Cottage Pie

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All characters in this story are over eighteen.

“No,” said Violet adamantly, “I intend to be a virgin when I get married. I think it’s something that the boy I choose will expect of me.”

“Do you want him to be a virgin too?” I asked.

“I don’t think so, but that will depend on who captures my heart.”

“You sound like a bad romance novel,” jeered Luce. Her name was Lucinda, and we called her Luce for short as she hated Lucy. “How about you, Bailey?”

“Yes, I’m still a virgin, but I’m not married to the idea,” I said trying to make a joke. I’m an only child who went to an all-girls boarding school. Unfortunately, beyond normal social interactions, I have had no experience with boys. Actually, this summer was the first time I have been away from home on my own.

“Well, we know about you Luce,” said Nora, “I hear the boys call you ‘Juicy Lucy.’ I hadn’t heard that before and Luce looked annoyed.

“Look who’s talking. Your rep makes me look like a prude,” responded Luce.

As you will have gathered, we girls were discussing our sexual experience or lack thereof. I found this exciting as I had never been part of such a frank discussion before.

“Have you really done it?” I couldn’t help asking Luce. I didn’t really know any of these girls, but my cousin Luce had taken the initiative to invite us all to her parents’ cottage for the weekend. Her parents were apparently travelling in Europe. I was going to start college this fall, but I gathered the others were all starting their second year but some like me had had to work fulltime for a year before going.

“Yes, a few times but just with one boy.”

“Weren’t you worried about getting pregnant?”

“No, I’m on the pill.”

“If you believe Nora, she’s done it lots of times,” she continued.

“It’s true,” said Nora, “I like doing it and every boy is different. I had no experience until last year when I started college. The first time wasn’t great but then there was another boy who knew what he was doing. It started as a sort of curiosity and there were so many boys in my courses. Once I had a little experience, I really started to enjoy it. Believe me boys like a girl who knows what she’s doing.”

“How many times have you really done it?” asked Rachel.

“Eighteen,” replied Nora without hesitation, “with eleven different boys. Well, nine boys really and two men.”


“Yes, the first one… I don’t know. He could have been close to forty. I was staying in a hotel on a ski trip at spring break and I fancied this young room service waiter. So, when he brought my breakfast tray, I let him find me sleeping naked with the sheet pushed off. Of course, I wasn’t really asleep but as he put down the tray and was turning to leave, I made a big show of waking up and rolled over on my back and stretched out my legs. Then I asked him to open the curtains. The sunlight flooded the room and I found it wasn’t the young guy but an older one. However, I was so horny one thing led to another.”

“Wasn’t he taking a hell of a risk? You might have shouted ‘rape’ or something.”

“I’m not sure he really believed I’d been asleep, but he was pretty sure that I wasn’t about to cry ‘rape’.”

I smiled at him and beckoned him over and when he came, I took his hand and put it on my tit. When he started to stroke it, I stroked his pants, and he got the message. We were all done in fifteen minutes or so. The only real risk was that he went and told someone, but I found he was married, so maybe not. Anyway, we were leaving that morning, so I wasn’t worried.”

This talk was really making me feel a little juicy myself, a growing moistness in my panties.

“Did you have…you know…an orgasm?”

“I don’t remember I having one with him, but I’d already rubbed up a good one waiting for him to arrive. I expect the room was filled with pheromones when he entered.”

“What are pheromones?” I asked.

“They’re like sexy scents that animals give off when they are ready to rut,” answered Rachel.

“And I was ready,” emphasized Nora.

“Holy Cow! You are a totally awesome slut!” said Luce.

“Luce may have only fucked one boy,” said Rachel “but she gave hand jobs and blow jobs to half the freshmen in her classes and to hear my twin brother talk she let them feel her up pretty good. That’s why they call her ‘Juicy’.”

Luce laughed; she wasn’t even blushing.

We had arrived at the cottage that Friday evening, stopping for burgers on the way. The cottage was one of two that overlooked a little sandy beach in a secluded bay.

It was my first time at a lakeside cottage, and I suspect Violet’s too. We didn’t go on ski trips or foreign vacations like Nora and Luce. It wasn’t that we were too poor; it just wasn’t our lifestyle growing up. Violet and I are African Americans, Luce and Nora are whitey-white and Rachel looks a sort of exotic middle eastern Arabic type.

“Have you ever given a boy a blow job, Bailey?” asked Violet.

“No, I’ve never even seen a penis, except the Ataşehir Escort pictures in the biology book,” I answered honestly.

“Maybe, we’ll be able to do something about that. It depends if Chad comes up,” said Luce.

“Who’s Chad?”

“His parents own the cottage next door, and they are travelling with my parents right now.”

“I didn’t see a car there.”

“No, if he comes, he’ll probably get here quite late or even drive up first thing in the morning.”


I was awakened by a sound outside our room. I was still getting used to the idea that the cottages around here were as big or bigger than most houses I knew, not the quaint little dwellings I’d been picturing when I was invited.

Violet and Nora were still asleep, and I slipped out quietly without disturbing them. Rachel had been sharing with Luce. The sound turned out to be that of a screen door sliding open and I saw Luce in a terry cloth bathrobe standing on the veranda outside the living room. It was a sunny day, and the sun already had some warmth in it. I tiptoed over and came up behind her. She was looking through a mounted telescope and it was angled down towards the shore.

She sensed my presence, turned briefly then whispered, “Chad’s here,” and indicated the telescope. I looked through and saw a young man carrying a towel walking out on his dock. He put down the towel, looked around. He dropped his swim shorts and did a long shallow dive into the lake. He swam vigorously for about two hundred yard and then trod water.

“Let me see,” said Luce. “Ah yes, his customary skinny dip. Now you’ve seen your first real penis.”

“No, I saw his naked butt though.”

“Well, keep waiting. Be patient,” She kept looking through the telescope.

Without its magnification I could still see the figure swimming around in the lake sometimes lazily on his back and then breaking into a vigorous crawl. Then he began a slow breaststroke back to the dock.

“Your turn,” said Luce and I put my eye to the telescope as he swam the last few yards to a metal ladder. As he pulled himself out of the water, I got my first glimpse, a side view, of ‘the penis.’ It looked rather tiny and shriveled, and I must have said so, for Luce said, “Well, the water’s pretty cold.”

As I watched he was looking around again as he began toweling himself dry. He toweled his crotch vigorously for a while before raising his towel and scrubbing it across his back. There had been quite a transformation. His penis had grown substantially as it hung between his legs. He put down the towel and instead of picking up his shorts he looked around and then lay down on the towel in the warming sunshine. After a moment, his right hand dropped to his crotch, and he began gently playing with his penis. I was enthralled. I knew boys masturbated but I’d never seen such a thing.

“My turn,” said Luce, “Oh, you naughty boy! He’s not such a bad size now. I wonder if he’ll stop.”

Just as she said it, even without the telescope I could see him lift his hand away from his penis and sit up. He looked around him again and turned and looked up towards our cottage, but I was pretty sure he couldn’t actually see us. As he couldn’t see our driveway before turning into his, he probably had no idea we were even here.

“Come on, don’t quit now,” whispered Luce, and as if he had heard her, he lay down again and gripped his penis again. I realized that although he was in full view of our telescope, he was mostly hidden from the bay by the motorboat tied to the dock. I could see his hand moving more rhythmically now.

“OK, your turn,” said Luce,” Your chance to watch his happy ending.”

The magnification of the telescope was quite impressive. I learned later it was for bird watching on a sanctuary on the island offshore, but right now I could almost hear him grunt as he started speeded up his strokes to a blur raised his butt and a plume of milky, silky liquid shot from his penis.

“Good one!” said Luce with approval as Chad rolled sideways off the dock into the water and washed himself. He walked out of the water looked around again to be sure he wasn’t watched. He climbed onto the dock wrapped the towel around him, picked up his shorts and started to climb the steps to his cottage.

“Does he always do that?” I asked stepping away from the telescope

“Skinny-dipping is a cottage tradition.”

“No, I mean…you know.”

“Hardly, but then I can’t say it’s the first time either, although I never seen him shoot a load like that before. He must have really needed the relief.”

“He grew really big.”

“Well, OK, certainly nothing to be ashamed off,” said Luce, offhandedly.

By now I could hear a toilet flush and sounds that the others were waking up. I was still a little shaken, not to say aroused, by this utterly new experience. Of course, in reality I had been a long way away, but with the telescope I felt as though I could have reached out and touched it.

As she left the veranda Luce Anadolu Yakası Escort stripped off her robe and walked bare-assed through the living room and into her bedroom. Rachel was standing naked by the bed and sorting out some clothes to wear. She had evidently just showered.

“Why bother?” said Luce, as Rachel looked at her, “Come on, Bailey.”

Rachel nodded as Luce headed for the en-suite. I hesitated then followed Luce, as I heard the shower turn on. I dropped my PJs on the bathroom floor and followed Luce into the shower which was double the size of ones I was used to.

“My parents often shower together,” said Luce, picking up a shower brush.

“Nudity is pretty normal in our family. My dad often skinny dips before breakfast but he doesn’t rub one off on the dock. If he’s feeling frisky, he comes back and jumps my mum. When they are here, I’m usually not an early bird and I often hear them having a good healthy session. Mum’s not all that good at keeping quiet if she has a wicked orgasm. Sometimes I just have to bring myself off while I listen to them.”

This was so different to my home, where modesty was an absolute rule. I knew my parents had a healthy sexual relationship, and although I occasionally heard them at night when they thought I was asleep, I had rarely seen my mother nude except in the change rooms at the swimming pool and I had never seen my father naked.

While she was talking, Luce indicated to me to turn around while she put some shower gel on my back. She then briskly scrubbed my back before turning me around and rubbing a washcloth over my body. She lightly massaged my tits and then pulled me towards her and ran her hands down my butt and into my butt crack as if it were the most natural thing in the world. She brought her right hands forward and ran the washcloth over my vulva. She dropped the washcloth and lightly fingered my clitoris and smiled as she felt me respond.

“There we go, enough for now,” she said and kissed me. I didn’t quite know what to think. I was still a little aroused from earlier and now was totally confused.

“Let’s all get some breakfast,” she said.

By now I noticed we were all walking around naked, even Violet. Luce put on an apron, as she put bacon into a frying pan and lit the gas.

“Never fry anything totally naked,” she said, and then broke eggs into a mixing bowl.

I was totally impressed by how matter-of-factly she handled everything. In a few minutes we all sat down and to scrambled eggs and bacon with lots of buttered toast. We sat on dry towels and ate as if we had never eaten before.


After breakfast we put on our swimsuits, and all went down to the beach. Luce and Nora wore quite revealing bikinis; mine was a little more modest. Rachel and Violet wore one-piece suits although Rachel’s was quite sheer but its bright red colour stopped it from being see-through. We fetched loungers from the shed and lined them up along the shore.

After about twenty minutes Nora said, “I’m going to swimming. Who’ll join me?”

Violet jumped up and I remembered she had said she would be trying out for the swim team in the fall. She followed Nora on to the dock. “Can we dive off here?” she asked.

“Sure, but don’t dive deep,” answered Luce.

They both dived in and swam out a ways. Nora swam back in and came out saying, “Well, that’s refreshing!”

“By refreshing I assume you mean bloody cold,” said Rachel.

“You could say so.”

I looked out and Violet was still swimming away from the shore. I hoped she knew what she was doing. I couldn’t relax while I was watching her but after about ten minutes she came back still swimming strongly.

“Aren’t you cold?” I asked as she came up the beach.

“Not really, I prefer cold water when I’m really swimming. Most pools are too hot.”

“You swam a long way out.”

“Tomorrow I might swim to that island,” she said, “It’s not too far. I’m planning to swim Lake Ontario next summer.”

“Wow, that’s serious.”

She picked up a towel, looked around and then undid the straps on her suit and rolled it down to her waist. When we had been running around naked earlier, I hadn’t really looked at her. I looked at her now as she dried herself off. She was really stunning; her breasts were beautiful, and her nipples stood out like doorstops. No doubt because of the cold water. She was much darker than I was. Her parents were immigrants from Trinidad, whereas we traced our lineage back to Southern slavery. She looked around again and then peeled her suit right off, quickly wrapped herself in the towel and sat down on her lounger.

“Hi Luce,” came a man’s voice from the other side of the beach. It had to be Chad.

“Hi Chad, come and join us,” shouted Luce, as Chad came bounding down the steps.

I saw the blood leave Violet’s face. “I hope he didn’t see me,” she said wrapping the towel more tightly around her.

Chad came over and Luce began to introduce him. I realized I knew him. Kartal Escort Well, I didn’t really know him, but I knew I had met him somewhere before.

“Hello, Bailey. Have you done any painting this summer? I really enjoyed that watercolour course last spring.”

Of course, that’s where I’d met him. He was very talented in using aquarelles.

“Glad to meet you, Rachel,” as he turned towards the others.

“Glad to meet you too, Nora. I hope I remember all your names.”

“And very glad to meet you, Violet. That was quite an impressive swim.”

I saw the blood flush Violets face and throat as she held the towel tightly while shaking his hand.

“So was yours,” I couldn’t help saying, and Luce laughed, as it was Chad’s turn to blush, “Of course, we could only see you out there in the distance,” I lied, and Luce restrained another laugh.

Chad was wearing jeans and a light blue short-sleeved shirt that showed his nicely toned upper body. He had blonde hair, blue-grey eyes and a hint of fair stubble suggesting he had not met with his razor this morning.

“Did you come up last night?” asked Luce.

“No, I got up at five thirty and drove up this morning. Had my swim as soon as I got here and then had some breakfast.”

“Are you staying through Monday?”

“I have some friends joining me in an hour or so. They’ll stay until Monday noon, but then they have to get going so I’ll probably leave then too. I have to get back to work on Tuesday.”

“What work are you doing?”

“I’m training as a massage therapist. Next year I’m going to study physiotherapy at McMaster.”

“How long have you been training?”

“For this past year. I already got accepted to McMaster but not until next year, so I’ll complete both professional qualifications at some time in the future. I want to specialize in sports medicine.”

“That’s impressive,” said Rachel and we all agreed.

“I just wanted to come down and meet you all, but I should get back and prepare for the guys.”


After he left Violet said, “Do you think he saw me?”

“He said he did.”

“No, I mean when I got naked.”

“Who knows? You weren’t exactly parading up and down. So, if he did it was a pretty brief glimpse.”

“I wouldn’t have done it if I thought there was anyone here.”

“I don’t think he’d lose sleep over it. Bailey and I saw him skinny dipping when he got here.”


“Oh, yes,” I said, but left it at that.

“Too bad we can’t skinny dip or get an all over tan,” said Rachel.

“I’m not going to let a few boys stop me” said Nora and peeled off her bikini top and started applying SPF 50 to her pale breasts.

“Good idea,” said Luce, and did the same. It was pretty clear that Luce went topless a lot as her breasts were quite tanned. They both lay back on their loungers.

Rachel adjusted the towel on her lounger, lay the back flat and lay face down on it. After a couple of minutes, she peeled down the top of her one piece to her waist exposing her tits briefly before lying flat on them. I guess she wanted an even tan on her back. Makes sense if she had any plans to wear backless evening dresses. I thought about it. Unlike Violet I’m light enough that I do take a tan if I stay in the sun for a while. There was undoubtedly some interracial hanky–panky in our heritage or so I suspect. Violet was still wrapped up in her towel, but I followed Rachel’s lead, lay on my front and undid the strap on the back of my bikini top.

After half an hour or so Luce said, “time for you guys to turn over, I’m going to fetch the cooler with some drinks.”

Violet picked up her costume and still holding the towel to her chest followed her up to the cottage. I raised my head and got a nice view of her naked bum as she retreated up the short flight of steps to the ground floor deck. I heard Nora and Rachel moving and looked over. Rachel was now lying face up with her costume pulled up over her tits. Nora lay face down, but then pulled the ties of the side of her bottoms and exposed her bare ass to the sun. She was now totally naked just lying on her tits and bikini bottoms. I also turned over and lay my bikini top over my breasts and lay back. The sun was very bright even though I closed my eyes. I’d not brought my sunglasses down to the beach.

“What the hell?” I thought, and lifted my bikini top off my breasts and placed it over my eyes. Unlike the other girls’ my top was substantial enough to shut out the sun nicely. “My tits could do with a little sun,” I thought. They were always the palest part of my body.


I must have nodded off, if only briefly, because the next thing I heard was Chad saying “let me give you a hand with that. I raised my head shaking the cover off my eyes and looked round. Chad was helping Luce with the cooler although she must have already come down the steps because in a couple of steps, they were right beside me. They put it down and I felt Chad eyes on me. That’s when I realized I was topless, and my top was somewhere on the ground beside me.

“Be cool,” I thought, “he’s seen tits before.” So, I just sat up and said, “Hi.” That’s when I realized three other young guys were with him.

“Hi, again, Bailey. Bailey, these are my buds: Harry, Donovan and Christian.”

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