Curious No More

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Double Penetration

The door bell startled me and it took me just a minute to get my bearings. Apparently I had dosed off after taking a shower. I knew I shouldn’t have lain down, even if it was supposedly for a second. But it had been a restless night and I had gotten up early. I shaved and showered and had two cups of coffee. I remembered my hand trembling slightly as I sat in my robe drinking the first cup. I was nervous, very nervous. That’s why I thought laying down would settle me a bit. I hadn’t met Mark before. All our contact had been over the internet. He responded to something I had written and before long we were communicating. He sounded interesting, and from his description of himself, much like me. So we continued to email each other, sharing a few secrets and apparently developing a long distance relationship.

But now he was coming to my town on business and we had set up a meeting. The thought of meeting him for the first time was what had me so upset. I wanted it to go well. I had laid out specific clothes to wear. I wanted to appear to be confident, attractive and maybe a bit sexy. But my mental state was making me act like a teenager on his first date.

The truth be told, over the past couple of years I had become a bit bi-curious. I really had little experience with being with another man, other than man to man massages. But that was it really. They consisted of me receiving a massage that usually included a happy ending. Admittedly a couple of times I sucked the cock of my naked male masseur. But nothing happened beyond that. And now, here I was, expecting a visit from a man I hardly knew. What was I really expecting? What did I think was going to happen?

So my plan was to dress professionally, yet with a hint of willingness. I guess I wanted something to happen even though this was our first meeting. I was ready for something to happen, even though I was nervous. And now the bell was ringing.

I had fallen asleep. Mark was at the door. There was no time to dress, so much for planning, so I grabbed my robe and headed to the door making up excuses for my appearance as I went.

Mark’s emails had revealed something about him. Physically we were very much alike. And apparently we were very much alike mentally. He had also come to recognize a curious streak. His emails didn’t reveal any of his experiences, but somehow I got the feeling it was similar to mine. He wanted t try something, to experience something. Maybe he wasn’t sure what. I know I certainly wasn’t sure. If he is really like me, and I think he is, than he’s just looking for the right time, the right opportunity. Perhaps he’s waiting for the right guy.

“Was I the guy?” I thought as I stumbled out of the bedroom struggling to get my robe on. We had come this far in our emails I didn’t want him to leave before I answered the door.

As I pulled my left arm through the sleeve of the robe I noticed a face at my front window. It was only for a second, a man looking in as if to see if anyone was home. Even at a glance, for it disappeared quickly, it was a striking face. I pulled my robe closed wondering what had already been revealed. Then, taking a deep breath and holding my robe tightly, I opened the door.

Before I could speak Mark spoke up, “Good Morning, you must be Will.” His voice sounded gentle, if a bit deep and he smiled as he spoke. His smile was wonderful, warm and friendly. I could only nod and opened the door wider inviting him in.

Shutting the door behind him I finally found my voice. “Yes, and you must be Mark.” It was his turn to nod politely. It was obvious we were both shaking in out proverbial boots. His smile continued to hide his nervousness. He was about my height, just under six foot and pretty close to my weight and build. Except for hair and eye color we were very similar. And those eyes, a beautiful green color. They were piercing yet gave off a warm, caring sensitivity. Suddenly I felt a comfortable feeling overcome me. This wouldn’t be so bad a meeting. He was pretty much what I expected. There hadn’t been any lies. I began to relax a little and extended my hand as a welcome.

I continued to hold my robe tightly closed has he took my hand. “I’m sorry,” I motioned to my more than casual dress, “I guess I fell asleep, the door bell just woke me.”

“No problem.” He replied with that disarming voice, “I understand, it’s good to finally meet you. I’ve been looking forward to today since we started emailing.”

Than, rather spontaneously, our hand shake turned into an embrace. I found my self with my arms wrapped around this man I had just met. And it, he, felt good. We held the embrace for what seemed like a minute, but it was probably no more than 5-10 seconds, then I pulled slowly away. My hands rested on his shoulders as I spoke, “Please excuse me while I get dressed, come in and have a seat. I won’t be long.”

I was looking into his gaziantep escort eyes, being drawn in by their warmth. The eyes and the smile, he had pretty much won me over. And again, the voice, “Don’t both to change on my account, I kind of like the robe.” His smiled widened.

It was then I realized we had connected. First it was through email, but now, with him in my living room, I realized that the long distance connection was real. I also realized that standing before him in a partial embrace, my robe was completely open. “I guess it is a bit late for formality.” And with that I fully embraced him again, but this time it included a kiss.

The kiss started like one you’d expect on a first date. But as we kissed, meekly at first, Mark’s hands moved beneath my robe finding my bare ass. When he pulled me tighter, our hips pushing together, the kiss became intense. Our tongues searched for, than entwined with each other. It became passionate. The waiting, the expectation and the nervousness seemed to vanish, at least for the moment. We were together, my robe open, my nakedness pressed against his firm body. While the kiss continued there was no question, there was no worry. There was only this moment, this kiss.

Finally my head cleared a bit and I again moved away slightly. Smiling I closed my still opened robe, covering my now raging hard on. “Let’s sit down for a minute and catch our collective breath,” I managed to whisper. Marked nodded and, of course, smiled. I motioned to the two loveseats arranged in front of the fire place. At first we sat opposite each other.

It was only 10:30 in the morning, but I thought perhaps a drink would settle my now rocketing nerves and libido. “Can I get you something to drink,” I asked, looking for support in my need for alcohol based reinforcement.

“Maybe just a glass of water,” was the reply. My hopes for a fortifier nullified. I got up and moved into the kitchen. While I was getting the water he asked a few polite questions about the townhouse and the décor. I answered accordingly and ask about his flight and business trip. Everything was very cordial, not reflecting the intensely sexual kiss that had just occurred.

I returned with the water. My robe opened slightly as I handed the glass to Mark. We both smiled as I moved to sit beside him on the loveseat.

He finished off the water quickly and moving his arm behind me, resting it on the back of the sofa, he turned his still smiling face to me. “Now,” he said in that calming yet commanding voice, “where were we?”

I didn’t need any encouragement. With my robe now wide open his hand found my hardening cock as my mouth found his. Again our tongues explored each others mouths. I tried to move closer to Mark, aided by his arm pulling me toward him. We began to neck like teenagers. With me closer to him, Mark let his hands go to work. First he managed to make short work of my troublesome robe, leaving me completely naked for his exploration. And explore he did. His hands were all over me, caressing my chest and nipples, wandering across my bare thighs to my rock hard dick. All the time, our lips locked in an intensely sexual kiss. It was than that my mind cleared, if only for a second, as I realized what was happening. Everything I had fantasized about, what I had hoped for was happening. This wasn’t blowing a naked masseur. This was what I had anticipated; this was what we had emailed about. This was passion. All our descriptions of what we’d do if we ever got together were coming true. As Mark continued to caress my nakedness I tried to push my tongue deeper into his mouth, my lips pressing harder against his. I was filled with an incredible lust and wanting for this man.

I pulled away briefly to catch my breath, my head leaning against the top of the loveseat. Mark leaned closer even as I dropped my head back. But his focus wasn’t on my lips, his head dropped down toward my chest. Softly, gently he kissed my nipples, his tongue flicking at them as they grew hard. His hands lightly brushed the hair on my chest and abdomen. His sensual touch made my skin tingle. I let out a quiet, pleasurable groan. But Mark didn’t linger on my chest. Slowly he moved down my body, his tongue gliding across my stomach until it reached the closely trimmed pubic hair just above my pulsing, stiff cock. His right hand remained brushing and caressing my chest while his left dropped down to cradle my balls. His tongue had progressed to my shaved cock and balls. Gently licking as he moved up the length of my cock, Mark let his tongue briefly linger on the head of my cut cock ever so briefly before he took me in his mouth. His left hand began a gentle, soothing caress of my balls and inner thigh as his mouth moved slowly over the length of my cock, engulfing its entire length. My head was still lying against the top of the loveseat, my eyes now closed, and the moan coming from deep in my throat was constant. What a feeling. It was wonderful, sexy, hot and pure pleasure. His tongue worked hard even as his mouth flowed smoothly over my dick. He was masterful. It took but a few minutes before I felt the pressure building. Clearing my head and regaining my senses I knew it would be too soon. Mark seemed to realize the same thing and even as I picked my head up from the back of the sofa, he was rising to meet me. And again we kissed, sharing the pre-cum still on his tongue.

I pushed Mark back against the sofa and broke off the kiss. Taking his hand I stood up. Now naked before him I pulled his hand to help him stand also. Looking deep into those sensual green eyes I brought my lips to his. As I did, I began to unbutton his shirt, even as we continued to kiss. I let his shirt drop to the loveseat and laid my hands on the soft, doe brown hair on his chest. Finding his nipples first with my fingers, I brought my lips down to delicately kiss and suck them. It was now his turn to moan. With my lips lovingly working his hardening nipples, my hands found his belt and with surprising ease unbuckled it.

Then I stepped back. Looking deep into his eyes I took his right hand in my left and said, “Follow me.” With me walking naked in front we headed for the bedroom. About half way there I felt his fingers on my ass. Instinctively I slowed allowing him to cup my ass cheek.

He let out a moan like, “Oh yeah.” Reaching the door I stopped and turned around. I took his belt buckle again and led him into the bedroom. Once inside I unfastened his pants and let them drop to the floor. He stood before me in his shorts, his cock obviously straining to be free. Again I backed away. This time I moved to the bed. I sat at the bottom facing him. Mark smiled and quickly pulled his shorts down releasing hard cock.

His cock was beautiful, about the same size as mine, but with a marvelous mushroom head. It was as he had described it, but even more appealing in person. I didn’t let him reach the bed before I leaned forward and took it in my hand and licking the pre-cum from the bulbous head, guided his cock into my mouth. Mark began to buck his hips and although I was sucking his cock it was as if he was fucking my mouth. And it was great. My tongued worked that wonderful head using his pre-cum as a lubricant. My cheeks collapsing with pressure as I sucked him deep into my mouth. It was wet, it was fabulous, it was messy and it was wonderfully hot. I grabbed his now bare ass with both my hands and helped him push his hips toward my waiting mouth. I got the feeling I could bring him off right there.

So I pushed back on the bed, ending up on my lying on my back, my legs spread slightly. “Hmmm…” I whispered, “That tastes good, I like that.”

“I’m sure you do,” was his smiling reply, “And there will be more of that soon. But right now….” He moved onto the bed on his knees and spread my legs wide. It was my waiting cock he was after. I bent my knees to give him access as he took me in his mouth again. This time there was no stopping him. He worked his mouth and tongue over my cock with abandonment. Pre-cum and saliva mixed in a messy, well lubricated performance. Every now and then he let my cock drop from his mouth as he licked my inner thighs and my cleanly shaved balls; even moving down below my ball sack to lick the sensual area beneath. I was going wild and when his fingers moved down across my ass to my wanting hole I thought I’d pass out.

First one finger, than a second entered my asshole, gently probing the opening. All the time Mark continued to suck me. I was now loudly moaning and moving my ass about the bed. I’m surprised, thinking back now, that he was able to keep me in his mouth. When the two fingers probing the opening of my rectum suddenly plunged deeper inside me, I knew I was finished. I wanted to scream, I wanted to yell something, to let Mark know I was going to cum hard. But nothing came out except a loud, pleasurable groan of release. I shot my hot load of cum into his waiting mouth.

Mark managed to keep most of my cum in his mouth, swallowing hard. But some leaked out, running down his lips and chin, even as I continued to shoot my load. My head fell back on the bed, my legs spread wide with Mark still cleaning my cock. When he was finished he move up beside me.

His kiss was wet with saliva and cum. I tasted my own cum on his lips and tongue as he moved close beside me, holding me tight. My cock stayed semi-hard as I tried hard to catch my breath and gather my thoughts. I still wanted Mark. I wanted him in my mouth. I wanted him inside me. But for now, I wanted him to hold me. And he did.

I don’t know how many minutes past before I returned somewhat to my senses. I was still in his arms, but I could sense his hardness had not subsided. Actually, lying there with him I remained semi-hard. I wanted him.

I rolled toward him on the bed and once again kissed him deeply, my hand finding his still rock hard manhood. The kisses were still intense, but short lived as I moved down his prone body to his hard cock. Slowly I licked the engorged mushroom head of his cock. Then I licked and kissed its entire length. I had moved beside his spread legs. And then he was my mouth. His cock was hard, hot and throbbing. I wanted him to cum. I wanted his hot load to spew down my waiting throat.

Kneeling on the bed beside him my ass was next to his chest and within easy reach of his hand. As I continued to lick and suck his member I felt his hand run gently across my bare ass. It lingered for just a second before moving to the crack between the soft round cheeks and down to my asshole. Again his fingers entered me. But now with a purpose, he was dilating me. Above the noise of my slurping, wet sucking I heard his voice, “Do you have a condom”. I understood completely, but didn’t want to stop sucking his cock. Finally I let him drop from my mouth and nodded.

It took only a few seconds to find the condom and lubricant. I gave them to him. As he opened the package I returned to his hard dick. I wanted him inside me, but I wanted to swallow his load. Mark made the decision. He moved out from under me and guided me onto my back on the bed. Then he moved between my legs, again spreading them wide. He positioned himself between my now bent knees. Grabbing a pillow he instructed me to raise my ass in the air. When I did he put the pillow under me and brought my legs up high. I was completely exposed lying spread open on the bed.

The lubricant was cold, but I knew what was coming and now I wanted Mark more than ever. The large head of his cock pushed against the opening of my asshole. Gently but firmly it pressed against the soft tissue. And then it started to slide in. At fist it was uncomfortable, but as he applied firm pressure I opened up to him. His stokes were slow and short, only as I took more of his cock did they increase in length. Before long the unpleasantness passed and he filled me. His slow, methodical stokes started to speed up. I felt him deep inside me and I loved it. I tried to lift my hips in time with his increasingly rapid stokes. As he pushed into me, I pushed up against his thrust. Soon we had a rhythm, and we were both moaning with pleasure. I wrapped my legs around him.

“Oh, yes, yes, fuck me hard, fuck me hard.” I heard my own voice cry out. And he did. His stokes now faster. He wasn’t just pushing into me; he was pounding my ass with his hard cock. And I took him. I took every inch of him. I didn’t want him to stop. The sensation was beyond description. The fullness of his cock inside me, the force of the thrusts into me, were incredible. I was fully hard again, my cock bouncing on my abdomen in time to the piston liked movement of his dick.

I knew he was going to cum soon. I could feel it in his cock and hear it in his groans. I wanted him to cum. Now I didn’t care. He could cum in me, on me, wherever. I wanted him to feel the pleasure he gave me. I wanted him to feel the pleasure he was giving me.

And then he pulled out. What had happened? When I opened my eyes his cock was next to my face. On his knees by my head he was pushing his dick into my mouth. I took him. I didn’t have to work to suck his member. He was still fucking me. But now he was fucking my face. In and out his hard cock thrust till suddenly he stopped moving. His entire body tensed and he let out a loud groan. His cock, deep inside my mouth, exploded. I tried to swallow it all but gagged. Semen spilled out onto my cheeks and nose. Still I tried, keeping his cock in my mouth until he was spent.

Mark collapsed on the bed. Finding new energy I moved down beside his hips and continued to lick and suck his cock clean. Then I collapsed next to him.

We didn’t speak for a long time. Both of us lay there naked, spent, our breathing hard and fast.

It seemed like hours had passed, but in reality it was only forty five minutes. But it had been forty five minutes of incredible pleasure. I had not experienced anything like it, or like Mark. I turned to face him on the bed. Our breathing still rapid, we again kissed each other deeply. Both of us tasted like cum. Neither of us spoke for a long time, but we knew we had experienced something special, something we had both been searching for.

Mark had to leave for his meeting, but we planned to get together again before he flew home. We had both been curious before hand, now we knew. We weren’t curious anymore. Now we knew what we wanted. While we would continue in our on-going male to female relationships, the experience of man to man sex would not be forgot, and would definitely be repeated.

I watched from the bed as Mark dressed to leave, wishing he could stay just a bit longer. Naked I walked him to the door. I embracing him, one last kiss lingering as our tongues intertwined, I wanted him again.

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