Complementary Fetishes Ch. 02

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The second part is a bit shorter compared to the first one. Still long compared to most stories. It’s shorter because I have less time to write and I thought the content would fit nicely in a “chapter”. The third part will probably take a while (months), but will be longer and more diverse. There is a good chance I will publish a couple shorter stories before chapter 3. Once again, the writing is crude and simple.

Thank you kenjisato for the editing. There should be fewer errors this time around.

What to expect: Cum swallowing, voyeurism, dirty talk, soft sub/dom, ffm, anal, deepthroat, face fuck, cuckquean.


It was late November. Sophia was eating lunch, reminiscing about the cum she ate from Paige in the remote second-floor bathroom. They were in the handicapped bathroom. Paige had her left leg on the toilet, holding the metal bar above the toilet paper. Some guy she knew nothing about was ramming Paige’s wet cunt. She was kneeling next to them, close enough she could smell the sex without any subtlety. Whenever Paige said, “Taste,” the guy would take his dick out, pointing it at Sophia. He wouldn’t move, at all, letting her suck the thick juice left by Paige and put it back in. Then he finally came inside Paige, deep. He slowly removed his dick, letting her do what she liked most. When he was clean, he pulled up his pants and left. He knew the routine. She then took her time sucking Paige’s creamy hole, full of his cum. She made herself climax with her mouth full.

Her daydreaming was interrupted by Mr. Thompson. “Hey Sophia, sorry to bother you during your lunch. I’ll need fifteen minutes of your time to talk to you about tutoring lessons.”

“Sure, no problem.” She followed him to his office. Mr. Thompson was the organizer behind the tutoring program. She had now cut down her tutoring lessons with Paige to once a week with a duration of an hour and a half. They saw each other plenty outside of the formal tutoring anyway, even studying math. They could theoretically stop the tutoring and it wouldn’t matter to their grade.

“Do you feel capable of tutoring a second student?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Good. The reason I wanted to see you in person is to discuss the fact that the other student is a boy. I usually try to pair students of the same gender to avoid awkward situations. In this particular case, however, there is no other boy available to tutor him when he’s available. He insisted on having the lesson Friday night. Because of your biology grade, because I think you’re a serious girl, and because of Paige’s results, I wanted to offer you the lesson.”

“I don’t mind tutoring a boy, I’m also available Friday nights.”

“Perfect, I’ll let him know. Here is his contact information.”

Sophia took the sheet and looked at the name. Lucas Brown. The shy guy? Okay. She didn’t think much of it. “Very well, I’ll do my best.” She got up.

“I’m sure you will.” They shook hands.

She texted Lucas with his number from the sheet.

> Hi Lucas, I’m Sophia, your biology tutor. Mr. Thompson said you wanted your lesson on Fridays. What time?

> Ok, give me your address.

She went back to eating her lunch.

On Friday night, she rang the doorbell. Lucas opened the door.

“Hi, come in.”

She went in expecting to meet his parents. There was no one.

Seeing Sophia move her head left and right made him smile. “There’s no one else, I wanted Friday night because it’s the only night there’s no one else in the house.”

“Why does it matter?”

“I just prefer it that way, easier to study and concentrate.”

“Who is there usually?”

“My parents, they have a party with friends every Friday. Sometimes here, but I was planning on canceling the lesson that day or moving it somewhere else. And my sister, who is currently working at the mall and will probably go out with friends after her shift.”

“Older or younger?”

“Older, by one year.”

“All right. When will your parents come back?”

“Around eleven-thirty. Let’s go to the kitchen.”

Sophia started her tutoring. He was smart enough, really polite, and kept a respectable distance. His shy personality was flagrant though, he never looked her in the eyes.

“I need to go to the bathroom before leaving.”

“Upstairs, first door on the left.”

Sophia went. After doing her business, she saw that a door was opened, she looked inside to satisfy her curiosity. There were some posters of rock bands on the wall, a guitar in the corner. The desktop computer wasn’t locked. Sophia couldn’t recognize the rock band represented in the desktop’s wallpaper.

‘Must be a music geek,’ she thought.

Looking at his empty room reminded her of her first-time tutoring Paige in her room, oblivious to how their relationship would evolve. Maybe it would be the same with Lucas? She came back down, said her goodbyes, and left.

On the way back home, she was thinking about having sex with Lucas. He was very sweet and shy, perfect for her güvenilir bahis first time. She had the intention of seducing him next time. Before Paige, she would have never thought that. She couldn’t imagine anyone wanting her. But all the things she did with Paige boosted her self-esteem. Later that night, she got a text from the girl that had made it all happen.

“Doing anything tomorrow? Sex with Melyssa and Jake at her house. Wanna watch, up close?”


Tomorrow afternoon, Paige and Sophia were driving toward Melyssa’s house. “So, should I introduce you as my cum-sucker sex toy, or as my best friend Sophia?”


“Good. You will have a lot of work to do. It won’t only be at the end like last time.”

“I hope so.”

“By the way, right now, we are only doing things with the people I know, but if you see someone you would like to try, you can let me know, and I’ll try to convince them. I can be very persuasive. Especially if it’s a boy.”

“Okay. But I don’t have anyone in mind. As long as you’re there, I don’t care who else we do it with.”

When they knocked on the door, Melyssa immediately opened the door with a “Hi.”

“Hi, mistress.”

Melyssa instantly picked up on Paige’s behavior, and noticed the ordinary girl standing next to Paige. This wasn’t planned. She still invited them in.

“Did our slut invite another slave for us to enjoy?”

“No mistress, it’s my personal cum-sucker, just a common sex toy. The more it sucks on cum, the more it is content. It gets off on it. It will only be watching on the side, ready to do its job whenever we need it.”

“I see… that’s fine. I’m not surprised a messy slut like you needs a personal cum-sucker. I’m curious to see her work. I know Jake is more than happy to make a mess. Let’s go into the living room.”

They resumed their normal behavior and started talking and drinking. “All right, let’s go to my bedroom.”

Once there, they started to undress. Sophia went to kneel in the bed corner.

“Umm, she knows her place. When did you first use her?”

“When master left his mess in my pussy.”

Melyssa now understood. “Haaa, that’s why you wanted every juice to end up in your slutty cunt. Did she enjoy it?”

“Yes mistress, she did.”

“On your knees.” Melyssa and Jake were kissing, she was rubbing his dick on Paige’s mouth. Paige stayed there, enjoying the feeling, although she couldn’t suck it, even if she wanted, with her mistress’s hand in the way.

“Do you want to be inside her throat, babe? Fucking her pussy mouth like last time?”

“Umm, I do.”

“I know that’s what you want, but what does she want? What do you want, little slut?”

“I want his dick deep inside my throat, mistress. I want him to fuck my slutty mouth.”

“You just want it?”

“No mistress, I need it. I’ve been craving his cock since the last time I came while he was filling me up with his thick cum. I want it again. Please, mistress. I need to feel it inside my throat.”

Melyssa pulled her up by the hair. “I fucking love to hear you beg. A perfect slut like you, begging for a cock I can have any time.” Melyssa kissed her violently and pushed her on the bed. She went into position, Melyssa laid on her, kissing her. Jake’s cock was in front of their faces. Melyssa took it in her hand, sucking his head. “Is this what you need, slut?” Melyssa was smearing his cock on Paige’s lips.

“Yes, mistress.” She was moaning, licking his dick. “I need it, please let him fuck my face. Please let master destroy my pussy mouth with his big dick.”

Melyssa lifted herself off her slave; she didn’t want Paige to have to support her weight in addition to getting face-fucked. She aimed Jake’s cock and said, “Go!”

He went deep fast, without any ceremony. Paige let out a satisfying moan when he pulled back, as if her life was empty before this moment. Melyssa was really getting off seeing Paige craving her boyfriend’s dick. A girl like her could have any man or woman, but she wanted HER boyfriend’s dick. Melyssa kissed her bulging throat, playing with her beautiful tits. They never looked at Sophia, making her feel like she wasn’t even there, exactly like she wanted

“I bet you want his cum, dirty slut. You want him to spray his sperm deep in your throat like last time.” She was biting her nipples. “But it won’t happen. He’s going to make a mess of your pretty face. Hmmm, yes. That pretty innocent face of yours. The face that everyone thought of cumming on at least once. Even those dirty old married professors. But it’s MY dick that’s going to do it.” She was caressing Paige’s wet pussy, fingering her. “Damn, you’re so wet. Are you thinking about the mess my dick is going to make? Are you thinking about who’s going to clean it up?” Melyssa felt pressure on her finger. “Oh, you like that don’t you? Having a personal cum-sucker. A filthy, dirty whore like you; I bet you’re using it all the time.” She was moving her finger faster. Jake felt her mouth clenching on his dick. Paige was cumming.

He güvenilir bahis siteleri let out a rope of cum inside her and quickly removed his dick. He flooded her face with cum. Paige was breathing hard, moaning. He was slowly jerking off, getting the last of his cum out, when Sophia went next to him. She put her lips on his tip and started sucking like she would on a straw. She then started eating the thick cum on Paige’s face, licking everywhere. Paige’s eyes were closed, appreciating the feeling of getting cleaned. Sophia was rubbing her clit, like she loves to do while working.

“Our little slut was lying, that cum-sucker reeeaaally loves doing it.”

“Babe, I want to make a mess with you and watch her clean you,” he said.

“That would be so hot. I bet it would feel so good having her clean the cum of my used pussy.” Jake went down on her to prepare her for a good fuck.

Meanwhile, Sophia was cleaning Paige. She already came. Paige’s face was clean, but she kept licking, kissing. She loved her so much.

Jake started to fuck Melyssa in the missionary position. They were very passionate. Sophia went behind them and watched as he fucked her. Not too fast, not too slow, making her moan with every thrust. She could see the white ring of secretions at the base of his cock indicating how far deep he was fucking her. It was very erotic, like they were in their own world, consumed by their pleasure. Paige went next to Sophia to watch, gently caressing her. They heard Melyssa moan loader, indicating a small orgasm. He kept the same rhythm. “Babe, I’m gonna cum. I’ll cream that sweet pussy.”

“Give it to me Jake, fill me up, give me your cum.” He let out two ropes of sperm inside and pulled out. One shot on her pussy, another higher, making a line from her pelvis to her breast. “Nooooo, put it back, I want it in me.” He went back, finishing inside.

“You can’t be greedy honey, let other people enjoy it too.”

She realized he wanted more than just to watch the cum-sucker munch on her cunt. “You’re right, sorry. Good thinking.” Their sweet fucking was over. “Dinner is served little cum-sucker, do your job.”

Sophia got up, and started licking the long line of cum that was on Melyssa’s belly. She quickly nibbled on her breast, then went back down. She took a few seconds to appreciate the sight. There was cum all over her pussy, it was magnificent. One ejaculation from Jake seemed to be the equivalent of two or three from Oliver. She licked all around, leaving her creamy hole for last. Paige never stopped caressing her. Seeing that she was almost finished cleaning around, Paige accelerated her movement. When Sophia plucked her mouth on Melyssa’s hole and started sucking, Paige vigorously rubbed Sophia’s clit, making her cum. Melyssa could hear Sophia moaning inside her cunt, feeling suction between the moans.

“My gaaawd, this is so fucking hot.”

Her job finished, she started lifting herself up when Paige put her hand on her head and forcefully buried it in Melyssa’s meat. She got the message and started licking her clit.

“Fuuuuuuck, you’re the perfect slave. You really know what to do. Yes, make her eat me.”

Paige sometimes put two fingers in her own pussy to soak them with her white goop and used them to open Melyssa’s labias, getting cleaned by Sophia in the process. Melyssa eventually climaxed quietly, panting.

“Ummm, that cum-sucker sure is fun. I really want to put her to the test. We already know she can eat Jack’s load with no problem. He probably just has one load left. Hmmm…” Melyssa was tapping her finger on her lips. “Babe, get my dildo from my top drawer.”

He opened the drawer and pulled out a mid-size dildo, the same size as his dick. He moved it to his nose, smelling it like a wine cork.

“It’s clean, dumbass. Spit on it and give it here. Little slut, take this position.”

Melyssa put her two feet on the wall, half her back on the bed, the other half on the wall. Paige went next to her, adopting the same position.

“Good,” Melyssa lauded, as she let herself back down, and invited Sophia to come closer with her finger. “Spit on it.” Sophia spat on the dildo, followed by Melyssa’s own spat. She then proceeded to insert it into Paige, using a slow movement. She looked Sophia in the eyes. “Here take my place. If you want cum so much, you’re going to make it. Most of it should stay inside in that position. Jake is going to fuck my ass and finish all over our little slut’s cunt. You will start feasting at that point. Meaning… the more you make her cum before Jack is ready, the more cum you will have. He came twice already, so he should last a while. Still, make it count.”

Sophia took the dildo in her hands and started to pump it. Melyssa was getting her ass fucked next to them. Sophia was looking at the white goo accumulating on the dildo. She started to mumble to herself “I want your cum, mistress. Please, give it to me, I want it so bad. I will do anything for you, I just want you to keep filling me with cum. I like iddaa siteleri cum, in general, but yours is the best. I could eat the most bitter guy’s cum in existence and enjoy it if it was mixed with your juice. You have no idea how much I love it, how eating it makes me feel. Please, cum for me, mistress. I want your cum.”

She was moving the dildo up and down rapidly, giving Paige an orgasm. “I like when you tell me to suck it. When you order me to eat it. When you show up unexpectedly with your divine creamy cunt ready for me to eat. I like when I see it fresh, anticipating the aftermath.” Sophia was drooling. “I can’t get enough of it, I want it all day every day. I’d be sad if I spent a whole day without your cum in my mouth. Cum for me mistress, this will be the most of your cum I’ve ever eaten in one sitting.”

Paige had another orgasm, hearing Sophia mumble like she was all alone in a bubble fantasizing about eating her cum, was making her so fucking horny. Goo was starting to drop onto Paige’s pelvis.

Sophia was scooping it up with her free hand. “It’s not enough, I want more, give me more mistress, please, pleeease.” Sophia’s hand was starting to hurt, so she switched. “Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me.”

“I’m getting close,” Jake said.

Hearing that, Sophie put her other hand on the dildo. She was ramming it in and out of Paige violently with her two hands. “I want it, I want everything your sweet cunt has to offer. Please, mistress. I want it… I want it… I want it… I want it…”

Sophia was in a trance, her pussy was feeling hot. Seeing her in that state gave Paige a powerful orgasm. Cum was rushing out with every thrust of the dildo.

“Nnooooo.” Sophia stopped moving the dildo to lick the leaking cum. She then removed it and threw it on the bed. “I NEED IT.” She put her mouth on Paige’s cunt and gripped her by the waist. She pulled her back, falling on the bed in a sixty-nine position. Paige lifted herself, straddling Sophia’s face. Sophia was drinking her cum like it was coming out of a bottle. Her pussy was pulsing, her orgasm lasted the whole time cum was flowing in her mouth. She was in heaven. She couldn’t tell why she liked Paige’s cum so much.

“Babe I’m cumming.”

“Just cum on my ass.” Melyssa felt his warm seed covering her asshole. When she saw Sophia was almost done, she pushed Paige off, and sat her ass on Sophia’s face. Sophia proceeded to clean her, licking everything. “Ummm good girl.” After she was all clean, she let herself fall on the bed next to her. “Fuuuuuck, that was really nice. Did you have an orgasm while eating Paige’s cum without touching yourself?”

“Yes, you got me all worked up by making me create the cum of my mistress. Knowing it was pooling, I couldn’t hold it.”

“Man, that was hot. You girls are made for each other.”


In the car on the drive back, Paige asked Sophia, “You like to eat my cum that much?”

“I do. What Melyssa made me do just unlocked something. A hunger inside me. But it’s only yours that I crave. I love you.”

“I love you, too. I’ll make sure to feed you until one of us dies.”

After a moment of silence, Sophia stated, “I started tutoring Lucas. I was thinking about having my first time with him.”

“Okay. Want me there?”

“No, I think I’ll try alone. We’ll do a threesome for sure, if it works out. Next time, I’ll try to seduce him. Any tips?”

“All guys are different and I don’t know enough about him to help you. Just try to be over-friendly, laugh at his jokes, and see if he warms up to you. But from what you told me, he might be too shy to even react to your advances. Let me know after your session and I’ll try to give you more advice.”

“All right. Are you up for another session tomorrow?”

“I am, what time?”

“After lunch, my parents have something in the afternoon for once. Just come whenever before that.”

The next day, Paige arrived at 1:00pm. Sophia’s parents were already gone. They were on the bed.

Paige asked, “So, anything you want to do in particular?”

Sophia went into her closet and pulled out the strap-on. “I want to fuck you!”

“With pleasure. Let me help you put it on. It’s best to use it with comfortable underwear so it doesn’t chafe. I suspect you don’t want a quickie.” She helped Sophia put it on. “Which position?”

“Can I face-fuck you?”

“Sure.” Paige went into position, head down the edge of the bed. “Don’t hesitate to talk to me dirty while you do it. You might even get me off.”

Sophia put the dildo in Paige’s mouth, doing slow and small thrusts at first, covering the dildo with saliva further and further until it was fully in. She started to fuck her mouth the same way she saw Jake do it.

“Melyssa is right, you really are perfect for sex. You have the most magnificent boobs I’ve ever seen, including all the porn I have watched. You can cum from every one of your holes being used. Your pussy is producing so many secretions and cum I could literally drown in it. I wouldn’t mind dying like that actually, it would be a nice way to go. You dominate me to perfection and judging by Jake and Melyssa, you’re the perfect submissive slut.” She was groping Paige’s breast aggressively. Paige’s throat was hot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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