Convalescent Leave Ch. 02

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There were other incidents that occurred while I was on leave that bear repeating. Here’s one of them:

About two weeks into my stay, Cheryl called me at my mom’s house. Apparently, in all our conversations, she had never mentioned that Theresa had joined the Air Force herself. She had flown into Dover Air Force Base for three weeks of leave, but neither herself nor Cheryl were expecting any difficulties in picking her up from the airfield. See, without a military ID, Cheryl couldn’t get onto the base, nor could any taxi drivers to get Theresa off. Needless to say, I was more than willing to lend a hand and I drove up to Dover and picked Theresa up.

This vacation was turning out to be one big surprise. I had never been too attracted to Theresa while I was in school, but damn, had she gotten hot! I guessed that if the Army’s physical training regiment had done what it had for me, similar results could have been expected for her as well on the Air Force side. (Little did I know the joke that Air Force physical conditioning is, but that’s another story.) She had put some meat on her bones, and although I tried not to gauge too hard, she had definitely gone up a cup size, at the very least. She almost didn’t recognize me (why do so many people have that problem, I wonder?) but when she did, her eyes almost popped out of her head and through her glasses. “Michael? Is that you?”

“The one and only.” We shared a quick hug and I helped her out to my car and drove her to the front gate. As mother and daughter reunited I excused myself to go back to my mother’s house, but Cheryl stopped me: “Can I ask you a favor? I couldn’t get off work tonight, so would you mind staying home with Theresa? I’m sure she doesn’t want to be at home alone…”


“I’ll make it worth your while.” She used that sexy, seductive voice that people use when they’re trying to get something out of you. The bad part about it is, I couldn’t refuse, no matter how uncomfortable I might have felt with sleeping with a woman while her child was in the house, especially when that child was older than me. I drove Theresa home while Cheryl went into Dover to work for the night. It was only 6 o’clock, and neither of us had eaten, so we stopped at a small eatery on the way to Newark to grab a bite. We didn’t do a whole lot of talking on the road or in the restaurant, so our arrival had a slightly strange air hanging over it.

If silence is strange, then what happened next was outright bizarre. I brought Theresa’s bags into the living casino siteleri room and put them in the closet, and when I turned around Theresa was face to face with me in just a bra and panties! As much as I would have liked to ask her why, she was kind enough to answer that question for me by planting her lips on mine and stripping me of my clothing as best as I would allow her without damaging anything. Something about this seemed wrong, but my already hard cock betrayed any moral conjecture I might have normally had.

“So? You been with a lot of military chicks?” she mouthed between heated, sloppy kisses. I responded that I hadn’t; I’ve learned that if somebody asks you if they’re your first at something, it makes them feel, I don’t know… special, I guess. In this case I was right. She was determined to show me what I had been missing; what an airman had that a civilian didn’t. Whether there was anything special that set her apart from any other woman I’d been with I was more than willing to find out.

She ran her hands across my chest, lightly raking her nails across my skin. Being the control freak that I am, I hated that; that was the one thing that revved my engine like nothing else. I clutched her ass (not a light grab, but a forceful grip) and pulled her into me. She parted her thighs just enough to allow my cock to come to rest against her slit before closing them tight. I could feel her getting wetter by the second, and it felt like her snatch was actually trying to suck my cock into it. There was no wasted motion with this girl, as she pushed me onto my back on the kitchen table, pulled up a chair between my legs, and made a meal out of my cock, which by then had grown to its full erect length. I don’t know who was enjoying this blow job more, me or her.

“Damn, where did you learn how to do that?” With another woman, I wouldn’t have had the gall to blurt that out, but Theresa just didn’t strike me as a very sexually active person. She took it in stride, though, mouthing out a barely discernible, “What, you mean this?” as she put her lips on my balls. Now I’m not the biggest guy on the planet (I might be working with 8 inches, give or take; all I know is I’ve never gotten any complaints) but never, and I mean never, had a female deep throat me. She felt so good that I didn’t want her to stop, but I had to, even if just for a moment; just long enough to take her place in the chair while she continued her sucking under the table.

“Cheryl? You can come out now, I’ve got something güvenilir casino for you,” I called out. In my experience, no female makes as much noise with a dick in her mouth as Theresa was making, which meant that there was something she didn’t want me to hear. On top of that, every time I tried to sit up, Theresa pushed me back down, obviously to keep me from seeing something. Sure enough, Cheryl emerged from behind the couch, wearing nothing except a more-than-surprised look on her face. “How did you-“

“Shhhhh, just come and sit over here.” She did as I instructed, sitting on the edge of the table in front of me. I pushed her back down onto the table top as I had been lying moments before, spreading her legs to reveal her pussy, which glistened with just a hint of moistness. The smell of arousal gave her away, however, and I could tell she had been masturbating. It seemed kind of perverse, a mother pleasuring herself while her daughter sucked off her lover. Then again, how many people can say they boned a mother and daughter at the same time?

Perversion is good.

I ate Cheryl’s snatch inside out and back again while Theresa continued to suck my rod under the table. There was no romance in the air; only sheer, raw, animalistic sexuality. I was now at the point where no amount of oral sex in the world (giving or receiving) would have given me the quality of orgasm I was looking for. The dilemma lay not in what I wanted, but in who I wanted it from; that’s the problem with threesomes: somebody’s not getting the attention they want. Fortunately, Cheryl saved me from having to make that decision: “Let’s go into the bedroom; I want to watch you while you fuck my baby girl’s tight little pussy.”

Problem addressed, problem solved.

The three of us went and climbed into Cheryl’s king-size bed. Even after all this time, Theresa still had her bra and panties on, so I did the gentlemanly thing and helped her out of them before helping myself to her. As wet as she was, it was still first time tight, so I entered her as gently as I could, and even that wasn’t enough to keep her from trying to crawl the walls. Once I was in, however, Theresa’s cunt felt like it had been custom-made, just for me. We stayed in positions where Cheryl could see how well I was fucking Theresa. In truth, that was the only reason why I was having sex with Theresa: she was very attractive and extremely desirable, but the object of my lusts and affections was her mother, and there wasn’t anything I could canlı casino do about it.

Eventually both ladies were satisfied and Theresa went to her room and went to bed, leaving Cheryl and I in her bed.

“So… did you enjoy the show?” I asked her.

She rubbed lightly between her legs, and then waved her fingers under my nose. The smell of her sex was simply overwhelming, and I could wait no longer. Like an animal in wait I pounced, pinning Cheryl’s shoulders to the bed and her feet up by her ears. Since my two hands were full with Cheryl’s ankles, she was gracious enough to place my tip against her eager slit. I drove every inch of cock I had (and even a couple I didn’t) straight down into Cheryl’s hot snatch. The entire time I had been with Theresa I hadn’t come once, saving it all for this specific moment. Almost immediately I shot what felt like a pint of cum into Cheryl’s pussy, but by no means was I finished. I fucked Cheryl for what seemed like hours into an orgasmic frenzy, until she closed up on me in one long, perpetual climax. I felt another orgasm of my own building up, but I was determined to hold off on this one. My efforts took me to another world, it felt like: when you’re in a state of orgasm, but no fluids are flowing. I stayed in my own little world for another eternity until my visa finally expired, and I unloaded every drop of semen I had stored in my body into the willing lady below me.

I crash-landed back on Earth, breathing heavy, cross-eyed and hearing impaired for a good few moments. When everything finally did return to normal, Cheryl was laying next to me. “Can I ask you something?”

The five words I most hate hearing out of anyone’s mouth; doubly if it’s a woman, and triply if it’s a woman I’ve just finished having sex with. “Sure, go ahead,” was my terse reply, as I would have bet money on what she wanted to ask me.

“Why didn’t you like Theresa?” Blackjack, player wins.

“It’s not that I didn’t like Theresa; it’s just that I’ve been looking forward to being with you all day. I’ve wanted you all damn day, and as much as I liked her, I just wanted to be with you. To be honest, I had hoped that when we came to the bedroom, it would be just the two of us.”

Cheryl was clearly moved. “Really? Well then, why didn’t you say anything when I asked you to fuck her?”

“For you.”


“I’m into pleasing, that’s what I do, and it wasn’t that unreasonable a request. If it made you happy, that’s good enough for me.”

“Wow… nobody’s ever cared about me like that before, not even my ex-husband.”

“Well, I’m unlike anybody you’ve ever met before.”

As Cheryl pulled the covers over us and we said our good-nights, she replied, “More than you know, Michael, more than you know.”


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