Come Together Ch. 03

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Anal Sex

They all stared appreciatively at Nitin’s brand new Opel. It was a silver colored estate wagon with a rooftop.

“Great job, Nitin,” Sunny complimented.

“Aw shucks,” Nitin answered. “The amount of traveling we do, I guess, the estate was long overdue.”

“Gimme the keys, I gotta take a ride.”

“Sure thing, Sunny. Hey, Rita, get the keys and give ‘em to your brother.”

Rita disappeared inside the house. “Take her with you,” Nitin whispered.

Sunny stared at Nitin for a while before he understood. He grinned.

After Rita returned with the keys, she tossed them over to her brother.

Sunny got in the drivers seat and yelled, “Hey, Rita, come on in. I might need a guide here.”

She laughed and got in the car.

The rest of the family watched as the car disappeared around the corner.

“Great car, Rita,” he told her.

“Yeah, it is,” she answered.

She was wearing a knee length conservative skirt and a loose blouse. Her long brown hair was tied in a ponytail behind her. She sat there, staring ahead, her knees crossed.

“I guess I’m gonna drive to the race course,” he declared.


The racecourse was a couple of miles away from the house. Located in a quiet area that belonged to the army, it had long since ceased to be a racecourse. The army was now cultivating a mango groove there, and the tranquil, quiet place was now a favorite haunt for lovers.

He parked the car under a large mango tree. There were a few other cars parked in the racecourse, but they were scattered all around.

“So, Rita, how’s things going?” he asked, lighting up a cigarette.

“Cool, I guess. How’s it with you?”

“Fantastic. You know me. Lucky that Priya’s got a appetite that’s larger than mine,” he laughed.

She blushed, looking out of the window.

“How’s it with you and Nitin?” he asked.

“Oh come on, Sunny.”

“Hey, just asking. No big deal, ok?”

“Actually, he’s pretty good.”

“As good as me?”

“Aw, Sunny, that was long ago. Forget it.”

“How can I? You know me. Just looking at you, I feel like lapping out your cunt right now.”

She blushed again. But she couldn’t help but feel her heart hammering as she recalled all those times she had spent with him.

“I don’t think it’s right, Sunny.”

He flipped the cigarette out of the window and began to close it.

“Close the window on your side,” his voice was hoarse.


“Come on, Rita. I gotta hard on.”

Looking into his eyes, she slowly began to wind up the window. The car had tinted glasses, and the location of the racecourse, she thought was just right.

She felt her juices gush out as he stretched one hand and slid the rooftop aside.

“You stand on the seat and poke your head outta the rooftop so you can keep an eye outside.”

Her heart hammering, she obeyed him, standing on the seat and thrusting her head out of the rooftop. She gripped the sides of the car top with her hands, ensuring that from her shoulders below, she was well inside the vehicle.

“See anybody out there?” Sunny asked, his hands pushing the skirt up her thighs to reveal blue lace panties.

“N-no,” she replied, gasping as she felt his lips on her crotch.

“Mmmm…I always loved the taste of your cunt, even when it is inside your panties, Rita. The taste and the smell, Ummmm…” He opened his mouth wide and placed it over her crotch.

She wiggled her buttocks, clutching the cold metal of the car top and thrust her hips forward to mash it into his face.

She glanced below her, pushing her shoulders and waist behind so that she could see the top of his head moving as his tongue lapped at her panty-covered pussy.

She pushed one hand below her and gripped the top of his head, pressing him deeper. “Oh God, Sunny, stop fooling around. It’s been such a long time! Put your tongue in my cunt, oh please, hurry up!”

He laughed, using his teeth to pull her panties down over her hips, and then pulling them all the way with his hands. She lifted her legs, one after the other, allowing him to remove the garment and expose her brown colored muff.

She moaned when he dove between her legs, his tongue stabbing her erect clitoris, lips cupped around it.

“Ooohh Sunny! That’s so good, oh god yes, lick me, god, oh, oh, like that, yes, put your finger in my pussy, oh god, yes…”

He did exactly that. Sucking and nibbling at her clit, he put one finger inside her sopping pussy and as she continued staring at the back of his head, he reached up with his other hand, pushing it into her blouse and fumbled with the hooks of her brassiere.

“Wait!” she gasped, “let me do it.”

He kept his hand inside her blouse while she unhooked the bra expertly without having to put her hand inside. She moaned when his calloused palm spread over one naked tit and started to knead the flesh.

When his tongue entered her pussy, she stifled a scream and looked around the racecourse to ensure that there was no one within casino oyna earshot.

All her nerves concentrated around the tip of his tongue and his fingers pinching her nipples, and, suddenly, she realized that she was on the verge of an orgasm.

She reached down, grabbed his head with both her hands and pulled him closer, pushing her hips out against him and exploded.

“AARGHHH…” she screamed, “Ohhhhh…yessss…”

He continued licking away at her now gushing pussy, burying his nose into her pubic mound.

She slid down to her knees, facing him, and then he had pulled her into his arms, his mouth opening over hers. She tasted herself on his lips and there was also a faint smell of cigarette, as he eased his tongue into her mouth. She sucked on it as though it was his cock, moving her head to and fro.

Her hand thrust between his legs and her heart raced with excitement as she felt his enormous bulge there. Continuing to suck on his tongue, she unzipped his trousers and was delighted when she encountered no underwear.

“Ahhhhh…” he groaned when her clammy fist wrapped over his throbbing shaft. “That’s so good, baby,” he said, drawing away from her mouth and looking down to watch her fist beginning to jerk him.

“You climb on the seat and poke your head outta the rooftop so you can keep an eye outside,” she grinned mischievously.

He laughed and obeyed her. He had to hunch slightly because he was much taller than she and had also to partially bend down at his hips.

“Oh god!” he gritted through clenched teeth as she slid the length of his cock into her mouth. She always did that, he reckoned. Unlike Preeti who loved to lick and lap at his cock before taking it inside her mouth, Rita always took him in directly. The licking would follow later. She always needed to have him first up inside her mouth.

Rita was an expert when it came to the technique of deep throat; she had in fact developed the art to a nicety. He admitted to himself that there was no one else who could deep throat him as easily and so erotically as Rita did.

She did not gag. With surprised ease, his cock went right down to the hilt in her mouth and he immediately felt her throat muscles working on him.

“Hold your head still, baby,” he muttered. “I’m going to fuck your mouth.”

She held still as he began a gradual to and fro movement of his hips. He would pull out till only the glans remained in her mouth; and then he would slam his hips forward till he was lodged in her throat.

Her blouse open, bra hanging over her shoulders and skirt still bunched up at her waist, he thought she looked so lovely and desirable sucking his cock like that. She never closed her eyes when she did that. She always liked to look in his eyes.

They looked at each other; neither batting an eyelid, as he slowly fucked her mouth. He picked up speed gradually, in proportion to the increase in his pent up emotions.

Both his sisters had one thing in common. They liked to swallow his juice, but not entirely. They loved it more when it splattered over their bodies. Preeti, for obvious reasons, loved it when his juice would splash all over her tits; Rita, on the other hand, preferred that he come over her face. She even loved it in her hair.

He now yanked her ponytail and began to jerk it, and her head, furiously, forcing her to move her face again to match the movements of his hips.

“Oh shit, Rita, I’m going to come, oh yes, suck, suck like that, give me some more tongue, oh yes, now, now, here I cum!”

He bellowed out, thrusting forward and holding her head tight against him as he felt his juice explode out from his shuddering cock. She struggled to swallow it, and then, pulled her head away. He aimed the jerking shaft on her face and as she opened her mouth, his cum began dribbling out.

He sank back into the seat and watched her smear the juice over her face, a contented smile, enough proof of her satisfaction.

They both knew it was temporary satisfaction. After all, they had each other after almost a year and a half.

Once they had tasted it all over again, both knew that it was just the beginning.


“Hi, how was the trip?” Nitin asked Sunny with a twinkle in his eyes.

“It’s a great job,” Sunny answered, winking at him after making sure no one was looking his way.

Later, at night, after dinner, Nitin joined Sunny on the balcony of the house for a smoke.

“So, did you fuck her?”

Sunny was surprised at his brother-in-law’s apparent eagerness. He wondered again whether Nitin was still guilty at having fucked Preeti and wanted to use his Rita’s episode with him as an excuse if she ever found out.

“Why are you so curious?” he asked Nitin in his usual blunt way.

Nitin’s eyebrows puckered and he pursed his lips. “You want to know the truth?”

“I think it’s pretty obvious.”

“And just what is it that is obvious to you?”

“The fact that Rita won’t be able to cuckold you when she finds out that you fucked Preeti,” Sunny canlı casino told him brusquely.

Nitin laughed, almost choking on the cigarette that was dangling between his lips.

“You’re dumb, man!” he said. “You want to know the truth?”

“If it is any different from what I think.”

“Okay. For some time now, I’ve been thinking about swinging. It’s just that I’m not sure Rita will agree.”

Sunny was taken aback. He looked curiously at Nitin.

“Didn’t know you had such thoughts.”

“Well, I really hadn’t any till my pal at the office revealed to me that his wife and he do it with our boss and his wife.”

“You wouldn’t feel anything watching Rita get fucked by some stranger?”

Nitin thought for some time. “Maybe, initially I would feel a little jealous. And that’s exactly why I asked you if you fucked her today. What better than the two the sisters and us? I mean, after all you have fucked your sisters, right? No one can change that. When I saw you giving it to Preeti, it was almost as if I was watching you doing it with my wife. The resemblance is startling, though, now, having seen Preeti like that, I know the difference between them.”

“Holy shit, you are a weirdo, aren’t you?”

“Look who’s talking. You are the guy who fucks your sisters and you think I am weird?”

“Aren’t you scared that Jeetu would find out?”

“Not unless we are careless. And if I know Jeetu, he’d be just as eager to participate. Speaking of which, does your wife know?”

“I hide nothing from Priya. It’s just that she doesn’t know that Preeti and me still fuck and that Rita sucked me off today. She thinks all that was before the marriage.”

“Wow! That means you and Rita didn’t fuck at all. She merely sucked you off, huh? It seems that Jeetu and me are the only schmucks around here.”

“Well,” Sunny smiled slowly. “Count Jeetu out of that.”

Nitin was astonished. “You mean he knows?”

“The night that Jeetu and Preeti got married, the mutt head was so drunk, he passed out. And imagine who serviced Preeti during that night when she was particularly horny?”

“You don’t say!”

Sunny grinned. “Exactly. He woke up all groggy and watched me fucking his wife on their bed.”

“What happened?”

“I told the asshole the truth. Besides, he had been fucking around with quite a few girls and he knew that I knew.”

“You are a weird family, I’ll say that much.”

Sunny smiled faintly. “You don’t know anything buddy.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Nitin’s curiosity was spiked, now that he could see the mysterious smile on Sunny’s face.

“Some things are better understood when they come to you naturally than they would otherwise. Enough of that; what do you want to do?”

“Let’s swing. Preeti and you and Rita and me.”

Sunny chuckled. “And you figure a way to keep Jeetu and Priya out of this? Think they wouldn’t suspect something fishy going on if the four of us disappear just like that? C’mon, pal. Jeetu knows about Preeti and me; my wife knows that I have had relations with my sisters before.”

“Yeah, they do. But, how the hell are they going to suspect if I am around the three of you?”

Sunny looked at Nitin for a long time. “You have got it all figured out, right?”

“I’ve been dreaming of it since the time I saw Preeti and you going at each other. And that night when Rita and me fucked, I kept imagining that it was Preeti under me and you over Rita.”

That was the end of the conversation. And time to make new plans.


Jeetu was a real estate agent and it was very easy for Sunny to see to it that Jeetu wouldn’t be able to return from the realtor for the whole day. The idea was Nitin’s and all Sunny had to do was keep a straight face.

“I really am interested in having an office there; nothing lavish, but plenty of space. Something that would be ideal for an auto spare part supplier; I would be obliged if you could meet the agent there, go over the place and lunch with him to negotiate the deal. Hell, if a dinner is going to benefit, it won’t matter. The bill is on me.”

As for Priya, she had a meeting with the board of directors where she was P. A. to the snotty bitch that was her M. D. Sunny knew that she would return only after the dinner.

And so it was that Sunny and his sisters along with Nitin drove over to the farmhouse, thirty miles away from their home.

The farmhouse had been the brainchild of their father and though their mother had initially opposed it, Sunny and his sisters had pressed hard for it. It was located a couple of miles off the highway, nestled between thick and large trees.

It was basically a one-story affair. There was a porch large enough for two cars and it overlooked a massive door. On the ground floor were a small sitting room, a large living-cum-dining room, an equally large kitchen, a bedroom and two bathrooms. On the first floor were four bedrooms, each with an individual balcony overlooking the four sides of the house. Each pair of bedrooms had a kaçak casino bathroom sandwiched between them and accessible to both.

Preeti and Rita took the lunch they had packed inside while the men got the crate of beer from the boot.

“I want to see you go at both of them, Sunny,” Nitin whispered as they tugged the crate inside. “I’ll excuse myself; tell them that I’ll be back in an hour after dropping off these letters to the courier.”

“You are a crazy bastard. You’ll do nothing of that sort. Just get in and I’ll take over, ok? I know my sisters better than you do.”

A middle-aged couple that looked after the farmhouse greeted them.

“Good morning, sir, good morning ladies,” the heavy-set man beamed.

“Good morning, Vinay, and good morning to you too, Radha,” Sunny acknowledged their greeting. “We are going to be here till the night, so you can go to the city and get your supplies.”

The girls were already in the living room, babbling about the fun they had during their last trip, and after the servants left, Sunny locked the door and yelled, “Open the bottles, Nitin.”

There was no fancy stuff in the farmhouse. The living room was furnished with just one large table with six chairs around it and a few mattresses piled up around the corners.

The girls sat beside each other on one mattress while the men sat on another adjacent to them.

“It was real fun during the last new year party, huh?” Sunny asked, handing over the bottles to his sisters.

The girls blushed in unison. They knew what he meant by ‘real fun’.

“What is fun having a new year party in this shack?” Nitin mumbled.

Rita frowned when Sunny started laughing. Preeti looked at her brother thoughtfully and then glanced at Nitin.

“Oh hell, Rita, enough of the cover ups. Hey Preeti, after I fucked you that night, Rita and me had a nice mutual sucking off session yesterday. You know, when I took her out with me to test their new car.”

Rita blushed a deep red, swallowing the beer from the bottle and looking anywhere but at the rest. Preeti’s eyes sparkled mischievously and there was a beginning of a smile on her lips.

“What do you mean?” Nitin’s voice was incredulous.

“Shut up, brother-in-law,” Sunny didn’t even look at him. His eyes were on Rita. “And Rita, your husband sort of cheated on you too. He joined Preeti and me that day, and guess what?”

Rita looked astonished, looking at her red-faced husband as Sunny continued, “He knows that I munched your cunt yesterday and you fed on my dick.”

“Do you have to be so crude?” Preeti asked in an innocent voice.

Sunny laughed. “Ha! That’s a good one. You didn’t think it crude when you begged him to sock his dick inside you, huh?”

“Ok, ok,” Preeti, said. “Enough of that. What’s on your mind?”

“I can’t believe it!” Rita wailed.

“He couldn’t help it baby,” Sunny told her. “Preeti kept turning him on. In fact, she was putting on a show for me and Nitin thought it was for him!” He roared with laughter.

“I asked you what’s on your mind?” Preeti took another long gulp from the bottle. “I mean, I now understand why you sent my poor hubby away on that tour. And besides, I told you that it was going to happen with Rita and you, sooner or later.”

“He wants to watch me with the two of you, can you believe it?”

“Oh, Nitin!” Rita gasped, her eyes bulging. “I didn’t know…” her voice trailed off.

Sunny laid his bottle on the floor and, on his knees, slid onto the mattress on which his sisters were seated.

He put his arms around Rita and pulled her to him. Clutching her bottle in one hand, Rita felt his mouth coming down hard on hers. She was bewildered, no doubt, but was also turned on. She was hurt that her husband had made it with her sister, but at the same time, she couldn’t say anything to him because she was just as guilty.

Preeti reached out and took the bottle away from Rita’s hands, setting it, along with her own on the floor, away in the corner.

For some perverse reason, Rita decided to give her husband a real show and she suddenly put her arms around her brother and kissed him back.

Sunny pushed one hand below even as Rita got on to her knees, and pushed her skirt up. She moaned when his hands thrust inside her panties and his palm gripped her crotch brutally.

Preeti now crawled over to them till she was kneeling behind her sister. She put her arms over Sunny’s so that Rita was now embraced from both sides. Preeti leaned in and put her face in Rita’s long hair as she began to unbutton her sister’s blouse.

“Wait,” Sunny rasped out. “Let’s do this right. Get undressed the two of you.”

He undressed himself in record time, throwing his clothes all around the room. Rita swiftly kicked off her skirt and panties. Her blouse and bra followed. Her eyes were on her brother’s large erect cock swaying between his legs.

It took slightly longer for Preeti to get naked since she was wearing jeans. But under the t-shirt, she wore no bra and Sunny’s eyes lit up when he saw her tits tumbling out.

He walked to the mattress and pushed Rita onto her back, straddling her slim body. “Suck my cock, sis,” he said when his knees were jammed against her armpits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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