… It’s getting late and–” Mark cut me off as I made my excuse.

“Seriously, you need a soak.”

Rick held my arm as he led me out the sliding door. I was so tipsy by now, I practically needed both men’s help for balance Mark was right behind with another bottle of Merlot.

“Um guys.” I didn’t bring my swim trunks” I said as they removed the hot tub cover.

“Last one in…” Mark said, ignoring my complaint.

In an instant, both men ripped off their clothes and eased themselves in. Though it was dark out, I could tell both of their cocks were shaven bare! Completely smooth! I had never seen that before.

Had I known better, I could have excused myself, but after my first two glasses of wine and then it hit me all this talk about sex, Tracy, etc. had turned me on.

My penis bobbled free as I pulled off my underwear. I could see each man eyeing my cock with alman porno delight as I sank into the dark water. Mark turned on the jets and they took a seat on each side of me He handed me another glass of wine. I didn’t hesitate.

Mark complained that his wife hadn’t given him a blowjob in years. Rick replied. “I know man, but poor Jeff hasn’t even had a handjob, right?

I agreed with them, and took a mouthful, of wine. I let the soothing feeling of the jets & bubbles flow over my nude body, my semi-erect cock.

Just then I felt something touch my thigh. It was Mark’s hand. I looked at him, shocked, but in an instant I felt it crawling up my thigh.

Rick began,” so Jeff, your beautiful, sexy, perky breasted girlfriend never once gently stoked your beautiful cock?

As Rick mouthed the words beautiful cock, Mark’s hand crept further up my leg. I didn’t know what to do. I was practically shaking but the wine wouldn’t let me stop it.

“No.. no Rich. She never touched me… at all.” With that, Mark’s hand glided to my inner thigh and I felt his fingertips flutter at the base of my cock. It was growing fulling erect. Was the light headedness I was feeling because of the wine, or the blood rushing to my member?

“Jeff, you are really missing out. Experimenting with sex is a part of youth. You’ve really squandered those high school years kid.”

“Yeah… I, stammered, feeling Marks finger begin to lithely dance up and down my shaft. His fingers easily found my engorged veins and he expertly traced them from the base all the way up the shaft to my large mushroom head. I was completely straight, and felt I wanted him to stop, but I couldn’t deny his gentle touch felt incredible. It was the first time anyone had paid such loving attention to my shaft, but I couldn’t believe it was my neighbor who was showing me the way.

Rick continued, “I remember my first time Jeff, it was in the front seat of my car. My high school sweet heart gave me a handjob in the school parking lot after the bell. It was great.” He smiled seductively at me. Did he know what mark was doing below the bubbly water? I thought my cock was so hard at this point the bulbous head may grow out of the water.

“Her name was Sherri and I was surprised how well she knew what to do.”

I tried to smile, I was unable to speak but tried my best, “.. mmm yeah…Rick”

“You okay Jeff?” Mark’s fingertips had found my massive head. One at a time they crept slowly and seductively from my shaft onto my smooth, puffy mushroom, twirling around the silkiness like small tongues caressing me. I felt my cock begin to twitch with each heartbeat, it felt so amazing, as if I was beginning to get high.

Then Mark slowly moved his fingers back down my shaft, to my thigh and then away. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I don’t think I had been breathing for the past minute. I felt a glass meet my lips. Mark was feeding me another slurp of wine.

“Drink up Jeff, it might help.”

“So Jeff, what do you want your first experience to be like?” Mark asked me coyly.

Catching my breath, I hardly knew what to say. “I had always imagined my first time would be with Tracy.” Rick’s hand began to crawl up my left thigh this time. His hands were warm like marks but larger, manlier.

“Would you like to have Tracy caress your balls?” Mark asked.

“I guess, I don’t exactly know what that would be li…” As I explained to Mark that I’d never thought about it, Rich’s hand glided to my heavy sack, engulfing it with his warm fingers.

“Ummm, ohhh” I moaned and caught my breath at the sensation. Mark looked deep into my eyes.

“Doesn’t Tracy feel good, Jeff? Her nice soft hands?”

“Yes….” I could barely speak.

“Do you feel how much Tracy wants and needs you Jeff?” Mark was asking hypnotically. “Let Tracy enjoy you Jeff… say it with me…”

I dutifully replied “Enjoy me Tracy…”

Rick let his fingers flutter about my balls and softly tickled the inside of my thighs. Around and around his fingers went, knowing exactly where my body needed them.

“Let Tracy have her way with you Jeff, she knows exactly what you need. Let her have your cock.” Mark and Rick had moved closer to my sides and were whispering in my ear now.

“She knows what you need now. Tracy needs to gently kiss your cock and nibble softly on the edge of your head.”

“Yes… daddy…” And I don’t know why I said that word, but it just came out naturally and was too late to take it back. I felt marks fingers land atop my luscious had. It had been aching for him ever since he stopped touching it.

“I could feel Tracy sucking on the end of my cock with her tongue lapping underneath the crown of my head and her lips gently kissing the silkiness all over.

Mark continued, “Take her Jeff, and tell her to have her way with your cock.” Rick interjected, “Tell Tracy to use you Jeff, let her use you once and you will always need her.”

“Have your way with me Tracy. Use me.” I said, falling into their trance. And with that, Mark’s hand slowly sank down my shaft as my cock entered Tracy’s soaking pussy for the first time. Rich’s hand continued massaging my balls to heighten the sensation. I bucked to and fro, not able to physically handle the sexual sensations. The two men gripped my legs between there’s and forced me to take it.

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