Corrupting The Golden Boy Ch. 02


The next day I woke up with a headache. I headed off to the bathroom to shower and shave. I felt sick when I saw the dark purple hickeys on my neck. Tara was going to ruin me and I had no choice but to let her. I turned on the shower letting the nice warm water hit my skin.

As I showered I began to daydream about Doreen. I missed her and I really needed her. I knew I should have been more careful about where we went, but never in my life did I think my sister would catch us.

“Hey mind if I join you?” I suddenly heard Tara’s voice!

I turned around and almost jumped seeing her standing naked pulling the shower curtain open.

“Tara! Get out of here! I’m taking a shower! H-how in the world did you get in here?” I yelled at her.

She giggled and stepped into the shower with me. “Ah I used a credit card to open the door. It was simple, plus I need a shower too.”

“Tara, there is another bathroom in the house you know. Besides, Mom and Dad are downstairs!” I responded trying to cover up my cock.

“Yes I know that. I just want to shower with you. Is that so bad?”

“Yes it is bad! Tara please! We could get caught!” I begged.

“Mmm this water is nice,” she continued stepping closer to me and ignoring anything I was saying.

I watched as the water drenched her long hair and her naked skin. I needed to stop looking at her since my cock wanted to harden again.

“I need you to wash me bro,” she said.

“Wash you? What? You got two hands!” I snapped.

She narrowed her eyes at me. “Have you forgotten that I can ruin you?”

I sighed. “Fine! Let me wash you up.”

She smiled and handed me a washcloth. I lathered it up with soap and began to run it all over her body. My hands trembled as I got to her breasts. Her eyes filled with lust, were on me the entire time. I kept moving down to her stomach and her legs. I knelt down looking up at her.

“There I washed you up. Now please can I shower alone?”

She nodded. “No way. You’re not done. You didn’t wash my pussy or ass. You need to do that bro.”

I grabbed some more soap and reached behind her rubbing the cloth on her ass. She smiled and began to kiss my neck softly. “You look good with the hickeys I gave you,” she whispered.

I tried to ignore her and just get everything done. I was about to begin to clean her pussy when she stopped me. She looked right into my eyes. “Aidan, clean my pussy with your hand. Just lather up your hands and wash my pussy like that.”

“Tara I can’t do-“

“Yes you can do it and you better do it!” She demanded.

I put the washcloth down and soaped up my hand. Slowly, I reached in between my sister’s thighs and felt her baby smooth pussy lips. I gently rubbed the soap on her pussy and saw her eyes close. They fluttered with each movement of my hand.

“Mmmm yes. Like that bro. Oooh like that!” She moaned softly.

Her hands were on my shoulders while I cleaned her pussy with my hand. I felt her squirm with each stroke of my hand. The soapsuds were increasing little by little. I felt my cock hardening and I just had to keep reminding myself that this was my sister, not some hot teenage girl that any guy would kill to have.

“Aidan put your fingers inside of me,” Tara begged opening her eyes and looking right at me.

“Tara, please don’t make me do that,” I responded weakly.

Her eyes pierced at me. “Do it damnit!”

I took a deep breath and inserted one finger inside of her. She felt a little tight and so warm. Small little moans escaped her mouth as my finger went inside of her.

“Put another finger please!” She continued to beg.

I then inserted a second finger. She was coating my fingers now with her warm juices. I looked at my sister and her eyes were fixed on me. She pulled my head down a bit and planted a long wet kiss on my lips. We began to kiss passionately as if we had been lovers not siblings. My tongue slide inside of her mouth and massaged against hers. I found myself finger fucking my sister faster now and her moans were muffled by our hot kiss.

My fingers were now sliding in easily so I inserted a third without her asking me. I felt my cock hard as a rock by now. I couldn’t believe I was now enjoying this game of hers. I had to stop! Oh God I had to! But it was too late when I felt her body tighten and she trembled with delight. She was cumming so hard. She was cumming on my fingers!

“Hmmmmmghghhhh oooh yess! Oooh bro I’m c-cumming! Fuck!” She wailed out.

I kept a steady pace while she came. Then I slowed down letting her recover from her orgasm. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly opened. I gently took my fingers out of her pussy and she smiled grabbing my hand and putting my fingers in my own mouth.

“Can you taste me? Do I taste good?” She asked breathlessly.

I didn’t respond. I just kept sucking on my own fingers savoring her warm and sweet juices.

“Wow! Oh god that was hot! I don’t think I’ve ever cum on guys’ fingers before. Just my own,” Tara said calmly.

I looked Gaziantep Genç Escort away. “Don’t tell me that Tara. What you do privately is your business.”

She cupped my chin and made me look at her. “Well it’s true. I do masturbate. A lot. I masturbate thinking about you.”

I felt my cock twitch.

Her eyes moved down and widen as she stared at my huge hard on. I tried to turn away, but she stopped me.

“I want to suck your dick,” she blurted out never taking her eyes off my cock.

“Tara, no! Please get out. Mom and Dad are downstairs probably looking for us both!”

She giggled and reached up to give me a peck on my lips. “I know this won’t take long,” she said slowly getting on her knees.

Once on her knees, she looked up at me with the most loving blue eyes. I felt uneasy, yet so excited. Many brothers dream of having their sexy little sister’s suck them off and now that this fantasy was coming true, I still felt so dirty for wanting it.

She took my cock in her hand and ran her tongue on the head. I tried not to moan but it was almost impossible not to. I was breathing hard not even stopping her. She was licking my precum quite nicely with each stroke of her tongue. I just stood there feeling almost helpless watching my sister lick my cock.

After licking all the gooey precum, she slowly took the head of my cock and put it between her lips. She looked up at me and smiled sweetly. I gasped as she began to take inch by inch of my cock inside her mouth. I immediately felt the heat of her mouth engulf my cock. The sight of my sister moving her lips up and down my cock and the water drenching her beautiful body set me on fire!

She moaned softly as she sucked my cock. Her luscious lips caressed my cock so nicely. I moaned as quietly as I could which was so hard. Her eyes stayed on me the entire time. I wanted to avoid looking at her but she looked so beautiful sucking my cock. I placed my hands on the back of her head and stroking her long hair. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I blew my load. I also know it was going to be an intense orgasm.

Tara was blowing me better than Doreen ever had. I didn’t know if it was so hot because she was my sister or because she was just so damn talented. I didn’t care at that moment. I just wanted to spill my cum in my sister’s mouth and watch her swallow it.

“Hmmmgghhh I’m gonna cum!” I whispered excitedly.

Tara moved faster on my cock wanting so desperately to milk it. I felt my balls swell up with my cum and my body began to tremble as Tara’s had earlier.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

I suddenly heard my father banging on the bathroom door. It was too late though I was already cumming!

“Aidan? Son? Are you alright in there?” He asked in his deep voice.

“Y-yes! Oh yes! I’m f-fine!” I barely managed to say.

My cum shot inside my sister’s mouth and she swallowed it up. Every drop. My father’s interruption hadn’t stopped me from cumming.

“Have you seen your sister?” My father continued.

I was totally out of breath. “N-no d-dad! I don’t… know where…Tara….is,” I managed to say.

He left and Tara got up laughing softly. “You taste delicious! I could swallow your cum everyday!”

I tried to hide my shame and felt my face turn red. “You could have gotten us busted Tara.”

She put her arms around me. “So what if I did? I’d be glad to tell Mom and Dad that we are lovers.”

I pushed her away gently. “Lovers? Tara no we are not lovers!”

“What are we then?”

“We are brother and sister.”

“Do brother and sister do what we just did?”

“Well…no but you are the one who is playing this sick game.”

She grinned wickedly. “Yes that may be. But you love it don’t you bro?”

I didn’t want to admit that somehow I was getting used to Tara’s seductions and actually looking forward to them. No! Wait I didn’t mean to have said that! I had to stop my evil little sister. She was taking things too far. Oh but God she could suck cock so good!

“Well, I’ll leave you alone now. I’m gonna go wash up in the other bathroom but I’ll see you tonight,” Tara said leaving.

“Tonight?” I asked puzzled.

She turned back and smiled. “Oh that’s right you weren’t here last night. Well last night the chief invited all of us for dinner at his house. You’re lover will be there or shall I say your ex lover.”

My heart sank. I had no clue about any of this. I had to try to find a way to get out of all this. I was worried about the hickeys my sister had left me and now I was even more worried about Doreen being there. It was going to be a hellish night!

* * *

“Aidan?” I heard Tara’s voice later on that evening.

She entered my room wearing a stunning white spaghetti strap dress that brought out her beautiful tan skin. Her hair was pinned up with curls dangling around her face. She looked beautiful.

“Yeah?” I muttered.

“Why aren’t you dressed? We are leaving in half an hour.”

I narrowed my eyes at her. “Why do you think I’m not going?”

She giggled. “I don’t know. Why?”

“Tara! Come on! Look at my neck! How in the hell am I going to cover this up? I don’t have any turtlenecks and it’s hotter than hell outside. Plus I can’t be in the same room with Doreen and her husband.”

Tara paced the room slowly. Her beautiful breasts bounced up and down as she did. “Well you’re going whether you like it or not!”

I stood up feeling furious. “What? No way! I know you’re not going to make me go to this dinner party! Tara, please!”

She laughed so wickedly. “Nope. You are going. If you don’t go I’ll just have to explain to Mom and Dad why you didn’t want to go.”

I sighed and sat back down on my bed. I felt so ashamed. “Fine! Get out so I can get dressed!”

She scoffed and slowly walked out my room. I couldn’t help but look at her long slender legs. “I don’t know why you’re kicking me when I have seen you naked already,” She teased.

I watched her leave and I threw myself back on the bed. I felt my heart racing knowing this wasn’t going to be an easy night.

* * *

As we got ready to head to the Davis’ home, I felt my body so weak and my stomach going into knots. It’d be the first time I’d see Doreen in over a few days. I wore my black slacks and blue and white button up short sleeve shirt. There had been no way to hide the hickeys. When I stepped out to the living room, where my parents and sister waited for me, I saw the shocked look on my parent’s faces.

“What in the world happened with your neck?” My father asked surprised.

“Uh- well it’s uh…”

“Aidan you know that doesn’t look very nice,” my mother added.

“I know I’m sorry, ” I apologized and saw Tara grinning from ear to ear.

“Well Mom, Dad, it looks like your golden boy had been a bad boy,” Tara said making things worse.

I shot her a dirty look, but my parents agreed with her. “Now son, I hope you’re not out running around with bad girls. You can’t have that right now. You’re doing so well in school and everything else.”

I nodded but felt like a hypocrite. “Yes Dad I know. It was just some girl I met the other night. No biggie.” My eyes looked towards Tara who’s eyes looked saddened by my remark. I didn’t care. She was messing me up big time tonight and she loved it!

* * *

Once at the Davis’ lavish home, we were immediately greeted by Chief Davis. He was a tall and muscular man his middle 50’s. He had a friendly attitude and loved my father to death. My father was a hard worker and one of the best cops in town.

“Hey Aidan!” Chief Davis suddenly said looking at me.

I felt my heart pounding. “H-hey chief!”

We shook hands and his grip was firm. I wanted to just run out of that house. “Well looks like your boy has been quite busy huh?” The chief asked my father while they stared at my hickeys.

I turned beet red and even more so when I noticed Doreen was standing behind her husband. She looked amazing in her short black dress that was quite low cut. Her hair was down and loose. She stared at me blankly as her husband pointed out my hickeys. I could see the hurt in her eyes.

“Well hello there Mrs. Davis,” Tara blurted out.

I saw Doreen’s face turn white as a ghost. “H-hello Tara,” she responded nervously.

“You’re daughter has gotten to be very beautiful,” Chief Davis told my father.

“Yes she has, but she can be quite a handful,” my father added playfully.

“Well I’m sorry I can’t be as honest as Aidan,” Tara added playfully.

Chief Davis laughed and Doreen looked away. “Well you are all right on time. Dinner is ready to be served. Come on.

We walked into the Davis’ dinning room. I could feel Doreen and Tara looking at me. I felt nervous and awkward. Sitting down for dinner was even worse I got stuck sitting in between Tara and Doreen. It was the most uncomfortable feeling. We listened as my father and Chief Davis talked about work and my mother joined their conversation.

Doreen ate silently and I could hardly eat. I watched as Tara ate her food as if she hadn’t eaten in days. I was trying to concentrate on the conversation that was going on when suddenly I felt a soft touch on my thigh. It was Tara. Her hand slowly rubbed up and down my thigh immediately arousing me. I looked over to her and she smiled sweetly and got that lustful look on her pretty face.

My heart pounded. Tara kept rubbing my thigh. I felt my sister’s hand sliding closer to my cock, which was already hard.

My parents and Chief Davis kept talking while Tara kept molesting me. Her gentle strokes on my cock were making me hot. I kept trying to look at ease, which was so hard to do. I found myself closing my eyes feeling the pleasure of my sister’s hand enticing cock.

“Aidan? Don’t tell me you’re sleepy already?” My father asked looking strangely at me.

“W-what? N-no! I’m just a bit tired,” I lied. Tara was still rubbing my cock.

“Honey you’ve been quiet all evening. I hope you don’t find our conversations boring?” Chief Davis asked his wife.

“Not at all,” Doreen said softly trying to avoid looking at me.

“Yes it’s fun daddy!” Tara added cheerfully.

They went back to their conversation and I was so ready to cum. I couldn’t cum! Not there in front of my parents while my sister stroked my cock! No way!

“Hmmghh,” I let a moan slip out.

My parents and Chief Davis stared at me. I gasped for air feeling spurts of cum shooting out of my cock. I shifted my body trying to hold still but it was almost impossible. Everyone but Tara stared at me with confusion. I saw Doreen’s puzzled look as she sipped her wine. It felt as if I couldn’t stop cumming! My pants were drenched and my sister slowly removed her hand away from my satisfied cock. I kept hoping the smell of my cum wouldn’t fill the room.

Tara was giggling and my mother frowned. “Tara, behave yourself. Aidan, honey are you sure you’re OK?”

“Y-yes. I’m f-fine,” I said in a scratchy voice. “May I use your bathroom sir?” I asked Chief Davis.

“Yes sure go ahead it’s right down the hall second door to your right,” he said.

I quickly got up hoping no one could see the wet stain on my pants. Once in the bathroom, I took a deep breath. It had been such a hard orgasm I was still trying to regain my strength. I found some washcloths and used them to clean the sticky cum from my cock and boxers. I cleaned whatever I could. It had only been a little over 5 minutes when I heard a soft knock on the door. I figured it would be Tara bothering me again. I was going to let her know how much she embarrassed me.

I opened the door and instead of seeing my conniving little sister, I saw Doreen. She stood there looking at me with a sinful smile.

“Hey handsome. I’ve missed you!” She said quietly.

“Doreen? Do you need the bathroom?” I asked nervously.

She nodded and closed the door behind her. “No. I need you.”

She put her arms around my neck and began to kiss me. I quickly pushed her away and just glared at her.

“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you’re already in love with someone else?” She asked staring at my hickeys.”

“No. It’s not that. It’s just that…..well you really hurt me last time but just leaving me the way you did.”

She looked sad. “Well, I had to leave. I’m sorry. You’re sister hasn’t told anyone has she?”

“No,” I responded not daring to tell her why Tara hadn’t told anyone.

“Well I was wrong for saying that you and I could never be more than just lovers. I’ve thought about it a lot and I know I’d be willing to leave my husband for you.”

My heart was racing. “Really?”

“Yes! Aidan these past few days without you have been hell!”

She put her arms around me again and we began to kiss slowly. Her tongue quickly found mine and my hands automatically found her breasts. Oh she had really nice firm breasts! We were lost in a long wet kiss, when I felt someone watching. I quickly moved away from Doreen and saw Tara. She crossed her arms and shook her head.

“Mrs. Davis, I think your husband is looking for you,” she said in a firm tone.

Doreen looked down and then at me. Without saying anything she left the room. I knew I was in deep shit with Tara.

“Tara, before you say anything-“

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear your lame excuses Aidan. Didn’t we discuss this? Didn’t you say you would stop seeing Mrs. Davis?”

I nodded. “Yes, but-“

“But nothing. Just wait until we get home.” She said furiously.

She began to walk away and I grabbed her skinny arm. “Tara, please don’t say anything. I’m sorry. I’ll do anything.”

“Oh you bet you’ll do anything. Just wait until we get home.”

With that, she walked out the room leaving me in fear. What the hell was going to happen?

* * *

We got home the evening and Tara kept silent the entire way home. I was still living in fear of what she might do. Would she tell my father? Would she tell Chief Davis? I had no clue what this devious sister of mine had in mind.

My parents headed to their room and Tara went to her own room. I decided to go shower up since I still had sticky cum on my thigh. After the shower I walked into my room and it was no longer a surprise that Tara was there waiting for me. She wore her tiny gray cotton shorts and a black baby tee. Her hair was down and hanging loosely.

“Well bro are you ready for your punishment?” She asked smiling.

I sighed and held on to the towel around my waist. “Tara, please can we forget about what happened earlier? I told you it was an accident.”

She nodded. “No it wasn’t. That woman has a complete hold of you and you know it.”

I closed the door behind me slowly.

“Lock it,” Tara demanded.

I gulped and locked the door. She stood up and had the same pair of handcuffs she had when she made me eat her pussy. She dangled them in the air and laughed softly.

“Ok bro, lay on the bed so I can handcuff you,” She ordered.

I knew there was no point in arguing with her. She would tell my father about my affair with his boss’ wife and that would be the end of my father’s trust in me. I couldn’t lose that trust. I walked over to my bed and was about to lie down.

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