Confession: Escalation to Incest


I was 23 at the time, young and wild, celebrating a Saturday night with friends and family. My girlfriend Anna (21f) and I were out with my younger sister Janet (21f) and her boyfriend Tim (23m). Tim and I were best friends growing up. I didn’t mind that he dated my sister, he was a good dude. Anna and Janet were childhood best friends and at that time, college roommates, so us four were almost always together. It was very convenient.

While out at a small downtown bar, our group meet up with my cousin Linda (25f) and a few of her friends. We drank with them most of the night, toasting shots and singing along with the band until last call. We were all smashed, staggering out to the streets, looking for cabs and talking about after parties. After a drunken debate, it was decided that Linda would pack in a cab with Tim, Janet, Anna and I. Linda had some real good pot at her townhouse, and only lived a few blocks from Anna and Janet, so we could smoke once we got back to their spot. During the cab ride, plans changed. Linda got sick and wanted to go home, but everyone else still wanted to smoke. We had the cabbie drop Linda and I off at her townhouse, so I could roll a few joints there, then walk back a few blocks to Anna’s, and meet back up with my sister and Tim to keep the night going.

Arriving at Linda’s, staggering together, like the blind leading the blind, I helped her to her room. She motioned to where her bag of weed was, and told me to take what I wanted. I started to roll two joints at her desk. I got one done and was working on the second, when I heard her struggling on the bed. She was trying to get undressed, but was having trouble kicking off her boots. I helped remove them, and then she laid on her back to unbutton her jeans. She got the zipper down, and started waving her legs, as if to tell me to help pull them off too. I took her pant bottoms and pulled toward me, sliding her jeans off, while pulling her closer to the egde of the bed in the process. She’s now in black panties, socks Gaziantep Olgun Escort and a tight T-shirt. I didn’t think much about it at this point, it just felt like I was helping her get in bed. Linda and I are first cousins, and we were close growing up. I didn’t feel like I was perving on her.

Once her pants were off, she sat up on the edge of the bed and put her hands straight up, high over her head, waiting for me to help with her shirt. I tugged from the bottom up, removing her shirt, revealing the black bra underneath. Again, I didn’t think much about it. Yes, Linda was a beautiful girl, young and tight, with a banging body. Of course I admired her curves, but didn’t act on any unpure thoughts. I just stood there, looking at her, glancing over every inch. When my eyes finally made it back to hers, she was looking up right back into mine. She took her shoulder straps down and turned her bra backwards, unlatching it, letting her breasts hang free. This was the first time I had ever seen my cousin topless, and I cherished every second of it. I felt my cock stirring, growing against my pants, until I felt both of Linda’s hands squeezing it through my jeans. She kneaded my cock, massaging it through the denim, until unbuttoning me and taking down my zipper.

As soon as my pants opened, Linda pushed herself back from me, removed her black panties and got on all fours in the center of the bed, facing away. I could see her arching her back, pushing her ass in the air, giving me a clear view and an open invitation to both her holes. I floored my jeans and boxers, stepping out of them all in one motion. I watched Linda’s right hand working her clit, while I started rubbing my thick cock. Watching my first cousin masturbate, on all fours, right in front of me was so fucking hot. With every long, slow stroke, my cock and I inched forward to her, until I found myself on my knees right behind her, my cock pointing right at it’s target. I felt her fingers fumbling around my girth, pulling my dick towards her preheated hole.

I’m longer, and a little thicker than a Redbull can, so I had some difficulty working my cock inside her, but she loved every inch of me. Her grunts turned to moans and could feel her rocking back to meet my thrusts. Her snatch became sopping wet. When I hit my full stride I could feel the juices from her pussy splattering my thighs, and dripping from my balls as I beat my dick in and out of her. I fucked her hard, with long thrusts from behind, until I noticed some movement from the open doorway, causing some light to shift from out in the hall. Standing there, watching us, was my little sister.

Linda’s face was buried in the bed, her loud moans muffled by the mattress. She was unaware that Janet was standing just a few feet away. My heart sank, scared stiff, caught by my little sister, with my cock buried in my first cousin. Linda felt me stop, then started begging me to keep going. She pleaded “FUCK ME”, then she took over. She planted her palms on the bed and wiggled her ass backwards to keep me inside her. I still had a hold of her ass cheeks, and started pulling her back towards me again, never looking away from my little sister. Janet stood in the doorway for what felt like a full minute, listening, watching, hearing everything. Her seeing us, what we were doing, and how it happened, was too much. I pulled out and shot cum all over Linda’s ass, filling her crack with my seed while it dripped down over both her holes. I was spent, in a euphoric state, when the sound of Janet knocking on the door frame brought me back to reality. I heard her say that Anna was out in the car waiting for me, so get cleaned up.

As soon as Linda heard the knock with Janet’s voice, she fucking flipped. She started grabbing at clothes, and sheets, and whatever else she could get under. I heard her mumbling things under the covers, and she told me I best leave, NOW. I got dressed and dried the sweat off, grabbed the joint I rolled from the desk, stepped out of her room, and left her townhouse. Seeing Anna’s Jeep, walking towards it, I prepared for the absolute worst. How was I supposed to explain this? As soon as I opened the door, Janet said they had gotten worried about me, I’d been gone so long, and they tried to call my phone. I hadn’t answered, so they drove over to see what was going on. Janet turned around to face me, and with a big smile, asked what took me so long. I said that Linda wanted to get high before going to bed, so we rolled one up and smoked, and that I had just finished rolling a second one, and was about to start walking back when they showed up. All this happened so fast, probably all spanning about 30 minutes from the time I was dropped off until now, so it wasn’t all that suspicious, other than my little sister catching us in the act.

It’s been 8 years since. Although we don’t hardly see one another anymore, I still masturbate to the thought my cousin. Linda and I have remained kinda close via facebook and birthday/holiday phone calls, but have never discussed that night with one another. On the other hand, Janet has mentioned it a few times. One night, a few years back, a conversation that started about tattoos, ended with us talking about my cock being pierced. It’s called an apadravya, and I tried to explain to Janet how it was different from a Prince Albert, but it was much easier to just show her instead. When I took my soft cock out to show my sister the piercing, she asked if she could touch the 8 gauge stud. She wrapped her hand around my flaccid dick, giving it several gentle tugs, all the while talking about how amazing the piercing must feel. While my cock grew in her hand, she made comments about how thick I was, and how she’s known it was big, ever since she saw me with Linda. She kept tugging lightly, massaging my dick, as she asked me about Linda. How long had it gone on? How’d it happen? Had I talked to her lately? That went on for a very short while, until she said, with a mischievous smile, that she didn’t want to make a big mess. I haven’t had another situation with her like that, but I’m definitely looking forward to the opportunity.

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