Cousin Tabby Ch. 02

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For those of you that you have been reading along about Ronnie’s journey, I hope you are enjoying it. I need to give a hearty thanks to Randi, editor extraordinaire, for taking time away from her busy schedule to assist in the polishing of this endeavor. You make me sound good. For you readers, enjoy, JDC.

Part 6 Holidays

The night before Thanksgiving, Uncle John called and said he would like to see me. I walked across to his house, and, as was my custom, walked right in. He was waiting for me in what he liked to call his study. It was just a room with a big flat screen TV and several bookcases full of books. There were also a couple of big padded chairs and a bar.

“Sit down Ronnie. I’ve wanted to talk to you for some time.,” he said. “You’ve grown up well, Ronnie, and I feel you’re quite a man. I need to ask you a question. Have you been sleeping with Tabby?”He looked at me in his normal strong way, and said, “Don’t bother to deny it son, she’s already told me about it. I suspected it for some time. She was always so happy and everything was Ronnie… Ronnie… Ronnie.”

“I’m sorry Uncle John; it was a question of circumstances.”

“I can’t say I’m happy about it son. Legally, it isn’t a problem, but community wise, it’s still looked down upon. Do you understand what people were going to say? Do you love her enough to survive that kind of bigotry?”

“The answer to your question, Uncle John, is yes I love her very much, but I think it’s a moot point. She broke it off with me two days ago, before she came home.”

“That explains a lot, Ronnie, especially the fact that she has been sulking around here like somebody pissed in her cornflakes. Frankly, I’m relieved, not for just her sake, but for yours as well. She is a little spoiled and strong willed, which is my fault I suppose, but it’s a bad combination. I don’t think you have the personality to stand up to that, but I have to admit that she sure could have done worse,”

“You have to know, Uncle John, I love her dearly, but I think you’re right.”

He then asked me how Robbie and Miranda were. We had a long conversation, in which I told him that Miranda came home with me, but Robbie had a game and couldn’t make it. He told me about what was going on around his ranch and that he’d had a good year.

I excused myself and went home to get some sleep. It had been an emotionally tiring evening.

During the night Miranda slipped into my room and climbed into bed with me. No one else was home, so she was all over me within a minute. We fucked twice during the night and we woke up next to one another, which was a good feeling. She then wanted me to do her in her ass, so I accommodated her.


I didn’t see Tabby until Thanksgiving dinner, since I was trying my best to avoid her. She called Miranda once and asked her to come over. She sure didn’t mention me, so I was relieved.

At Thanksgiving dinner, I was sitting across from Tabby with Miranda at my side. All I was getting from across the table were cold, heartless glares. I just didn’t let it affect me. My dad asked me if I got to see much of Tabby up at school and I thought Miranda was going to spit her drink all over the table. He just looked at her funny.

“Sorry Daddy, it went down the wrong way.”

“Yeah, Dad, I see Tabby and Miranda all the time, they even have me over for dinner once in a while.”

“Excuse me, I need to leave the table.” Tabby was up and gone from the table.

Miranda said, “I’ll go check on her; maybe she’s ill.” With that, Miranda got up and left as well.

Uncle John said, “I haven’t seen people leave the table so fast since the old days. Bunch of hands pissed off the cook and he put soap in their beans. They were shitting bubbles for two days solid.”

“God, John, and at the dinner table too,” My dad said as he started laughing at his uproarious uncle.

We all just howled and sat there laughing. Tabby and Miranda came back in a while, with Tabby’s red eyes clearly visible. You could tell she’d been crying. Uncle John asked her if she was okay and she said yes.

The rest of the Thanksgiving break was relatively uneventful. Tabby and I didn’t see each other, but she and Miranda went Christmas shopping together on Black Friday. I just stayed home and studied. I did have a chance to call April, and we talked for quite a while. I asked her for a date for Saturday and we went to the cinema. Afterword we went to be local diner for burgers and fries. She asked me if this was going to be a regular thing and I told her it could be if she wanted it to. She smiled and said absolutely.

I explained to her that I was a little bit on the rebound from Tabby and she said it didn’t matter; she would take what she could get.

I was kind of excited when I went home, thinking I might finally be on the track fate had intended. I guess that wasn’t to be.


When we got back to school, April and I had several dates and the coat hangers görükle escort bayan spent many nights on the doorknob.

I really started to feel like I had something good going with April. We went out on a lot of dates and did a lot of things that young couples in college do.

One morning when I was waking up in my room, with her in my bed next to my side, I got up to go to the bathroom while April was still asleep. As I looked down upon her naked body, I thought about how lucky I was to have such a vision sharing my bed. When I came back from the bathroom, I lay in beside her and snuggled up tight, trying not to wake her. She stirred just a bit, rolled over onto her back and I kissed her with a great deal of passion and love.

“Ummmm, good morning, Ronnie.”

I began leaving butterfly kisses from her neck down her chest, pausing to pay tribute to her breasts. As I took her nipple in my mouth and began nibbling and sucking she started moaning loudly. As I traveled lower and got to her navel, I could smell her arousal. I just had to taste that wonderful pussy. I began sliding my tongue from the bottom to the top of her slit. I slid two fingers into her hole and started a come here motion with my fingers till I found her G spot, while tonguing her clit. She was going crazy now and begging me to finish her. As she soaked my hand in her orgasm, I sucked her with more suction then I had ever done in my life.

“Oh God, Ronnie, I love you; I love you so much.”

I was startled when I heard her say that. We really hadn’t talked about love and commitment, but I definitely was ready to move our relationship to a higher level.

“I love you too, April.”

I thought I would start my day off with a bang, pardon the pun, so I slid up and entered her and began a steady lovemaking rhythm. As our physical force increased and she came, I unloaded inside her.

“Oh, Ronnie, I want to be with you forever. You are my life now.”

“Let’s meet at lunch and talk about us, April.”

I could hardly wait for lunch time to see April. As we met and began eating, we talked about our wants and needs, planning our future. She said she wanted to build her career as an accountant and I talked about me being an electrical engineer. This is when things started to enter strange territory.

I told her that I would probably need to go east to find a job in my chosen field. She said that she had always wanted to go back to our hometown to become a CPA. I pretty much brushed that off and didn’t worry about it.

I told her if we were going to be married; we needed to wait until after school, so we’d have all that financial stuff behind us. She pretty much agreed with that.


We were both floating on a cloud in our relationship for the next 11 months, which quickly stopped when we went home for Christmas break. Since we had been inseparable for almost the last year, April accompanied me to the annual family Christmas party, while Robbie was there with Karen Dawson. Unbeknownst to Miranda or me, he kept In touch with Karen while he was in school and they were still an item. Tabby and Miranda were there together and seemed to be enjoying themselves. I hadn’t seen much of Tabby at school and when I did it wasn’t pleasant.

Whenever I came to visit Miranda, Tabby wouldn’t speak and kept giving me death stares. Miranda knew I was happy with April and seemed to be glad for me. I looked at Tabby and thought about my feelings for her with a sense of sadness, wondering what could’ve been. I quickly forced those thoughts from my head. I was with April now and I was quite pleased.

It concerned me a little when Tabby caught April alone and I could see them in a heated discussion. I knew that couldn’t be good, especially when Miranda talked to her, as well. From my standpoint, they both seem to be rather serious discussions, too serious for this festive occasion.

While I was taking April to her parents house after the party, she kind of blindsided me, saying, “Ronnie, what about kids? How soon you want to have them?”

“I’d like to have kids as soon as we can. If we have them early in our marriage, we will have our health and be able to do active things together as a family.”

“What about our careers? Are you seriously going to the East to work? I want to come back here for my career.”

“There is no coming back here for me; there are no places I can work in my chosen field here.”

“Ronnie this isn’t going to work for me. I want to come back here; I need to come back here. I also don’t want kids until later. I want to build my career first.”

“April I want to build a life with you, but I can’t do it here.”

“If we can’t do it here, we can’t do it anywhere.”

“Are you saying you don’t love me enough to follow me? You can be a CPA anywhere.”

“I love you Ronnie, but I’m coming back here to live my life. Tabby said you didn’t love me enough to come back here.”

“I love you, altıparmak eskort April, and I would come back here if I could, but I can’t make a living here as an electrical engineer. This is an agrarian area, not an industrial one.”

“Ronnie, I hate to do this, but we need to go our separate ways, it just won’t work between us.”

“April, I can’t believe that you’re not even willing to give this a try. If you love me enough, we could make this work.”

“If you love me enough, you could do something else and come back here with me.”

“Well then, I guess I don’t love you enough because I’m not going to piss away all that I’ve worked for somebody that selfish.”

She started crying hysterically, telling me she never wanted to see me again. As I pulled up in front of her house, she told me she to never call her again, got out of the car, slammed the door and ran into her house.

This ended my hopes and dreams of a lasting love with April.


I spent New Year’s Eve with Miranda at the hometown hotspot in my melancholy mood. Miranda was trying to cheer me up by inviting me to spend the evening with her. I just didn’t think she wanted to be alone either. Even the dancing, which normally stimulated me, wasn’t having the desired effect. I asked her what she had talked to April about that night and she told me. April had asked her what my feelings were towards kids and Miranda told her. She thought that I wanted a large family and told her I would be an excellent father. The thought of that dropped me into a larger funk thinking about April. Things were going rather slowly and then my mood changed.

Tabby walked in dressed to the nines. I don’t know why I was so happy to see her, but my mood changed instantly. She came over, sat down at our table, and began chatting with Miranda like I wasn’t there. An old friend of Miranda’s came over and asked her to dance and she got up and went to the dance floor with him. Tabby looked over at me and surprised me by saying, “Shall we?”

I got up, grabbed her hand and led her to the dance floor. It was a slow dance which was why it surprised me so much that she had asked me.

“Are you ever going to start speaking to me again, Maxwell?,” she asked as we were dancing.

“Not if you’re going to call me that.”

“That depends. Are you going to stop throwing other girls in my face?”

“April wasn’t being thrown in your face, Tabby. I really felt I had a connection with her and it had be explored. Oh well, it’s a moot point now.”

“She wasn’t for you anyway, Ronnie, you know I’m your woman.”

“You made it very clear to me, Tabby, that you weren’t my woman the last time you spoke to me.”

“Oh that, let’s just say we’re even. I want you back, Ronnie; I never wanted to let you go.”

“Tabby, what did you say to April the night of the party?”

“I just told her that she was wasting her time trying to get you to come back here with her, that you were destined for bigger things in other places.”

Being in her arms again made me feel happy, as well as a little apprehensive. I had a nasty foreboding that I was making a mistake, but I didn’t have a clear enough head in my loneliness to be able to think too deeply about it. About that time, it was midnight and we kissed passionately and hugged tightly on the dance floor.

“Does this mean were back together, Tabby?”

“This means you’re mine again, and don’t think you’ll ever leave me again.”

I went over to Miranda at our table and said, “I hope you don’t mind, Sweetie,” and kissed her softly on the lips.

She just smiled and said, “Happy New Year, Ronnie, I love you and wish you a loving new year.”

With that, Tabby and I left together in her car. She took me back to my house and followed me up to my room. Dad was away on a flight, and other than Miranda coming in later, we had the house to ourselves. She grabbed me and practically dragged me up to my room. When we got in the door and it was shut, she was on me quicker than a duck on a June bug. She began pulling my clothes off quicker than she had any time in our other times together.

She dropped her knees, undid my belt buckle and pants and pulled them down. She reached up and got a death grip on my cock, slid her mouth over the crown and began blowing me.

Licking the now copious flow of pre-cum off my rock-hard rod, she looked up and said, “God, Ronnie, I’ve missed your cock. You shouldn’t have deprived me of it,” as she blew me to orgasm, swallowing every drop.

“That was much your fault as it was mine.”

“Let’s not quibble at a moment like this. Rip my clothes off and fuck me hard. I need this; I haven’t had a cock in me since that last night that you fucked me. I need it badly.”

I pulled her up from her knees and pushed her onto my bed. She was pulling clothes off as quickly as she could get them off. I had forgotten how incredibly beautiful her body was. nilüfer escort Her creamy white skin was soft and supple and called me to caress her. I dropped my head between her legs and began paying homage to her beautiful wet pussy. As I slid my tongue into her swollen gash I relished her taste. I slid two fingers into her soaked vagina and found her G spot while thumbing her clit. She was screaming now, and writhing on the bed. She went stiff, screamed, thrusting her pelvis toward me, spraying girl cum all over my face. I loved the taste of her cum, so I licked up as much as I could from her crotch and her thighs.

“My God, Ronnie, I’ve never cum like that in my life. Look what I did to your face, you poor dear. Come up here.”

She began licking herself off my face voraciously, and then shoved her tongue in my mouth to duel with mine.

It didn’t take me long to get hard again with Tabby’s assistance. I looked into her eyes and slid my rejuvenated hardness inside her. I was ravaging her and she was pushing back with equal lust. She came twice during our animalistic fucking, the second one pushing me over the edge. As I came in her, she told me she loved me.

“This time around Tabby, no more surprise threesomes and no fucking other girls.”

“Anything you say, Honey, this time you’re mine forever. I’ll do whatever you want.”

“All right, this will only work if you quit playing with other girls.”

“Anything, Ronnie, anything.”

Part 7 Reprises and Surprises

Things went along normally once we got back to school with Tabby picking up where April left off. The only hiccup was when I was studying one evening and there was a knock on my door. I opened the door to see Miranda standing there and I welcomed her in. She started to grab me like she was going to kiss me, but I pushed her away. She looked at me with a surprised look in her eyes.

“Miranda, we can’t do this anymore. I’m going to stay true to Tabby. It’s what I expect of her and I could expect no less from myself.”

“Ronnie, Tabby worries me. She really loves you and she’s throwing every part of her being into her relationship with you, to the exclusion of everything else. A person can’t do that, and have a healthy life.”

“Miranda, have you and Tabby screwed around with each other since I’ve been back together with her?”

“No, Ronnie, I would never do that to you. All she ever talks about is you and your future together. She thinks that you are hers, now and forever. I just don’t feel it will work, I know you both too well. It just doesn’t feel like you’re right for each other.”

“I hope you’re wrong, Sis, I don’t think I could stand another letdown like April. I love Tabby dearly.”

“Ronnie, I hope Tabby loves you as much, but I believe she thinks that she has you, no matter what.”

I kissed Miranda on the cheek and sent her on her way. I went back to studying, which was a normal evening for me this semester.


Tabby and I went to movies and dinner together, just like normal people dating. I was really getting to know her personality and I was really growing to love her even more. Things were going so well for us, but I still had a strange sense of foreboding that I just couldn’t shake. Things went well for a couple of months and then it came to a screeching halt.

I was sitting in my room studying because Tabby and Miranda were going to a party by themselves. Dempsey came in all excited.

“Dude, I got to tell you what happened tonight, it’ll blow your mind.”

Dempsey was not one to go around bragging about conquests, but he did share with me what really impacted him personally, since we were good friends.

“Ronnie, Libby and I had the hots bad tonight without any place to go to relieve our itch, if you know what I mean. Then she said she knew a place that she might take me. So she took me to this house on Meeker Street.”

As soon as I heard that that major sense of foreboding came back with a premonition, like I knew what he was going to say. I knew I wasn’t going to like it.

“This really pretty looking tall redhead opened the door and Libby asked her she could use a bed. She just motioned with her head behind her to the stairs and told Libby to use the second room on the right.”

“When Libby and I got into it, I was really pumping her hard and when she came, she passed out.”

“That’s pretty neat, Dempsey, but not unusual during hard sex.”

“That’s not the unusual part, Ronnie, the weird thing happened after that. All of a sudden the redhead comes waltzing into the room and says she wanted some of that too. She was drunk, and I wasn’t in any shape to accommodate her, so she starts sucking my cock.”

“Let me tell you, that girl could give a blow job. She had me hard in no time. She just got on top of me and impaled herself. She was really fucking the hell out of me, but kept saying the craziest thing, ‘slam it to me rabbit killer’ over and over.

“Dempsey, did you happen to catch her name? Did she have beautiful green eyes that seem to look right through you?”

“Yeah her eyes were killer, Bud, and I think her name was Tammy… no it was Tabby… that was it. Why do you know her?”

“Yeah I do, and up until tonight, she was my girlfriend.”

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